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Log in and check out the best articles, news, and guides regarding Lineage 2 Classic at MMOAuctions! After multiple changes to the live version of Lineage 2, NCSoft decided to release something for the fans who miss the good old days. There are servers dedicated to every region. While L2 Classic is not exactly the same as the early version of the original game, it's coming pretty close.

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If you miss the challenging, slow progression and the old-school leveling grind, Lineage 2 Classic might be the right game for you! Players can choose from five available races: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, and Dwarf and over 30 classes! Visit the legendary cities like Giran or Aden.

Besides grinding, players can take part in tons of open-world PvP action. You can also create parties to slay multiple Raid Bosses for great loot, which includes the powerful unique jewelry. There's also the endgame PvP that features the epic castle sieges that you can enter with your friends as a clan. If you're looking for a solo challenge - you can take part in the Grand Olympiad. Just find the right server and start playing! There's new content added in every update!

Search through our blog to find guides explaining all the most critical factors of the game. If you're struggling with leveling your characters or farming Lineage II Classic Adena, our tips will help you out. You can also find articles describing specific systems, mechanics, updates and events that are being introduced to the game.

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Killing Raid Bosses in Lineage 2 Classic can get you a lot of valuable loot and other benefits. Read this guide to learn more about these powerful foes!
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A complete guide to Castle Siege event in Lineage 2 Classic. Learn how to take control over the enemy castle or how to defend what's yours!
10.07.2019 7
Spoiling is a great way of making extra Adena in Lineage 2 Classic. Getting the additional materials and other items can really get your in-game economy going. Read this guide to learn the basics of spoiling. Find out about the best zones and monsters that can make you swim in Adena!
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In Lineage 2 Classic you only need a single class to craft every category of items! Warsmith that later advances into Maestro, can create weapons, armors, jewelry and various consumables. Read this guide to learn ins and outs of crafting in Lineage 2!
21.06.2019 0
A new mechanic has been introduced to Lineage 2 Classic. It’s called Talisman of Fate and it’s another possibility for players to boost their base stats and progress even further into the late game. This feature will be available through L2 Store. The Talismans can be upgraded, enchanted and on higher ranks they will even provide users with an extra active ability!
14.06.2019 0
Lineage 2 just turned 15! It’s a great reason to celebrate and NCSoft decided that Lineage 2 Classic players also get an anniversary event. It’s called Summer Squash Event and will last from June 12 to July 10. During this time players will be able to collect nectar, grow squashes and smash them for great rewards!
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Lineage 2 Orc is a race of strong and durable warriors as well as supportive and versatile shamans who worship Pa'agrio, the God of Fire. Read this guide to learn all about the possibilities of Orcs in Lineage 2.
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Leveling in Lineage 2 Classic consists mostly of choosing the right hunting zones at all times. Read this guide to learn a few useful tips and find information about all the best farming locations on different levels!
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The most important quests in Lineage 2 Classic are the ones associated with class transfers, but also are a few of other useful ones that you can do to make your early game easier. Read this guide to learn about worthwhile quests in L2 Classic!
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Lineage 2 Classic offers the players a variety of different classes. There are 31 of them and each one has some unique features. Check out this guide to learn about all the roles you can play in L2 Classic and which class suits you the most!
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