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Blizzard is going to take us on the nostalgia trip, 15 years back when we were all young and bright, naively unaware what future is bound to bring. Days of manually clicking through action bars, keyboard turning, getting wiped by Raid trash. Also please be warned that pulling two mobs while still, leveling might not be that great idea. Nevertheless WoW Classic is coming on 27th August this year, offering us the vanilla experience of patch 1.12 with 6 phases, each adding classic content. Big wigs at Blizzard claim that recreating original feel and atmosphere of classic WoW is their main goal, quality of life improvements and UI tweaks introduced over the course of 15 years are going to be kept in WoW Classic. As for the complaints of purists and true old-schoolers out there, Blizzard sends its kindest regards although it’s not going to change the way the project is going - some parts of the game were really needing those overhauls, and well it’s still your vintage WoW experience, just with some modern gloss added for accessibility purposes. 


As mentioned earlier WoW Classic is scheduled to hit the shelves on the 27th of August, 2019. To access the new old content no additional purchases are required, all players with active World of Warcraft account are eligible to play WoW Classic. Currently, it is unknown if Blizzard is going to rerelease The Burning Crusade or other expansions or if there are going to be any new updates at all (aside from hotfixes of course).

WoW classic - what should we get hyped for?


Classic leveling experience


Reaching level cap in vanilla was kind of a journey literally as we’ve had to walk miles (or ride if you were rich enough to afford mount and appropriate training) during questing your way up to the 60th level, and figuratively as well since Classic WoW was pretty harsh and unforgiving - pulled too many mobs? Well, that’s a big no-no friend, they are going to bash or maul you badly. Managed to survive one on one fight with some random, huge fairy moth? It’s time to sit down and reconsider your choices while you slowly nibble some bread and down it with dwarven ale.  Hunters had to carry ammunition for their guns and bows, Mages where basically living gods as they were able to conjure food out of thin air and open portals to distant lands saving everybody a lot of gold. Different classes progressed at their own pace because of those unique perks, rendering your first leveling experience a true quest for power and making consecutive playthroughs on your alts completely different adventures with their own obstacles and challenges to surpass. This time though players will have an array of data mining services at their disposal, effectively making questing much easier, however bear in mind that every single service, skill, vendor item and who knows what else - is going to be astonishingly expensive and the rest of the content is going to be more demanding than we are used to nowadays. Also worth mentioning is the fact that all of the RPG mechanics are coming back and with it weapon skills, speeds, reach and skills ranks that all will force players to make crucial decisions regarding their playstyle in Raiding and PvP game modes.


Epic quests


We all should be hyped for this one in a kind chance to relieve or - for those who unfortunately missed it - experienced for the first time, epic quest chain culminating with obtaining Scepter of the Shifting Sands and associated with it Scarab Lord title. This server-wide one-time-only event was arguably the best thing ever that happened to World of Warcraft. On the span of a few weeks players, no matter the faction, no matter the clan allegiance, made huge war effort in order to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj - the ancient kingdom of Old Gods worshipping, arthropod race of Silithids - resulting in unlocking the last Classic WoW raid. This climactic event demanded a lot of realm coordination, game knowledge and - of course - time, since as everything else in classic WoW - this too was mostly based around grinding for a lot of materials, unique items, and reps. The first realm ever to open the gates was Medivh US, player that became the Scarab Lord was Kalahad. Anyways that was just the tip of an iceberg as Ahn’Qiraj proved to be a real challenge even for the best players, with its last boss - dark god C’thuun - proclaimed by players unkillable (hey, it’s a deity), forcing Blizzard to nerf it. Ah, those were the days. 


But wait, there’s more - Classic WoW offered players legendary quests related to some famous weapons like Thunderfury, Sulfuras, Benediction and Anathema. Moreover fifteen years ago, despite the fact raids were a huge challenge, players were required to obtain related instance key and attune to the said instance via special quest chain which due to its difficulty barred a lot of players from ever seeing Onyxia or visiting Blackwing Lair.

Actually reading quest descriptions


Speaking of quests, Classic WoW didn’t have any kind of map markers system or addons dedicated to railroad questing experience. Today, of course, we can expect TomTom and other third-party plugins to offer us vanilla edition of their popular addons, although it may be worthwhile to just play WoW Classic as Blizzard intended it - by reading carefully quest description effectively submerging yourself in deep Warcraft lore and enriching one’s already immersive experience of the game. Seriously - just try it, leveling will be the main part of your adventure, there’s no reason to cut the bacon out of the game sandwich.  


Painfully hard raids


With instances key system, attunements and constantly limited resources, raiding was more akin to contemporary survival simulators rather than clunky, epileptic seizures inducing dancing minigames. WoW boosting was still in its infancy so players weren’t able to get carry through nefarious lairs of evil forces roaming the world, so those who for some reason had time and dedication to raid twelve hours a day were considered gods walking amongst mere mortals. We can’t wait to clash again with this bizarre - speaking of course from perspective of today’s WoW - experience.


Server-only Dungeon Finder


Although patch 1.12 had group finding system in place, some argue it was more community friendly than contemporary Dungeon Finder - people could only play with their realm colleagues so it was great clan breeding platform, or at least it helped players could make friends and play regularly, thus making WoW less of a solitary, chimeric single player online experience. Ah, and we all remember that Dungeon Finder was actually dead since it was clunky and not exactly useful. Let’s hope it stays this way.


More social experience since it’s harder to quest solo


Demanding mob encounters, elite quests, and particular challenges that some classes struggled with (ie low mobility, squishiness or above the average vulnerability to some groups of foes), pushed players to form groups and adventure together - however keep in mind that WoW was designed as a more solitary experience than its counterparts of that time, so if you really want solo entire game, it should be viable.

Blacksmithing is relevant


We all know that in case of professions, Blizzard dropped the ball. Dropped it so hard that it looked almost like a throw, some players say it was an inside job. No matter what’s the true reason behind savage razing of crafting system (ok, to be fair - it wasn’t destroyed, just put into irrelevance in few small steps, leaving only few consumable crafting professions somewhat useful), craftsmen all around the Azeroth may feel relevant once again! Blacksmiths who were arguably nerfed the most should enjoy classic WoW since a lot of powerful gear can be obtained only through their trade - among them epic Sulfuron Hammer. 

Actually all gear crafting professions - Leatherworking, Tailoring and Engineering - were important in vanilla, so it’s a second wind for players bored with current meta based solely on Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and gathering. 


We expect Engineering to be a wildcard - it’s not exactly clear how players are going to accustom to conditions of classic WoW, but it’s apparent that Engineering with its wide range of non-restricted whacky gizmos is going to influence the new classic WoW meta.