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BDO Musa Guide
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Welcome to our BDO Musa Guide, traveler! 

Get to know this guerilla-style class, understanding its in-and-out playstyle, in our comprehensive guide. You will find important intel about skills, how to use pre-awakened form during early grinding, what changes after Awakening, how to utilize this class best during PvP fights, small scale, and large scale, how to progress with gear, and what to expect. We will not cover addons, or how to get silver (BDO money) for full TET equipment in this BDO Musa guide. However, right here you will learn how to make your level 61 Musa less irrelevant on the battlefield, than that ninja that has been kicking your butt for days. 


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And if you combine the knowledge that you get from this guide with intel from for example ShakyBay videos (subscribe to him), and apply everything to your gameplay - you’ll be a little bit less bad - playing Musa as a true master.


Keep in mind that this guide is applicable for the latest patch as we keep up with the updates. 


Table of Contents:

What is Musa used for?

Pre-Awakening Skills

Rabam Skills

Awakening Skills

Player versus Player

PvP and Understanding Crowd Control

Nodewar and Mass PvP Guide


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What is Musa used for?

There are lots of fighting activities in the game and Musa is perfect for most of them without much effort. Musa is a very rewarding class, whether it comes to fun from gameplay, or the effectiveness of your actions, as long as they are well-thought.


On high AP counts, Musa literally melts people with powerful Area of Effect attacks, using his guerilla-style combat. Why do I call it guerilla style? Well…


Musa is most likely the most mobile class in the entire game (same as Maehwa). Musa can dash instantly and endlessly as long as he has resources for it, in which MP Potions help a lot. This, combined with heavy burst and powerful AoE makes this class perfect for a special role that almost no other class can provide. You see, during Node Wars for example, Musa has 3 jobs. Scouting - as Musa moves really fast with instant dashes with no CD. Disrupting - as Musa can go in an out easily. Backline rushing - as he can dish out large amount damage in a short amount of time.


Speed is what makes a good Musa. This class almost always decides the pace of a fight. It can run away like no other class and it can chase like no other class. Musa is the reason why sometimes, enemy guild’s shot-calling will fail. Who can shot call properly, when a powerful Musa goes in and out, killing backline, and running away just like that every 20 seconds or so. Good Musa is like a scout in Team Fortress 2. Running and jumping around, being that little annoying restless creature that can disrupt entire guilds as long as it knows what it’s doing. 


Also, Musa is the best class in my opinion when it comes to grinding, at least in the areas where Musa can one-shot mobs and move around to the next group. If a Musa has proper AP and accuracy (and he needs a lot of it), it is just like in one of these ads for cleaning supplies. One stroke, and it’s gone. This applies to mobs that Musa cleans during grinding. And he moves super fast to each group of mobs. With this in mind Musa has to find a really good grinding rotation to provide constant grind, so he doesn’t have to wait for mob spawns, which can happen when it comes to Musa. All it takes to utilize the best grinding class in the game, is rotation knowledge, Gear Score, Proper AP count, and an enormous amount of WP pots, to keep dashing onto next groups of enemies.


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Black Desert Online Musa Preawakening Skill Guide 


Status: Basic Attack. Leave it


This is your basic attack, it levels itself up when you are reaching certain levels. 


Force of the Sword

Status: Free Critical Hit Rate


Well, it is something.


Forward Roll

Status: Lock it


Only use this skill early if you just have to dodge that powerful attack from a monster. Lock it in any other scenario as this move is not protected at all, actually - it helps your enemies in catching you


Retaliation + Absolute: Retaliation

Status: Block + Counter


This is your Q block stance with a Forward Guard, and after putting some points this will turn into a handy counter with a Knockdown debuff on good hits. You won’t be using this as much early on, since there are better skills to use during grinding, but in PvP this skill is very useful for baiting, especially when enemy already used his grab. You will get the Absolute version of this skill for the PvP later on, as one of the last Absolutes, as this is not your top priority.



Status: Early PvE heal


This skill will heal you by a small amount. If you end up having trouble with HP on spots for some reason, then this skill might be maxed, but outside of that - it’s useless, and you will want to take these skill-points away, since you have skills that are way more important.


