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Black Desert Accounts

Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing action game, developed by Pearl Abyss. The game released in 2015 in Korea, Japan and Russia, a year later it released in North America and Europe, in 2017 ir came out in South America, Turkey, and Middle-East North Africa, as well as in South East Asia in year 2018.

 BDO Accounts

When MMORPG players heard about Black Desert coming out, the internet went absolutely crazy. The game was supposed to bring lots of fresh things to the MMO table. The number of systems, mechanics, and especially combat seemed very promising. And while the game came with some disappointment from those who were waiting for the game release, over the years bugs and systems were fixed, and the game, while getting mixed reviews thanks to presumably included microtransactions (despite the being buy-to-play, as Kakao Games promised that when they game goes buy-to-play there will be no premium shop, but that’s normal), is still one of the best Sandbox MMORPG experiences out there.


To these days there are hundreds of thousands of players, playing BDO each day all over the world. And with release of BDO on XboX One (and Ps4 in the future), new players should come to the game increasing the number of active players even more. The game is surely not dying, and it will certainly NOT die in the coming years.


Why Should You Purchase BDO Account


The game has been out a very long time. There are a lot of players, that are already playing on the highest level, and while getting to the mid game is hard by itself, getting to mid-high level is really hard and stressful.


You see Black Desert Online like any MMO is a game of skill and numbers. You might be great at your class, and know all the combos, but when you don’t have proper equipment, you won’t be able to do anything during numerous Node Wars and Sieges, or even on the grinding spots, when it gets contested by other players that will kill you all the time if you trespass on the terrain that they are willing to farm. While it’s thrilling, even a skilled player won’t do much when there’s a huge difference in numbers. And that’s the point when it gets annoying.


The enchantment system is arguably toxic, as getting your gear to a high level will cost you a lot of in-game currency, lots of time, and even more stress. That’s because for example getting your weapon to level 18 (TRI) with 35 failstacks will have a 40% chance for successful enchantment, to level 19 (TET) It will have 15% chance, at to maximum level of 20 (PEN) it will be 5% maximum. And each time you fail, your weapon enchantment falls down one step, reducing maximum durability of the weapon which can be repaired for a large amount of resources that are hard to come by.


Buying new BDO accounts will ensure that you will skip this toxic part of the game that makes other people leave BDO. Have in mind that to be at least a little bit competitive with other players, every piece of your equipment has to reach at least level TRI, as mentioned above. While armor and weapons are not as hard to enchant - very expensive accessories that are mandatory for your Attack and Defence stats, break each time you fail, which may make you lose weeks, even months of progress to even get them to level TRI. Save your nerves and purchase the account right now.


What Can You Find On Purchased Accounts?


Kakao Games, the publisher of Black Desert Online in Europe suggested two ways of spreading BDO across the Europe. The first way, was releasing the game as it was released in Korea - free-to-play but with microtransactions. The second way was making the game buy-to-play, but publishers would get rid of every pay2win aspect of the shop, removing it almost completely.


A serious majority voted for buy-to-play business model to avoid bots and cheating multi-accounts, as well as to avoid pay2win. Sadly, Kakao Games released the game as a product for purchase, to be able to play, and included the special pearl shop anyway.


Pearl Shop is very important for everyone that wants to play the game on a high level. And if you don’t want to play on the high level, and enjoy grinding, and hunting for rare item drops, then you will have to use pearl shop at some point.


You see, Pearl Shop has many useful items that cost real money. It’s true that most items from the item shop can be obtained through in-game marketplace, but it’s highly unlikely to get one from the marketplace, considering that there might be tens of thousands of players hunting for one specific item that shows up on the marketplace only few times a week, with only one player acquiring it for themselves.


No one will deny that Pets are the most important part of the itemshop if you want to grind efficiently. Black Desert has no auto-loot system, unless you purchase a pet, that will pick up items that drop from enemies. You can have up to 5 active pets at a time, and each pet has 5 tiers. The higher the tier, the faster their movement speed and the lower the cooldown of the next item that they can pick up. Every pet you buy from the pearl shop is tier 1.


While for early level 56 grinding five Tier 1 Pets are perfectly fine, when you get to level 58-59 grinding areas, you will smash through them so fast, your Tier 1 Pets will leave lots of items behind them due to their pick-up cooldown, lowering your chance of obtaining all the rare items. Statistically, higher level grind-spots with Tier 1 Pets bring 50% less drops than Tier 3 pets.


