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WoW Classic Mounts & Pets

Why get WoW Classic Mounts?

World of Warcraft Classic lacks numerous quality of life upgrades known from the live Battle for Azeroth retail version. In a slower and more challenging game like Vanilla WoW, the mounted character's ability to move around quickly is extremely important. Time efficiency and min-maxing play a huge role as the players race against each other to hit level 60 first, to get strong gear and to be the first ones that clear Molten Core.


Many leveling guides place great emphasis on saving gold before level 40, just to get your mount as soon as possible. It’s definitely good and valuable advice. However, saving up all your WoW Classic currency can significantly slow down your leveling process. The good news is, you can have your cake and eat it too! Find the perfect Classic WoW regular and epic mounts at MMOAuctions!


The ability to cover more ground is basically priceless in Vanilla WoW. It helps by reducing your downtime, farming, and leveling faster, as well as simply enjoying the game more. You can laugh at all the pedestrians as you zoom through all the Azeroth’s zones.


Furthermore, riding a mount simply looks really cool. Especially if you can get an epic mount. You’re not only getting a practical advantage, but your character will also look mighty and dignified. There’s plenty of good reasons to get a mount in Classic WoW!


WoW Classic Companion Pets

While mounts can heavily impact your gameplay, companion pets are the opposite of that. They’re purely cosmetic, collectible objects. That doesn’t mean that players won’t pursue them, though. Just like in basically any MMORPG, they’re prestigious items, because they show commitment to the game.


Getting a nice companion pet can get you additional respect in WoW Classic. While there’s much less of them than in Battle of Azeroth (Blizzard flooded the game with mounts and pets over the years, as they were adding them in every major update), there still are numerous great options to choose from.


Trading at MMOAuctions

Before ordering a mount or companion pet, make sure to read the offer carefully and check if the one you’re looking at is available on your server. There are plenty of realms in Vanilla WoW, and the product has to get somehow transferred to your account. If everything checks out, set up the payment method and the time of delivery with your seller. Remember, MMOAuctions is not a shop - it's a platform for gamers to trade between each other. 


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Mounts in WoW Classic

Getting your first mount in Vanilla WoW requires getting to level 40 first (and it’s not going to happen in a blink of an eye). After that, you’re going to have to spend 20 gold on training the right riding skill and 80 gold on buying the mount that you want.  You can get a significant discount on that though. 10% for having the Honored rank with the faction that’s selling your mount and another 10% for rank 3 in PvP (unfortunately, this feature is going to be added in phase 2). Getting this cost reduction is a big deal in Classic WoW.


Racial Mounts

Racial mounts are the vast majority in Classic WoW. All of the level 40 ones belong to this category, and most of the Epic ones do too. In general, Human race has access to Horses, Dwarves to Rams (Gray Ram, White Ram and Brown Ram), Night Elves to Tigers (Nightsaber and Frostsaber) and Gnomes to Mechanostriders. On the Horde side, Orcs can ride Wolves (Dire Wolf, Brown Wolf and Timber Wolf), Forsaken Undead have Skeletal Horses, Tauren have Kodo mounts and Trolls have Raptors. All of them can be bought from the proper mount traders in the respective starting cities.


When PvP ranks are introduced in phase 2, there will be a possibility of getting additional racial mounts for getting rank 11. While the regular ones are sellable items (bind on use), the PvP are bound on pickup.


Level 60 provides access to more powerful race-specific mounts that can move with a higher speed. While they can be bought from the samevendors as we talked about with the previous level 40 ones, they are much more expensive. The base price is 1000 gold pieces. In phase 1, it can be reduced to 900, and in phase 2 the price can go down to 800 if you meet both requirements. It's still a lot of gold to earn and farm though.


Similarly to the lower-level ones, the Epic Racial Mounts are bound on use, which means that they can be traded or sold. Players who have access to both discounts will often buy them for their friends or guild members that can’t get the required ranks. After all, you can save up to 200 gold this way. It’s a hefty amount in WoW Vanilla.


In most cases, other races of the same faction can unlock the racial mounts of their associates. You can do that when you reach Exalted status with the right faction and learn their riding skill. Then you just have to go the right vendor and buy the mount that you want. There is a single exception to that rule in each one of the factions. For Alliance, only Dwarves and Gnomes can ride Mechanostriders. For Horde, Tauren can only get access to their native Kodos and the Orc racial mounts – Wolves. Unarmored Mounts won't be available in Vanilla. Of course there also won't be any flying mounts.  


Class Mounts

In Vanilla World of Warcraft, there are two classes that get access to free mounts – Warlock and Paladin. During Phase 1 they only have level 40 summon mount spells, but phase 2 introduces faster, level 60 spells for each of those classes.


Warlock – Summon Felsteed at level 40 and Summon Dreadsteed at level 60 unlocked in phase 2)


Paladin – Summon Warhorse at level 40 and Summon Charger at level 60 (introduced in phase 2)


Faction Mounts

A few of WoW Classic mounts are limited to members of certain Factions. Two of those can be unlocked in Alterac Valley. When an Alliance players gets Exalted with Stormpike Guard, they unlock the possibility of buying a Stormpike Battle Charger for 800 gold. In Horde’s case, you need to improve Frostwolf Clan reputation, and you’ll be able to purchase a Frostwolf Howler.


