Dota 2 Behavior Score - Being kind improves MMR

Dota 2 Behavior Score
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Behavior score in dota2

Behavior score is not the system that has been recently implemented into Dota 2 game, but the mechanic that was there almost from the beginning. Rarely anybody knew about that since this structure was hidden from plain sight. Not so long ago, Valve decided to show players, how it works, and what are the results that come from their behavior. If you want to deepen your knowledge about this topic, then here are answers to how Behavior Score works in Dota2.


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What is the Behavior Score

Valve is trying its best to match players of similar skill and behavior to improve the player experience when playing Dota 2. Just like in every online title, players in Dota 2 are exposed to hate speech, grief, and general negative attitude. Leavers and AFK-ers, who are trying to ruin the enjoyment that should come from playing the games, are also present. 

Behavior Score determines your attitude towards the other players and the game itself during the gameplay. If you are qualified as a player with a good Behavior Score, you can expect to be put into more pleasant games with players that are less likely to grief or forfeit their matches. On the other hand, if you are known for toxic behavior, then player reports can get you into trouble. By falling to a low behavior bracket, you will face longer queues on your games, less enjoyable experience, and finally, players with similar behavior than yours. If you are angry at the state of the game and you don't want to witness all of these troublesome people, then maybe it's time to improve your attitude.

How does Behavior Score work

At all times, the Client is trying to match you to players with a similar skill level to improve your perception of the game. You will be matched with players of the same Behavior Score if they can be found within a specific time limit. If not enough players with similar levels are present at the time, you can expect to meet better or worse ones in your matchmaking. After your first 25 games, you will be notified about a Conduct Summary, which states the numeric value of your abandoned matches and commends. Also, in this statement, you will find information about the number of reports that have been sent regarding your actions like communication abuse or gameplay misconduct.

Is it important

There are no perfect systems that could protect players from their surroundings and themselves, but there are those that give a chance for better games. By falling onto a low Behavior Score in Dota 2, you will be very likely to be a victim of random in-game abuses. Let's say that you want to play ranked with a low score. Now you have to wait longer than most of the players in the queue, which is nerve-wracking in the first place. You are placed onto a team where everyone argues over lanes and picks, and you end up with a team of five carries where everyone wants to play on mid and safe lane. 

Even if you are an extremely skilled player who can carry almost anything, it is improbable that you will win the game where your team doesn't cooperate in the slightest. Some players will mute each other pings or chat messages, which will block the communication and make everything even harder. Some will intentionally feed enemies so that the others will suffer, and different ones will go AFK not to witness this toxicity anymore. Sounds familiar, right? These behaviors are not uncommon, and while the Behavior System doesn't guarantee that your games will be pleasant right-away, with a decent score, you are much more likely to find peace in matchmaking.

If you have been kind to others and have always tried your best during the gameplay, you have likely landed on high Behavior Score. It allows you to play the game with others who want to cooperate and enjoy a pleasant time with their favorite online title. Here you will meet players that do know that even from a tough early game loss, there is a chance of coming back. There are no guarantees since every system has its flaws. From time to time, you will be placed on a lower BS even if you are at 10000 (which is the maximum) since there aren't too many people who have reached such high numbers.


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Conduct Summary

Conduct Summary is the information about the user's behavior sent to them automatically if certain conditions are met. You will receive it if:

  • You have played your first 25 games

  • You have played 15 matches (after your initial 25)

  • You have received three or more reports in your last 15 games.

  • You are assigned to the low priority queue.


On your Conduct Summary, you will be able to see your current score, the number of commendations received, games that you have abandoned, reports that were sent against you.


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The Impact

There are many good things we can say about Valve, as far as DotA 2 is concerned. Many solutions have found their way into the multiplayer online world, and DotA 2 is praised for it. The impact of such a mechanic like Behavior Score will be huge, as it is finally a tool to bring peace and balance into the online gaming. Why is that? Why do other games fail to do so? The reason is simple, and it's focused purely on the risk-reward system.

In other titles, the risk of getting punished, banned, etc. is too low compared to "the freedom of speech," for instance. If you get banned, you buy or boost a new account, that's it, the job's done. The problem becomes a little bigger, if you get an ID ban, like Apdo or Tyler1 in League of Legends. The ID ban works like that - if you have it, and Riot Games finds out it's you playing, the account is banned. Did it stop either of them from playing? Nope.

How's Behavior Score any different? Well, you get to decide in which environment you'd like to play - calm and organized, or chaotic and toxic. The more toxic you are, the worse teammates you get. The better you behave, the more pleasant the overall playing experience. As a player, you are rewarded for being kind. It's not perfect, but it's still closer to perfection than Riot Games' system. In League of Legends, it doesn't matter if you're nice or not. You may still bump into someone, who's a toxic, trolling feeder, but he didn't receive enough reports yet. Or Riot employees didn't verify the reports, as they claim to do. In high ELO bracket, you can still get trolled, and people will get away with it. In DotA, if you want to remain high in rankings and play with good players, you need to behave. Genius in simplicity.



Behavior Score in Dota 2 is an essential system that affects the gameplay tremendously. If you wish to have a more pleasant time in the game, then you should aim to improve your ratings. There are no specific strategies and tactics that will allow you to reach a decent score quickly; however, being polite and kind to others will be a great start. If you desire to rank up in the game, then the behavior score will affect the games that you play. Without improving it, you might find yourself stuck on games where your team underperforms, argues, and throws on purpose. In that environment, getting to high ranking could be impossible or at least very discouraging.

If you cannot stand the toxic behavior of other players and you feel like replying to them is the only option, then it is the last thing that you should do. When your nerves are too shredded to endure what you are witnessing, make sure to mute other players in the game and focus on your gameplay. It is not the perfect solution since you won't be able to communicate - but it's not your fault - they are the ones that didn't want to communicate in the first place. Just make sure not to do that right away when the game starts. Everyone deserves a chance, and games where people are talking (not flaming) are much more enjoyable.

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Behavior scores were made to separate toxic player base from friendly users who work together to complete goals during the match. The result that you are receiving at your behaviour score affects the winning ratio of your games. Being at the bottom of the score means bad intentions of a player that has been a subject of a report huge amount of times. If you are really trying to reach higher ranks or just want to have normal games increasing your behavior score would be the first step towards it.

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