BDO Lahn Guide - Unseen Threat is the Deadliest

BDO Lahn Guide
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Welcome to our Black Desert Online Lahn Guide traveler! In this guide, we will show you the very basics of what it means to play Lahn, you will learn about her skills, awakening, combos, and how to handle certain battlefield situations. 

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Why Should You Play Lahn?


Lahn is... different. Like she was made for another game. This class introduced a special mechanic that no other character possesses - gliding - or Falling with Style if you will. Lahn uses her skill - Nimbus Stride to jump high into the air, and glide for a decent amount of time. This allows her to approach fights from different angles, never seen before. She is amazing at catching people off-guard whether if it’s in the open-world PvP, or during a Node War. People usually look at the ground, to focus on their position and enemies, and when no one looks up, Lahn is just like an eagle stalking its prey. And when she shows herself, it’s already too late.


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Lahn is currently one of the top-tier duelists when it comes to 1v1 PvP. She is fast. She comes with lots of tools that make her unpredictable, lots of mobility, protection, and a long-range grab ability. She has lots of burst potential at higher AP counts, and that’s what you will aim at.


Even though she has a huge possibility when it comes to approaching groups of enemies, she is one of the hardest classes to utilize in Large Scale PvP scenarios, like Node Wars and Sieges. She has lots of protective skills -this might be true, but she can’t do damage and protect herself at the same time. Lahn has to find a perfect balance in her skills to be complete, as she is very squishy, and works the best as a glass-cannon type of character during fights. She can work as a flanker but does her job best picking fights around objectives, joining small skirmishes, opening up way-ins for her guild. In the right hands, Lahn becomes a very powerful ally.


Lahn offers the same unique aesthetic as Dark Knight does. In a game full of front line warriors, classic tanks with huge swords, mages with powerful spells, and assassins with various blades, someone wielding a Crescent Pendulum attached to a Noble Straight Sword with a chain that can fly above the battlefield is quite special. Not many people know the ins-and-outs of this class, and people still have a lot to learn, on how to fight this dual-wielding little girl. Level up your new Lahn character and surprise your enemies, as she will become familiar to other players in some time. Don’t wait if you want to use Lahn at her current best position.

Lahn Preawakening Skill Guide


Moon Slash

Usage: WP recovery


This ability looks really good on paper. Lots of hits with lots of damage. However, this skill is not protected at all, and the animation itself lasts for a very long time. Thanks to the number of hits and WP recovery per every good hit - it’s a great tool in PvE to regain some WP to cast other skills. Outside of that - you will only use this for damage in early PvE. There are much better combos that will make you less stiff and less boring. 


Pendulum Cleaver

Usage: Side Attack with an Attack Speed Buff


Our side attack will be only used as a buff. You don’t need to hit anything as the Attack Speed buff will activate at the exact moment you cast this ability. You will level this up to Pendulum Cleaver IV, to get the highest +15% Attack Speed buff for 15 seconds, but it’s not a priority.


Blade Dance

Usage: Pretty useless


Nothing special, no Buffs, no Crowd Control, offers nothing besides damage. Don’t take it. But further, down the tree of this ability - it gets a little more interesting.


Blade of Blood

Usage: Hotkeyed Lingering Super Armor + Stiff


It’s an extension to Blade Dance, but thankfully you don’t have to go through this ability to cast Blade of Blood, as it can be used from your hotbar. It’s a decent skill in Super Armor rotation, that will apply Stiffness if your target is not protected. Can be used as a Super Armor trading tool. Lahn has lots of Super Armor and protection like Forward Guard or Invincibility Frames, allowing her to chain Super Armor almost endlessly. This will be one of your better skills in Super Armor skill rotation, as it will allow your Super Armor to linger for the entire skill animation and recovery. 