Alliance also has a single additional option in this category. They can grind reputation with Wintersaber Trainers faction in order to get the possibility of buying Winterspring Frostsaber for 900 gold. The mount is pretty expensive and getting the reputation is not the most interesting activity in the game. All the Epic Faction Mounts are Bind on Equip items, so they can’t be traded.


Other Epic Mounts

There also are some epic mounts that are available to all the players. Most of them are going to be added in later phases of Classic WoW, but one of them is theoretically available from day 1.


Deathcharger is an extremely rare mount that can be dropped by Baron Rivendare in the Strataholme instance. You can only loot from this single boss, and the drop rates are really low. The Deathcharger’s Reins bind when picked up what makes this mount even more difficult to get. However, Strataholme is open from the day that Classic WoW launched, so there’s a chance of a lucky player finding a Deathcharger any day now.


Swift Razzashi Raptor is one of the mounts that can be looted in Zul’Gurub raid. The instance will be open for players in phase 4. It’s also the only way for Alliance players to get a Raptor mount. It has a 1% drop rate from Bloodlord Mandokir. The item is Binds on Pickup.


Swift Zulian Tiger is the second Zul’Gurub mount drop. It also has a 1% drop rate, but from a different boss – High Priest Thekal. This one might be more interesting to Horde players since it’s the only Tiger mount that they can get. Of course, the item is Bound on Pickup.


 Phase 5 of Classic WoW unlocks the Ahn’Qiraj raids. They introduce some more interesting mount options to the game, including the first legendary mount! Trash mobs in the 40-players Ahn’Qiraj raid drop four Qiraji Resonating Crystals (blue, green, yellow and red). These items summon scarab-like silithid tanks that can be used as mounts within the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. These location-limited mounts are a unique thing in Vanilla WoW.


However, players will also be able to get the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal. This item allows the owner to summon a Qiraji Battle Tank. Unlike the rest of them, this one can be used anywhere in Azeroth. It’s also the only legendary mount in Classic WoW.


You’re not going to get it as a drop from trash mobs though. It can only be acquired during the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj world event. It requires completing an extremely challenging chain consisting of 32 quests, many of which involve raid content, so they require a coordinated group of 40 people. The lowest possible amount of time required to complete it is seven days, but it will likely take more time. The questline revolves around collecting fragments of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands and finally combining all the shards into this unique item.  


This event is the only opportunity to acquire Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal and only one players in each faction will be able to get it. The Qiraji Battle Tank is by far the most prestigious mount in the whole Classic World of Warcraft.


Companion pets

Some of the small pets are really easy to get, and plenty of rarer ones are untradeable. However, there are numerous interesting and valuable companions that can be traded, so let’s focus on them.


Profession pets

There’s a single profession in Classic WoW that can provide you with some small pets. If you can’t find them, build them! You can use Engineering to do it. Mechanical Squirrel (requires 75 Engineering) and Lifelike Toad (requires 265 Engineering) are built from World Drop schematics. Engineering also unlocks getting Tranquil Mechanical Yeti – a small pet that’s a reward for a quest called A Yeti of Your Own. You need level 55 and 250 Engineering Skill to get that quest. Gnomish Engineering can get you Lil’ Smokey, and Goblin Engineering lets you make a Tiny Walking Bomb, but these two are untradeable.


World Drop Pets

All the pets in this category are Bind on Use, which makes them viable for trading. Crimson Whelpling drops in the Wetlands from Crimson Whelp, Red Whelp, and Flamesnorting Whelp. Dark Whelpling can be looted from Searing Whelp in Dustwallow Marsh and Scalding Whelp in Badlands. Emerald Whelpling can be dropped by Dreaming Whelp in Swamp of Sorrows. All the whelpling have approximately 0.05% chance drop ratio.


Disgusting Oozeling can be found in Oozing Bag – an openable item that drops from Oozes across multiple locations in Azeroth. Felwood is a good place if you want to spend the least amount of time looking for it. Black Tabby Cat is one of the most common pets, due to its high drop rate and low-level mobs that it’s looted from. You can get it in Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills. Dalaran Spellscribe has 16% of dropping the Cat Carrier.


Now let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum. The rarest world drop companion pet is called Hyacinth Macaw. It can be looted from Bloodsail Buccaneers, but it only has a 0.01-0.02% chance of dropping. As we said, this pet is tradable. The high rarity makes it reach very high prices in the Auction Houses.


There are also two Bind on Use companions that can be found in a dungeon. Both of them can be found in the Deadmines. They are: Green Wing Macaw (relatively small chance, can drop from every enemy in the instance) and Siamese (20% drop rate from the bonus boss Cookie).


These are the most interesting WoW Classic Mounts and Pets. Check out all the offers to find the ones that seem the most interesting and get yourself some extra style in Vanilla WoW! Some of them aren't available from day one and are going to get unlocked in a future patch. 


Vanilla WoW

Classic World of Warcraft emulates the original gameplay known back from the early days when the game just started. The list of playable classes in Vanilla is: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior and Paladin. Players can also develop primary and seconday professions on their characters. Love it or hate it, a lot of BfA features that make the game easier have been removed, to give players a more real pre-expansion experience. 


If the slow progression won't discourage you from playing the game and the struggle with gearing up is something that you're looking for - Classic WoW will be perfect for you! With the exception of a few most devoted hardcore players, it's completely normal to take a month or even more in order to get to 60 and a decent pre-raid gear - no matter if it's cloth, leather, mail or plate.