Lineage 2 Classic Items, L2 Classic items

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Lineage 2 Classic Items

There is a wide variety of different Lineage 2 Classic items in the game. They can be categorized into two main types which are items that can be worn by a character, and those used for different purposes like crafting, enchanting, consuming etc. Among items that can be worn in Lineage 2 you will find armors, weapons, accessories and pet equipment. All items can be worn by every class and each race, but not every class have skills for particular equipment. Other items you will find worth picking up in Lineage 2 are supplies like potions, scrolls and soulshots, craft items like recipes, ingredients for items. Every equipable item has it's grade which are: non-grade, D-grade, C-grade, B-grade, A-grade, S-grade. Each grade's items can be equipped at certain levels.


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Lineage 2 Classic Items - Safety of your trades

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