BDO Valkyrie Guide - Shield-maiden of the New Dawn

BDO Valkyrie Guide
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Welcome to our Black Desert Online Valkyrie Guide Adventurer!


The time has come to finally unveil one of the most versatile classes in the entire game - the Valkyrie. She wields a longsword, paired with a small shield. However, after Awakening she gains access to a Holy Lancia to smash her enemies into the ground with powerful charging attacks, and Holy magic. She is the “tank” and “support” of this game, as she can not only block the incoming damage pretty reliably, and heal or boost the statistics of her allies around her. We won't talk about skill build, crystal builds, how to shift between Super Armors, and which food to use. These guides already exist, and you can easily find a video on your youtube mobile, to learn some useful stuff about classes, valkyrie, warrior, doesn't matter. Also feel free to check out our guides for other classes. And with that already said, we can proceed to the most important part of this guide. Actually convincing you that Valkyrie is a well-rounded character worth investing your time in. Let's get into our BDO Valkyrie Guide!

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Why Roll a Valkyrie?

There are lots of reasons to pick Valkyrie as your main character. While she is not the most popular, or the strongest characters, her gameplay offers a lot of possibilities in approaches to various situations. She is a tank most of the part, designed to stand on the frontline to protect allies and catch enemies off-guard. She has many abilities that will buff and heal her allies, making her one of the two classes that can heal and buff allies reliably and consistently.


But this does not prevent her from diving backline and going ham on enemies. Her damage output is absolutely enormous. The abilities that she has in her kit have insane multipliers, lots of Down Attacks, and a wonderful skill that will increase her Critical Hit Rate by 100% for 5 seconds, meaning that every ability in a 5-seconds span will Critically Strike, increasing the damage dealt by a ton.


While her early-mid game grinding is most of the time pretty trash, as she belongs to the lowest tier of grinding characters, her late-game grinding is close to top tier. Her high damage output in quick bursts, with constant Critical Hits and Down Attacks - will be invaluable at the top-tier grinding locations. And let’s take PvP into account too. You have to protect your spots from other players, as everyone want to claim the best grinding spot possible. Valkyrie has many tools to keep herself safe, and even more abilities to catch people off-guard with her sudden Crowd Control inflicting abilities. If played well, she can be one of the best open world PvP characters, just because she can adapt.


There are strengths and there are some disadvantages that come in a Valkyrie package as well. Her movement while protected only grants Forward Guard, and most players at this point know how to counter that with fast flanks, sometimes even abusing the desync that this game comes with. Some abilities that claim to have Super Armor during their entire animations, have Super Armor-less frames at the beginning of their animations. 


Valkyrie is truly unforgiving. You make a mistake - you will not be able to get out as reliably as other classes. At least these mistakes will lead to important lessons, which will let you improve in your gameplay. 


This class - you will not access its power in your first hundred hours of playtime, for Valk is a weak class early on. She has a very gradual strength level, and the thing happens with a very high skill ceiling. With this class - you will slowly but surely scale harder and harder into the late-game. 


Valkyrie scales very hard. She can become the most powerful character in the game but it will require lots of time and nerves. Reaching high AP counts that go well above 261 AP is hard. You have to combine lots of mechanics and activities from this game to reach gear that will allow you to get massive hidden additional AP bonuses. You will have to grind a lot, selling all the stuff that you pick up, spend time on lucrative life-skills, gathering stuff, rolling for Artisan Workers, processing stuff that your Workers gather, and selling it, crafting expensive items or trading them in to Trading Managers. And then you have to either buy or enhance your own items which will take lots of time, silver, and sometimes even real money. 


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Valkyrie Pre-Awakening Skill Guide

Forward Slash

Status: Normal Attack with Forward Movement


This ability works just like a default sword attack, but you will move forward with each slash. You will use that at the earliest levels of farming. When you get other skills you will most likely lock it. During first levels - it will regain some SP for you per every good hit. 