Absolute: Backstep Slash

Status: Getaway Card and Debuff


This skill is really handy, especially when you get the Absolute. This attack applies Stiffness, it’s a Down Smash and the -50% Movement Speed debuff for 10 seconds is very sweet. Important skill and you will use it in PvP as a combo ender, to apply some nice debuff that will make your next approach easier. Just be careful with the usage, as it’s unprotected. 


Absolute: Blind Thrust

Status: Extremely important. Powerful Buff


Most likely the most important Absolute for Musa. This skill is very important, as it not only applies Accuracy debuff, it actually grants you a +30% Critical Hit Rate for 10 seconds, increasing your damage output by a huge amount that won’t end up unnoticed in a fight. It applies Stiffness and can be used as a gap closer if you use it during forwarding movement. Really useful. 

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Absolute: Nemesis Slash

Status: Great PvE Skill


Some good damage for PvE, it recovers 50 hp per every good hit at max levels. The basic version of this skill apples Stiffness, the Ultimate and Absolute forms apply Floating. Nice during Node Wars so you can heal off structures.


Absolute: Blind Slash

Status: Floating Awakening Swap Cancel


This one wouldn’t really be useful, as its damage is not high at all, but it’s a part of a very useful combo starter that can lead to a very powerful combo extension. Combined with Absolute: Upper Kick it will lead to a very quick Awakening swap that will enable you to start your Crescent Blade combo on a Floated enemy. It’s a low priority skill though, and can be taken very late, after you get everything that is necessary, as it will open up some new doorways for your engages. Take the absolute or don’t use this skill at all



Status: Main Mobility


This will be your main dash with which you will be able to move around at a lightning speed. Level this up as it gains distance at Chase II, and you will get an iFrame during the animation when Chase is used off-Cooldown. With the Ultimate form - it will cancel skill animations. There’s a little trick to this ability that will let you use it about two times faster, but we will talk about it in Tips section.

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Whirlwind Cut

Status: Useless


If you put any points into this, you are whack. You shouldn’t use it in PvP, you shouldn’t use it in PvE



Stats: You can consider it very late into you skill-tree


Not protected, low damage, can be used during early PvE grinding if you want to apply Float and your entire skill tree is on CD. You won’t really use that. If you get everything you might add some skills into it, but personally, I have never seen a reason to do that. I lock it so it doesn’t interfere with my combos.


Absolute: Gale

Status: Essential skill and Absolute. 


A very strong skill that hits 3 times for a huge amount of damage. Actually one of the most powerful skills in Musa’s kit. Ultimate and Absolute add a lot to it and you should get it, as it’s great in PvE. It strikes 3 times, inflicting knockback and floating on good hits. To actually get the most important part of this skill you will have to perform 2 hits, but this can be canceled. Use your Blind Thrust and Gale immediately after for a nice combo that will unleash the wind without previous 2 hits. The ultimate version of this skill grants you bonus 10% damage from WP and it’s nice. You will be using it in PvE, in PvP - it’s risky but essential in almost every 1v1 combo. 


Dragon Bite / Dragon Claw / Lunar Slash

Status: Forward Guard and Main Engage


This one is one of your main engages as it has a Frontal Guard and Stuns or Knockbacks on good hits. You can cancel chase animation immediately into with Dragon Bite, which can surprise some enemies if you do some proper measuring before the fight. Master the usage of this skill. It has a narrow hitbox and can be sometimes hard to hit, but it’s definitely Musa’s best punishment tool, that you will be able to use to fish for applying CC on the enemy. Even though the Dragon Bite is narrow, it’s wide enough just to apply to enemy’s back when you are approaching from the side, when your enemy is Forward Guarding.


Dragon Claw can be used during the Dragonbite, it’s used purely for damage, and to cancel into other skills. It has 100% crit chance


Lunar Slash is a good extension that deals good damage, has 15% damage from your maximum WP, and is a good skill to use when other important skills are on Cooldown. It applies Float and additional Floating Damage on good hits, also - very high damage in PvE.


Musa Spirit

Status: WP Recovery


When you notice you can’t grind efficiently anymore, and you have to stop to regain WP you will want to slowly max this. In PvP - it’s essential. 

Rising Storm

Status: Tons of Damage


This is one of the most powerful skills in your Main Skill Tree when it comes to pure damage. It’s your 200% Black Spirit Rage, that gains increased damage, radius, and Super Armor when cast. When used normally it’s not protected at all, so you will have to really be careful with this one, but it deals tons of damage, and reaches even better damage when you get the Rising Storm: Blaze extension. Also, don’t take the Cyclone Slash chain, it’s not worth it. The best PvE skill of Musa’s kit and excellent PvP filler.


