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So you have bought a new fortnite account and you are already thinking about making it an fortnite account with skill trooper but you have no idea what this game actually is, and how different it is from other FPS games? In this tutorial we’ll shed some light on this Battle Royale game from Epic Games.

Fortnite Market


So what is Fortnite? Fortnite is a Battle Royale game that has been built around a co-op survival/single-player game also called Fortinte. Unlike the base game however, Battle Royale mode is completely Free to Play. As it is a f2p game there is an item shop with premium stuff which are mostly cosmetic fortnite items and have no impact on actual gameplay. Battle Royale mode pits 100 players against one another in a single map and the last man standing will emerge victorious. Mowing down 99 other players requires skill, coordination and a little bit of luck, that is why on you will often find offers from veteran players selling fortnite account boosts and other fortnite boosting services. If you want to boost your fortnite account for sale but you lack the required skills or are impatient there are some less kosher methods of getting “there”, on you will find few offers selling fortnite aimbot hacks and other fortnite cheat engines. Currently there is only one map but Epic is considering adding more in the future, you can play fortnite solo or in teams consisting of, up-to, three other players.


When the match starts you begin with nothing in the inventory and no fortnite hack will change that. You start off in a flying buss that flies across the map and you have to make a choice where to make your paradrop. Upon landing you have to immediately start looting materials, weapons, ammunition and other things that might help your fortnite account to succeed eliminating enemy players while doing so. Maybe they will have fortnite account for sale?


Unlike other battle-royale games, Fortnite has a crafting system that enables players to spend their resources on building various structures. Build walls to defend yourself, buy fortnite account to be better, build stairs and ramps to get higher ground, you can build traps, sell fortnite account, and lure your enemies in them if you are skilled enough. If not just use fortnite aimbot and mow everyone down.


To prevent players from camping in some obscure, hard to find, location there is a mechanic called The Storm Eye. This is an electric storm that surrounds the map that’s shrinking towards the center the more time passes, being caught in the storm will kill you so players have to be on the move constantly and the more time passes the smaller the map will become.There are no vehicles in Fortnite but there are items that can speed up your travel. 


Here are some general guidelines to follow on your new fortnite account. Fortnite is a game that is easy to learn but very hard to master, if you will follow our fortnite guide you will get that  fabled skull trooper in no time.


  1. When the match begins grab anything that is not nailed down. Just buy whatever captures your eye, doesn't matter if its weapons, building materials or supplies. Take whatever before the game arena becomes claustrophobic and hectic.

  2. Aim for versatile weapons. Most importantly you will need a Shotgun, Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. Those three weapons are the bread-and-butter of Fortnite and will be an excellent jump-off point for the rest of the match giving you an option for every type of encounter.

  3. Sniper rifles come in various counts just as cheap fortnite accounts. Try to focus on getting bolt-action one.

  4. Don't spray-and-pray when using assault rifle. Deliver pain in short bursts, that way you will be more accurate and you won't be wasting ammo. Make every bullet count and get your fortnite fps boost. Maybe one day you will be the one offering fortnite boosting service?

  5. Your main focus should not be killing but staying alive. At least at the early stages. Exercise caution, don’t rush, play smart. If you are not experienced fortnite booster or not using fortnite aimbot you have to play smarter than your enemies.

  6. Don't rush for loot. When killing an enemy, check your surroundings before looting. Many experienced fortnite players will use dead bodies of others as a bait.

  7. Keep in mind that almost everything in Fortnite is destructible. Trees, hydrants, street signs, walls with fortnite items, and anything you build can be destroyed fast by others. Don’t stick to one position and use destructible elements to win fortnite.

  8. Your priority fortnite items should be: shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, meds, shield. Everything beyond that is just excess. Rocket launchers are cool in the late game and requires some skill and experience to use and are not critical to the early game.



If this is your first cheap fortnite account you must take into consideration that Fortnite is unlike any other competitive FPS game when it comes to traversing the map. You can build stuff here so you have to think about the map in three dimensions. Remember that walls are your friend, whenever you want to loot someone in the exposed area, under heavy fire, whenever passing near windows or gaps in buildings - make a habit of placing walls everywhere. Think about your escape routes and how you can fool your enemy to change path they are taking straight into your surprise attack.


