Learn the latest news and tips related to Hearthstone (2014). A Trading Card Game version of a well known IP, the World of Warcraft MMORPG series. The basic principles of Hearthstone are mainly based on the classic formula of Collectible Card Games. You play one-on-one duels with approximately 30-piece card deck and try to reduce the number of opponent's health points to zero. There are six classes of heroes that you can choose from: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rouge, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior.

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Each of them is distinguished by a unique portrait, class cards and special power shaping their style of play. The cards can be categorized, defined by keywords and rarity, and assigned with specific mana cost that can be gained gradually at the beginning of each player's turn. To expand your collection you must simply collect more cards that can be acquired in several ways, but the best option are the card packs. Each contains five cards with potential of getting legendary ones! The packs can be either obtained by completing daily quests, crafting with dust, or be bought by game currency or real money. To obtain the basic cards of any given class, you can also promote your heroes by winning duels against other players. In that, you can play in a few ways when dueling.


You can either play in a free or ranked (offering more rewards) mode. You may also choose to play the Adventure mode or Arena, where you will have to take on the various role-playing challenges following the game’s expansion. There is also a brawl every week, and it’s pretty much self explanatory - the gameplay and rules are turned around and your first win will always reward you with a free card package.

11.04.2019 1
Blizzard Entertainment finally released long-promised first expansion for year 2019. There's certainly no better way to officially begin the Year of the Dragon in Hearthstone's Calendarium.