Vow of Trust

Status: SP Recovery Tool


Your Valk will stop in her tracks to regain SP in a channeling stance. You can use this, or just spam normal attacks. As you level up further and further there will be better skills for regaining SP, and you can always use SP potions anyway to reduce the downtime between groups of enemies.


Charging Slash

Status: Quick Hit out of Sprint


Early on you do not have any movement abilities, therefore you will most likely sprint everywhere, even between groups of mobs. After you press LMB out of sprint you will do an attack. There are better skills to use so ditch this as soon as possible.


Sideways Cut

Status: Target Spin + Movement


If you are strong enough you can spam this ability and oneshot enemies with a decent sideways movement. If that doesn’t work - it’s still a neat way of utilizing this for the sake of movement as it works like a short dash. 


Even without the damage - your PvE enemies will turn around, allowing you to deal more damage with Back Attack multiplier

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Severing Light

Status: Slow Target Spin


This ability is simply too slow, and deals a very low amount of damage. You won’t use it to take huge chunks out of enemies’ HP bar, but rather for spinning enemies to deal extra damage with follow up skills. However - Sideways Cut is better at it, cuz it’s faster, and works as a decent sideways dash.


Breath of Elion

Status: AoE Heal, SP Recovery, Buff, Super Armor


Breath of Elion is a very nice ability that will heal you for a percentage of your Max HP, you will regain some SP, gain some Movement Speed for the next 10 seconds, and the entire animation has Super Armor. 


Not only that, your allies around you will also be healed. It’s a fantastic skill and you should max it after you have your basic attack and movement abilities that help you in grinding. 


Sword of Judgement

Status: Main Grinding Ability + Combo Part


Valkyrie’s early grinding, up until the Awakening point would’ve been a disaster if it wasn’t for the Sword of Judgement ability. It’s a three-hit skill, with a powerful finishing blow that will Bound enemies with the last hit, dealing some extra damage with Down Attack multiplier. 


You can spam this ability all the way to level 56, after which you will get your Awakening. You should max it as soon as possible to grind fast.



Status: Forward Guard Stance


Valkyrie is somewhat of a tank of Black Desert Online. She has a huge shield that she can utilize to block damage and Crowd Control, in addition to increasing her resistances. Press Q to block all damage from the front, but keep in mind that your movement speed is reduced, and enemies can flank you if they know what they are doing. 


Shield Strike

Status: Shield Attack During Block


Not really worth using. You lose your forward guard, deal little to no damage with a chance to stun your target. Don’t use it. 


Shield Counter

Status: Shield Attack


It works in the same manner as Shield Strike. It’s not a Counter Attack and it doesn’t have protection so it’s really not worth it to use it. 


Shield Push

Status: Very Slow Shield Attack


Don’t use it. Low damage, no protection, long animation. Garbage.


Shield Throw

Status: Main Grinding Ability


Shield throw is our second ability that we will use during grinding. It’s a long range damage poke that will spin targets on good hits, deal some good damage, and it will Stun them as well. Very useful even in PvP.


Shield Chase

Status: Main Pre-Awakening Mobility


After you get to the spots like Bloody Monastery or Refugee Camp you will want to level this up. After you raise your shield you will be able to dash once for every level of this ability. It means that you will be able to use this ability three times in a row before it has to refresh itself. 


This dash is very long, and its speed will depend on the level of your Movement Speed in your character sheet.


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Just Counter

Status: Real Shield Counter


It is the counter attack that your tanky-self deserves. It is an attack that will deal a decent amount of damage, apply Stiffness to your enemies, and you remain in your Forward Guard state. It’s a good way to trade with your enemy. If you hit the right window - Stiffness will go through. 


And there’s a scenario where you will be able to easily apply a float, if you learn a simple decisive engage, and we will talk about that in the PvP Guide section down below.


Skyward Strike

Status: Shield Uppercut


Looks good, doesn’t work. Don’t use it. 



