Lineage 2 Classic Adena , L2 Classic Adena

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Lineage 2 Classic Adena

Lineage 2 Classic Adena is the main currency in the game. It is used to purchase items at NPC stores, to trade with other players, to pay the teleportation fees at gatekeeper, to cover crafting fees at blacksmith etc. Players can get Lineage 2 Classic adena via completing quests, killing monsters, selling spare items to NPCs, killing bosses etc. The most efficient way to obtain classic adena is to make a dwarf character which can either become an artisan or scavenger. As an artisan player is able to craft items from recipes which can be very profitable as only dwarf is able to craft items. As a scavenger, player can "spoil" monsters - when spoiled monster is killed, dwarf can use "Sweep" skill to receive additional drop from a monster and sell it at decent prices. Some items can only be spoiled. Looking for Lineage 2 classic adena? Or maybe want to get rid of spare classic adena? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!

lineage 2 classic adena

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About Lineage 2 Classic Adena

Lineage 2 Classic is a separate version of Lineage 2 resembling the experience of the original game from April 2004. You will begin with a new level 1 character on one of new Lineage 2 Classic servers: Talking Island, Giran and Aden. You will begin with no L2 adena and the levelling is back to the original slow pace. Initially B-grade gear is the top-tier equipment.


Lineage 2 is just a new type of servers which do not require a separate Lineage 2 client. Just select one of the following servers in the server selection menu: Talking Island, Aden or Giran. Each of the classic servers is tuned to a different time-zone, Talking Island is GMT-5, Aden is GMT-8 and Giran is GMT+1.


Although Lineage 2 Classic servers will take you back to 2004, many graphical and optimization improvements will also be implemented. However the race and class selection will be of this from pre-Godess of Destruction update.


Lineage 2 Classic starts with monsters and raid bosses up to level 70. At launch you will not have access to Olympiad, Castle, Fortress Sieges or permanent Clan Hall Auctions but some of those functions will be implemented in the future.


Lineage 2 Classic combat will not differ much of what players are experiencing now on the “Live” servers. First and second class transfer quests will be available at launch so you will have a total of 31 classes to choose from. The only big difference will be lack of LCK and CHA stats.


Leveling in Lineage 2 Classic server like Talking Island will be a lot slower and will cap at level 70. One thing that wont be coming back from the original game is the item drop on death penalty (while retaining the 4% xp loss per death). The initial zones (1-19lvl) will be dispatched with extra monster spawns and higher respawn rates to help players go with the initial rush.


Lineage 2 Classic will remain free-to-play with optional premium store. Additionally, Lineage II Classic will have a VIP Rewards Program that rewards those that spend NCoins regularly.


Your existing characters on the account are not affected by any progress you will make on Classic and you won’t be able to transfer your existing toons from, for example Chronos to Lineage 2 Talking Island or Giran server. Vitality system, Noblesse and Auction House has also been removed.


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