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Lineage 2 Classic Bots & Cheats

Buy a Lineage 2 Classic bot at MMOAuctions! Third party software can significantly improve your in-game economy. Get more experience and Adena thanks to L2 Classics bots.


Old school Lineage 2 Classic experience

Lineage 2 Classic is an old school MMORPG developed by NCSoft. In 2018 they decided to split Lineage 2 into two versions. One – Lineage 2 Live, remained with all the new races, classes items, and faster progression rates. The other one, L2 Classic returned to the beginning of the game.


The players can pick from the five original races: Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Human and 31 classes. At the same time, the level cap has been brought back to 70, what also means that 3rd classes and S items grade (and obviously all the higher ones) were removed.


Classic MMORPG gameplay

Moreover, the progression rates have been reduced, so players don’t reach the cap too quickly. After all, NCSoft wanted to bring back the early MMORPG vibe, which of course means tons of grinding. You have to play a long time to get to the endgame. Obviously, all the combat is point and click. The objective was to recreate the good old Lineage 2 for the community of veterans.


Deletion of the strongest items in combination with the reduction of the level cap resulted in decreasing the general power level of players’ characters. This puts even more emphasis on teamwork and increases the importance of clans.


As in many other MMORPGs, the real fun in L2 Classic starts when you get to the endgame. This is when you’re able to embark on the most difficult raids and kill the enormous bosses. That’s also when the open world PvP kicks in the most because you will often have to fight for the best farming spots.


Finally, only in the endgame, being a member of a strong clan, you will be able to conquer a castle. The sieges are probably the most epic aspect of Lineage 2. The whole alliances face each other in a great battle, often hundreds of players stand on each side. One of them is defending and the other is trying to break through and capture the castle. It’s probably the most recognizable feature of Lineage 2.


Amount of grinding in L2 Classic

In both of the L2 versions, there are multiple characters needed to become strong and self-sufficient. If you want to get rich and collect the strongest items, you’re going to need both of the Dwarf classes. A bounty hunter can increase the amount of loot you’re getting, while blacksmith can use recipes and materials to craft some of the stronger weapons, armor sets, and jewelry pieces.


Neither one of those classes is too useful in combat. They can’t properly tank, because they lack abilities to taunt the monsters, they don’t deal too much damage and most of their utility is focused on the money-making aspect of the game.


At the same time, there are three buffer classes who can significantly improve the combat ability of other characters. They are very useful, but nobody really wants to main them. It amounts to even more extra characters to level up.


Get a Lineage 2 Classic bot!

Luckily, there’s a possibility to make that much easier. Lineage 2 Classic bots can gather Adena and experience points for you. Sit back, relax and reap the benefits later. Get multiple characters to a high level quickly and without any effort whatsoever! At the same time, the bot will collect all the loot from the monsters it kills, so it will get you closer to the desired equipment.


Different L2 Classic bots have different possibilities, so make sure to read the offer thoroughly. Of course, most of them will be focused around farming. You can expect the bots to be able to run around the map, kill the monsters they meet, use skills and consumables, while also collecting loot.


L2 Classic bots – what can they do?

There are some of the more detailed features too. The bots use different kinds of scripting engines, some of the easy to use, but at the same time, advanced ones offer a lot of freedom to the user. Usually, the interface will be really easy to navigate through, but the amount of options should be sufficient for even the most demanding users.


For instance, the Lineage 2 Adrenaline bot allows you to draw the zones on the map, where your character will farm. You can even specify the floors in the vertical locations.


Some of the tools might enable you to plan the farming route that your character will take. You can also define which abilities the bot is supposed to use and in what situations. The situation is similar with consumables, for instance you can make sure the bot will use health potions, when your characters hp falls below a specified threshold.


You can specify the way it will look for monsters and even what to do with the drop. You don’t want some of the junk items? Just tell the bot what to pick up and what to leave on the ground.


You can also program the bot to inform you when your character meets other players, or gets attacked. The software might simply use some kind of sound signal in those situations.


Another possibility, that’s especially good if you want to level up a buffer or a healer, is to go farming on your other character, create a party and let the bot pilot your support. You can use the correct script to make it buff or heal you when necessary.


Similarly, you can take your Bounty Hunter with you and program the bot to use the Spoil and Sweeper skills to get the extra loot. This way you can get the exp on both your main and one of your Dwarves, while also making some money off of the bounty hunter kit. It’s a great time saver.


Of course you don’t have to walk around with the bot all the time. One of the biggest advantages of using them is reducing your downtime, it’s just better to give the bot some of the safer tasks when you’re not around. For example, you can program the bot to complete some of the repeatable quests. Get some experience and Adena for the dull tasks that you don’t want to waste time on.


At the same time, the bots will have different security measures to avoid detection. We recommend choosing the safest one. After all using bots is against the NCSoft rules you should get the most protection available not to get banned.


The third party software can make the whole process of developing multiple characters much easier and quicker. Using them is really simple, the difficult part would be writing your own script, but it shouldn’t be necessary with all the options of the existing scripts. Just browse the offers and choose the one that will work for you the best.


Most of the tools should work on all the official servers and the private ones, but it’s better to be certain. Read the description or simply ask the seller a question if the server you’re playing on is viable for their Lineage2 Classic bot.


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