Usage: AP Buff 


Can be used as an AP Buff and literally nothing else. This skill forces you to go through Blade Dance, so if you are going to use it - use it before the engage. However, the AP buff is really small. You will have to spend 54 Skill Points to get +8 AP for 10 seconds. Decide for yourself if it’s worth it, but decide near the end, when you have all the core skills from both Awakening and Preawakening skill tree. You will thank me later.

Furious Chase

Usage: Gap Closer with Forward Guard


Since Lahn doesn’t really have a classic dash ability in her kit until Awakening. This skill will somehow make up for it. You can travel some distance with it in between groups of monsters. It will deal some damage, regain some WP on every good hit, and it can apply Stiffness on almost every type of enemy. It also has a Forward Guard, so with it can be used as a, somewhat, safe Crowd Control in PvP, to follow up Stiffness with Float and Knockdowns


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Primrose Sprint

Usage: Invincibility Frame Korean Backdash with Evasion Rate Buff


This skill will be used to gain some distance from the enemy in a very safe and reliable iFrame. Lahn will not collide with other characters as she backs away, and she will get a handy +12% All Evasion Rate for 10 seconds. You will use it to gain some distance, disengage, dodge abilities and damage, it can be even used as a way of dashing between groups of monsters in PvE if you manage the camera rotation properly - nothing complicated.


Stately Dignity

Usage: PvE Taunt + WP Recovery + Super Armor


This is just the beginning of the skill tree. We’re still in the first bracket and that already your 4th protected skill in Preawakening Skill Tree. Absolutely amazing. This skill works only as a Super Armor Buff, and no attack comes with it. You will recover WP by a good amount, if there is any monster in this skill’s radius they will be taunted, you will get Super Armor for an entire animation of this ability, and you will be able to Sprint for 15 seconds without consuming any stamina. And since the cooldown of this ability is 20 seconds, you will Sprint consuming stamina for only 5 seconds. Very useful if you don’t have a fast horse yet to move around the Open World.


Pendulum Kick

Usage: Your choice


This skill isn’t really good, even if the 100% Black Spirit Rage version of this skill seems very appealing, you will very rarely use this as a 100% BSR attack. It’s not really necessary in PvP or PvE, but if you want to have more tools to style on your enemy you can take it, though I can’t seem to find a good combo to use it with, that will finish off the enemy after initial Crowd Control.


Eye of the Phoenix

Usage: Surprise Stun + Spacebar Flow


Eye of the Phoenix is a spacebar cancel ability. Which means that it can be used independently in the middle of the other attacks to activate, it deals some damage and applies a Stun. It will also recover some WP. It’s one of the most spammed abilities in early PvE up to level 50, and you shouldn’t focus on this ability entirely, as it will only make you more rusty with this character, and as Lahn, you are supposed to flow like Korean Spring Water or something of that sort.


Nimbus Stride

Usage: Lahn’s Keymark Ability


This is the ability that makes Lahn what she is. This is the main reason why she is so unique. Nimbus Stride will let you jump up, few meters into the air, to then soar high above the ground to find a suitable place to land. The entire skill tree of this ability is absolutely amazing, as not only Nimbus Stride itself, but each ability under it has Super Armor, and some form of Crowd Control, whether it’s Bound, or a Stun.


It’s an amazing ability that will allow you for some before unseen mobility in Black Desert Online. Some approaches that other people won’t expect. Get on the high ground, far away from the battle, and glide onto the backline, and decimate them with your numerous Crowd Control, and protected skills with Super Armor. While you won’t do this 24/7 in Large Scale PvP, as it would take way too much time to find a decent vantage point far and high enough to land in a specific spot with Super Armored landing - it can work as a game-changer in certain situations.


Outside of that - it’s a perfect mobility tool. Lahn revolves around insane mobility. Lots of her skills move her forward, some doing it with Super Armor status. Good Lahn with max Movement Speed Level, using all of her skills to maximum potential can be faster than Tier 6 Horse galloping with Instant Acceleration.


