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Path of Exile Items

Path of Exile Items are used to represent not just character's equipment but also a variety of other game features that can be moved around between locations using the mouse cursor, including the inventory, worn items, stashes, and others. PoE items Depending on item's type, it can have attributes such as rarity, quality, item affixes and item levels. Equipment consists of items that can be worn by the player, including armor, weapons, accessories, jewels, and flasks. The color of item's name refers to item's rarity which can be normal, magic, rare and unique. There is also another Path of Exile items such as currency, divination cards, quest items, gems, prophecies or decorations. Looking for virtual goods connected with Path of Exile items? Or maybe want to get rid of spare poe items? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers or set up your own offer in less than 60 seconds!

Path of Exile Items

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  • Path of Exile
  • Items
  • Types of Items
  • Attributes of an items

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Path of Exile

Path of Exile comes from the action role-playing genre. I would say that the gameplay matches perfectly to hack and slash titles. Path of Exile had its premiere on 23 October 2013, for PC’s and in August 2017, for Xbox One. The game should also be playable on PlayStation 4 at the end of December of 2018. The biggest advantages of the game are nicely done massive PvE fights and extreme PvP rivalry. I think that some of you also heard about the enormous skill tree and an infinite number of development paths of your character which also stands for big plus from this title. In my opinion, that game should keep your attention for a while. In addition, I will say that it is free to play.

POE Items

Items play a very important role in the path of exile as well as in every game from the RPG era. Armour gives you additional bonuses to defence, weapon increases damage or consumables which let you regenerate quicker. The number of items possible to get in Path of Exile is enormous, but the rarest ones require a lot of time to obtain them. Because of the fact that good equipment is a total game changer, I advise you to keep some attention and try to find unused items which you can exchange for things that your character really need.

Types of Items

There are six different types of items in Path of Exile. Items were categorised by their various ways of usage. Lower I have attached the list with a general description of each.


In Path of Exile, there are a few different types of equipment. We differentiate the following main categories:



Items possible to equip on different parts of characters body. They provide additional bonuses to defence and not only.

Types of armour:

  • - Body armour
  • - Boots
  • - Gloves
  • - Helmets
  • - Shields



Consumable that restores life or mana. Some flasks also grant time-limited bonuses.


Equipable items with the main purpose of increasing damage.

Types of weapons:

  • - Maces and Sceptres
  • - Axes
  • - Swords
  • - Bows
  • - Claws
  • - Daggers
  • - Staves
  • - Wands



Equipable items without determined quality. Provide additional bonuses.

Types of accessories:

  • - Amulets
  • - Belts
  • - Quivers
  • - Ring



Can be put into jewel sockets to grand various bonuses and additional skills.

Other items

Quest items

Items that are used in various quests or are necessary to complete tasks and get rewards.



Different gems give opportunities to use different skills. They have to be put on some kind of equipment and match the colour of the socket. Then the skills are ready to use.



Path of Exile has a unique currency system. There is no one item that is determined as currency. Here various kinds of orbs and scrolls have their own values that are used to trade with other players.


Divination cards

Cards that can grant some rewards after the exchange.

Attributes of an PoE items


There are four different stages of rarities. Items are characterised by rarity which very often shows how much expensive items are, and how often they appear in the game. Stages of rarity:

  • - Normal (colour)
  • - Magic (colour)
  • - Rare (colour)
  • - Unique (colour)



Level of Quality affects how many per cent of an additional stats would particular item get.

Item affixes determine which items can be equipped with another and where they can be equipped.

Item level

The level of an items limits the number of possible sockets attached to them.

  • Minimum Level 1 - Sockets - 1
  • Minimum Level 1 - Sockets - 2
  • Minimum Level 2 - Sockets - 3
  • Minimum Level 25 - Sockets - 4
  • Minimum Level 35 - Sockets - 5
  • Minimum Level 50 - Sockets - 6