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Blade & Soul Items

BNS Items - Equipment needed

In order to be a successful fighter in Blade & Soul, you must equip your character with the right equipment – no matter which class you've chosen. They all need weapons, armor, and additional accessories to modify stats. Off course you can waste many hours in order to get them, but there's an easier and more comfortable way – We offer wide selection B&S in-game goods in the form of items. Buy BNS items via MMOAuctions!

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About The Game

Blade & Soul (Korean 블레이드 앤 소울 ) is a MMORPG that was developed by NCSoft. It's a Korean game, that is based around fantasy, and various martial arts. It's a perfect game for those who can appreciate Chinese fighting styles like Wushu. Players take control of honorable fighters who are destined to clam revenge agianst those who destroyed their dojo. 



Blade and Soul combines martial-arts inspired gameplay and open world environment. The player creates a character and explores the world by completing quests assigned by NPCs. The game utilizes a real-time battle system in a third-person perspective. Players can combine a series of attacks into a “combo”. NCSoft developers announced that game features an innovative “Downed” mechanic which allows players to recovery from the brink of death. Players begin with “Player versus Environment “ (PvE) but may also participate in “player vs player” (PvP) combat later in the game.

Create your character

B&S provides players with a highly customizable system which was used to create all NPCs in the game. Customization includes hairstyles, facial structures, eye color, height, and body sliders. The character can be one of four races, all based on four benevolent animals (the Qilin, the Dragon, the Turtle, and the Phoenix).


There are nine classes available: BladeMaster, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, Destroyer, Assassin, Summoner, Blade Dancer, Warlock, Soul Fighter


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