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WoW Classic Power Leveling

With the recent release of World of Warcraft Classic, this is the best time to get your account to the best shape possible. Currently - all players will spend hours upon hours to level up

their characters, form up powerful guilds, thriving on weaker players to keep them from closing the distance when it comes to becoming the best players on the server. What happens if you have the capabilities to be the best, but not enough time, to truly commit to the game to your fullest potential? Here we present you our solution.


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Every Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game requires resources in a form of time, and sometimes - money. To level up to level 60 and access the best items, raids, and bosses - it will take a lot of time. There’s nothing you can do if you have important day-to-day responsibilities that eat up your entire day, taking away any chances of free time. We all have our responsibilities and duties. School, Work, Family, Children, Social Life, Sleep. Everything comes into play. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice one thing to get the other. Most people will sacrifice sleep, some will sacrifice Social Life, some will sadly sacrifice their closest family. While you can’t buy time - you will surely be able to buy something that will let you progress through certain things for which you can not commit time.


Powerleveling can be the best solution to your problems with time and commitment. Here’s how it goes. You create your account, you want to become the best player in the game, so you create your character, and play as much as you can. If you do not have the time to play and commit - you hire a professional veteran World of Warcraft player that knows the struggles of World of Warcraft Classic times, that will power level your characters when you can’t commit that time to this wonderful game.


If you somehow manage to sync-up your day with your provider’s day - you may be even able to make your account stay online farming 24/7.. It’s a perfect case scenario for progress, and even if this seems highly unlikely - with the right plan, resources and people, it can be done.


The world of World of Warcraft is harsh, especially without expansions. Leveling is hard, things necessary for progress and convenience are expensive, it’s very hard to farm gold, and to gather forty people at the same time to do a time-consuming raid, where one simple error, coming from one single person can lead to a complete wipe of every single person in a group - it can be truly brutal.


Put your trust in experienced players, purchase power leveling services, let veterans of Vanilla WoW guide you through this epic journey, and reach greatness. Become the best, the most famous, and the most respected player in World of Warcraft Classic, creating a name and legacy for yourself. The would you want to venture in is harsh, but you will make it in no time.


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Why Play WoW Classic?


World of Warcraft: Classic is a Vanilla version of World of Warcraft, announced by Blizzard Entertainment at BlizzCon 2017. At BlizzCon 2018 creators announced the global release

date to be Summer 2019. On May 14, 2019, Blizzard Entertainment specified the release date to be August 27 2019 (with American release a day earlier), with closed and open Betas on May 15, with 3 large beta Stress Tests for players to experience. Back in the day, during BlizzCon 2013, World of Warcraft’s executive producer J. Allen Brack claimed, that players demanding opening a server for Vanilla, or previous expansions, were irrational, as they only thought that they want to play old instances of WoW, when in fact - no one would want to face old bugs, collecting people for raids without an implemented team finder.


First Stress Tests and accounts created just to access Closed Beta proved Blizzard wrong as expected. With the game’s release, players, new and old will surely flood the Classic servers creating huge competition even for the most seasoned veterans of the game.


Remember the old times? Remember the times when every player was hardened through lack of conveniences? Remember when the chat would be filled with people looking for teammates to do dungeons and raids? While the inclusion of a handy dungeon finder, and flexible raiding groups were something that some players were wishing for - it kind of murdered a big chunk of interactions between players. Remember that Huntard that pulled a group of enemies? Yes, the exact same Huntard that you were forced to take with you, cuz you were lacking people to do that raid? These times are coming back.


World of Warcraft Classic once again becomes this harsh fantasy world simulator. No more shortcuts, and smooth and easy leveling. When WoW Classic launches, you will log in, become a part of a separate and different fantasy society, with its own hierarchy, huge diversity of personalities, you will definitely go through some friendships, betrayals, hard to forget moments, and epic stories that you could tell to your grandchildren, while you lose yourself in sweet reminiscence of playing this wonderful game.

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