And of course - it’s a unique and fun mechanic that you can use for your own pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to just glide from the highest mountain or the highest building like a feather from Forrest Gump onto the ground? I know I would want to. 


Nimbus Dismount

Usage: Simple Invincible Nimbus Stride Dismount with Evasion Buff


Nimbus Dismount will be used during Nimbus Stride to land on the ground, by pressing Shift + A, or Shift + D. You will be invincible as soon as you activate this skill, but as you land - you will lose that status, so you have to be really careful where you land with this skill. It will also grant you +6% to All Evasion Rate for 10 seconds.


Ethereal Dance

Usage: Super Armored dismount with a Stun


Your first Super Armor dismount from your Nimbus Stride. This skill will quickly drop you down to the ground to deal damage, apply a stun, and keep you in Super Armor for the entire in-air time. As soon as you hit the ground, you will lose the Super Armor, so it can be risky in some instances.


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Fragrant Stigma

Usage: Second Super Armor dismount with a Bound and Movement Speed Debuff


Fragrant Stigma is similar to Ethereal Dance, but the animation is somewhat longer. This is a double-edged sword, as Super Armor will be longer, but your enemies might be able to react to this kind of dismount. It’s a mix-up: it’s either long Super Armor with a Bound, or a shorter Super Armor, but with a Stun. Fragrant Stigma will also inflict a -10% Movement Speed Debuff for 10 seconds at max rank. 


Morning Dew

Usage: Third Super Armor dismount with a Bound and a Knockback. 


Pretty quick dismount with similar capabilities, just like the previous two dismounts from Nimbus Strike. It will Bound or Knockback depending on your target. Bound will be applied to PCs, and Knockback to NPCs and Mobs. 



Usage: Partial Forward Guard with a Bound


Cymbidium is a very important skill in your kit, as it will be used in your Forward Guard rotation. This ability can be used from Awakening, and it will be very slow. You will combine this skill with an extension to this skill, down the skill tree, following everything up with a “C swap.” If you manage to complement it with a proper mouse-movement, you should easily be able to redirect your guards to always face the opponent. This might be hard to do, as reading your enemy can be very difficult to do when desync comes into play. 


It’s also worth to mention that in Awakening state you will rarely find some space in your direct combat scenarios to use abilities from the pre-awakening skill tree. And when you do - Cymbidium, combined with Three-Point Stipple extension, will surely be there to aid you in PvP encounters. 


Deadly Restraint

Usage: Cymbidium Forward Guard + Float Extension


Pretty decent ability that you will be able to use after Cymbidium. Despite its capabilities - it’s completely overshadowed by the next ability that is a part of the Cymbidium tree.


Three Points Stipple

Usage: Go-to Cymbidium Extension


Widely known in the community as simply “Stipple” - this ability will be used after Cymbidium, usually followed with a smooth “C swap” to reliably rotate through Forward Guard state. It will also bound when used on a target doesn’t have any protection at the moment. 


Spring Breeze

Usage: Forward Guard Dash


It’s a dash with three parts: start, movement, and attack animation. You will be in Forward Guard state during the Starting and Moving animation, but as soon as you land on the ground - you will lose Forward Guard. This makes this move riskier than you would expect, because you can get CCd as soon as you land with no chance to retaliate. It can be used in some instances for mind games, but shouldn’t be used without proper experience.


Berated Ghost

Usage: Continous Down Attacks


A very slow and unreliable attack that will deal some damage to the enemy with a Down Attack modifier. Don’t use it - it’s a waste of a downed enemy.


Crescent Barrage

Usage: Grinding Tool with Unsafe Flow


Will be used during early grinding sessions. Deals some good damage and will float on the second hit. The animation is quite long, and it’s completely unprotected. Therefore it’s not advised to use after you gain access to better grinding skills and the Awakening. And don’t you dare use it in PvP, you will get punished.


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Soul Ascent

Usage: Grinding Pull


Quite long and unsafe, but will be used mainly to pull mobs, turn them around and apply Stiffness to follow up with some quick burst of damage. Won’t be used outside of that.


