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 WoW Game Time for Battle For Azeroth

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New expansion, Battle for Azeroth, brings ton of changes to World of Warcraft, a totally new version of it. BfA is not only new content but also new systems, solutions and gaming. We are losing our artifacts to be replaced with azurite armor and Heart of Azeroth, a “legendary” neckpiece. Here is a compendium of everything you need to know about Battle for Azeroth.The company responsible for creating the WoW Classic original video game is Blizzard Activision. Esports are constantly growing, Blizzar Entertainment Inc knows this, it is why they changed the focus of the World of Warcraft game to a more competitive online scene where in order to play properly, you must also have a good rating overall. Also you can compete against friends or travel with them in a totally new adventure. With the implementation of new mount, money sink its good time to sell your wow tokens or wow game time for real money and earn millions because prices will drop. But today we bring you another way to get a gift card, a game card, just by using your favorites payment methods, such as debir or credit card, and adding it to cart. 

General Info and Release Date

Battle for Azeroth is next expansion after WoW Legion that was revealed during BlizzCon 2017 several months ago. This 7th expansion will introduce Allied Races, Island Expeditions, Warfronts, Azurite Armor and Heart of Azeroth as well as new zones in which you can enter and explore: Kul Tiras and Zandalar and level cap increased to 120 (from 110 in Legion). If you want to shop for any products or services for their games, Blizzard encourages you to check the web site, the original product store, select everything you want and buy gift cards or any other thing that you may like. Initial wow token prices will remain the same as in previous expansions.

Battle for Azeroth will be released on August 14th 2018 but pre-patch, 8.0 that introduced first class changes and stat squish released before the official release on June 18th. Just like in previous expansions you will be able to use wow token to extend your subscription.

Launch Times

First time in history, Battle for Azeroth expansion will be launched simultaneously on North American, South American, European, Taiwanese, Korean and Oceanic servers. Launching on midnight in Europe means that players in American servers will be able to join at 3 p.m. PDT, Taiwan 6 a.m. CST, Korea 7a.m. KST, Oceania 8 a.m. AEST. WoW token purchases might be unavailable on launch so get it before. It is just a matter of joining the platform.  


Every expansion has a leading theme, a unique "code", an specific feel and unique instruments when it comes to music composition. It’s not different this time as you can hear from BfA main theme “Before the Storm” composed by Glenn Stafford. Battle for Azeroth soundtrack will feature scores by Neal Acree, Sam Cardon, Blint Bajakian and David Arkenstone. BfA soundtrack will also include reinvented classic WoW themes by Jason Hayes.

WoW Token Preorders and Pre Patch

The battle for Azeroth pre-orders opened on January 30th. The pre-order cost of BfA expansion was set at 49.99$ and allows you to unlock Allied Races early (some of them at least) and earn a lvl 110 boost for your character, all of this for delivery directly to your account. It is not such much and totally worth it. BfA digital deluxe edition costs $69.99 and ships with a unique mount for each faction and a pet. Alliance receives Seabraid Stallion and horde receives Zandalari styled Gilded Ravasaur. Both faction receive collector’s edition pet: Tottle the turtle. Pre-purchase comes with 30-days of wow game time so you don't need to worry about wow game token for at least a month.

World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth collector’s edition contents have been announced on April 5th. Apart from same things you’ll get in digital collector’s edition you will also receive a copy of Before the Storm novel by Christie Golden, faction coin collectible and more like novellas Elegy and A Good War that cover events of Burning of Teldrassil.

BfA pre-patch launches roughly one month before official BfA release. BfA pre-patch, players will be introduced to most of the class changes that will include global cooldown on many abilities, disabling of artifact weapon traits and skills, talent tree tweaks and skill reworks. New talent ui, honor ui and war mode will be added, Strand of the Ancients and Ashran battlegrounds completely removed and separation between large and small battlegrounds both having a separate queue (large being, for example Alterac Valley). Looting also will change with the patch 8.0 as personal loot will become the only available loot system. Stat squish, new communities and crafting leveling rework will also take place in BfA pre-patch. The real price of wow token will remain the same throughout the expansion.

This pre-patch software also introduces new storyline quests related to the Teldrassil burning and Alliance retaliation under the gates of Lordaeron.

Allied Races

Allied Races will be added to the expansion with new appearances and race-specific armor sets. Four allied races will be available to unlock with Battle for Azeroth pre-purchase. Void Elf and Lightforge Draenei for the Alliance and Nightborne and Highmountain Tauren for the horde will share the battle of field. Four more Allied Races will join the fray after launch. Choose the best in an instant! First to join the war will be Mag’har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves and lastly Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Humans. New allied races come with some unique features like Dark Iron Dwarf using little anvils as totems and having badass fiery face tattoos or Zandalari Trolls having unique druid dinosaur forms.