Status: Unprotected Floating Tool


This ability will not require you to raise your shield. Animation of this skill is quite long, and it would’ve been favourable if this skill provided Forward Guard or Super Armor. But it doesn’t. 


However, there’s a single scenario, same as with the Just Counter ability, that will make use of it, and it will be quite powerful. 


Sharp Light

Status: Unprotected Knockdown Fishing For PvP + Grinding


Sharp Light is a very good ability that will be used both in PvE and PvP. While it’s unprotected, animation is really fast, it’s barely telegraphed, and your enemy will not be able to react to it. 


It is yet another of your Main Grinding abilities in Pre-Awakening form. It will be used to deal some damage (+100% Critical Hit Rate Helps with That), and to apply Knockdown to packs of mobs. 


And when it comes to PvP - this ability can be just perfect for certain situation. Sharp Light comes out pretty quickly, so quickly that enemies will not be able to react to it. It’s very common for a good Valkyrie to use this attack with flanking, when you are trying to go around your enemy’s Forward Guard. And its reach is very long. A reach that can be increased further by leveling this ability up to Ultimate: Sharp Light, which will be advised after you get your most important Awakening abilities to maximum. 


Flurry of Kicks

Status: Unprotected Floating Device


Kicks are quick and can apply Crowd Control. It doesn’t mean that you should use them. All kicks are unprotected and you can try to utilize them during early leveling. Further down the road - it’s not recommended to use them. 



Status: E Grab


Punishment is one of the most important aspects of Valkyrie. It’s our grab that will apply Floating to our enemy, or Bound if said foe has Grapple Immunity. This ability will go through Forward Guard and Super Armor, and sometimes even through the Invincibility Frames if desync is on your side. Grab your enemy, unleash the chain of Crowd Control abilities that will ultimately put your enemy on the ground with a Knockdown, and finish them. 


Valkyrie has a lot of dashes that involve smart animation canceling and mouse movements, so you have various techniques of not being so obvious with your grab attempt. And it’s a long road to master these decisive grapples. 


Divine Power

Status: Very Slow Damage + Bait Tool


Valkyrie channels this powerful hit to deal damage with a Down Attack Multiplier, and also to Bound her enemies. This attack not only doesn’t deal much damage, it’s very slow, and it’s not worth it to use it as a form of a reliable skill that works on its own.


However, when used as a bait, combined with Promptness - it can be truly invaluable. Divine Power has a very slow animation, that locks you in place, leaving you unprotected. Enemies that know this skill would jump on you as soon as you launch this attack. What they might not know, is that this attack can be easily canceled with Promptness, which can lead to a devastating Crowd Control chain, thanks to a handy Promptness skill that switches Valkyrie to her Awakening. 


Heaven’s Echo

Status: All Accuracy + All DP AoE Buff


This buff will target you along with your 10 closest allies. Your DP and Accuracy will be increased for 60 seconds each. The cooldown of this ability is at 25 seconds, meaning that you can keep this buff up at all times, and when you find the time you should buff yourself and your allies up.


Righteous Charge

Status: Speed Attack


This ability will be used only for movement, as the damage of this ability and its extra effects are underwhelming. Use this ability when you run out of Shield Chase charges to run that extra mile.


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Glaring Slash

Status: Large Area of Effect Attack


Glaring slash is for the most part pretty weak. It’s not as good as Sword of Judgment when it comes to PvE and PvP. 


This ability will deal some noticeable damage if you manage to level it up to Absolute: Glaring Slash, but at this point you will be atl level 59, and you most likely won’t use this ability at all.


Celestial Spear

Status: Critical Hit Rate Self Buff


Celestial Spear Sword will be your third Grinding ability that you will use at the start of your almost every grinding combo. You should level this up as soon as possible, because your damage will be greatly increased. You will get more crits thanks to this ability, and it Bounds enemies. There's also Ultimate Celestial Spear, that will have some additional stats.