Blooming Nether Flower

Status: Unsafe Knockdown Tool


This ability could’ve been good even without protection, if not for the windup animation that telegraphs your incoming attack. All your enemy has to do is just use a Forward Guard or a Super Armor ability that provides some kind of Crowd Control, and you are going to end up on the ground. It’s not a good ability to use. 


Wind Orchid

Status: Short Forward Guard with a Knockdown Crowd Control


Wind Orchid is a quite problematic ability that is a double-edged sword. It’s a two part combo that has two attacks in it. First attack will only deal damage granting you Forward Guard, and second attack will apply a Knockdown. It’s risky, but can be used in some situations. Some classes for example have attacks that force them into the air, where they gain Super Armor, and as soon as they land - at the point of impact Super Armor is lost - you can punish that heavily by timing your Wind Orchid properly. Use Forward Guard to avoid getting CCd with a descending attack. If you time it correctly you will not only block the damage and CC, but you will follow up with an attack that will Knockdown your enemy. It’s a risky tool, but there are some scenarios in which it will truly shine, but you should not depend on it in every situation, as there are better skills to use in PvP.


Flow: Sacred Dance

Status: Bait Tool


Will work in the same manner as Wind Orchid. It’s a safer extension that will provide you with Forward Guard, followed up with Super Armor status that will longer for a considerable amount of time. It’s less reactive than Wind Orchid and will be used as Bait. You will charge a powerful attack with a Forward Guard state during the entire charging animation, and as you swing your pendulum to attack - you gain Super Armor. This ability will Knockdown on good hits, so it’s absolutely worth to use it for trading Super Armor. Critical Hit Rate at 100% really helps the damage, and it’s a Down Attack. Unfortunately, it’s way too slow to use mid-combo as a Down Attack ability. 


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Lahn Awakening Skill Guide


Awakening: Crimson Glaives of Antiquity

Status: C Swap


C swap is an important aspect of this class. As soon as you gain access to Awakening your class changes completely, and this button will allow you to switch in between both of your pre-awakening and awakening skills. C swap is important for Lahn because it’s a part of our Forward Guard rotation, combined with Cymbidium + Three Points Stipple (that can be used in Awakening state). This weapon swap offers Forward Guard for the entire animation of weapon switching, and will end as soon as your character goes into standard standing animation. 


Soul Raid

Status: Mid-range Grab


The only grab in the game that has extremely increased range. Grab mechanic is one of the most important in the entire game. Forget about Forward Guard and Super Armor. These states do not matter to a Grab. As long as your Grab doesn’t get resisted you will break through any state of Crowd Control resistance and Bound your enemy smashing them to the ground, allowing you to dish out a devastating combo follow-up. It’s a powerful tool on its own, and to have its range increased - you can easily outplay other classes just with a simple longer range grab. Cooldown is at 11 seconds, and with Lahn’s evasive movements - if you want to depend on Grabbing enemies only without risking with unsafe moves - you can do that as well. Waiting for the Soul Raid’s cooldown to end is not time efficient at all, but it can be done with some effort.



Status: Shift + E Buff


This buff will increase your Movement Speed and All Resistance by 30% for 30 seconds, and your Attack Speed by 20% for 30 seconds as well. While using the skill you will be granted a short Super Armor status for the duration of the cast. And that is not all.

This is an amazing buff that will also reduce your stamina consumption by a ton, allowing you to cast your movement abilities more freely. As long as this buff is active, Nimbus Stride, Primrose Sprint, Eye of the Phoenix, Bloody Stride, Phantom Dance, Eradication and Taunting Death will consume no stamina. Which basically means thirty seconds of being limited mostly only by cooldowns.


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Blood Moon Twist

Status: Very Quick Unprotected Bound


While this ability doesn’t have any Forward Guard or Super Armor - it’s really fast, and it’s really hard to react to it since the attack itself is barely telegraphed.