Absolute: Blooming

Status:  Great Damage and some Utility


Now, this is an interesting one. During the charging animation, you are invincible, you won’t be damaged or Crowd-Controlled. The base version of this skill has mediocre damage but it stuns on good hits and has a 100% Critical Hit Rate. Blooming: Phantom, the second level of this skill acquired at level 40 enhances the attack by adding extra hits, inflicting very long bleed debuff (20 every 3 seconds for 27 seconds), and Absolute: Blooming further increases the damage by a huge amount. This skill has a wind-up animation but if you need this for pure damage, without the Invincible status utility, you will be able to cancel the beginning of an animation, allowing you to hit almost immediately, with some handy cancels that will be listed in the Tips tab below.


Absolute: Stub Arrow

Status: Essential Ranged Engage


Basic attack for your Hornbow Off-Hand. It will be used as engage when it’s off-Cooldown, as it Stiffens on good hits. To actually use it as engage you will have to move really fast, to close the gap ASAP. You will need to know how to utilize pre-Awakening Chase cancel, that was mentioned in Chase skill description. You can find that in the Tips tab. Be patient please.


Rabam Skills 


Rabam Skills are basically free Enhancements to your base skills, that happens by connecting 2 skills giving them some special effects in a single cast.


Ultimate: Musa Spirit

Status: Top Priority


Most important Rabam Skill. Recovers 450 Health Points, buffs you with +30% Critical Hit Rate for 10 seconds, and you get +15 DP for 10 seconds upon using the skill. Very important in PvE and PvP. Every 20 seconds you will get a great buff and self-heal for 10 seconds, so you will fight with 10-second intervals.


Steel Gale

Status: Pretty Meh


Doesn’t bring anything new and useful to the table. Not worth it.


Pouncing Dragon

Status: Unsafe mediocre damage


Floats on good hits works as an Air Attack, and Air Smash. It’s unprotected and I don’t see any reason to use that Rabam. Don’t take it.


Quick Shot

Status: Debuff


This skill has surprisingly good scaling. 100% Critical Hit Rate, applies Stiffness and -10 Movement Speed debuff for 10 seconds on good hits. It’s better than Pouncing Dragon just because it a least has some debuff and can be used from distance, so even though it’s unprotected, it’s at least more safe than Pouncing Dragon.

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The best case scenario is when you take Ultimate: Musa Spirit at level 56, and Quick Shot at level 57. This is the only way. And if you think otherwise, you are whack. I said it.

Musa Awakening Skills 

Awakening: Haeam’s Crescent Blade

Status: C Swap with Forward Guard


This skill will let you swap between pre-Awakening and Awakening skills. There are some tricks to it, as it can be used during most Awakening to switch to pre-Awakening Skill Tree and immediately cast a Main Skill, while providing Forward Guard during the entire transition. It’s useful to use it not only to swap between weapons, but to do it for the Forward Guard status and Comboing abilities from both Skill-Trees.


Fiery Angel

Status: Essential Engage


This one is used as an engage in your Awakening form. It floats on good hits works as an Air Attack, and while it works as a gap close it should be used from close range to avoid getting Crowd-Controlled. It is possible to completely go around frontal guards if you use this skill properly and hit enemy’s side. Use this skill aiming past the opponent, and rotate the camera in the last moments to completely avoid the frontal guard. Have in mind that this move is not protected, and it’s very risky. Sometimes will be used defensively as a getaway skill.


Musa’s Soul

Status: Essential Awakening Buff


Basic Awakening Buff for Musa. All resistances are increased +50%, and +20 AP, everything for 30 seconds, with 3 minutes Cooldown. Also, you get Super Armor while using this skill, and since the skill activates for a little above 1 second. But it doesn’t really matter, as you want to use it most of the time before the engage to jump in with everything you’ve got.


Counter Assassination

Status: Cancel, Counter and Forward Guard


Forward Guard with a handy counter that is also Front Guarded. 


There’s a little trick to this Ability when it comes to Cancels. When you are using Twister (another Awakening Musa skill) that also has a Forward Guard, hold S (or backwards movement). This will automatically animation cancel into Counter Assassination that will not only deal some good damage, but it will stun on good hits.