This long-ranged ability will be also used in PvP a lot. It will be used for buffing, for catching people off-guard with Crowd Control, and for increasing the damage of your Combos. 


When it comes to PvE grinding, especially early on, valkyrie has a dull and easy time. Cast Celestial Spear and follow up with spamming Ultimate: Sword of Judgement or Judgement of Light. That’s all you really have to do to finish packs of enemies before Awakening. Also, some additional Attack Speed is always nice to have.


It’s advised to get the +20% Critical Hit Rate addon to guarantee +100% Critical Hit Rate for more damage.


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Valkyrie Awakening Skill Guide

Awakening: Holy Lancia

Status: Weapon C-swap


This one will allow you to switch between your Longsword and your Lancia. During the transition you will get a lingering Forward Guard status that will last until the end of the animation.


Noble Spirit

Status: Valkyrie’s E Buff


Valkyrie’s E buff is really a important tool that will allow you to sprint around the battlefield being fully protected from the front due to the Forward Guard state. Upon using Noble Spirit you will get +20 All DP, +10% Casting Speed, and +50% to All Resistances. Every buff will last for 30 seconds, and the Cooldown is at 3 minutes. Additionally your stamina will not be consumed during sprinting, you will slightly damage your enemies as you collide with them, and your HP as well as SP will regenerate slightly faster.


Strong Defense

Status: Raise Your Shield


Strong Defense will work slightly different from a standard Q guard in Pre-Awakening form. On good blocks you will recover 25% of Max SP, meaning that in PvE this will be an amazing skill for quick SP regeneration, 4 hits and you are completely full, and ready to go. All DP will be increased by 20, meaning that you will tank a little bit more damage before you die. This ability has an attack implemented into it as well, that has a Counter multiplier, and applying Stiffness to unprotected enemies.


This Defence skill grants you Forward Guard and increases every Resistance except Grapple Resistance, that will work even when you are attacked from behind. 


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Death Line Chase

Status: Main Movement Tool


This ability will allow you to move Forward and Backward with a Forward Guard state in each instance. This dash can be used on cooldown but it will lose any protection properties. This skill can be canceled with two abilities, and you will cycle through the three of them to move as fast as possible. You will also gain some resistance, in the same manner as with Strong Defense.


Sacrum Ferit

Status: Critical Hit Rate Buff + Evasion Debuff + Combo Starter


This ability will be mainly used for the Evasion Debuff somewhere near the beginning of your combo. Evasion Debuff can be crucial in finishing your enemy off, and it will apply on the last hit of this ability. 


Sacrum Ferit has three separate attacks that will be faster if you manage to level up your Casting Speed, so it’s not hard to activate the Evasion debuff. It will greatly boost your damage if you get the 3rd hit off and cancel it with Promptness. 



Status: Area of Effect Heal in a Straight Line


Purificatione is the teamplayer ability that will be a very important part of your kit if you want to stand behind the frontline, aiding them in their battles. This skill can be used offensively sometimes as it will reduce the DP of your enemies, while providing you with a Forward Guard state. 


But mainly - it will be used as a support ability. As long as you max it, each 8 seconds you will be able to heal your allies by 20% of Max HP, up to 10 characters nearby. It’s a huge amount of Health recovered that is truly invaluable. That’s a 2 Large Potion value for each player with a single ability cast. In Black Desert Online - an ability like this is quite special.


Flow: Lucem Fluxum

Status: Damage Filler for Sacrum Ferit


Sacrum Ferit and Flow: Lucem Fluxum cost no stamina. Even more, these abilities will regenerate it. You will use this ability during grinding for stamina regeneration.


And it will be used during PvP, in scenarios where you have already applied Crowd Control to your enemy, and you do not have enough stamina to finish your combo properly. Use this to deal some good damage to fill up the space in your combos and get some stamina back to finish off your enemy. 


