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Dota two is an epic sequel to an unofficial Warcraft 3 modification series called Defense of the Ancients. The second game is a property of Valve Entertainment which took the game idea for their product since the first Dota game was not licensed by any company. The game was released in 2013 on the Steam platform and was meant to be a competition to already successful League of Legends. The release of the game was successful at the time as it brought a lot of both new and experienced players to the MOBA genre. In the end, the title didn't win with League of Legends as it was a much harder game but it did find a niche of players that love it until this date.

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12.03.2020 0
A quick guide on how to counter enemy heroes with your picks, items and specific playstyles. Win all of your games and improve your MMR today!
09.03.2020 0
Learn about Behavior Score mechanics in Dota2 and use this knowledge to your advantage. Avoid toxic players and improve your MMR with our guide!
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A short guide that will show you the best picks for Dota 2 game if you are the beginner. Gain advantage easier and win more often!
27.06.2019 0
Watch as the sixteen teams compete for a total prize pool of 1,000,000 US Dollars in a DotA 2 Epicenter Major Tournament!