There are more allied races speculated to join in the future like small-fox creatures called Vulpera or “vampire elves” San’layn. But none of those speculated races have been confirmed by Blizzard entertainment.

Class Changes

Some classes will get back their party/raid-wide buffs. Certain artifact traits and legendaries will be available as talents. Druid travel form will be split into two separate spells in the spellbook giving players to glyph different forms at the same time. Hunter pets will receive a revamped specialization giving them more utility. Bleed and poison effects will scale with haste which means damage will “tick” more often during the same duration, PvP talent system is now completely overhauled giving players a full set of skills to choose from but only one major and three minor talents can be chosen at the same time.


We’ve seen stat squishes before but this time it comes with item-level squish which is a huge change. There will  be no Titanforging for Azurite armor but it will be susceptible to Warforging (+5/+10 item levels). The Heart of Azeroth is a neck piece that is empowered by Azurite and will empower pieces of Azurite gear. Tier Sets will be going away. Legacy loot mode  will be available making it way easier to farm appearances in legacy content. Since there will be lots of Bound on Equip pieces perhaps it's good idea to purchase a token token now while value is still good.

Heart of Azeroth

Heart of Azeroth is a legendary-quality artifact necklace given to players by Azeroth herself by her speaker Magni Bronzebeard. You’ll carry the Heart of Azeroth throughout the entire expansion as you did with Artifact Weapons. HoA is empowered by Azerite and will absorb any Azerite its next to so you won't spend bag space on items that grant you Azerite power. Once enough Azerite is absorbed, Heart will be able to level up. Once it reaches certain levels it will unlock new properties in a piece of Azerite Gear. Depending on the level of content you are doing the number of selectable traits on the item will vary. Currently regular gear has 3 traits sand heroic dungeons have 4.

Island Expeditions

Expeditions are new type of activity you can perform in Battle for Azeroth. Its a quick 3v3 against the enemy faction. Fight enemy AI or players in search for Azerite. Expeditions will become available after completing the War Campaign at level 120. This is an account-wide unlock so your alts will be able to jump in as soon as level 110 once you unlock it on your main. Island expeditions offer variety of rewards including mounts like Twilight Avenger, Suf Jelly or Craghorn Chasm-Leaper. Another great thing about island expeditions are plundered transmog items which are re-coloured versions of old content loot. With influx of new pets and other collectibles it will be good period to make gold to buy wow token since price in BfA will very likely drop.


Another new type of content. Inspired by the RTS origins of Warcraft, Warfronts allow you to act as a lieutenant of your faction leading an assault in a massive battle. With a group of 20 players you have to create outpost, secure resources, manage supply lines and level up troops that will push the assault forward. Unlike the RTS experience, however, you wont be doing all this from top-down perspective, taking the action up close and personal instead. Every week, one faction will emerge victorious which will grant them access to special World Bosses and extra quests. Warfronts will also reward special armor sets. You can unlock warfront through daily contributions which also grant you large amounts of Azerite. Once your team has control over the Warfront you can access special content in Arathi Highlands with world bosses that drop mounts and toys for you to enjoy. Great way of making wow gold.

New Zones

Kul Tiras and Zandalar are two new continents where main theme are maritime empires of Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran humans. Both independent from Horde and Alliance until now. Zuldazar is the throne-world of the Zandalari Empire, occupied by dinosaurs and ancient creatures, dotted with gilded pyramids and with a massive harbor at its hart. Tiragarde Sound is the Kul Tiras main trading hub, home of great port city of Boralus, rest of the area is mostly farmlands and breathtaking landscapes. Stormsong Valley is a land of tidesages, a special faction of priests that help Kul Tiran navy navigate through the mists and rough waters of Kul Tiras. Vol’dun is a desert home of Sethrak and Vulpera. Nazmir is a jungle area occupied by Blood Trolls with hidden temples dedicated to the blood magic rituals. Drustvar is a eerie swamp forest area with something evil lurking in the shadows. You will be able to buy 5 million brontosaurus on both continents so it doesn't matter if you want to buy wow token eu or us, horde or alliance, just get it!


Battle for Azeroth follows the events of Legion expansion, where Sargeras, the evil Titan, in his last desperate attempt stabbed planet of Azeroth with his corrupted giant sword wounding the world soul itself. The wound seeps out new element Azerite, known also as Blood of Azeroth, this new element holds tremendous amounts of power, unlike anything seen before. In the pre-patch players will experience the escalation of the conflict between Horde and Alliance with Sylvanas making a bold move of burning down sacred Night Elven world tree Teldrassil and swift retaliation of Alliance forces at the gates of Lordaeron. Both events leave factions weekend and desperate for new allies which makes them expand their invitations to Kul Tirans and Zandalari. Both factions will level up in separate continents. On Kul Tiras Alliance players will have to solve mysteries of witchcraft-filled Drustvar. Face a coup attempt, political strife and pirate invasion in Tiragarde Sound and finally face the wrath of corrupted sea priests in Stormsong Valley. Zandalar will throw Horde players in the middle of C’thraxxi summoning ritual on Nazmir they will face threat of Blood Trolls and in Zuldazar Horde will experience their own political turmoil.