20 WP will be recovered per every good hit, and you will have your DP increased by 10 for 10 seconds. And since the ability has a 5-second cooldown - you can keep your DP increased at all times, though you not always should buff yourself that way, as it can be too risky.


This ability can Bound enemies. As long as you know the class that you are playing against - you can try to use this to apply Crowd Control. The damage itself is pretty meh though. 


Earthly Pain

Status: Level this up Last


Earthly Pain is an underwhelming ability. The damage is weak, the second hit applies Floating, and the rest of the ability works as an Air Attack, but it’s just not worth it. The animation is long and unprotected - do not use this ability, unless you want to access that +30 HP recovery per every good hit.


Taunting Death

Status: Long Animation AP Buff


This ability will be mainly used for the AP buff, and not that often, especially in PvP. You will very rarely find a window to cast this ability. The damage is underwhelming, and it’s unprotected, you should level it up somewhere near the end of your skill build, if ever.



Status: Mid Combo Bound with a Debuff


Furor is a skill with decent damage. It has a handy debuff that will reduce the Attack Speed and Casting Speed of your enemy by 10% for 5 seconds on good hits as long as the ability is used off-cooldown. This attack will Bound enemies on the first hit as long as it’s a good clean hit. The second attack, on the other hand, has a chance of applying a Down Smash. Bound can be a decent way of starting your combo, with Bound being the first Crowd Control applied. However - this ability should be used somewhere in the middle of your combos when your enemy is already under the influence of your CC, most preferably a Bound or a Knockdown. It’s even more favorable to do so, due to the Down Attack multiplier. 


Flailing Blades

Status: Gap-Closer


This ability will lock on your enemy, allowing you to get close to them. This ability itself won’t deal much damage, even with 100% Critical Hit Rate. You will get a powerful buff to one of the main resources that Lahn benefits from - Attack Speed. It will be increased by 15% for 10 seconds upon the ability use. 


This ability will be used mainly for buffing yourself. It has a very short, 4-second cooldown, so you can keep this buff going all the time. It’s unprotected so even with that self-buff the only attempt - you should make sure that you are absolutely safe at all times. Avoiding CC is your priority.


And if you want to keep using this ability on full-offense, then it’s possible as well. It can be useful in some way, as it will apply a Stun on a good stab hit, that will occur right after you get close to your enemy. It can be a very useful tool. Unfortunately, it’s very risky to use it as a Crowd Control applying ability, especially if you want to fish for CC. 


Deadly Dance

Status: Main DPS Skill


Deadly Dance while unprotected - it’s a great ability to use for pure damage. It will deal lots of damage with each hit, it has 50% Critical Hit Rate that will further increase damage dealt. It will also apply some Bleeding Damage over Time, that will deal 20 damage every 3 seconds for 27 seconds total. While this ability has six separate hits, bleeding will apply only once, as this debuff does not stack.


The animation of this ability is quite long, but it starts out pretty fast. Thanks to that - attack won’t be telegraphed and it can be used out of nowhere, if you know that your enemy won’t simply Super Armor or Forward Guard through it. And there’s a good reason to try it since good hits will apply Floating, following up with Air Smash and Air Attacks, which will increase the damage dealt even further.


It’s unprotected, but most of the time, you will use this ability after a hard Crowd Control, like a Stun or a Stiffness. After that - you will use Deadly Dance to send your enemy into the air, following up with five next hits that will deal huge damage due to the Air Attack, and each one of them has a chance of applying an Air Smash. Then you follow up with a proper ability that has a Knockdown, and you can finish your enemy easily, as the large chunk of their HP is already missing.  



Status: Huge Damage Burst


Tailspin is a powerful ability that will deal huge amount of damage, especially when your enemy is on the ground after a Knockdown or a Bound thanks to the Down Attack multiplier.


