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RS3 Items

RuneScape is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by Jagex company and released in January of 2001. This game first came out on browsers and did not have a stand-alone client which was made years later. During its history, RuneScape grew from being a small adventure to one of the biggest games in its genre ever created. Many patches and updates over the years improved graphics as well as game code, extended content and introduced new systems. Although RuneScape 3 sounds like a completely new version, it is still the same game that came out over 18 years ago - just improved greatly in every aspect.


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Different versions of RuneScape

There are currently three different RuneScape counterparts - all being official Jagex products. Firstly we have RS3 which is the first one among them. Even though it came out in 2001 it has the best graphics and biggest content.


Secondly, we have OldSchool RuneScape which was released in 2013. It is title made for those who feel nostalgic for old graphics and content. The game came out with the same traits as the original one and is improved with features that are selected by users. Players can vote on forum polls whether to implement new patches to the game or not.


Finally, we have RuneScape mobile. It is a cross-platform game where you can log in on your RS3 character as well as on your OSRS. Handheld version features pretty much everything that PC RuneScape has to offer.


About RS3

The game puts players in a fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures, captivating quests, beautiful lands, and other adventurers. Although it is an oldie, Jagex is still taking care of its product well. There are new events coming to the game every few weeks. New content is also added regularly improving title with new mechanics, bosses, maps, minigames and more. Thanks to all of that RuneScape is still played by thousands of devoted players.


The skill system in RS3 is one of the most sophisticated ones ever created. This unique scheme makes players level skills that they desire to upgrade by doing activities related to them. For example, users who want to gain experience in Fishing will have to spend their time catching various types of seafood.  Those who aim to upgrade their Construction level will be doing a lot of DIY stuff in their in-game houses. One who want to find more and more dangerous creatures will gain exp in Slayer fighting various monsters. As there are 27 skills in RuneScape 3 it takes a great amount of time (counted in years) to reach end game content.


Questing system in the game is also very unique. There are hundreds of missions that player can complete to gain various rewards including experience in skills, item rewards, gold, quest points and more. These adventures are different from typical MMORPG missions where player need to go from point A to point B to kill X amount of monsters and collect Y items. In RuneScape users will get to help NPC’s in various tasks involving solving mysteries, playing minigames, searching for various items, looking for clues and finding solutions. Every quest is like an interactive movie with a story where our character plays the main part.

For sure we can say that RuneScape 3 is a game worth checking out.


What are RS3 items

RS3 Items comes in a very wide variety and can be distinguished by item's names and graphics. All obtainable items have graphics. They also consist of name - each RS3 items has a unique name, however, some may have the same one with different attributes. Every RS3 items also has it's own ID number, unique for every RS3 items and invisible for players in the game. Not every RS3 item are tradeable, however, most of them are. Almost every RS3 item in game is being obtained as a drop from monsters. Players can farm certain areas in order to drop an item they desire. There are currently 39 thousand RS3 Items. Looking for virtual goods connected with RS3 Items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide! Set up your own offer in less than 60 seconds!


Why to get RS3 items

Getting RS3 items can drastically improve your gaming experience. Whether you want to train faster your skills, improve your equipment so you will be able to fight better monsters or just acquire stuff that will increase your gold made - you are looking at the right website.


Buying better equipment might speed up the leveling process by quite a bit. The better weapon and armor you character carries, the faster exp grind will be. You will be able to kill more monsters per hour by dealing increasing amounts of damage. This will not only result in better exp rates but also in additional drops. Your character will be able to collect more loot as you won’t have to bring as much food and potions while using better defensive equipment.


You can get every item that you have dreamed of including dragon set, third age equipment, Santa hats, party hats, seren body, every rare body, set piece, staff or any other item that you want to get. There are no limit to what you may find.


About the safety of transactions

Our website was built around a belief that every player should be able to access a safe hub where he can trade gaming goods with other people. On our site, you can find everything game related. From MMORPG news to the marketplace where you might buy, sell and exchange gold, items, accounts, programs, services, and others. All of this completely free of charge. There is also a wide variety of accepted payment methods for your purchases including credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers in many currencies: USD, eur, GBP and more.


As we value the safety of transactions made by our users we have put a major emphasis on improving this aspect of trades. Gamers often trade with each other with things like accounts. As these goods were not made to be traded there was no special system for it. Usually, seller demanded for buyer to send him money before giving data to the account that he was selling. This was an opportunity for scammers and fraudsters. Many of us (players) fell victim in such trades. Dishonest sellers were underpricing their offers to attract buyers and leaving without a trace after receiving the money. But this is history. Now on MMOAuctions players can trade everything game related while feeling secure.


As our main goal was creating a safe environment for your transactions we are allowing our users to take part in the Scam Killer program. This is the database created by people whose goal is stopping scammers before they are able to finish trades. This isn’t an easy task but as the database is growing every day with new updates, more and more scams are being stopped.

Each user can check the person he is about to trade with. The program will see if the information provided by trader like skype, facebook or billing info were not used previously by the fraudster. If this information were scammer data - the user will be informed about this fact.


What you can find on MMOAuctions

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