Status: Self Buff


This is a trash skill that deals minor damage and has a long animation, but it provides you with a +10% Attack Speed buff for 10 seconds. The buff is applied on 3 hits, but it can be skipped with a simple trick. Spinner works as a Pre-engage buff, and will only be used as such.



Status: Super Armor 


A decent amount of damage. But the most important part of this skill is the Super Armor. Nowadays with such a low number of Super Armor in skills - you will watch the Cooldown of Crosscut so you can use it as your engage and Super Armor trigger. 


Crust Crusher + Flow: Foul Play

Status: PvP Poke and Combo Part


Crust Crusher is a skill that has a huge amount of damage and will be used as poke during mass PvP scenarios. It has a Frontal Ground during the starting animation, but it’s gone after your weapon hits the ground. Good players will punish that heavily so when it comes to 1v1 PvP, if you are going to use it - use it during your combo, so it won’t be used to your disadvantage. Flow: Foul Play is one of the hardest hitting abilities in Musa’s kit, and it’s a Down Attack. 


Fiery Crevice

Status: Combo Finisher


It’s a really powerful skill that will most of the time used as the last hit of your combo, as a finisher. It will be used lots of times as an engage and during combo trading. It deals double the damage in PvE. Very important skill. It will also heal you for 50 HP per every good hit.



Status: High Priority Thingy


This skill sends a wave from your Crescent Blade, that slashes through the air as a projectile. There are some important cancels that will enable you to send more waves in one combo, but we will talk about that in our Tips section. Especially powerful with 100% Black Spirit Rage


Below The Belt

Status: Hard Hitting Second Combo Finisher


Core damage ability. One of Musa’s hardest hitting skills. Both with Fiery Crevide - used as a finisher. It has a Super Armor window and will be spammed in mass PvP whenever the entire Musa’s Super Armor chain is ready for use. The main reason why you will use this skill as one of the last in your combo, is that it’s a down attack, and this will deal about 1,5x of its damage when the enemy is laying on the ground. 100% Critical hits can be canceled with flows after first blows. There’s a lot of things you can do after this skill. Also, Super Armor lingers for quite a long time, as it lasts until after the recovery animation.


Flow: Dash Slash

Status: Spinner Flow


A flow for Spinner. As Spinner is basically a trash skill, and this Flow can be used from the quickslot - it should be used from the quickslot only. It’s a decent -15 DP debuff for 10 seconds on good hits. It has decent damage so it will be used in a combo string with Below The Belt and Fiery Crevice. Most of the time you will end your combo with it.


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Status: Engage 


This is a really quick engage ability with an extremely short cooldown, that applies stiffness on good hits. It’s also an air attack so if you find a window to use it when the enemy is floating, it will apply a good amount of damage too. You will rarely find window for this, as this is your engage ability, but with its short cooldown you should be able to use it here and there, but there are better skills to use when you get the chance to apply your combo chain. It is also our primary defensive ability. 


Musa’s Resolve

Status: Unprotected Stun


I think I’ve never found a use for this skill, other than some engage that will work on inexperienced players. It’s an unprotected AoE stun with no protection, and damage that is applied only in PvE.


One Step Back

Status: Low Tier Tap Out


Not really that important. Down Attack so can be used as one of the last hits in a combo, but it’s less effective than Fiery Crevice or Below The Belt. Can be used as a disengage as this skill lets you move backwards a little while applying Stiffness on good hits. Will be used in PvP as a damage filler, and there’s nothing more useful to this skill.


Flow: Backflow

Status: Lingering Super Armor


This is used as bait after a few skills. As it can be used after Crosscut, you will get lots of frames of Super Armor status, that sometimes will bait your enemies. You can also chain this with Foul Play and Fiery Angel. Flow: Backflow has two versions, left and right. The right version will be used in mass PvP, as it’s an AoE in a small circle. The left version will be used in 1v1, it feels quicker, even though the frame data is the same, and will be canceled into other skills. Also can be chained from Fiery Angel and Flow: Foul Play. 


Flow: Nemesis Slash

Status: Heal


It’s the main heal ability before Rabams. Shouldn’t be used against other players, but it will be used against structures to heal off of them. 


