Black Desert Online Witch Guide - All you need to know about BDO witch!

BDO Witch guide
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The time has finally come. Today is the day we are going to talk about the Witch Class. One of the most popular classes in 2019, a female counterpart to Wizard Class, and an absolute powerhouse in the hands of the right player. Are you that kind of player that can utilize her kit to its fullest potential, using her main weapon - staff? Let us find out! In this BDO Witch Guide, you will read everything that is important.


We will not mention leveling, addons, crystals, potions, potion rotation, essential quests, gear enhancement process, builds, food rotation, and skill build. This ain’t no crystal guide either. However, we will talk about skills, their usage, how to grind in pre-awakening form, which skills to use, awakening skills and how to use them, and of course specific guide on what role you should take in PvP scenarios, small or large. Near the end, as you take a longer view into things listed below - you will see that this guide feels complete. It’s focused more on specifics. One thing is certain - after you read this guide, with everything included here, you will be closer to taking names, and kicking some boss butts. Prepare your character slots for a new Witch in the house!

Table of Contents:

Why Everyone And Their Mom Plays Witch

Witch Pre-Awakening

Witch Awakening

Witch Open World + Large Scale PvP - Comprehensive Guide


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Why Everyone And Their Mom Plays Witch?

Most of the time in any game Spellcasters are one of the easiest classes if not the easiest classes to play. Usually - Large AoE attacks, one of the more powerful damage and utility in the game, they can stun, freeze in place, slow, sometimes smash a meteor at your location. Fun times basically. And while Witch class isn’t as exaggerated of a mage as in this description, she is the Black Desert Online’s version of a Spellcasting character, that will bring you joy even at a low level.


Witch is kind of a mixed bag when it comes to PvP. Let’s start with her dueling. Both Wizard and Witch fall into the same category when it comes to 1v1. You will either get the jump on the enemy by applying a cc, and then follow with the whole combo, hoping for your enemy to fall, or you will be in big trouble. The witch has a defensive skill on her Q so at least she falls better in that regard than Wizard, but it’s not that significant. 


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The small scale is a bit better, as when you are standing in a group of people who do their job pretty well, enemies have a harder time focusing on you, and you have a bit more chances to focus on them. And when you focus on them, well let’s say that Witch is a very destructive force to be reckoned with, but that’s not everything


Witch very well might be the best and the most OP class currently when it comes to Large Scale PvP Scenarios. Jesus Christ, what this lass can do on the battlefield when she is kept safe by her teammates is beyond words. At higher AP counts she can even spam her one ability, and even with reduced damage, when it’s on CD, a Witch that stands at the top of the castle during a siege, can just spam it and still be effective. Of course, she provides not only good damage and CC but some utility too. She has this special buff for every teammate in her party that she can use to increase stats, therefore - fighting prowess. Low Risk, Extremely High Reward character for anybody that just doesn’t want to think about every action and animation cancel. Very basic, very strong, powerful really, overpowered in Large Scale like a Node War for example. What else would you want from a Spellcasting class?


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BDO Witch Preawakening Skill Guide

Sage’s Memory

Status: Remove Cast Time on Any Preawakening Skill


This ability is truly amazing. It allows you to cast any skill without a cast-time requirement. The witch has skills like Meteor Shower or Blizzard, that put her into a Super Armor status, but lock her in casting animation for a few seconds. While in Large Scale PvP scenarios Witch can get away with it, hidden behind a group of teammates, in 1v1 and Small Scale PvP - this casting time can cause enemies to either kill you before you can cast your skill, or they will get away from your effective area leaving you basically unarmed, as no one was there to take your damage. 


Sage’s Memory will give you FIFTEEN seconds to cast your most damaging spells in your Preawakening arsenal. And since most of Witch’s skills provide lots of Crowd Control, that can Slow, Stiff, Stun, Knockdown - even in Preawakening form Witch can wreak havoc upon her enemies, she just has to be more careful than other classes.


Fireball + Fireball Explosion

Status: Quick Stiffness with Great Damage


One of the best Preawakening skills for Witch. It has a short cast time but it’s a powerful tool to use in the fight nonetheless. It’s a great poking ability that will Knockdown enemies in PvE, and Stiffen in PvP. 


Fireball Explosion is an extension to Fireball that will deal even more damage and Knock every type of enemy (but bossed) down, whether it’s PvE or PvP. It’s also a good idea to consider taking the addon that will give you a +15% chance to apply Down Smash with this ability, especially if you are considering taking part in 1v1 or Small Scale PvP scenarios. The damage is really high when you get to the Absolute, and it’s viable in top-tier PvP.