Wave of Light

Status: Vacuum Ability


This ability will be used in a few scenarios. You will use this to gather enemies up in a single spot, to disrupt their casts, to keep people away from you or your allies, and for gathering sheep in a single spot for convenient gathering sessions.



Status: High Damage Cancel


Promptness will be used during combos and movement as a cancel. A lot of times it will be our swapping ability that we will use after Celestial Spear to get into our Awakening as soon as possible, while dealing a huge amount of damage. 


After using Hastilidium, especially from a very close range - you will be locked in recovery animation. Using Promptness will cancel that, enabling you to immediately follow up with your other abilities.


This ability will also be crucial for proper movement. Valkyrie gets a ton of mobility by combining Death Line Chase + Promptness + Basic Attack. 


And when used with 50% Black Spirit Rage, this skill will grant you Super Armor, but there are not many scenarios in which you will use that knowledge.


Flow: Breath of Elion

Status: Awakening Breath of Elion


Breath of Elion is an amazing ability by itself that will heal and regain stamina. This will cover you and your allies around you. Now you are able to use that with your Holy Lancia without switching. 



Status: Mid-Combo Down Attack


Valkyrie stabs her Holy Lancia with an immense power into the ground three times, dealing high amount of damage, and Bounding enemies on good hits. Castigatio will be used for damage in the middle of your combo as one of the main damage abilities. This ability can be canceled into other, even more powerful abilities, and sometimes it will be worth it, for example when you had to use Sacrum Ferit for SP regeneration, or if you won’t have enough time to combo entire Castigatio + Terra Sancta.


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Status: Gap Closer + Knockdown Resistance Debuff + Down Attack


Hastilidium is a great ability that will work as a charged dash, ending up with a stabbing attack that will deal some damage. This skill has a great debuff that will reduce your target’s Knockdown Resistance by 30% for 10 seconds. However - you will rarely find yourself in a scenario when you actually can use that for this purpose alone. For this scenario requires you to open with a Celestial Spear, while getting the Bound off on the unprotected enemy. 


It will be mainly used as a Combo Filler, and a pretty useful too. Not for its damage, but for the canceling capabilities. This skill can be really reliably cancelled into other abilities, and with some moves- you will be able to cancel them with Hastilidium itself. This basically means, that using Hastilidium is a free Attack. If your FPS count is high and you don’t have a high latency count - you should be able to attack enemies at a lightning speed. 


Blitz Stab

Status: Pre-Combo Finisher


This ability will be most of the time used after Terra Sancta > Hastilidium. It’s a great finisher, just because it can be so well comboed and canceled with preceeding skills. However - this ability doesn’t deal that much damage. But there’s a little thing that can fix this issue.


Ultimate: Blitz Stab

Status: Proper Combo Finisher, Blitz Stab Damage and Range Increase


Ultimate: Blitz Stab boosts damage by a ton. Default version deals damage comparable to the damage of weak Pre-Awakening abilities. Now - this will be your ultimate finisher.


This ability will deal lots of damage, as it’s complemented with +100% Critical Hit Rate, meaning that this attack will always strike critically. Not only that, as this skill comes with Bleeding Damage over Time, that can be further increased with a proper addon setup. 


When used with 200% Black Spirit Rage - Ultimate: Blitz Stab will deal a devastating amount of damage, that has a potential to one-shot some people that do not protect themselves. It will also grant you a Super Armor state, and it will apply a Stun on good hits.


Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae

Status: Last Resort Super Armor


Verdict is not a strong ability on its own, and should be maxed last. However, if you run out of Super Armor abilities - this skill becomes invaluable, as the Super Armor state is very long, and can deal some decent damage. After 269 AP it will absolutely decimate your enemies.


Sanctitas de Enslar

Status: 100% Ultimate Black Spirit Rage + Panic Move


This one is really powerful. Valkyrie will jump into the air and land on her enemies with +100% Critical Hit Rate, dealing lots of damage, gaining Super Armor when using skill, and Invincible status when you are in the air. Moreover - AP of the caster will be increased by 20 for 10 seconds.


