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WoW Classic Black Market

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WoW Classic Trading

As Vanilla WoW got released, we witnessed the biggest premiere in the history of MMORPGs. Of course, it instantly created a vast trading market. That's what happens when you combine a massive initial player base of World of Warcraft Classic with the fact that the game itself requires a lot of arduous grinding while leaving plenty of room for online traders.

The old school MMO experience brought back by Vanilla WoW is vastly different from modern games in this genre, including the current Battle of Azeroth version of World of Warcraft. Besides the slow progression due to low experience gain, there are plenty of other challenges. Unlocking skills, gearing up, getting a decent mount – all these things cost gold. Getting all that stuff yourself requires spending even more time on farming.

Vanilla WoW Products

Luckily, you can easily skip some of that thanks to the great sellers who post their offers at MMOAuctions. A healthy influx of WoW gold can allow you to accelerate your progression significantly and make the whole Vanilla WoW experience much more enjoyable. You're still going to have to level up your character. Just instead of repetitive killing monsters, you'll get the opportunity to explore the magnificent world of Azeroth and interact with its inhabitants.

A considerable portion of the most powerful weapons and armors belongs to the "bind on pickup" category what makes them untradeable. That being said, there's still plenty of precious mounts, pets and equipment pieces (including transmog) that can be traded in-game. You should be able to find some offers of these goods on our site.

The sooner you get to the decent gear, the faster you're going to hit the level cap of 60. Then you'll be able to start looking for the more powerful replacements. First, you're going to do it through multiple runs of some of the most challenging dungeons in the game - you can easily find a boss that has a chance to drop a valuable item. Later, when you and your guild are powerful, raiding becomes a viable option.  

Many players who remember the early days of World Warcraft, simply don't have as much time for gaming as they did back in the day. A bit of help can go a long way if they want to go through the game once more at a reasonable pace. Trying to push through Classic, while having other responsibilities can take ages unless you find some assistance at MMOAuctions!

If gold is not enough and you want to jump straight into the endgame content, there are some great options available to you! You can buy an already developed, strong account. Browse the offers, and you might be able to find an account with characters that are ready to face the most difficult challenges in Azeroth. On the other hand, if you want a full control over your character's name, class, and everything else, you can purchase a power-leveling service. This way, you can get to the endgame on your own, personal character without having to sacrifice long hours on grinding.

Buying and Selling at MMOAuctions

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If you're looking for any specific product or service, you can navigate through our website's categories and find whatever you need. You can also use our built-in search engine. If you see an interesting auction, just read the description, make sure that it's available on your server and contact the vendor. If you have any questions about the product, feel free to ask them. If everything is clear, you can discuss the payment and delivery methods. In case you need help with anything, you can always message our support staff.

When picking the right offer, you should also pay attention to the provider's reliability. MMOAuctions includes a feedback system that helps you find more trustworthy sellers and avoid the dubious ones. Moreover, you can also look for the MMO Super Seller badge. Everyone who has already sold multiple products and services to many satisfied customers.

Furthermore, there's one more tool that can be extremely useful during online trading. It's called Scam Killer, and it's a database that stores contact information of past scammers. We recommend using this tool at the beginning of every transaction. It's always a good idea to type the email address and/or Skype ID of your potential trading partner to see if anything pops up. Any record of past scamming is a huge red flag and an indicator that you should walk away from the deal as soon as possible. There's no reason to risk your money or precious virtual goods when there are multiple trustworthy traders to do business with. You can follow us on social media for more information.

Become a Black Market Seller

You can also quickly start selling your virtual goods at MMOAuctions! You just have to sign up using a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, or an active email address. After you register your account, all that's left is posting offers of the things you've got for sale! All these steps and activities are entirely free!

Furthermore, there are no commission fees whatsoever! The price you set is the price you get – if you're able to find a buyer, of course. We're not taking any share.