How can you obtain Tier 3 Pets? You need to buy another pet from the Pearl Shop, and mix it together with another pet of same kind, not only that, Mixing Tier 1 + Tier 1 has a chance of granting you either Tier 2, or Tier 3 Pet. There’s no difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 Pets in regards to pick-up cooldown. So statistically, you can invest money into 10 pets, and end up with 5 Tier 2 Pets. If that happens, then you just lose a huge amount of money for nothing. And if you want to be efficient - you have to do it all over again.

Buying an Account with Tier 3 Pets seems more efficient, than trying to obtain them for yourself on your new account. It’s stressful, it’s a gamble, and you might not get anything from your investment, ask the original owner before he manages to sell black desert account.


Kakao Games has done everything to make sure that you will use the Pearl Shop. That’s why the game gets mixed reviews nowadays. The game is one of the best MMORPG Sandbox we’ve ever played, but the game pushes people away with their Item Shop. What else you will end up buying anyway?


Costumes and Cosmetics. While not really mandatory in other games, as usually high level armors are shiny and beautiful, with amazing aesthetics. This has no place in Black Desert Online. Best-in-slot armor makes you look like a bush (literally), it’s certainly not an eye-candy, it’s ugly. In comparison, costumes from the shop are very unique and good-looking, and every player will end up with premium costumes. There’s a bigger chance of getting them on a marketplace, as they’re not as rare as pets, but it’s still hard.


Tents are another thing that become useful in the long-run. Tents are portable repair and exchange shop that can be deployed anywhere on the map close to your vicinity. There, you will be able to purchase potions, repair your equipment (durability drops hella fast in some areas), exchange your silver into gold bars (silver is a main currency, and it’s really heavy, each player is forced to hold their money in storages), and it gives you buffs.


If you want to grind in high level areas for a few hours and not be forced to go back into the city to repair everything, and place your silver into your storage, then tent will become mandatory.


Weight Limit Increase and Item Slots. Another resource that can be obtained almost only through Pearl Shop. After finishing main questlines, and inventory expansion quests, you character will end up with about 74 character slots, with about 700 lbs weight limit with certain accessories. Many items in BDO can’t be stacked, and these items are mostly associated to grinding. And those drops that can stack (for example trash loot that drops from most enemies in the game), become really heavy after an hour or 2 of constant grinding.


Life-Skill Costumes. Life skills are a part of the game that can be enjoyed, even if you don’t enjoy MMORPGs. You can cook, you can gather, you can fish, you can catch wild horses and tame them, you can hunt for sea monsters and land monsters with a musket, you can process stuff and sell it, you can trade between cities etc.


While every life-skill can be done without any investment, Life Skill Costumes make everything fast and efficient. Definitely the most important Life Skill Costume is the processing costume that allows you to process items straight from your storage, which means that if you want to process for example 64 thousand pieces of wood (that you wouldn’t be able to put in your inventory cuz of weight), you can just set up your character and process everything until your weight runs out. If you would like to process everything using only your inventory space and weight - then it will take eternity.

And of course you can find high-level characters on accounts on this website. While reaching level 56, that lets you obtain new skills and weapons (Warrior changes sword and board for a powerful Zweihander, Katana-using Musa gets a Crescent Blade etc.), which you will use all the time, main weapons and skills become only a weaker extensions of more powerful combos that Awakened Weapons use. Main weapons become a source of buffs, debuffs, and animation cancels at this point.


Level 1-56 acts like a tutorial, that can be ended in a few hours, if you have proper items. The trouble begins when you want to reach level 60, that lets you purchase all Awakened skills for skill points. EXP Gain drops drastically after you reach level 56. While reaching level 57 might take a few hours on its own, when you end up on level 59, you will get about 0.001% of exp per mob killed, when you progress to level 60. And at level 60 you will get even less that that.


Also, each level after 60, will grant you a piece of high-tier accessory, that doesn’t have to be enchanted to be strong. The game has no level cap, and after almost 4 years, only a few players managed to reach level 64. Most people stop at level 62, as it seems like an optimal level, as accessories from level 61 and 62 save them hundreds of millions of silver.


As you can see there’s a lot of items that you will have to pay for, with either time or money. And sometimes - it’s all a gamble. If you don’t want to risk the loss of money, or even more valuable resource - time, purchasing the account that has everything on it, seems like the best and most efficient idea.


Remember this. Everyone will finally use a Pearl Shop, even if they deny it. It’s mandatory. Use a 7-day trial to see if the game is for you, and if it is - purchase an account that has at least 5 tier 3 pets on it. Trust us, you will thank us later.



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Sign up, log in, sort through the offers, find someone selling BDO accounts, place your order, and start to experience Black Desert Online content to its full potential today, simply search for and join a powerful guild, reach beyond the softcap, win your first Node War and finally learn how to reach the top!


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