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Blade & Soul Accounts

Blade and Soul account leveling system has its own unique characteristics. Need a bns account with a character of your dreams? You may be able to find it on MMOAuctions! A Skill tree is an aspect of some games that allow custom configurations of a character's abilities. Blade and Soul account is allowing a player to create their character in a unique way, allowing them to customize it to fit their play style. The Training system is one of many ways to do this. Once your Blade and Soul Account character reaches level 15 and completes Chapter 17 of the main story, the Training system will unlock. Through the Training system and leveling, your character will unlock hidden powers to fend off evil. You will get one point to spend in the tree upon reaching level 15. Much like other skill trees in various other games, you'll need to spend a certain amount of points within a tree to unlock more advanced skills. Your character will be able to learn entirely new abilities with this system as well as strengthening already available skills. Looking for bns account with a well-trained character? Check Blade and Soul account offers on MMOAuctions!