Flow: Extra Credit 

Status: Additional Projection


This skill is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it can really mess your day when you use it in a wrong situation. On the other hand, it can trap your enemies in a huge stunlock for quite some time and deal some damage, much bigger than basic projection. 

Musa Tips 

  • Chase Animation Cancel - there’s a way of making your chase animation two times faster. You will want to go into your hotkey settings, and assign Evasion (WW) to one of your keys. This way when you hold the Evasion (WW) Button + LMB, you will dash much faster. That's how you set up an advanced movement option.


  • Additional Projection Waves - There are three additional Skill Cancels that you can use to cast an additional wave.


Counter Assassination -> Projection

Back Chase -> Projection

Alt+B (rage skill lock -> Projection -> Alt+B


Also, to be really effective with Projection casting, as casting it in a wrong way, or even worse - missing the wave will give enemies a huge window to punish you. These additional waves are especially useful in a double float combo, that can be used in 1v1 scenarios.

  • Absolute Stub Arrow Chase - Stub Arrow doesn’t apply CC for a very long time, so after using it you will have to close the gap between you and your enemy hit with Absolute Stub Arrow as fast as possible. You will want to use the Chase WW+LMB cancel to get to your enemy before the cc wears off. 


  • Absolute Blooming Cancel - Blooming has a very long wind-up animation, and you can cancel it in three ways:


Use Absolute Blooming while in Awakening form

Cancel Blind Thrust into Absolute Blooming

Cancel Chase into Absolute Blooming


  • Flow: Backflow can be casted off of Flow: Foul Play, and Fiery Angel when you hold down SHIFT + A/D + RMB


  • One Step Back can be accelerated when chained with Spinner, Below The Belt, and Fiery Crevice


  • You can use mouse movement setting to aim your skills without turning the whole camera. Very good way to aim Projection and Flow: Foul Play


  • Counter Assassination will accelerate Projection 


  • The first hit of Spinner can be cancelled to apply Attack Speed buff.

Pre-Engage Buffs 

Pre-engage buffs are skills that you can use without hitting any target that will apply self-buffs to you. And you will use these skills when you can before, and during the fight, from the safe distance of course. 


Blind Thrust - This skill will give you 30% critical buff for 10 seconds.

Spinner - +10% Attack Speed Buff for 10 seconds. It has a long animation, but if you chain this skill with W+LMB into Spinner - you will only do the animation that will apply the buff.

Rising Storm - All DP +20 for over 20 seconds. 


All of these skills are unprotected, they will be punished heavily, and casting them during the fight is really risky, but with experience, you will know which skills you can cast in what situation.


PvP and Understanding Crowd-Control as Musa 

Musa’s effectiveness depends on the AP count. Below AP softcap, Musa is below average. At the AP softcap (253 AP) Musa is just ok. And above softcap, especially at about 269 AP+, Musa is in his best state, just a little bit above average.


Musa struggles in being aggressive. As a class without a grab, 1v1 revolves around looking for a perfect opening. Musa will use his superb mobility to kite and dodge enemy attempts to engage on him. You will use your Chase Cancel and Musa’s Spirit to regain WP after dashing. You will use your disengage tools, avoid CC, and bait your enemies with lingering Super Armor combinations.

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Even though Musa has a hard time in going in, as he has to pick the most perfect opportunity, he also has multiple ways of approaching the enemy. Arguably Dragon Bite and Fiery Angel are the best skills to engage the enemy. You will need to learn many tricks that people do not mention, just to keep some tactics unknown. 


With that said, Musa’s kit offers a lot of outplay potential and burst damage.  


Dragon Bite for example - this skill you will have to understand and master. You will need to learn how it hits, when and why it hits, when and why it doesn’t. Sometimes you will barely graze the enemy side with it, approaching from a 45-degree angle from the front, and still hit enemy’s back, completely avoiding Forward Guard, setting up a devastating combo. It’s a very safe skill, that is really hard to punish, and its value rises the more mistakes your enemy makes. It’s a perfect tool for punishing wrong moves.


In regards to Fiery Angel - it’s a staple move. It’s a great engagement tool with one big con, it’s not protected at all. It’s also a great gap closer since it will activate on itself the moment you collide with an enemy hitbox, punishing guarding and applying float. You can also use this by yourself during Chase or Sprint by clicking LMB. With this you will be able to control not only the moment it hits, but also the direction of your slash, as you can turn the camera in the last moment, allowing you to punish frontal guards. To avoid that you will have to dash to either side of your enemy so you don’t collide with them from the front, as Forward Guard will soak up the damage, and open you for a punishment.