And when it comes to +100% Ultimate Black Spirit Rage - it’s one of the most powerful 100% BSR abilities in the game damage-wise. It’s highly unreliable when used on enemies that are prepared for your engage, as they will have about three second to boost their defences and completely block your damage.  Which means that this ability will be invaluable in scenarios where your enemies have to focus on a multitude of things. So NodeWars and Sieges will be the best moments to use your 100% BSR Sanctitas de Enslar. 


This ability brings the storm at 100% BSR, literally. Your Valkyrie raises her sword high, summoning clouds and lightning above her. Which means that this ability is heavily telegraphed. However, in the midst of chaos it will still be hard to notice you, especially when you are not on the frontlines.


But when you pull this ability off - you should be able to oneshot weaker enemies if you are above the softcap. This ability will deal damage that is comparable to the damage of our 200% Black Spirit Rage.  


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Flow: Revelation Sanctus

Status: Verdict: Lancia Iustitiae Extension


Verdict is one of the worst abilities in Valkyrie’s kit due to its damage and lack of Crowd Control, but it has Super Armor. Flow: Revelation Sanctus fixes a part of this problem adding more damage to this ability and prolonging the Super Armor state for the entire duration of the animation. 


Terra Sancta

Status: Huge Burst Combo Filler + 25% Black Spirit Rage Nuke


Terra Sancta is a powerful ability that can oneshot people as long as they are in a grounded state. It’s not a surprise that this will require a huge AP count, which is tough to achieve in its instance. All that it takes is getting 100% Critical Hit Rate and putting your enemy on the ground. This is why Punishment and Celestial Spear will be most likely used before the Terra Sancta in most instances, as long as it comes to 1v1 PvP duels. 


Moreover, Terra Sancta can be buffed by consuming 25% BSR to unleash a powerful attack that will gain increased range, granting you +10 AP and DP for 20 seconds. 


In some instances - Terra Sancta will be used out of nowhere, especially during group fights like NodeWars and Sieges. It’s true, this ability is not protected at all, but the damage burst you get by using 25% BSR is worth a try. Above 269 AP - sometimes it’s a matter of one good 25% BSR Terra Sancta to reduce the HP pool of enemies to 0-20%. 


It’s also a great ability for finishing off enemies. In some instances, you might find yourself with an enemy that even after using 25% BSR Terra Sancta will survive with some HP left. However, this skill works great with Hastilidium, as it’s cancelable in both ways. You can cancel certain skills into Hastilidium, and cancel Hastilidium into other abilities. It is why Terra Sancta > Hastilidium > Blitz Stab will be your main three-skill finisher in almost all combos in your arsenal. Combine that with Celestial Spear, that should always be used before your hard hitting abilities, and you have a perfect combo that should finish off almost every foe.


Valkyrie PvP Guide

The gap between a new Valkyrie and an experienced one is absolutely huge. It’s easily noticeable in movement, actions, and the decision-making. And the decision-making is most likely the most important thing about Valk, and by that you can really distinguish between a good or a bad Valk. You see, Valkyrie is an unforgiving class that will punish your heavily if you make wrong choices. And how can you learn this things?


It’s almost impossible to become a good Valkyrie without some guidelines from experienced players that have spent hours upon hours to learn the ins and outs of this class. You can spend a thousand hours playing a Valkyrie, and then come to a realisation that the things that you are doing are not of a good Valk, and you have to start over. It’s heartbreaking to spend so much time on a character that you’ve grown to love, to then realise that everything you’ve done up to this point was close to useless. This guide might just save you from that feeling. 


What’s the current state of Valkyrie in the Black Desert Online world? Early PvE stages hurt, and might at some point push you away from this class. And we are talking about first Awakening levels as well. Blood Monastery, Refugee Camp, Catfish, Helms, Gahaz - first grinding areas up to level 58-60 will be dull and slow. Valkyrie might just be the worst class for leveling up reliably, as she is not reliable at all in the beginning. However, as you progress, you will get more Skill Points, better items, and as you reach the high-end grinding spots - Valkyrie will truly shine thanks to her damage and dueling capabilities, allowing her to defend and retake her spots when they get contested.


