Why should I trade growtopia at MMOAuctions?

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Growtopia Trading

Sandbox titles like Growtopia often feature tons of interesting items that can be acquired inside of the game. This one is based on a unique mechanic – in order to get the required items and materials, you have to plant seeds and cultivate trees. You have to collect different types of seeds and combine them in order to receive the most advanced resources. Almost everything can grow on trees, so there’s a lot to gain and discover from these experiments.

At the same time, the overwhelming majority of items is tradable. You can get all types of seeds, locks and other helpful stuff via trading in-game. This means that you can also get them for real money on sites like MMOAuctions.

Growtopia is an enjoyable and satisfying game, but it requires a fair amount of grind. Especially at the beginning, when you have to just clear world after world to gather as many different seeds as possible. This process can seem a bit tedious, particularly for the players who are much more interested in building and transforming their own world. Getting a bunch of valuable seeds, or even a fully-developed account might be a good idea for them.

After its initial Android release in 2012, Growtopia has been ported to iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Besides gathering and building, the game features a plethora of social interactions such as trading, chatting, PvP fighting and much more!