Bloodstone Beginners guide - Simple "how to" for new players

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Bloodstone guide for beginners

Welcome to MMOAuctions guide to Streamy Soft of Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. In this article, you will learn about basic mechanics that will let you get familiar with how this game works and what to do in order to progress. As this title is very similar to well-known Tibia, many aspects of this game have been based on how things in CipSoft’s product work. If you are familiar with Tibia, you should have no problem with in-game UI, but if you are new to this horizontal look genre, read more below.

Classes available in the game

bloodstone classes

There are five classes you can choose from in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse. All of them are available for free. Those classes (from left to right) are:

  • Archer - Ranged damage dealer - master in setting traps and killing targets from afar.

  • Barbarian - Bloodthirsty brawler, who deals damage in head to head combat.

  • Knight - Tank, who is capable of sustaining high amounts of damage, protecting other party members.

  • Mage - Wizard specialized in a wide area of effect spells. 

  • Shaman - Masters of Crowd Control and Healing abilities.

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Basic features


Your character can move with the use of WSAD, arrow keys, Numpad, and left mouse button. It is worth noting that you can send your adventurer to a particular location by left-clicking it on the minimap.

NPC Interaction

You can talk with NPC’s by right-clicking them. They will respond by showing you the conversation menu. There you can speak with them selecting text lines.

Target selection

You can pick the enemy you are willing to attack with the right mouse button. It can also be done by left-clicking opponents in the battle menu (B shortcut) when other objects obstruct vision. When you press shift during target selection, your character will not only attack it but also follow your prey. 


By clicking the right mouse button on the corpse, you can search for the loot. On top of that, it is possible to track what dropped from the enemies on Loot Chat, where every item is listed.


You can split the pile of items into two stacks by holding CTRL and moving the item to another square in your inventory. You can also select a single item from the pile by holding down SHIFT.

Game UI

Here is how the UI in the game looks like. 

bloodstone ui

  1. Skill bar with shortcuts to your spells

  2. Status bar - here you can see your health, mana, buffs, and debuffs as well as your level and name.

  3. Minimap and an Icon, which can take you to a global map.

  4. Quick access menu. Here you have a list of all shortcuts and menus available in the game.

  5. Exit button - You can safely log off with this one

  6. Equipment menu - You can see items that you have equipped, access your bags, check out how much currency you have.

Advanced Features

Continents available in the game

There are two mainlands. One is called Mangoo Island, which is, in fact, the Tutorial Island or Rookgaard (as Tibia players would name it). The other one is the Mainland. When the player completes a certain number of missions available on Mangoo Island, he can leave it for a much wider land with many additional possibilities. There is no level cap to do so, but you will have to finish the quest chain that unlocks traveling with NPC Tonn. Once you leave Tutorial Island, you will not be allowed to come back, so consider that when you make the decision.

If you want quick tips on how to leave Mangoo Island, make sure to check out our Bloodstone Tutorial Island Guide.

Learning new skills

By progressing in the game and leveling up, you will gain access to new spells. You can use them to your advantage to farm more efficiently and take down enemies faster than ever, but first, you will have to unlock them. Your level determines the number of skill points that you get. You won’t be able to advance in all of them at once. It means that it will be crucial to invest in ones that you will benefit the most from. It is called the ‘build’ of your character - the path of abilities that you want to take to make your character as strong as possible. If you want to learn more about builds for every class in Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse, make sure to check out the Classes Guide.

If your level is high enough, you can now learn new spells. To do so, head over to the Skills Menu. There you will see a complete list of spells available for your class. Click on the one that you are interested in and press the learn button. Now you can place it on the shortcut bar. To do so right-click one of the fields there and select your new learned ability. You can also assign a keybind there to use it right away with one of the keys.

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Premium Accounts

Just like in Tibia - Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse offers a special package for those who are willing to spend their real money on the VIP status. Those players gain access to special features like new locations, quests, PVP arena, housing system, fast travel through ships, a better variety of daily quests, more space in deposit, more space in the auction house, longer and cheaper auctions. 

There is also an option to get Premium without real money involvement. To do so, players have to complete daily missions. Those award crystals can be spent on special features like Premium status. If one of the tasks available for you seems too hard, it can be replaced with the new one.

Skull system and PvP

There are four Skulls available in the game. Each of them does represent a status gained by the player who killed or tried to kill other adventurers. With more flags in the account, murderers will receive Skulls, which will make them more prone during future encounters. 

  • White Skull makes you lose experience in Player level and Statistics

  • Red Skull makes you lose one random item

  • Purple Skull makes you weaker in terms of damage done

  • Black Skull makes you lose all items upon death. You will also be unable to attack other players with this status.

Every subsequent Skull level after White does possess penalties from Skulls from before.

Things to do after getting to Doncaster

bloodstone map

Upon leaving Tutorial Island, your character will get to the city of Doncaster. It is the central hub for every Bloodstone player. The first place that you want to visit lies just west of the temple. To get there, you want to head north from the port until you reach this blue building with wings in the center of the map. Now head west - the closest building is the bank and deposit where you can store all of your items. Keep in mind that carrying all of your loot is very unwise, as you might lose it on death. 

When you have stored your most precious goods, you can begin with some of the basic missions. Talk with Whittstorne Troubleborne to start “The Journey Begins!” Quest and head over to Soldado Jasper to progress in “Who’s The Man?”. These simple tasks will get you started with how the game works. After you are done with them, you can go hunting monsters or find more elaborate missions through speaking with NPCs. 

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Our Bloodstone: The Ancient Curse Beginners Guide has come to an end. If you want to learn more about this game, we are prepared. Head over to the News section listed at the top of our website and select Bloodstone to see what articles we have written for you. If you are willing to buy and sell items, you might also be interested in seeing what we have for you on our marketplace. It is a place where players from around the world can exchange goods between each other completely free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What level do I need to leave Tutorial Island?

There are no level requirements. You have to complete The First Quest.

What should I do after leaving Tutorial Island?

Complete basic quests like The Journey Begins! and Who’s the Man?

What do I lose upon death?

You can lose items, experience, and levels of statistics like Magic Level.

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