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BDO is an MMORPG kept in a high-fantasy climate. It features a fantastic world where the struggle for influence is fought between the two warring nations - the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. The bone of contention here are the so-called Black Stones, whose primary source is the Black Desert located in Valencia.

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These stones were discovered during the conflict that took place long before the B. D. O. in-game events. They owe their value to the extraordinary capabilities allowing to integrate them with armor or weapons, thereby increase their overall power. In the course of the adventure, lead to battle one of the class representative, including a warrior, mage, or tamer (able to tame wild animals). Embark on exploring a vast world, changing on a day and night cycle.


The changes of in-game time, as well as weather and climate in all the different regions, influence various NPCs and their behavior. You can travel the lands of Black Desert either on foot, a mount or by a boat. Also, you can cooperate closely with other players to carry out tasks involving beating powerful bosses. All clashes in Black Desert Online are taking place in real-time, while the mechanisms behind them depend more on our reflexes rather than the statistics of your character. So aim every blow of your weapon, arrow released from your bow and offensive spell carefully. 


On top of that, your attacks can be combined into spectacular combinations increasing the damage dealt. Additionally, there are many side activities for you, such as alchemy, cooking, fishing, or you can devote yourself to take care of your own house. Black Desert Online has been developed by the Pearl Abyss.

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