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Final Fantasy XIV Items

On MMOAuctions you can find the best FFXIV Items for sale! FFXIV Items comes in a huge variety and reffers to armors, weapons, tools, accessories, medicines, materials and other. Weapons are items that define your class and job. Changing weapon also changes your class. Swords are used by Gladiators and Paladins, Fist Weapons - by Pugilists and Monks, Greataxes - by Marauders and Warriors, Polearms - by Lancers and Dragoons, Bows - by Archers and Bards, Daggers - by Rogues and Ninjas, Greatsword - by Dark Knights and Firearms - by Machinists. Armors are defensive pieces of gear that protect your character from damage. Armors can also enhance attributes of the character. Depending on job you are able to equip only particular armor types. There is also a huge variety of FFXIV ITEMS called jewelry. Looking for well developed character with high-end gear equipped? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers with virtual goods of FFXIV Items for sale!