Earth’s Response

Status: Reposition + Fishing for Floating


This skill will move you to either side and cast a damaging Earth rupture that will Float enemies on good hits while applying a great chunk of damage. It can be used to slightly reposition yourself, maybe even surprise enemies that are in Forward Guard state, but in the end - who would do that against a Witch that you should just rush down. While it can reposition you nicely, and you can fish for an unexpected Float - it’s unprotected. Enemies will CC you out of existence if you use it recklessly in a fight. Don’t use this ability if you don’t have to. When used well - it can be a quick Crowd Control on your enemy. 

Meteor Shower



Definitely your hardest hitting ability in Preawakening. It has a long cast time that can be nullified by using Sage’s Memory. Casting this without Sage’s Memory will grant you Forward Guard during the loading time, and Super Armor when the cast time ends, during the entirety of the attack. It will apply Stiffness on good hits, it will Knockdown enemies when they get hit by the meteor in the center of the ability (with Knockdown being the longest Crowd Control in the game). This will also apply 360 Burn Damage over Time (60 damage every 3 seconds for 18 seconds). It has a very long-range, and this skill can open the window to a large number of combos. Especially useful on groups of unsuspecting enemies in Large Scale PvP scenarios. Using this skill with 200% Black Spirit Rage will absolutely decimate every pack of enemies, while granting you Super Armor status for the entire duration of the skill, during both cast and attack animations.



Status: Guided AoE Attack


Blizzard will also cast for a long time, unleashing a rain of icy spikes to damage enemies. While it will deal a huge amount of damage to single targets, when attacking more enemies (max 3 enemies) the damage respectively splits for each player. It won’t deal massive damage when unleashed on groups of enemies, but it’s amazing against a single enemy. It has a Forward Guard while casting, and it deals Extra Damage calculating from your Max MP. It can apply Freezing to your enemy slowing his Movement Speed. You will also be able to use your mouse to constantly change the area in which the skill is active.


Lightning Chain

Status: Great Utility and Unveiling Hidden Enemies


It’s great for early PvE but its power will drop off as soon as you get to grinding areas above lvl 40-45. After that, it will only be used in PvP, but only as a utility tool to slow down enemies, to apply a Stiff to them, or to scan for stealthed enemies. This skill will reveal any Ninja or Kunoichi that tries to get a jump on you or one of your teammates. The slow will be especially useful against any Sorceress that is dancing around in her endless Invincibility Frames. Use it for its utility or ditch it completely as the damage is abysmal, and this ability is unprotected. Risky, but rarely - can be useful for you and your guild members.


Lightning + Residual Lightning

Status: Long Range Surprise Stun Magic Tool


The range of this skill is enormous. While it won’t be that useful and noticeable and 1v1 PvP - it can be a great tool to stun enemies from a huge range, enemies that are not aware that they are your target. This ability will allow you to sneak in some nice kills and set-ups. Besides stun - this ability is a Down Attack, meaning that the damage will be multiplied by a certain amount if enemy is laying down on the ground, however the caching ability of this skill will rarely let you waste that on a Down Attack combo.

Residual Lightning is an extension of Lightning skill. It will deal more damage than Lightning itself, and apply a Bound to the enemy, reaching 1.7 value in Crowd Control Limit, allowing you to apply next Crowd Control (favorably - Knockdown). When your Lightning hits a Super Armored enemy, Residual Lightning will enable you for one more chance of applying a CC, so you can apply more CC and Damage, but you will have to be quick and hit-confirm your skills, so you don’t hit someone who will Super Armor every major ability from your kit.



Status: Super Armored Stiffness Crowd Control with Great Damage


The only downside to this skill is that it applies only Stiffness and the cast time is somewhat long (which can be skipped with Sage’s Memory). However, it will grant you Super Armor status, making you vulnerable either too large bursts of constant damage or Grapples. The damage, Crowd Control, and protection will outvalue the long cast time. This ability is also equipped with a Down Attack Multiplier.


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Frigid Fog

Status: You Shall Not Pass, But You Shall Freeze


A Super Armored move that will put your enemies in a Frozen state, locked within a block of Ice, making all actions impossible. Your enemy is just forced to stand as a block of Ice, watching as you are preparing your combo. However, if you decide on attacking your Frozen targets - the damage they take will be highly reduced. This skill will allow you to survive through the engages of your enemy (especially useful against unsafe Striker’s engagement tools), and lock them in place, so you can change position and gain more range. There’s more, thanks to desync and good timing - you can learn to apply Crowd Control to enemies or unleash damaging combos guaranteeing to hit some good damage with Meteor Shower for example. 