Whenever you are making a push inside a building take additional caution as whoever is inside most likely knows you are coming. If you know for sure someone is sitting ducks inside a building it would be best to avoid it. But buildings have more than one entrance, perhaps look for a balcony you could climb by building some stairs? You have to think of various entry points and make a decision which way would be best to enter. You could always use fortnite aimbot that will show you where exactly is the person but that’s not recommended as ban rates in Fortnite are high.


Map Strategy

Popular Twitch streamer rhinocrunch categorized Fortnite tactics into two major approaches:


  1. Big Kill - people that follow this strategy stick close to the storm wall and run circles along it picking off enemies that are running away from it. It takes a lot of fortnite fps skill and some luck but that’s the fastest way if you have veteran fortnite account also often used by fortnite bots.

  2. The second strategy is rushing towards the centre of each new circle to be ahead everyone else. This will give you time to take position sniping off players that run towards your fortified camp


As in most FPS games you always want to aim for a high ground, not only it will provide you with a great vantage point but also makes it harder for the enemy to surprise you from behind (unless they use some kind of fortnite hacks they have purchased on If things get hot you can always jump down leaving the engagement fast.


When traveling around the Fortnite map learn to watch and listen. There are tons of graphical and audio cues that can provide you with critical information about enemy whereabouts. If you think there is an enemy nearby crouch to muffle your footsteps and prepare for ambus.



Spend smart! Always have enough resources to build that emergency, fortnite aimbot saving, last wall. Don't get caught without any resources, remember, sometimes you have to take a step back to make a few steps further. Ideally you should have 300 of each resource or at least aim at those numbers. Even the allure of chasing frags in the early game you should always focus on surviving till the end when resources are scarce and area of combat is small and that last-man-standing title might revolve around who has more resources by the end. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you can’t build yourself a panic wall, or a set of ramps to flank that last enemy. Wood is great for quick panic builds, stone and metal however can provide you with a strong endgame fortress.

Choosing Your Location

Where you start your match is very important for few reasons. There are pros and cons of every decision, considering this is your new fortnite account we will run down the basics.


Heavy populated areas will give you more opportunities of grabbing loot and weapons but at a much higher risk, especially if you enemy gets good weapons before you do. Alternatively you might think about dropping into quieter parts of the map giving you some breathing and gathering time. This choice however will force you to travel longer distances but will give you time to set yourself up with resources.


Regardless of which landing zone you pick you have to watch for special Loot Crates, if you manage to hear one drop scour the area to find it as you can get some high quality fortnite items inside.


Rarity of the items in chests is not affected by the zone so you can get high-end weapon in underpopulated zones as well.


Weapon Rarity


Fortnite items have five different rarities which tell you their rarity and overall stats - the rarer the item the better the damage. Colorization follows typical pattern for RPG games with grey being common, green uncommon, blue rare, purple epic and orange meaning an extremely rare legendary weapon.


Any scoped weapon gives you a huge advantage as most fights take part in medium and far range, so even a pistol with scope can be powerful. Remember to collect ammo, your legendary fortnite item is no good if you can’t shoot it! If you find higher rarity weapon just swap it with your current one as it is an instant upgrade, but don’t always throw away the inferior weapon. If you have a find a common assault rifle fortnite item and find a blue SMG, it might be better to keep hold of the rifle as it has overall bigger utility in combat.


Recovering Health


There are Fortnite items that will recover your health OR shield you from damage.


Bandages drop in stacks and will recover 15 hit points. It's important to have few of those at all times but please note that bandage will only heal you to 75% health. Medkits will completely heal you but you can have only three of these fortnite items at you at one time, just like fortnite xp boost. Mini shield potions are the strongest pickups in the game, those bad boys will give you a 50 point absorb shield on top of your current health. Slurp Juice is stronger than anything else but is also extremely rare, gulping the slurp will give you effect of 1 mini shield potion and 1 bandage with one difference: it restores 25 armor and health over 25 seconds. Chug-jugs take 15 seconds do consume but will fully restore your health and shields.