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WoW Classic Boosting

WoW classic boosting service 

Browse for WoW classic boost service, power-leveling, PvP rank-boosting and quests, and all items boosting service possible. Get up and ready, right on the spot when WoW classic hits with boosting services provided by other players. Revisit WoW Azeroth, relive epic adventures from of the past, put mobs on the menu, or spend yourself hours of grinding, 24/7, to complete the South Park boars challenge.


Blizzard Entertainment inc. is going to take us on the nostalgic trip, fifteen years back, when we were all young and bright, naively unaware of what future is bound to bring. Days of manually clicking through action bars, keyboard turning, getting wiped by Raid trash. Also, please be warned that pulling two mobs while still leveling meant one possible outcome - death. Nevertheless, WoW Classic is coming on the 27th of August this year, offering us the WoW vanilla experience of patch 1.12 with 6 phases, each adding classic content. Blizzard claims that recreating original feel and atmosphere of World of Warcraft Classic is their primary goal, quality of life improvements, and UI tweaks introduced over 15 years are going to be kept in World of Warcraft Classic.  


As mentioned earlier, WoW Classic is scheduled to hit the shelves on the 27th of August, 2019. No additional purchase is required to access the new-old content. Each player who made a purchase earlier and has an active World of Warcraft account is eligible to play WoW Classic. Currently, it is unknown if Blizzard is going to rerelease The Burning Crusade or other expansions for purchase, or if there are going to be any new updates at all.

WoW classic - what should we get hyped for?


WoW Classic leveling

For some classes in World of Warcraft Classic, the leveling stage was easy, and we mean the Warlock and Hunter. For some of them, it was fast, like Mages, who could AoE mob trains forever. On the other hand, we have classes whose leveling period was iffy, like Shamans or Paladins. And finally, we have Warriors, who had nothing literally in the beginning, to become the most coveted class in the end game. 

Also worth mentioning is the fact that all of the RPG mechanics are coming back and with its weapon skills, speeds, reach, and skills rank that all will force players to make crucial decisions regarding their playstyle in Raiding and PvP game modes.


Epic adventures

We all should be hyped for these features in a kind chance to relive or - for those who missed it - experience for the first time. For example, the quest chain to obtain Scepter of the Shifting Sands and associated with it Scarab Lord title. This full-server one-time-only event was arguably the best thing ever that happened to World of Warcraft. Within few weeks, players, no matter the faction, country, clan had one priority - open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj, the prison of an Old God, and a home to Qiraji. Once it was done, players unlocked the World of Warcraft Classic raid. This climactic event demanded lots of realm piloted coordination, game knowledge, and - of course - time. Like everything else in World of Warcraft Classic - this too was based around grinding for a great amount of materials, unique items, and reputation points. The first realm to open the gates was Medivh US. The player named the Scarab Lord with a specific, much wanted legendary mount was Kalahad. Anyways that was just the tip of an iceberg as Ahn'Qiraj proved to be next real challenge even for the best players, with its last boss C'Thun allegedly not possible to kill in battle. 


World of Warcraft Classic offered players legendary quests related to legendary weapons like Thunderfury, Sulfuras, Scepter of Shifting Sands, Benediction, and Anathema. Moreover, fifteen years ago, despite the fact raids were not easy at all, players were required to obtain related instance key. Attunements had requirements - it involved completion of a special quest chain that barred a lot of players from ever seeing Onyxia or visiting Blackwing Lair. These tasks were long, tedious, requiring a ton of pure traveling. It is why many players decided to choose WoW Classic boost services, and hire a skilled professional booster.

Actually reading quest descriptions 

World of Warcraft Classic didn't have any kind of map markers. Today, of course, we can expect scripts and programs to offer us a vanilla edition of their popular addons. However, it might be worthwhile just to play WoW Classic as Blizzard Entertainment inc. intended it to - by reading quest description carefully. Leveling will be the central part of your adventure. It will definitely give you more satisfaction, to find one of the legends - Mankrik's wife - by yourself, or choose to ask on the world chat about the Rexxar's whereabouts. 


Painfully hard raids 

With instances key system, attunements, and always limited resources, raiding was more akin to contemporary survival simulators. WoW boosting was still in its infancy, so it was not possible for players to get carried through nefarious lairs of evil forces roaming the world. Those who, for some reason, had time and motivation to raid twelve hours a day, were considered gods walking amongst mere mortals. We can't wait to clash again with this bizarre - speaking, of course, from the perspective of today's WoW experience.


Server-only Dungeon Run Finder 

Although pre expansion patch 1.12 had a team finding system in place, some argue it was more community-friendly than contemporary Dungeon Finder. People could only play with their realm colleagues, so it was an excellent clan breeding platform, or at least it helped players make friends and play regularly. Therefore, it made WoW Classic less of a solitary, chimeric single-player online loot collecting. 


