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Black Desert Online is definitely one of the most ambitious massively multiplayer online games out there. It combines MMORPG core with huge possibilities of Sandbox games, making it a perfect title for players that love freedom in their roleplaying experience.


The game was developed by south-korean Pearl Abyss. It was published in various areas, by various publishers. First it released in Korea in, Japan, and Russia in 2015, reaching Europe, North America, North Africa, and Middle Asia after some time.


Nearly four years after its release, in 2019 Black Desert Online launched on Xbox One, with Pearl Abyss planning to release it on PS4 as well. BDO definitely won’t become a dead MMO, as both official and private servers are still alive and well, and with release on consoles - the game should gain extra 4-5 years for its life-span.


Black Desert Online is a very grind-heavy title, reaching “competitive” level 60 can take a few months, especially  if you are just starting out your journey in this game. There are boss items, and high-tier accessories that you will have to obtain and enchant, and it can take up to a year or two, to reach a gear score softcap, that is required to take part in the endgame content.


While the game offers no raids and dungeons (that are both planned and might be added to the game), you will be able to take part in guild Node Wars, to fight for dominance and control of certain parts of the map, which will allow you to get tax money for every “transaction” made in that place, Siege Wars, that will let you dominate other guilds during a large castle siege, hunt for Sea Monsters, and more. There are lots of activities you can sort through, some of higher, some of highest priority.

How Hard it is to Level Up?


Black Desert Online is a Korean MMORPG Sandbox. And it shows. The trick is in a word “korean”. Korean MMOs are some of the most grind-heavy games out there, and it applies to Black Desert. Applies is maybe a wrong word. Black Desert Online is THE DEFINITION of grind-heavy MMORPGs. Each player will kill hundreds of thousands of mobs to reach level, that will let him compete against other players. Main goal of player’s journey, is to reach level 60. How hard it is? Every detail is below.


Level 1 - Level 56 - Level 56 is a soft-cap in Black Desert Online. For new players, that don’t have items required to power-grind their way up, reaching this level will be as easy as completing all main quest for beginners. There are close to 200 of them, and they will lead you through the map, and the main story. You will get to know certain npcs, locations, cities (everything is covered in the mist on the map if you haven’t visited any place), you will get some good amount of silver, inventory space, weight, and knowledge.


First 56 levels act as a tutorial for the game and your class. Some quests are unique for your class and they will test your abilities. In the meantime, to be efficient you will have to slowly upgrade your gear, as killing mobs will become harder. Reaching level 50 is not hard as leveling between 1 - 50, that is quite fast. Then - your exp gain will slow down.


After you reach level 55 and 99%, you will have to complete a quest to level up. Then, you will be able to complete the Awakening quest, that completely changes the playstyle of your class. Every class starts out with main weapons, and after getting the awakened weapon and skills, everything, literally everything changes. Here’s a list of Awakenings:


Warrior (Sword and Shield) - Awakened Warrior is able to use Two Handed Greatsword. From a highly defensive class, warrior changes into a greatsword-wielding bruiser, that uses powerful AoE skills to deal damage, and heal himself through dealing damage.

Valkyrie (Sword and Shield) - Awakened Valkyrie becomes a force to be reckoned with. Wielding a large shield and a Holy Lancia, Valk becomes a literal Train, that wrecks everything on her path, using powerful AoE and Mobility skills to cc-chain her enemies.

Musa (Blade) - Awakened Musa exchanges his blade for a Crescent Blade, making Musa one of the best grinding classes in the game, if it comes to AoE range and mobility. Crescent Blade allows Musa to deal damage with powerful fireblade attacks, to quickly burst his enemies.

Maehwa (Blade) - Awakened Maehwa gains access to Kerispear, Similar to Musa, but relies more on cone-shaped attacks. One of the hardest classes in the entire game, due to her lack of huge AoE attacks, but if you manage to hit everything with your Ice-infused stab attacks using your spear - Maehwa becomes a very scary 1v1 duelist.

Berserker (Dual Axes) - Awakened Berserker is granted an Iron Buster. A powerful arm-mounted cannon allows Berserker to smash through the enemies with brute strength. Very tanky with lots of self-heals and powerful grabs, that can cc-lock anyone.

Ranger (Bow) - Awakened Ranger switches her weapon to Kamasylven Sword. This formerly archer class becomes a powerful assassin-like dual wielding warrior. Ranger becomes really fast and deceptive, with powerful AoE attacks and debuffs,

Sorceress (Dark Magic Amulet) - Awakened Sorceress gains access to giant Scythe. Shrouded in dark magic, wielding a huge Reaper weapon, Sorceress unleashes her AoE spells, jumping in-and-out of the fight slashing through her enemies, consuming them with Darkness.

Ninja (Shortsword) - Awakened Ninja  is granted Sura Katana. Ninja becomes this powerful assassin, the most sneaky and deceptive class in the game that can easily get behind people’s backs, one-shotting them before they can even react to what actually hit them.

Kunoichi (Shortsword) - Awakened Kunoichi wields a Sah Chakram. With her sharp hula hoop, Kunoichi becomes a class that is reliant on dashes, gap-closers and powerful AoE skills. Less flashy than ninja, more durable and defensive, and can lock enemies in huge cc-chain, dealing massive crit damage.