It's a great option if you have some old items or accounts that you want to get rid of. It's always nice to get a bit of extra money, and unfortunately, trying to sell these goods through official game forums will most likely result in getting banned. MMOAuctions offers a free way to reach your market. If you're interested in more of a long-term activity, our site can be beneficial too! Establish yourself as a provider of currency or boosting and power-leveling services to get more and more customers!

Black Market Auction House

Black Market Auction House (often referred to as BMAH) is a tremendous market-related feature that makes the World of Warcraft economy more interesting. Instead of including offers posted by players, like a regular Auction House. It's entirely run by NPCs. The players have to jump through many hoops if they want to be able to bid on the Black Market. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in WoW Classic.

The Black Master Auction House appeared in the game relatively late – it was connected to the 2014 Warlords of Draenor expansion. This market is controlled by an NPC called Madam Goya, and it has changed its location several times already. During the Legion expansions, it moved from Ring of Blood to the City of Dalaran.   

The items that can be bought through the Black Market Auction House include pieces of armor, weapons, various companion pets, mounts as well as some vanity items. Different patches make the Black Market more or less accessible to players. It happens not only because of the ever-changing location of the trading posts but also by introducing new features and items such as Encrypted Black Market Radio that can be found on Mechagon Island that allows the players to bid on auctions.

World of Warcraft Classic

After all these years of waiting, players finally got what they were asking for. In spring 2019, Blizzard finally released World of Warcraft Classic. The veterans of MMORPG got an opportunity of a return to the days of the genre's glory and relived some of their best times once again. Moreover, plenty of new players boarded the hype train, as they wanted to experience this heroic, legendary old school MMORPG.

This enormous hype resulted in the most successful release in the history of the genre – even though the game still is based on a subscription system. A realm after realm got filled with starting players. Vanilla WoW differs a lot from most of the contemporary MMOs. It's much slower and requires more patience from the players. Classic also places a strong emphasis on the social aspect of gaming. Leveling and questing in a party is not only more fun than doing it solo – it's also more efficient. This specific aspect of MMORPG has unquestionably been pushed away, as the newer games can pretty much be played as single-player RPGs until the very endgame and the most challenging group content.

WoW Classic characters

The pool of playable races and classes has also been returned to its much more humble state from the early days – it launched on patch 1.12. In Vanilla WoW players can choose from eight races and nine classes. An Alliance member can be a Dwarf, Human, Night Elf, or Gnome. Meanwhile, joining the Horde requires playing an Orc, Troll, Tauren, or Forsaken Undead.

As far as classes go, people can choose between Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior. The game includes the old school talent system that lets the players customize their builds to a great extent. It also allows fur multiple viable builds for each class (unless you really want to min-max, then you can probably find an optimal way of playing your character).

WoW Vanilla content

World of Warcraft Classic offers plenty of exciting activities to its players. The content is already 15 years old, so there's nothing revolutionary for today's standards. However, it's still awesome to play just a well-crafted old school MMORPG with a well-designed world. Traveling through the early WoW iteration of Azeroth is a memorable journey by itself.

Beyond that, WoW Classic features multiple fascinating dungeons and raids. It is some more time-consuming content, sporadic in today's games. They can require long gaming sessions if you want to complete them. It's quite inconvenient for players who have a lot of other responsibilities, but at the same time, this adds up to the experience of living through an epic adventure. It is not something that you can get from a 30-minute dungeon run that doesn't even challenge you in any way.

WoW classic PvP

Furthermore, PvP is exciting – especially if you rolled your character on a PvP realm – these servers allow players to attack the opposing faction in the open world. This type of combat is crucial to the identity of old school MMORPGs. Small skirmishes that later evolve into full-on mass brawls add a lot of flavor to the original gaming experience. They don't even necessarily require joining a guild – after all, all players are divided into two factions, and killing the opponents lets you get higher ranks in the honor system.

The PvE realms also offer some PvP action. There's no free fighting in the open world, but you can still face the members of the opposing faction in Battlegrounds. It's much less epic and chaotic than these massive fights over farming locations or instance entrances, but it's still a lot of fun. Battleground also lets you get your honor ranks.