As for the pure PvP aspect - Valkyrie can be very close to the top-tier classes in 1v1 Duels, and Small Scale PvP. Valkyrie in the hands of an experienced player is a scary thing, and at higher AP counts - it’s not a mistake to consider Valkyrie class to be S++ Tier. Her high burst damage and defensive capabilities combine well.


As for Large Scale PvP - this is where things get a little bit more complicated for Valk. As mentioned before, Valks that are prone to mistakes will suffer greatly. And there’s a huge potential for misplays when there are lots of things happening at once. Huge Enemy Team, their placement, their backline, their frontline, top priority target. There are lots of variables that you have to take into consideration, even your own team. As a class with Support Abilities you have a choice of being a teamplayer and aiding your allies in combat, providing them with defensive stats and heals, even murdering flankers and assassins, or being a solo player and diving the backline with your massive damage. First playstyle is more optimal and safe, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. It’s just more risky, and requires some cool-headedness. And this will come with experience. 


Valkyrie 1v1 Guide

Whether you are using lmb rmb to move around in the game keep in mind to also use brain. In BDO movement is the key as good position on the battlefield gives you advantage over opponent. It's up to you to decide whether you want to enter the fight with an advantage or disadvantage. It takes good skill and high amounts of patience to move into right position but it is always worth it.

Decision-making is the priority, but it has to be complemented with knowledge, positioning, and movement, basically - mechanics. And decent movement will have the greatest effect on the outcome of battles that you encounter on your way in BDO. Here’s the thing.

There are Super Armors, Forward Guards and Invincibility Frames. Only Invincibility frames provide you with full protection from everything. As for the other states - you can be either Grappled or Damaged anyway. And to ensure that you do not end up in dangerous situations - you have your movement tools.


Of course, it’s impossible to stay out of your enemy’s reach forever. Plans and Tactics usually get ditched when they are being measured with the opposing instances of various schemes. It’s your plan against theirs, and then it only comes down to decision-making and mechanics.


As Valkyrie you should learn how to approach people, and how to move outside of direct combat. You want your approaches to be protected, decisive and swift. You will utilize many dashes and protective movements to safely get behind your enemy to apply a Float, Stiffness, Stun, or a Knockdown. 


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Your Main Approach Combo that will enable you to get quickly behind your enemy’s back to apply a Float is this:


Left Click > Space > Q > 90* Camera Turn > Shield Chase to the side > Counter/Just Counter


This combo has to be done quick, but when you manage to master it, you can fire off every skill listed in this combo from the beginning to the end in less than one second. It’s especially useful against opponents that like to spam Forward Guard abilities, as you will be able to easily circle around it with this handy combo. 


There are many other engagement tools that a Valkyrie has, that can be used reliably in a multitude of scenarios.



In the end Pearl Abyss has developed Valkyries that proven to be just as balanced as Witch or other classes. Their passive tree allows for a defensive style of gameplay that helps in survival against every boss so you will be able to hold your ground with ease as a Valkyrie.

Some people say that Valkyrie is one of the weakest classes in the game, and she is only good for gathering meat from sheeps thanks to her “big succ” ability, that pulls mobs into one area. And while Valk is perfect for that, she can also be a very dangerous enemy. Due to the high skill-ceiling of this class, people stray away from it, preferring to just call it underpowered. In truth, a mastered Valkyrie will be even more powerful than other classes. And to learn our other classes - feel free to proceed to our other guides about BDO Classes, that you will be able to find on our website. And if there are any doubts - proceed to the Official Valkyrie Discord. You can learn a lot from the guys right there. See you on Red Battlefield! Hail the Pearl Abyss and Awakening Skills!

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