There are many other skills you can engage with. Stub arrow lets you fish for CC from long range. Twister lets you CC your enemies as well. But these skills are much weaker than two strongest engagement tools that I mentioned above.


Your main goal as a Musa in 1v1 is to get the enemy on the ground to utilize your numerous Down Attacks, so you can get some damage multipliers.


Most combos will be used on the fly and this will come with experience, as your combo will depend on which CC you were able to connect first. And dishing out combos is not a simple task, as you have to understand the Crowd-Control system that his game offers.


There’s a hidden CC counter in BDO. Each CC adds a certain number to the counter, and after it reaches a certain threshold - your opponent becomes immune to Crowd-Control for 5 seconds. This is why you should be careful with combos, as you have to do them in certain way, having in mind the first skill that you’ve used.


The counter thing is simple. The threshold is at 2, each type of CC has a value of 1, with Stiffness being the only exception that has a value of 0.7. What it means, is that you will be able to apply max 3 CC before your enemy becomes impervious for 5 seconds. The last CC that hits value of 2 and above is still applied. Ideal engage for Musa will always end with a CC skill that puts the enemy on the ground for a longer time, so Musa can utilize Down Attack multipliers.

Here are some “staple” combos that you can start with. With knowledge more combos will come.

bdo musa guide combos


Dragon Bite > Rising Storm > C Swap > Below The Belt > Fiery Crevice > D.Slash

S + LMB > SHIFT + Q > C > SHIFT + LMB > F > Quickslot Dash Slash


Dragon Bite > C Swap > Crosscut > Backflow > Twister > Projection > Below The Belt > Fiery Crevice > D.Slash

S+LMB > C > A/D + LMB > A/D + RMB > Space > SHIFT + RMB > SHIFT + LMB > F > Quickslot Dash Slash


Fiery Angel > Below The Belt > Crust Crusher > Foul Play > Backflow > Fiery Crevice > D.Slash

W + F > SHIFT + LMB > SHIFT + F > F > A/D + RMB > F > Quickslot Dash Slash


Stub Arrow > Dragon Bite > Rising Storm > C Swap > Below The Belt > Fiery Crevice > D.Slash


SHIFT + RMB > S + LMB > SHIFT + Q > C > SHIFT + LMB > F > Quickslot Dash Slash

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Musa Nodewar Guide 

Musa is a perfect Disrupting class, that can either do some mess within the enemy frontlines and can also dive the backline in a very effective manner, due to his burst damage and AoE capabilities. 


The kit that Musa possesses is just perfect for going in, dealing some protected damage and running away with some kills. Perfect for quick engages, for dashing in-and-out of the fight.


Due to Musa’s superb mobility scouting will be one of your jobs. You will look for enemy structures during the nodewars and fight those who are scouting for the enemies. Musa can be amazing in small skirmishes. Killing enemy scouts is really important, as it’s best to keep your structure’s location unknown for the enemy team.


When disrupting, Musa becomes this annoying fly that will go in, cast some protected spells bringing some attention to himself, and leaving with fast dash cancels. Good Musa can open some serious windows of aggression for his teammates. 


When it comes to diving the Backline - Musa has an enormous burst damage, and can dish it out within a huge area. It’s basically the same as diving the frontlines, except the fact that during attacking frontlines you want to open windows for your teammates, and during attacking the backline you just want to kill people, then heal off of structures and kill people some more.

It is the end of the Musa Guide. Keep in mind that this is a part of our guide in the huge series of Black Desert Online Classes Guide. Head to this large comprehensive guide to find overviews about the classes. Each class in Black Desert Online will end up with its own specific general guide that are still in the making. If you are just starting your Black Desert Online journey you should definitely check the rest of the guides, and if you have already chosen your character - there’s no better place to find details about everything a class has than in my guide series. Share with your friends, and send them to our website, our Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, to keep everyone updated with our content. Feel free to ask some questions


If you have any question, or if you want to ask the best players in the game how to play a specific class - join Musa/Maehwa Discord.


More guides are on the way so stay tuned. Keep on Slaying, traveler!

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