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Blade & Soul Items

Blade and Soul Items guide. In Blade and Soul, Weapons, Soul Shields, and Accessories are the main types of equipment. Now Available on MMOAuctions! New BnS items are being obtained as you progress through the story until the Ivory moon Weapon is acquired, which will be upgraded and evolved through multiple stages by being offered either weapons or elements (obtained through the story, daily dash or transmuting). Evolving the weapon from stage 5 or 10 will require the use of a breakthrough weapon and additional materials. In the case of accessories, players are currently limited to using accessories obtained as either drops or storyline rewards. Following the update on April 12th, 2017, completing act 6 of the story will reward the player with a set of Pinnacle accessories, which are currently the best non-elemental and non-legendary accessories available. Looking for Blade and Soul items? Check MMOAuctions for bns items offers with the best gear available! Is a trader suspicious for you? Don't worry - put his data into Scamkiller - our special feature allowing you to keep your transactions safe! MMOAuctions.com - the best website for buy Blade and Soul items!