Bloody Stride

Status: Quick Protected Charge


This will be our main dash in Awakening kit. It’s entirely protected through the entire duration. You gain Super Armor from the start to the end of the animation, meaning that it’s perfectly safe as long as you can withstand the damage. It will also heal you for 250 HP on use. 


This ability has a 4-second cooldown, and it will be crucial for movement and Health Regeneration. 


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Status: Forward Leap


Lahn will jump forward to deal some damage and bound her enemies. However - this skill has very long animation, it’s unprotected in its entirety, and it doesn’t do anything since the damage is underwhelming. It’s not worth it to use it. 


Flow: Mangler

Status: Taunting Death Extension


Taunting Death itself has a very long animation and it’s highly unreliable as a damage ability. It’s simply too risky to use in most situations. Flow: Mangler will deal more damage as it has +50% Critical Hit Rate and it inflicts Pain Damage (20 damage every 3 seconds for 45 seconds total). This ability will deal lots of damage on Knockdowned or Bound enemies. If you manage to fit that ability near the end of your combo, using this skill as a Knockdown applier - then it can be actually quite useful. Outside of that - it won’t be used that much because of lack of any Forward Guard or Super Armor.


Phantom Dance

Status: Sideways Invincible + Super Armor Mobility


Phantom Dance is an amazing mobility ability that will provide Lahn with close to the infinite time of being absolutely protected from Damage and Crowd Control. This skill has two properties that are truly amazing. 


Phantom Dance will grant you the Invincible status as long as this ability is used off-cooldown. And here’s the real kicker - most abilities lose any protection capabilities — not this one. 


This ability has a 1-second cooldown, meaning that as long as you can time it properly - you will be invincible for the entire movement animation. The invincible status will allow you to dodge all Damage, dodge all possible Crowd Control, and you can’t be grabbed whatsoever. While desync will always play into this - you should not get grappled out of your Invincible status. 


You can also use this skill on cooldown. You won’t be Invincible, but you will gain Super Armor. Stamina Cost is quite high, so be prepared to bring your SP potions.


Bridled Despair

Status: Unsafe Damage + Stun Unless BSR


This is yet another ability that should be omitted, and here’s why. It will deal with some decent damage and apply Bleeding Damage (25 damage inflicted every 3 seconds for 27 seconds total on good hits). It will also stun enemies on good hits.


Unfortunately - the attack is telegraphed with a wind-up animation, and it’s not protected. Meaning that your opponent can not only react to your attack and prepare a Forward Guard or Super Armor but also can easily CC you out of it. It will lead to a plethora of combos designed specifically to end your existence. 


However, with everything said - this ability will be really useful in PvP as long as you use it as a BSR skill. 


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Bleeding Hearts 

Status: Super Armor


This ability will be mainly used for Super Armor in PvP, and as a Knockback + Bound tool in PvE. It’s a Down Attack meaning that it will deal more damage as long as your enemy is on the ground.


Unfortunately, damage dealt is not really worth it, and the animation is quite long, which will be bad when you use this ability to deal damage, and truly amazing when you use this ability for the sole purpose of gaining Super Armor. 


Flow: Dancing with Dead

Status: Flow to Furor; Down Attack Mid-End Combo


Flow: Dancing with Dead is used after Furor granting you some extra damage and applying Super Armor to your character for the entire animation. It will be used very rarely cuz it comes out of one of the weakest Lahn abilities. On good hits, it will Knockdown, but before you get to use Flow: Dancing with Dead and get the Super Armor status - you might already be on the ground Bound or Knockdown by your enemy. 


Flow: Vice

Status: Ultimate Finisher


Flow: Vice will be your ability that you will use after Tailspin, which is already one of your best burst abilities designed specifically to deal huge amounts of damage. This ability will burst for even more damage having +100% Critical Hit Rate, and Down Attack + Down Smash multipliers. 


It’s an amazing skill that will serve as your ultimate finisher, that will be used after the Tailspin ability when your enemy is already Knockdowned on the ground with no possibility to retaliate back. 


