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Black Desert Items

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Black Desert Online items

Gear matters a lot in MMORPGs and Black Desert Online is no exception. Even though the combat system is extremely skill focused and there’s much more room to outplay your enemies, than in traditional games of this genre, stats are still very helpful.


Catching up to veteran players and people who simply have more time to spend on gaming, might be nearly impossible. The most dependable method of doing it is buying powerful gear at MMOAuctions! You can upgrade items through enhancing, but loot and enhancing are RNG-based. Not having enough luck might make all your effort go away. You don’t have to depend on dumb luck if you buy Black Desert Online items online!


Stronger equipment is also very useful in PvE. Doing more damage makes your silver farming much quicker. Get the strongest TRI, TET or PEN gear to compete with the best! Trying to enhance items to the highest levels by yourself might be quite frustrating. Luckily you can buy ones that are already enhanced! Numerous players put various items on sale all the time!


Horses are another thing you can buy in Black Desert Online. As in a number of other games of the genre, mounts are huge quality of life improvement and having a good horse makes traveling much faster and more enjoyable. This might seem minor but it’s a significant boost that will allow you to continue staying ahead.


There’s also the possibility of buying consumables like elixir and food as well as crafting materials, pearl items, enhancement stones and other items of any sort. You can even buy a guild, since transferring the Guild Leader position in BDO is super easy! The trade usually happens without account share what makes it much safer. 


Getting high-end equipment in Black Desert Online is extremely challenging. That’s a huge part of the reason that the community is divided into casual players who don’t try that hard and the top, hardcore players who spend a lot of time and often money, to stay competitive in the arena and other PvP modes.


To get the most powerful gear all by yourself you would have to be very lucky, very patient or a little bit of both. If you don’t have enough time to put in the long hours every day, you might not be able to even experience the top level PvP, not because of the lack of mechanical skill, but because of the equipment difference. Items are extremely important, but grinding in the same zone and killing monster after monster for a week or longer is not the most fun way of spending your free time. Especially in BDO, when you can play for a year and still not get the exact gear that you want. 


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Black Desert Online – next generation of MMO

Black Desert Online is a hot fast-paced Korean MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss, released in 2015 for Korea and in March 2016 for North America and Europe. The game is renowned for its hardcore, skill-based endgame content. Combat is based on aiming attacks, blocking, dodging and performing combos. The high-level PvP offers plenty of options, including the castle sieges. The game is available on PC and Xbox One, a version for PlayStation 4 is under development.


Even though the fighting is extremely polished and exciting, the game has a lot of other content to offer. The game’s economy is really complex, strongly player-driven and firmly based on crafting, gathering, fishing, farming, and trading.


All the exciting features of BDO

The game has a decent sandbox aspect to it, the game has a complex weather system that sometimes causes big-scale cataclysms. The game also has its day and night cycle and the different times of the day in-game have a serious impact on the gameplay. It can lock or unlock certain zones and influence the loot from monsters.


Black Desert Online also includes beautiful graphics thanks to its own game engine. A huge portion of the playerbase really enjoys the unique look of the game, its character models, location designs and even the landscapes.


Players have the possibility to own and furnish their houses, by crafting or buying certain items. They can also create an economic empire by hiring NPC workers and exploiting nodes or processing certain materials. You can actually make a lot of silver while being afk. The game really offers a lot of very complex features and mastering all of them can definitely take a lot of time. By doing that, players have to manage not only their game currency but also other resources like Energy and Contribution Points.


The worker system itself is extremely complex, especially since it’s a side feature of a MMORPG. They’re divided into five tiers: naive, basic, skilled, professional and artisan. The level, as well as their race, will influence their stats, which are working speed, stamina, luck and move speed. Hiring workers obviously isn’t free and it’s an investment. You also have to provide them with food and a place to sleep.


The game is set in a high fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe in times of the Black Death. The two big political powers of Calpheon and Valencia are in conflict, mostly over the valuable Black Stones that can be found in the eponymous Black Desert.


The world is persistent and it’s continuously changing and the game gives players a lot of possibilities even in experiencing the world. The relations with NPCs can change over time and players can actually interact with the environment, sit on benches, climb on buildings et cetera. Things can change with every completed quest!


Even the mounts have their own advanced mechanic. To acquire horses, players have to catch and tame the wild ones. They can later be used for breeding purposes to get the optimal set of statistics for your mount. You can obviously let other players do the hard work and simply buy a great horse from them.


Black Desert Online also features a completely unique guild system. Players sign contracts and have their responsibilities towards the guild, but at the same time, they receive a salary from the common treasury! The guilds can fight to capture territories and take part in castle sieges and GvG wars.


The classes in BDO are much more versatile than in many other MMORPGs. There’s no need for designated healers or tanks. All you need is good enough equipment and the proficiency in piloting your character (you can’t do much without the latter in Black Desert Online).


Players can choose to play: Ranger, Sorceress, Tamer, Maehwa, Valkyrie, Kunoichi, Witch, Mystic, Dark Knight, Warrior, Berserker, Striker, Archer, Musa, Ninja or Wizard. Every one of them has their unique playstyle and different weapons and awakening weapons. The three playable races are: Human, Elf, and Giant.  


Different classes also have different combos and mechanics to learn. Each of them has to optimize their damage and respond to enemies’ attacks differently. Learning ins and outs of a new class is both difficult and satisfying. It will probably take a lot of time to find and master the best rotations, but gradually getting better is really rewarding. You can also team up with a guild and take part in a siege war. There's a lto of room for some real skill expression in BDO!


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