Status: Long Range Ice Block Lockdown


Same as Frigid Fog, but instead working as an AoE ability around you within a small radius, it works as a long-range projectile. A very inconsistent long large projectile. We have to thank either the poor ability design or the desync of the Black Desert Online system. Sometimes it will look like it should hit and it won’t hit, dissolving itself in the air, and sometimes it will hit someone who was few meters away from your targeted Freeze destination. It can hit 2 targets maximum, players or mobs, freezing them in place. It’s a great long-range ability that with proper timing can set up a powerful combo, or guarantee some hard hitters from your skill tree.


Dagger Stab

Status: Unexpected Shank in The Ribs


For some reason, Pearl Abyss decided to make a Mage character archetype, and give them a steel dagger so he can stab some enemies up close applying Stiffness. While it’s unprotected and risky, it can deal absolutely huge unsuspected damage with 100% Critical Hit Rate, especially when you use it during the enemy’s attack, as it will deal with increased damage thanks to Counter Attack multiplier. It’s stupid but it works sometimes. It’s always better to use Frigid Fog up close, to tank with Super Armor and Freeze someone to have time to gain some distance. If you manage to set up a kill with this skill, then there’s something wrong with you or your enemy. It’s simply too risky.


Magical Shield

Status: Shield Made of Magic + Resistances


Sacrifices your Mana and grants you Resistances (15% at Magical Shield IV), lowering damage taken and turning it into Mana Consumption. Extra Resistances will let you escape Crowd Control easily, with Grabs being the most important to resist.


Mana Absorption

Status: Mana Steal


Target your enemy, deal damage and steal the percentage of their Mana to fill your Mana pool. This ability also has a Stun with the last hit. 



Status: By Erection


If one of your teammates dies you will be able to resurrect them, so they don’t have to teleport to the closest Node or one of the Main Cities. 



Status: Invincible Move That Teleports You For A Good Amount Of Meters


Teleport is the main mobility skill of every Witch. It’s completely Invincible for the entire duration of the teleport, as Witch basically disappears from the map after a short cast time that will make you vulnerable for that half a second. You will also get +10 DP, and +10% Movement Speed for 10 seconds. After you get to the Ultimate: Teleport, you will be able to teleport twice. The main ability has 9-7 second cooldown, and Ultimate: Teleport has a 10-second cooldown.

Magical Evasion

Status: Unprotected Short Dash


The only reason to use this is for some pre-fight mobility. It’s completely unprotected, enemies will easily be able to apply Crowd Control. However, thanks to desync and your reaction time, it is possible to use this to dash out of the range of grab. Outside of that - it’s too risky to use an unprotected dash.


Protected Area

Status: The Strongest Ability In The Game Value-wise


Somehow, someone at Pearl Abyss through about giving Witch and Wizard skill, that would give them and their teammates in the area - a +999 DP buff for 8 seconds at ma level, with no drawbacks, with a short cast time completely protected by Super Armor status. DP might be not as important as Evasion, but damn does it reduce damage by a huge amount


Speed Spell

Status: Spell That Increases Speed


This ability will allow you to increase every speed-related statistic. Your Movement Speed, Casting Speed, and Attack Speed will be increased for a significant amount. Not only your stats but for a specific amount of friendly people around you too. 


Healing Aura

Status: Health Recovery For You Or Your Teammate


You can heal yourself or your party member for a certain percentage of Health Points. A handy tool, but it’s not protected at all.


Healing Lighthouse

Status: Area of Effect Heals


Heals you and others around you, as long as they are somehow affiliated with you in a non-hostile way. Your friends will be healed by 5-20% of their max HP per every tick, with this ability ticking three times. You yourself will get a better rate, as it does scale with your maximum WP, and it will regain your WP too. The only downside to this skill, is that it’s not protected, but if you manage to find time to use it on you and your party - it will make a huge difference.

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Spellbound Heart

Status: Regain MP


Basic MP regen skill. Nothing more, nothing less.

Magic Lighthouse 

Status: Attract Enemies and Lower Their Magic DP


Exactly what the status says. This ability will work as a classic taunt - bringing enemies to your position so you can slay them easily, and it will lower the Magic DP of your enemies by a decent amount. 

Mind training

Status: Base Statistics


Very cheap Casting Speed level. Take it for there’s no reason not to.


Infinite Mastery 

Status: Health Points


Seven Hundred Health Points and All Accuracy + 2 from level 50 to level 55. No reason not to take it. Health is an important resource, even 100 hp from base level can make a huge difference.


