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BDO Trade

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BDO Products and Services

Black Desert Online is one of the most complex MMORPGs. The game features an incredibly advanced, player-driven economy system. At the same time it’s full of skill-based combat that’s much more engaging that in most other MMORPGs – especially the more traditional ones.

Since the game has so many important elements, there are multiple ways of accelerating your progress in BDO. You can try and get your economy going with a healthy influx of silver coins. You can also go straight for the most powerful items to start challenging the best players in PvP.

While there’s plenty of skill expression in the BDO combat, it’s still a Korean MMORPG. The vertical gear progression might not be as extreme as in some other titles, but it’s definitely a part of the game. No amount of outplay potential will change the fact that it’s simply better to have stronger equipment than your opponent.

If you wanted to reach the high end gear all by yourself, it would take you an absurd amount of time. Especially when starting from scratch, without any real initial capital. However, a significant supply of the game’s currency can make that whole process much faster. It can allow you to skip over some of the initial steps and quickly start developing your own economic empire. Trading all kinds of items and materials is a great way of getting to the most powerful equipment.

Getting extra characters can also significantly boost your BDO economy. If you don’t want to waste your precious time on progressing through the early levels, you can hire professionals to do it for you! You can easily find professional players who offer power leveling services on all the servers! They can max out multiple characters for you in no time!

There’s also an option of buying some third-party programs.  A good bot can provide a steady source of constant income. Of course, with this kind of software there always is a risk of punishment. That’s why you should always choose the providers who are constantly updating their software. Staying undetected is a crucial part of using any bots or hacks.  

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BDO Market

As we already mentioned, Black Desert Online has an extremely advanced economy. While this is not the place for a full BDO Trading Guide, we’re going to talk about some important aspects of it. Trade is a great way of making money in Black Desert Online. It shouldn’t really surprise anybody, since it’s the case in basically every MMORPG with player-driven economy.

In BDO, there’s a whole set of Life Skills. Alongside Alchemy and other traditional professions, it includes something called Trading Skill. You actually have to level it up to be eligible to trade specific, more valuable items. It might be tempting to start grinding it up at the beginning of your BDO adventure, but we don’t recommend doing that. Even if you’re the most skilled trader on the server, you won’t be able to make much silver without any initial capital. That being said, if you have some money to get your operations going, you can dive in right away!

One of the most important thresholds in leveling this branch of skills is achieving Artisan 2. That’s when you unlock the possibility of completing a quest chain called To the Wild Desert! – doing that provides access to a great trading buff. It lasts a full hour and provides extra 50% silver from all the goods that you sell in the desert. This breakpoint also enables the crate trading. It's going to be necessary if you want to become a really rich merchant.

Crate Trade

In order to profit from crate trading, you’re going to need some workers. They are responsible for getting the high quality materials and processing them into crates. Some of the most lucrative ones are: Meidah Timber Crate, Calpheon Timber Crate, Serendia Timber Crate, Balenos Timber Crate, Steel Ingot Crate, Bronze Ingot Crate and Brass Ingot Crate. Of course you can also make money on multiple other ones. If you’re interested more in the exact numbers, including the bargain bonus, distance bonus and trade buffs, you should look for a BDO crate calculator and see which option will be the best for you.

Try not to focus too hard on a single type of crates. Diversification will significantly reduce the risk of your trading activities. Make sure to take the prices of materials and alternative ways of using them into consideration. There’s always an opportunity cost associated with this kinds of activities.

Remember that your workers will have to use processed materials to produce the best crates. It’s an incredibly important distinction that can save you from losing a lot of silver. If they use raw materials instead, they will create so called “junk crates”. While they provide the same amounts of trading experience, they are much less valuable (while also being cheaper to make, of course). The general rule of thumb is: if you value EXP over silver, you can make the “junk crates”, if money is what you’re after, make sure that you’re using processed materials.  

Port Ratt Trading

You can also make a lot of money with trading in Port Ratt. It requires a ship and a sufficient Sailing Skill, but beyond that, it’s rather straightforward. You just have to talk to the NPC Trade Manager Moran and load up your ship with items. Then you need to transport them to a city of choice and deliver them to the Imperial Trade Manager.  

This method also requires a fair amount of silver at the start. Getting a ship and buying the cargo can add up to a substantial cost. That’s why you might want to collect some money before starting to invest in Port Ratt. The profitable items that you can get there are: Oriental Saber, Golden Dragon Ink Slab, Haso Silk, Millennial Wild Ginseng, Pure Gold Censer, Haso Celadon Porcelain and Oriental Spice.

No matter which method you’ll use the most, remember that trading won’t make you the richest man on the server overnight. It will however, provide a steady source of good income that can result in a long-term advantage over many other players.

Leveling up your trading skill

Getting enough trading experience in Black Desert Online can be a bit of a grind (like a lot of things in this game). Luckily, there are plenty of methods to increase your leveling pace. You can use consumables, get buffs, wear special equipment and more. Even the company of specific pets can increase your experience gain.

Some of the items that can accelerate your trading experience gains are: Silver Embroidered Trader’s Cloths, Sute Tea, Verdure Draught, Elixir of Time, Perfume of Swiftness, Extra Life EXP Scroll and much more.