Story of both continents have some parallels between one another, both Alliance and Horde need navy, face betrayal and have their own people question their leaders. All this with a looming threat from a forgotten enemy - The Void.


Battle for Azeroth will launch with 10 dungeons:

  • Atal’Dazar

  • Freehold

  • Tol Dagor

  • The Motherlode

  • King’s Rest

  • Waycrest Manor

Some of those dungeons will be faction locked while leveling but on mythic and higher levels they will unlock to everyone. There are also two Mythic only dungeons: Siege of Boralus and King’s Res. There are four mounts avaialble from mythic dungeons:

  • Mecha Mogul Mk2 - Motherlode Mythic

  • Underrot Crawg Harness - Underrot

  • Mummified Raptor Skull - King’s Rest

  • Sharkbait Favorite Crackers - Freehold

Depending if the dungeon is set on Kul Tiras or Zandalar, players will be able to obtain sets themed after Kul Tirans or Zandalari Trolls both in their distinctive style.


Battle For Azeroth will launch with two raids. Uldir and Halls of Control with a final boss of Blood God G’Huun. Once both factions have 100 guilds with Mythic G’huun kill, cross-realm Mythic raiding will open. Completing achievement Glory of the Uldir Raider will grant players Bloodgorged Crawg ground mount. After some time Qeen Azshara will replace G’Huuns role as the mid-expansion final boss. So be sure to buy wow token if you want to experience all that amazing content.

War Mode

Battle for azeroth will remove blacklisting battlegrounds in BFA but introduces two separate queues for Large and Small battlegrounds. Strand of the Ancient has been removed entirely while Ashran has been removed temporarily and might return in the future as Epic multiplayer Battleground.

Prestige in BFA will be account-wide and all prestige amounts earned in Legion will be fused from all characters. The new Honor system offers various prestige awards depending on the rank. The speed of getting honor levels is different than prestige. There are 500 prestige levels and Prestigious Bloodforged Courser is the top reward. The rewards cannot be obtained by any other means than gaining prestige, no wow token will buy you this Courser unfortunately.

War mode is brand new World PVP implementation for Battle for Azeroth. You can toggle it in a capital city and once active you will be able to use your honor talents in the outdoor but you will always be flagged for PVP. To remedy that risk you will be getting experience bonus. Killing enemy player in a zone will place a bounty on their head.

With the implementation of War Mode there will be all PVP servers have been changed into Normal.


BfA will offer quite a few new mounts for collectors:

  • Frog

  • Bee

  • Trilobite

  • Parrot

  • Brutosaur

  • Buzzard Vulpera

  • Underrot Crawg Harness

  • Mecha-Mogul Mk2

  • Hyena

  • Bloodfeaster

  • Basilisk

  • Krolusk

And one very unusual mount The Hivemind which goes faster the more hiveminds are in the area. Also new gold-draining mount will be added Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur that will cost 5 million gold, this mount comes with a personal Auction House! This is the reason why price can drop, many people will buy wow token to afford this amazing mount generating an extraordinary influx of token and which will cause value to drop. So better get it now, before expansion lands.

Flying will be delayed once again. Similar to Legion and Warlords of Draenor players will have to complete Pathfinder achievements which at first will only increase the speed of your ground mount. Once all content will be added to the expansion possibility to fly will come with it. Players will also see new models of some old mounts like horses, unicorns, talons or proto-drakes.


Alliance and Horde will come across six new factions, three from their BfA region, one attacking enemy continent and two neutral ones.

Alliance Factions:

  • Order of Embers: Kul Tiran witch hunters

  • Proudmoore Admiralty - Rulers of Kul Tiras and commanders of largest navy in Azeroth led by Proudmoore family for decades

  • Storm’s Wake - Coalition of farmers, craftsmen, soldiers and tidesages trying to reclaim Stormsong Valley

  • 7th Legion - Elite vanguard of the Alliance penetrating deep into enemy territory, currently operating in Zandalar

Horde Factions:

  • Talanji’s Expedition - Zandalar expedition meant to deal with onslaught of the Blood Trolls

  • Voldunai - Exiles and scavengers roaming the deserts

  • Zandalari Empire - Oldes civilization on Azeroth, the capital of once great Zandalari Trolls

  • The Honorbound - Special delegation of Horde forces distributed behind enemy lines in Kul Tiras

Neutral Factions:

  • Champions of Azeroth

  • Tortollan Seekers

Unlike previous expansions, all you need is revered to get Pathfinder, Part One achievement. Hitting exalted, however, will gain you access to new mounts and special tabard. Playing WoW Battle for Azeroth is a great and refreshing experience. BOZ will work very fine for the most demanding players. 

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