Skilled Hunter

Status: Increased AP Against Monsters


Helps in Grinding. And since grinding is a huge part of Silver Farming, and Skill Points are needed to get every skill you need (and you will need a little bit over 2000 Skill Points), so you will grind a lot in this game. Level up Skilled Hunter and kill mobs faster.

Rabam Skills


Rabam skills will allow you to connect two abilities with each other, that you can use in combat for enhanced battle prowess. They are available for players that reach level 56 and 57. There are four Rabam skills, and you will have to choose two of them. Which ones? First, let’s take a look at that little roster.


Sage’s Light

Status: Quick Utility Hea;


This ability will require you to have Sage’s Memory and Healing Lighthouse IV. It’s a very fast way of healing yourself and friendly players around you, as well as regaining some WP. It works in the same manner as basic Healing Lighthouse but it’s faster and it removes the initial cast time. Very good to take in the beginning.

Sage’s Thunder

Status: Quick Burst of Damage and a Stun


Recommended for advanced Witches that know how to play properly and have high AP count, near the soft cap, maybe a little above. When you decide that you don’t really need a quick Healing Lighthouse, and you would like to get some more damage with Down Attack and Stun capabilities - it might be a good idea to get Sage’s Thunder instead.



Swift Earthquake

Status: Super Armor With Good Damage And Critical Hit Rate


This is the go-to of many Witches out there for a good reason. This ability grants Super Armor, it deals a nice chunk of damage, and it has a 50% Critical Hit Rate, that the other 57 Rabam doesn’t have. You will end up with this Rabam as 99% of Witches have. It has the same Super Armor Status, but this one deals more damage and is a bit faster (the only drawback is shorter Super Armor cuz of the length of the ability itself).


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Trembling Thunder

Status: Slower Swift Earthquake With Less Damage


The only upside to this skill is that it’s slower than Swift Earthquake, and since Super Armor lingers during the entire duration of this ability - the Super Armor status is just longer.

Almost every Witch will start with Sage’s Light and Swift Earthquake. After soft cap some will switch to more damage and Stun Crowd Control that Sage’s Thunder provides, but this will be your choice. Swift Earthquake will be always better than Trembling Thunder.

Witch Awakening Skill Guide


Detonative Flow

Status: Very Reliable Ability to Catch People Off-Guard 


Witch’s main power comes from her range. Many classes, even those that have increased Magic DP, like Striker or Mystic, will find some trouble in approaching you if you are smart enough. While Witch is not as mobile as other classes, she can keep people away with her damage and Crowd Control abilities. Detonative Flow is an excellent stay-away tool, with a cooldown of 5 seconds, that will allow you to catch people off-guard from a distance, applying a Float, which is one of the best Crowd Controls in the game, as it’s hard to build resistances against it. This skill can be used on cooldown, but will have reduced damage, and won’t apply any Crowd Control. 

Keep in mind that this skill is unprotected, so it has to be used with caution, as good players will find that perfect frame to apply their Super Armor, nullify your Crowd Control and close the gap to punish you for reckless usage of your skillset.


Voltaic Pulse

Status: Super Armored Down Attack


One of your heavy hitters in Awakening state. This is also our 200% Black Spirit Rage ability, and when used at max level - it very well maybe one of the most if not the most damaging ability in the entire game. But you will rarely find yourself in a situation, where you have 200% Black Spirit Rage to spare, as it requires the willingness and trust of your guildmates or party members. This skill has Super Armor, you won’t get CCd, the damage you take will be reduced, making this a safe option. It will Bound enemies on good hits and it’s a Down Attack. It’s a decent move to use if you put yourself in a situation when you are surrounded and want to avoid CC and damage. 


Equilibrium Break

Status: Forward Guard Tool with Damage


Good in PvE to avoid heavy hits and apply Crowd Control to mobs. Sadly, the CC counterpart is removed against other players, so it only provides Damage and Forward Guard. It’s a nice skill to have as a form of self-defense. Good players might punish this. Use it only when you are sure that your enemy is rushing directly at you from the front to get in your face. The cast time and lack of Crowd Control will make it easy for experienced players to quickly get behind your back, completely avoiding your Forward Guard state. It’s also a Down Attack, and with its Flow: Gorr Launch, it can be used mid-combo for a nice chunk of damage on a downed enemy player in PvP scenarios.