You get some amounts of trading experience for basically every activity associated with trading. As usual though, some of them will be more efficient than the others. Currently, a list of the best ways of leveling up your Trading Skill includes: junk crates, containers and active trading with NPCs.

Junk Crates

As we mentioned, junk crates are cheaper to make, since they consist of raw materials. They don’t fetch nearly as much silver as the more expensive, processed ones, but they still provide a lot of valuable experience. They’re also created by your workers and all you have to do is managing them. That’s what makes it pretty effortless.

While trading these crates, you have to remember about a very important modifier – distance bonus. The way it works is really simple. You always want to trade your crates for as long distance as possible. The optimal way to do this is trading from Grana to Arehaza. You could theoretically get an even longer route with higher bonus, but it’s not really worth it in the long run. Don’t forget about the crate calculators when choosing your main base product.


The container trading requires even more investment to get rolling. However, it is by far the quickest and most reliable method of gaining the trading experience. You’re going to have to rent a container from the NPC Storage Keeper. Then, you can use it in a residence to access the storage of the closest city or town.

The recommended location to use that method is the area around Lynch Ranch and Toscani Farm. They’re really close to each other, but a container located in the former can reach the storage of the city of Heidel, while the latter is connected to a village called Velia. If you rent two containers, you’re going to be able to transport a lot of these towns’ supplies. Then, you just have to roll the supplies to the Trade Managers on the respective farms: Murana Lynch at the Lynch Ranch and Ovidio Toscani at the Toscani Farm. Repeating that process is the fastest way of developing your Trading Skill.

Active Trading

Active Trading requires embarking on a trading journey, using a wagon or an elephant. It’s a nice method that doesn’t require a huge investment and it can actually bring a fair amount of silver alongside the trading experience. If your character is level 55 or above, you can get an elephant by completing a quest called The Adorable and Trusty Porter, Miniature Elephant. After that, you’ll have to get it to level 15 and make sure that is has two crucial skills: Joyride and Quick Run. Overall, using an elephant mount is faster, but it requires a bit more effort.

At the same time, wagons require less investment and can provide more profit. However, using them will also result in smaller experience gains. Despite the term “active trading”, you will actually get some downtime to AFK thanks to auto path if you select this mode of transportation.

The general idea is pretty simple: you have to choose a multi-step trading route that you’re going to take. Then, you load up your elephant/wagon until you fill up all the inventory slots or reach the weight limit (whichever happens first). Just take as much as you can carry with you. After that, you just start  to travel your route. At every stop you will sell all your goods and then restock with other items. Purchase everything that's valuable - various material components, food, fish and other item types that you can trade. 

One of the recommended low level routes looks like this:

Loggia Farm -> Velia -> Finto Farm -> Balenos Forest -> Velia -> Bartali Farm -> Marino Farm -> Toscani Farm ->Western Guard Camp -> Velia

Of course, it’s not the only viable option. You can look for other ones, especially if you’re interested in getting higher trade level. As we mentioned, Apprentice II is the important breakpoint, but it's not by any means the end of your progression. Later, you're going to get higher mastery levels that will provide even more possibilities.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a next generation MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss and published by Kakao Games. After its release in 2015, it achieved massive success and spawned a community of loyal and devoted players. The game made a name for itself thanks to the high complexity and skill expression that’s combined with a lot of time commitment required to really be one of the best players.

Gear progression requires a lot of effort. Players have to spend huge amounts of silver to get the most powerful weapons and armors. Then, you can slot a powerful crystal into your weapon, to make it even stronger. Of course, it's possible to trade items on the market, but they can often reach an extremely high price.

The game is really challenging and you can see it in multiple aspects of it. The combat is mechanically intensive as it often requires each player to aim and combo their skills. Getting rich in BDO is not that easy either. Besides multiple crafting and gathering Life Skills, there’s also a complex system of workers that you can hire and manage to produce the goods that you want. It’s all affected by an advanced node system and the market prices of different items and materials can change, based on supply and demand.

The action of Black Desert Online takes place in a high fantasy setting. It’s based on a conflict of two nations: Valencia and Calpheon. The characters can visit plenty of memorable locations, some of them are: Trent village surrounded by old trees, the strange Glish Ruins and the prosperous Moretti Plantation. Players can choose from 15 playable classes. The BDO character creator is also very detailed and provides a ton of possibilities in terms of customizing your character’s appearance. 

The game provides a lot of different challenges to the players. Getting a good horse is really important to move around the map with a respectable speed. It also allows you to hide from enemies and avoid any danger. Players can choose from multipel characters, some of them are based on weapon damage, others use magic.   


How to level up trading in Black Desert Online?

You can level up your Trade Skill by trading with NPCs. Some of the best methods are: container trading, selling crates and active trading with a wagon or elephant. 

What are junk crates in BDO?

Junk Crates are the crates made of raw, unprocessed materials. They are less valuable in terms of silver, but producing and selling them is one of the most efficient strategies to level trading.

How do Nodes work in Black Desert Online?

BDO Nodes are the special locations that allow the players to gather resources and establish trade routes. You can invest your Contribution Points to take control over the nodes. In order to be effective, you’ll need multiple Nodes that are connected to each other and to a nearby city.