Read the latest news, guides, tips and other content related to Guild Wars 2. A sequel to a top-rated ArenaNet's fantasy MMO game series that's set 250 years after the first installment. You can definitely feel the time progression - Guild Wars 2 presents an entirely new, enormous land where you can experience a fascinating, original story that features the awakening of ancient dragons.

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The role-playing missions play the leading role, and unlike in the first part of the series, they are more complex and multi-threaded. In the vast majority of locations, you will meet not only team members, but also players from around the world. Guild Wars 2 was developed by ArenaNet and NCSoft studios and is available exclusively on PCs. Besides dungeons, fractals and raids, there's also a lot of more casual content, like world events.

GW2 features the great Living World system that can introduce significant changes to the political and geographical landscape of Tyria in every season. You never know what's going to happen in the upcoming week! The game creators provide a fascinating living story that twists and turns with each development. It also introduces plenty of memorable NPCs - some of them as friends, some as enemies. You can install the game and see for yourself - the official base version is available for free!

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