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WoW Classic Items

buy WoW Classic items

WoW Classic offers us a journey to the 2004-2005 World of Warcraft. Back then MMORPGs were demanding much more from their players. Progressing and gearing up was never handed out. It required some effort and a significant amount of time. You can smooth it out a little bit with getting the best-suited items for your character!


There are plenty of relatively low-level items that can help you out significantly. Looting them is based on luck though, without good fortune you may find yourself frustrated, because of the bad drops.


You don’t have to live and die at the grace of RNG gods. You take the matters into your own hands and buy the desired items online! This way you ensure that you have the high-quality gear for leveling and other kinds of WoW Classic content.


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Best items for leveling

It’s really difficult to have the optimal gear at all times while leveling a new character. Without huge amounts of gold, you’ll most likely be unable to get the perfect items as you’re progressing level after level.


Various pieces of gear can get outscaled really quickly if you keep a fast pace – and that’s what your goal is. Luckily, there are certain items that have extra bonuses and gimmicks that allow them to stay relevant for longer. If you get them at the lowest level possible, they can serve you for a really hefty amount of time.


Unfortunately, some of those items are bound on pickup which makes them untradeable. Numerous elements of gear that are obtained as quest rewards or looted from bosses can only be used by the character that acquires them first. There are certain ways around it though. You can hire a professional player to play on your account until he gets the item in question. Another way is self-play with entering the seller’s party and getting carried through a dungeon until the desired item drops.  


Now let’s look at some of the best easily tradeable BoE pieces of equipment that can accelerate your leveling process:


Edgemaster’s Handguards – powerful level 44 mail gloves that increase the user’s weapon skill for axes, swords and daggers.

Spellshock Leggings – level 45 cloth legs armor with a significant +23 increase of damage and healing from spells, as well as extra Intellect and Stamina

Staff of Jordan – an Epic level 35 staff with +26 to healing and damage from spells and bonuses to Intellect and Spirit. Great for mages and warlocks, but useful for other staff using classes too. 

Bow of Searing Arrows - level 37 Epic bow with extra on-hit fire damage, really useful for hunters as it can serve them for a very long time

Glowing Brightwood Staff – extremely powerful level 49 Epic staff, with great bonuses to several stats. It’s especially useful for healers.

Warmonger – level 47 two-handed sword with +3% critical chance. The bonus by itself is really worthwhile.

Executioner’s Cleaver – level 43 two-handed axe with great addition of +23 Strength and +1% critical chance

Red Mageweave Headband – level 43 headpiece with +20 Intellect

Warden Staff – level 43 Epic staff. The only staff in the game that increases defense. Very desired weapon for druids.

Cassandra’s Grace – level 42 cloth headpiece. It significantly increases the healing powers what makes it great especially for priests, but also other classes who can fill this role.

Underworld Band – level 38 Epic ring that increases the damage dealt by shadow spells

Endgame items

Now let’s talk about some of the most powerful items that you’ll be able to use in the later parts of the game, during raids, PvP et cetera. They have higher level requirements, so it’s going to take a while until you get there in Classic, but when you have them you’ll be able to take part in even the most difficult parts of Vanilla WoW content.


Robe of Winter Night – level 52 cloth armor that alongside bonus Intellect points also gives you extra damage for Shadow and Frost spells. Extremely useful for damage mages who use those types of magic.

Freezing Band – level 47 Epic ring. It provides some Frost resistance and increased damage for Frost spells. But most importantly, it has a 1% chance of freezing the enemy who deals damage to the ring bearer. You can stack them by having more than one Freezing Band equipped. It’s really RNG-based, but can completely change the outcome of PvP fights.

Lionheart Helm – the best in slot item for warriors and paladins in WoW Classic. It provides a lot of armor, extra Strength as well as +2% bonus for both critical chance and hit chance.

Titanic Leggings – just like Lionheart Helm, similar stats and bonuses and also plate armor 

Teebu’s Blazing Longsword – Level 60 one-handed sword with good damage and chance to hit enemies with powerful fire blast on hit. It’s also a source of light which can provide some unexpected utility in some situations.