The more developed social aspect

Demanding mob encounters, elite tasks, and particular challenges that some classes struggled with pushed players to form a team and adventure together. The chat was filled with questions and team requests. Remember that WoW was designed as a more solitary experience than its counterparts of that time, so if you want to solo the entire game, it should be viable.

Blacksmithing is relevant 

We all know that in the case of professions, Blizzard Entertainment dropped the ball. Dropped it so hard that it looked almost like a throw. Some players say it was an inside job. No matter what's the exact reason behind savage razing of the crafting system, artisans all around the Azeroth might feel relevant once again! Blacksmiths, who were arguably nerfed the most, should enjoy World of Warcraft Classic since lots of powerful gear can be obtained only through their trade - among them epic Sulfuron Hammer. 

Actually, all gear crafting professions - Leatherworking, Tailoring and Engineering - were influential in WoW vanilla, so it's a second wind for players bored with current meta based solely on Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and gathering. 


We expect Engineering to be a wildcard - it's not exactly clear how players are going to accustom to conditions of classic WoW. Still, it's apparent that Engineering, with its wide range of non-restricted whacky gizmos, is going to influence the new World of Warcraft Classic meta. 

Boosting services and gold farming

Just like every other MMORPG game, we can be sure that in Vanilla WoW, there will be plenty of professional boosters. For boosters, leveling for any given class is close to no challenge. These players know everything about the game - where to go, who to kill, which quest to complete, and how to do it most efficiently. On top of that, boosters have infinite patience. If you want to join the professional boosters community, and you have close to no game knowledge, it might take you a while until it becomes possible.

The same goes for gold farming. It requires knowledge, patience, and time. If you feel like you're player up to the challenge, then go for it. If not, focus on questing. If you don't want to purchase either of these, a good practice is to have an alt character. A Druid or a Hunter, who farm fast compared to Paladin can become handy. 

Why buy WoW Classic boost?

Let's face it - times have changed. People who played the original Vanilla WoW, are grown-ups and have kids, families, responsibilities. What they lack is time. If you are one of these players, who wants to assemble his old school guild to share some PvE or PvP game, it can take you a while to level up to the cap. For merely a couple of USD, you're able to save this time. Try to use a boost service, and receive a full leveled account. 

Did we mention that times have changed? Not only older players have less time for pleasures, but the new generation became lazy. Who would want to singlehandedly learn all the ins and outs of such an extensive universe, lore, map, locations, dungeons, raids, etc.? We bet, that at least 7 out of 10 new WoW Classic players, used to the comfort of retail WoW, will struggle to do anything in the game. And for the sake of having fun, they'll want to skip the painful grind, using mom's credit card. An OG player might call you names, say it's a no-brainer, and the only way to level up is through questing and killing mobs. But isn't it a game, after all? Aren't we allowed to do whatever the hell we want there? If an 11 yo kiddo intends to boost his account, it's his problem. Sooner or later, he'll reach the stage where mom's credit card will not do, no matter the prices. The likes of C'Thun, Kel' Thuzad, or Nefarian will stop him in his boost adventure, and send him back to collecting herbs. There is justice everywhere; don't worry. 

Not only will boost services save you time, that you don't have due to responsibilities. The boost will save you time that you want to save. If you are rushing for level 60 and you'd have to solo it for a whole week, why not speed the process up? Just a couple of USD depending on prices, and you're good to go.

There might be questions about when to avoid leveling boost. We do not recommend it if you simply don't want boosting. If you don't need to get to the level cap ASAP to join your guild in the raiding content, if you don't have a Molten Core raid the day after tomorrow, then you can pass on boosting. 

Also, if you are new to the game and you want to learn it, or you are a veteran with a years-long break from the WoW Classic, you may want a reminder instead of the boosting, to ensure you still got it.

Lastly, if you are a booster offering boosting services, you don't need it for yourself. But you need boosting to make a profit. Keep in mind that here, at MMOAuctions website, you can list your boosting services for free. It's guaranteed - we charge no commission for posting offers, but you may be interested in paid promotion to land at the very top of the offers list. Start trading anytime - add your offer on the list, and wait for customers to contact you and send payment.

How does the boost work in vanilla wow?

Most of the time, once you find a player with lots of skill and high rated gear, you will meet him on the Discord, where he'll tell you what to do. As he has a superior gear, he will lead you to a dungeon or any other place, where he can pull a lot of mobs at once. Since he's powerful, he'll have no trouble killing them in a bunch. You are in a group with him, and you will get a portion of exp he gets. That's how boosting services work.

Power-leveling services are similar to boost, but the main difference is that you will share your account log in data with the booster so that he can play on your character. He's a little better player, and most of the time, he will carry your character a bunch of levels over night. This boost services method is less popular in Classic WoW because of the greater difficulty and tendencies leaning towards the group content.

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