Learn the latest news and tips related to Warframe (2013). A cooperative action game with the free-to-play model featuring continuous grind on procedurally generated maps. The game story will take you into the distant, dark future in which war has affected all the planets of the solar system. You play a role of the cosmic ninja who is gifted with exceptional skills and is perfectly capable of fighting both in close and ranged combat. The game has also a companions system, which can be developed and improved using modification cards.

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Each of the available companions has an individual set of active and passive skills that will support you in the fight. When exploring, you can acquire resources, mod cards, schematics, armor that then can be used in crafting. As a player you have your own ship that is also the center where you expand and create new equipment. The completion of missions will unlock you access to new planets and moons, on which you can undertake increasingly more difficult tasks. You can perform each mission alone or in a maximum of four.


Tasks in Warframe feature different goals such as rescue (you must release and escort a key character to the extraction point), defense (you must defend an artifact or device against the waves of enemies), survival (you must simply survive as long as possible), elimination (you must take out specific targets or capture specific data). In that, every mission can be completed by sneaking, avoiding security systems and silently eliminating opponents. This often requires the neutralization of monitoring before anyone will notice you, as well as the hacking of computers and electronic locks, which takes the form of mini-games.

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It’s finally here! Long awaited open-world upgrade to this free-to-play masterpiece just went live and we still can’t believe its free.
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Mysterious messages and graphics sent in various Warframe media hinted on the next expansion. Now we know it'll be called "Sacrifice".