Wizard/Witch (Staff) - Awakened Wizard and Witch gain access to powerful Elemental Spheras. Wizard gains power of Fire and Water, while Witch controls Earth and Wind powers. Both can summon Elemental fiends to aid them in battle. Both Wizard and Witch gain access to the best hard-hitting, and absolutely devastating  AoE Spells in the entire game.

Tamer (Shortsword) - Awakened Tamer wields a celestial Bo Staff. With the help of her Wolf Pet, Tamer becomes an expert in controlling the battlefield. Insane burst, elegant and tricky movements, and very fluid AoE combos. Beautiful to look at.

Dark Knight (Kriegsmesser) - Awakened Dark Knight exchanges her magic blade to Vediant. Her flying blades look absolutely beautiful on the battlefield. Dark Knight becomes one of the most flashiest classes that is really hard to catch. Lots of dashes, 100% crits on most attacks, really powerful AoE.

Striker/Mystic (Gauntlet) - Awakened Striker gains access to a Gardbrace, while Mystic is able to put on a Vambrace. Strikers gain lots of powerful burst damage through his fiery punches, being able to summon Echo Spirits to attack enemies from all sides. Mystic uses the magic of a Water Dragon to grant power for her kicks. Mystic while less bursty than Striker, she is more fluid, mobile, and very elegant in her devastating movements.

Archer (Crossbow) - Awakened Archer is able to use his Greatbow from level 1. Uses a wrist-mounted crossbow (similar to Vayne from League of Legends), and a powerful Greatbow to deal damage from afar. Lots of mobility and flashy Legolas-like movements. Very unpredictable with lots of kiting mechanics.

Lahn (Crescent Pendulum) - Awakened Lahn gains access to Blood Flow Blades. Very mobile class, the only one that is able to Fly around using her spells. Has very unique playstyle. Lahn slowly chips down enemy’s health attacking from all sides, slashing through everything on her way with moving AoE attacks.


As you can see - real game starts after you reach level 56, as at this level - your class becomes what it’s supposed to be. And sometimes, what you end up with a character that does not satisfy you. And you have to level up another character from 0, as you will need to purchase new weapons (armor can stay the same). Why should you wait to experience everything that a class has to offer if you just want to check, if a class is for you?


Level 56 - Level 60 - This is where grinding becomes hell. While it is quite easy to reach level 56, exp gain drops drastically each time you level up. The game becomes a huge grind-fest if you want to compete in end-game activities, which requires level 60, to not get smashed into pieces. At level 58, each mob, from difficult grind-spots will grant you about 0.002% exp, and at level 59, each mob will grant about 0.001%. So basically, to reach level 60 from level 58, you will have to kill over 150,000 mobs. It’s a lot of time, that is required JUST to compete against other players at a fair level, as at level 60 you gain access to all of your skills.


Not only that. Black Desert Online has NO LEVEL CAP. Which means that in theory, you should be able to reach level 100. In a thousand years or more. Killing enemies at level 60 grants you even less than 0.001% exp. And most players that commit to the game reach at least level 62 to get some extra accessories that can compete with best-in-slot TRI accessories. The road is long, and it’s hard.


Also, have in mind that if you die on a spot (which can happen if you are not skilled enough, or if somebody just decides to PK you, and mobs killed you with a last hit), you will lose your EXP. While at level 56 1% exp doesn’t mean much, imagine grinding for 0.1% exp at level 61 for 8 hours of mindless grind, just to lose it in few seconds. Yes. It hurts. And that’s why hiring a booster, seems like a good idea.


As you can see, reaching high level that lets you be more competitive, doing your part in Node and Siege Wars, takes a long time and commitment. And what about items, and enchanting? You will have to do everything anyway. In this fantasy world Grinding to level 60 is one of the most important things to do in Black Desert Online, and if you hire a booster, you will only have to worry about getting money, to finally enjoy the better part of BDO’s content. Don’t wait any longer, and think about your Black Desert Future today!.


There’s more to BDO Leveling


Leveling your character when it comes to standard level is not the only thing that you need to play this game effectively. There are many options, many in-game activities that make your life easier, but on these activities you will have to spend a lot of time to get them to considerable level to make them actually effective.


To actually level up your skills - you will need Skill points. That’s right, besides grinding and using your daily boosts for Leveling boosts, you will need to grind for Skill Points. You will need little above 2000 skill points to get your necessary skills, that will let you allow to compete against other players in Large Scale PvP scenarios. No leveling guide mentions this, but it’s important. You can’t avoid this part.


To access afk workers and support your other Life Skills like Farming, Cooking, Alchemy, Trading, and Proccessing, you will need Contribution Points. Contribution Points will allow you to house more workers and connect nodes. You can get contribution points through questing, and it’s pretty tedious considering the number of quests.


Trading on its own is one of the best skills for silver farming. It’s a great lifeskill, and you can level it up by playing actively, effectively powerleveling your proficiency, and there are many guides regarding this skill that you can search for. There are various methods to do level it up, but it will take more than an hour. It will take close to 1000 minutes of active gameplay, and you will be able to make it faster with buffs and more weight limit. You could pull this off by yourself, but you will have to spend some extra resources


To support your Gathering, access Night Vendor and get some handy exp buffs, you will need Energy. Energy can be gained by getting more knowledge on every aspect in the game, grinding spots, locations, npcs, creatures, activities, and more. Energy farm is sometimes highly dependant on luck, especially when you are going for creature knowledge.

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