This attack also has Super Armor, which means that Tailspin into Flow: Vice will provide you with a very long SA state. This will allow you to trade Super Armors with your enemy, while dealing lots of damage, even if it’s more ideal to use this as a Combo finisher after Crowd Control is applied. 

Also, no add ons, figure them out for yourself to best suit the situation that you are in. Or just watch a video that shows you what Lahn's addons are about. As for Gear - you should check our Gear Guide for BDO.

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Lahn PvP Guide


For a very long time after Lahn’s release - she was basically considered to be trash tier. Her damage was good, but she lacked some good Super Armor moves with Crowd Control. Her animations were too long which is a double-edged sword. Long animations are good if your skills have Super Armor, that lingers through the entire animation. On the other hand - if they don’t, you are left with an unprotected attack that has a long animation, and you can easily get CCd out of it. 


However, with time people saw potential in her, and some players took Lahn to another level, even managing to defeat Ninjas and Mystics in 1v1 duels, by outplaying them with Lahn’s protected dashes, huge damage burst and some decisive Crowd Control + Super Armor combos.  


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Lahn is a class that depends largely on evasive Super Armor or Invincible movements, like dashes and jumps to outplay her opponents. She has a lot of damage, and abilities that will nuke the enemy thanks to the bursty nature of some parts of her kit. This came at a cost.


While she has close to limitless approaches, when it comes to getting a stealthy jump on the enemy through Nimbus Stride - she is very limited when it comes to CQC encounters when your enemy is aware of your presence. Her attacks that can set up some kind of starting CC for a 0.7 or 1.0 Crowd Control value are not protected, and it’s easy to get baited, and then lured to the nearest revive point in the nearby town or a node. 


Your playstyle will, therefore, depend largely on reacting to various abilities, and predicting certain moves with evasive protected movement through the use of Phantom Dance and Bloody Stride.


Lahn 1v1 Guide


Lahn is quite different from other classes in some way. For most classes tend to have some mechanics that allow them to cancel their abilities reliably to roll through the attack with Super Armor, then cancelling it, applying a Crowd Control and canceling into other skills depending on the situation. That’s not the case for Lahn.


Lahn will launch an attack, new classes will be released, some minor guild will reach greatness getting to the top of the ladder, players will hit lvl 66, and Lahn will still be in the middle of her attack animation at that point. 


If you are not able to outsmart your opponents with some witty baits and silly movements, then a quick class equipped with a shortsword and lots of protected Crowd Control appliers will most likely wreck you. 


Unfortunately, there’s one more thing that will be crucial for Lahn. Skill and game knowledge are not the only thing. Your rig is one of the most important things in this game. As long as your PC can handle Black Desert Online at high FPS - you are good to go. Having low latency and 144+ FPS will already put you higher than your opponent. High FPS count will allow you to use your abilities and to combo them smoothly without much effort. Low latency, on the other hand, will allow you to avoid the massive desync that absolutely breaks every aspect of the PvP in the game. 


And the worst things will happen at the top-tier PvP. With builds that reach above 261 AP classes will usually one-shot each other with one decent combo, and with that huge desync - at that point PvP is just a huge headless unicorn. Ironically as you progress further and further your overall skill will have lesser meaning, that it had at earlier levels of play. 


This is why there’s really no point in explaining every technique there is as there are different matchups, skills, and tactics that you should be aware of.


Just put yourself out there. Find people and fight them. Get humiliated, lose some battles, and learn something from every enemy that you encounter. There’s not much else to do to improve in 1v1 PvP duels.


Lahn NodeWar Guide


Lahn is one of the most balanced classes in the entire game. Her strengths are quickly met with some disadvantages in her kit. It will be really hard to do something that Lahn is specialized in than other classes in the entire game. She really has to put in work, while putting herself on the spot that is both risky and rewarding.


