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Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse is the game created and developed by Streamy Entertainment back in 2016 with alpha and beta tests that lasted until the early days of 2020 when it was finally released for every player. The game follows with a close resemblance to the old school CipSoft product called Tibia.Even though both titles are lookalike, Blood stone bases its systems on those created for Tibia. It is an entirely different take on the same topic, as the creators wanted to change some of the aspects of the old school title without removing a spirit and nostalgia that connects players to Tibia. It means that in BloodStone, you can find many new aspects, but the systems and gameplay, in general, are very similar.

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31.01.2020 0
A short overview of monsters in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. Learn where to train and what to hunt to get best possible loot.
29.01.2020 0
A short guide to spells in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. Here you can learn about every skill in the game and groups that they are assigned to.
28.01.2020 0
A short guide on all items available in the world of Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. Learn what you can drop from the monsters and what's worth keeping.
22.01.2020 0
Learn how the game of Bloodstone : The Ancient Curse works, how to play it, what are the shortcuts and everything else that you need to know.