Hand of Edward the Odd – level 57 one-handed Epic mace that provides Spirit and Intellect. It also has an on-hit bonus which can allow you for an instant spell cast.

Alcor’s Sunrazor – level 58 Epic dagger with a great attack speed. It also grants fire resistance and a chance of hitting the enemy with additional fire damage.

This is only a part of the most powerful items worth buying. There are plenty of other pieces of equipment that can prove to be extremely helpful during your journey in WoW Classic. Another completely separate category of items are recipes. Even some of the gear pieces described above can be crafted. If you have access to a crafter that can use them, you can easily make tons of gold. Recipes for high-end gear and the most powerful flasks are some of the most valuable ones.


Vanilla WoW

WoW Classic is the return to the roots of World of Warcraft. After years of refusing, Blizzard finally agreed to give players the exact thing that they were asking for – a nostalgia trip to the good old pre-expansion times, when things were more difficult, but also more satisfying. World of Warcraft during its release in 2004 was a completely different game than the modern players are used to now. Let's just take a look at the list of expansions: Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion and finally, Battle for Azeroth. It's no surprise that all this content, combined with almost 15 years of game's life brought a lot of changes to WoW.  


The Vanilla WoW was first ressurrected on the private servers and now it's going official! After the return of Classic, the content that players took for granted, can now become extremely challenging. Facing Ragnaros in the Molten Core raid can be a great example of that. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, even getting a mount to move aroudn the map with reasonable speed will take a lot of work!


The players have the chance to once again experience the slower progression, tougher economy and the demanding grind. Getting to the endgame content and gearing up takes a lot of time and effort, what makes for a completely different power curve than in current WoW. It's a great opportunity for everyone who likes being challenged, while playing video games.


Besides the most iconic choice between Alliance and Horde, players can choose their race and class (they are both limited by the picked faction). Both of them have access to four separate races and one exclusive class, as well as the seven classes available for everybody.


The Alliance races are: Dwarf, Gnome, Human and Night Elf. Horde players can pick from: Orc, Troll, Tauren and Undead. They all have unique sets of stats as well as racial abilities.


There are nine classes in Classic WoW and they all synergize with different types of armors and weapons. It’s important to know what kind of items to get for each of the classes, to complement their skillset the most. The choice of class is limited both by the factions and by the race.


Warrior – warriors are tanky melee combat specialists that combine high durability and strong melee DPS. In most of the cases, they’re going to want to use plate armors and one-handed or two-handed swords and axes. Depending on the setup they can play as a full-tank or stand on more melee DPS side of things.

Hunter – they’re mostly ranged damage dealers who can become proficient marksmen, but also use their pets to help in combat and set up traps. They wear mail armors and most often use bows as their main weapon.

Druid – this is one of the most versatile classes in the whole game. Druids have the capability to tank, DPS and heal, depending on what build and setup they’re using. They wear either leather or cloth armor and often wield staves, but they can also use a variety of other weapons.

Mage – it’s one of the most efficient DPS classes. Mages deal damage to enemies using their spells. They’re especially useful when dealing with large groups of monsters thanks to the ability to deal tons of AoE damage. They wear cloth armors and staves or wands.

Priest – priests are the main healing class in Vanilla WoW. They wield maces, staves and wands, while the only armors available to them are cloth.

Warlock – warlocks are the wizards who specialize in using Fel. They are a DPS class that can specialize in curse, damage over time and summoning minions. They wear cloth robes and use the weapons that can empower their devastating spells the most.

Paladin – this class can only be played by the Alliance members. Paladins are a combination of tanks and healers who can also deal some damage. They protect and buff their allies while standing in the frontline. Their most popular item choices are plate armor, mace and a shield.

Shaman – the Horde exclusive, very versatile class. Depending on their setup, shamans can specialize in healing, empowering their team mates, or DPSing the enemies with the elemental spells. They most often use mail armors. They often use axes as weapons, but they can also wield maces and staves.


Players can also specialize in twelve different non-combat professions: Blacksmithing, Engineering, Alchemy, Enchanting, Herbalism, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, Tailoring, First Aid, Fishing and Cooking.


Pick your favorite class as well as playstyle and return to the golden era of Azeroth in World of Warcraft Classic. 


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