While she has a lot of moves that hit for a significant amount of damage in a large area, and her most damaging abilities that are worth using have very long animations. And those skills, for the most part, are unprotected. And since Lahn’s playstyle is mostly reactive, focused more on dodging, responding, and countering. Facing multiple characters at once will create pure chaos, and it will be easy to panic and react to wrong moves, which will get you punished.


This is why Lahn will excel mostly on small skirmishes, outside of the main fight, combating with small groups of enemies. She can try to dive the backline as well as long as she not only finds an opening but also if she manages to actually pull off her long-animation combos. 


You will not be able to zerg through your enemies as easily as other backline-focused characters, like Ninja, Musa, Maehwa, or Kunoichi. But if you put in some effort - it’s possible. Not only that - this will seem really fair to other players, just because Lahn is very well-balanced.


Diving Backline will be slightly more convenient for you if you utilize her unique gliding ability - Nimbus Stride. It’s really invaluable in situations in which you have to assassinate high priority targets. Lahn doesn’t really have her space in top tier min-max guilds that focus on GvG gameplay. However - if assigned to certain specific scenarios, having a Lahn can be truly game-changing.

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In MMORPGs, players rarely look up. The camera is facing the ground most of the time, as this grants a nice overview of the battlefield. This is where your Nimbus Stride will truly shine. Enemies will not expect that kind of play if they don’t know that a Lahn is on the loose. After they become aware of your presence, and they know that during your previous engages you just fell from the sky behind the backline, they will expect you to come from the sky again with your Nimbus Stride. 


At this moment, your enemies will split their awareness, looking at the battlefield, and glancing at the sky. Such actions can lead to chaos and bad decisions. Paying attention to your surroundings is the most important thing in large fights, and when you have to split your awareness - there’s a large room for error. As soon as someone jumps in out of nowhere - you will not know how to react, which skills to use to counter their engage, you might even not see someone jump in your direction at all. 


You don’t have to assassinate the backline. Sometimes it’s not advised at all, cuz of the long animations. You can just be there to disrupt, and to plant some seeds of doubt. Providing utility can as well turn the tides of the battle. There are better classes for disrupting enemy’s actions, but Lahn will do that just fine, and thanks to her Invincibility Frames and Super Armor movement and evasion - she will be able to survive for a little longer. 



This is the end of our Black Desert Online Guide for Lahn. Every piece of information was gathered through sheer experience, hours upon hours of practice, and of course, from BDO Lahn Discord servers. Consider checking out other guides, somewhere in the future you might expect ranger, tamer, mystic, witch guides as well. Moreover, our incoming BDO Gear Guide will show you what weapons to get, what pieces of gear should you get to progress fast, which world bosses to kill, etc. Links will show up in all guides when everything is done.


If you are looking for similar guides to BDO’s classes, then you should definitely see our Black Desert Online Class Guide 2019. It’s a megathread of all classes available currently in the game in the most current patch. Each class is briefly explained, and there are specific guides, just like that for every other class. You should check it out especially if you are fishing for certain things in a class that you want to play. And who knows, maybe we will change your mind about your pick? If you are willing to learn the theory about a certain class, how abilities work and when should you use them - then you should definitely see it. Share, like, and subscribe, I don't know how but you'll find a way to. You can also follow us on Twitter and find our page on Facebook for some general gaming posts and news. Consider that, and maybe you will view us in a whole different light? And we appreciate the views. Also, don't forget to sign up on our website. Become a valuable member on our community player list by legal trading, buying and selling in-game goods and services in your favouirte MMORPGs. And it's worth to look up some things that have been posted in our news section, as you can find some sick guides to other classes in BDO and more! Report back to us on your progress with your class after our guides! Unless you are playing on ps4 or xbox, in that case, your biggest improvement will be switching to pc so you can play and look at out little https in the same time, to apply this knowledge when you don't remember it yet. Don't judge me, it's a superior setup when it comes to action-oriented MMORPG like BDO. See you on the Red Battlefield Adventurer!

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