Yoke of Ordeal

Status: Front Guard Hard Hitting Defensive Tool


The strongest defensive tool in the Witch’s skill tree. It’s a Forward Guard ability that will Knock enemies back in PvP, pushing them away from you. This skill can be considered to be the skill that has the most impact when combined with Toxic Flood, as you will be able to cast this behind your enemy, and successfully knock them into the Toxic Flood for enormous damage and hard-hitting poisoned status. Again you will have to be wary of the possibility of enemies avoiding your Forward Guard and punishing you from behind, that will slap your ass cheeks into oblivion and beyond.



Status: Stupidly Powerful Debuff


I hate this skill and love it at the same time. This ability will slow down an enemy in every action he takes for 10 seconds by half. -50% Attack Speed, -50% Movement Speed, -50% Casting Speed. Very useful in 1v1 PvP scenarios, and against troublesome enemies in Large Scale Node Wars or Sieges. The slow that applies to every action is very powerful, as it allows you to basically fight against enemies like in minor bullet-time, in which you move and attack about twice as fast as your enemy. The animation is rather quick and your enemy will have to predict this skill with Invincibility Frame or Forward Guard, as even in Super Armor - this debuff will apply. So learn every iFrame and Forward Guard of every class, and apply this debuff left and right when they have these statuses on cooldown.


Fissure Wave

Status: Unprotected Defensive Tool With Great +100% Black Spirit Rage Damage


Very risky ability to use, thanks to the lack of any protection, so it should be used from a considerate distance, and even from a larger distance when our enemy can close the gap in a blink of an eye. It will Knockback enemies in PvP, and slightly lower their Attack and Casting Speed for 10 seconds, applying -10% debuff. This skill will sometimes randomly miss thanks to uneven terrain, making it even less safe than it already is. It’s useful for grouping up mobs, as it has a nice vacuum effect.


Thunder Storm

Status: Amazing Super Armored Awakening Ability


Super Armor ability with absolutely great damage thanks to +100% Critical Hit Rate. It will lower the Movement Speed by 20% for 10 seconds for every target and apply Stun on good hits, but it will stun only monsters. Not a bad skill to use in PvP, it’s one of our main abilities for a good reason. It can be used to trade Super Armor, it can be used as a Super Armor routine. 


Toxic Flood

Status: Great Combo with Flow: Gorr Roll


Toxic Flood will create a large pool of highly succulent, and poisonous toxic waste, gathered from the greatest corners of modern Chernobyl. It will deal a decent amount of damage and apply a poisoned status that will deal damage over time. Toxic Flood lingers in one place for a long time and people have to stand in it to get damaged. This is why the best-case scenario for you is to either cast it just before you are going to apply a CC that you know that will hit, or to use it, and then follow up with Flow: Gorr Roll. FLow: Gorr Roll will push back enemies, hit by hit, applying somewhat of a mini stuns when enemies are trying to move forward, and if you can push your enemy into the toxic waste, expect either a ton of damage, or your enemy growing a second head (that’s how Berserkers are made).


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Flow: Gorr Roll

Status: Extension To Yoke of Ordeal


Summon Gorr after you cast Yoke of Ordeal to deal an additional 100% damage of Yoke of Ordeal approximately. Both skills will push your enemy away when Knockback successfully applies to your enemy. As mentioned before it combos very well with Toxic Flood ability.


Flow: Gorr Launch

Status: Equilibrium Break Damage Extension


Double the damage of Equilibrium Break. Has a +50% Critical Hit Rate and it works as a Down Attack, applying more damage if your target is on the ground. 


Summon: Keeper Gorr + Summon: Keeper Tett

Status: Melee Danger Pet + Ranged Danger Pet


Each Pet can be summoned on the go, and it will stay with you for 30 minutes. The cast of summoning itself will grant you Super Armor status. You can command your pet to attack your opponents or follow you. On good Attacks both Gorr and Tett can apply Stiffness to your enemy if you are lucky. While the damage of their basic attacks are abysmal, each pet will unlock a flow to a basic Awakening, providing you most of the time with additional damage, damage increased through +50% Critical Hit Rate, and Down Attack Multipliers. 


Flow: Rage Tett

Status: Powerful Thunderstorm Flow


Since Thunderstorm is one of the main abilities you will use over and over as Witch. While it’s very powerful by itself, Flow: Rage Tett will make it even stronger with an additional portion of Damage, +25% Critical Hit Rate, and Down Attack capabilities. 


Flow: Voltaic Tett

Status: Flow for Voltaic Pulse


Same story as almost every Flow in Witch’s Awakening Skill Tree, it will deal additional damage with increased Critical Hit Rate, and Down Attack. No reason not to use it. It’s true that this is a bit boring as most flows will just give you additional damage and maybe one short animation after the hit, but what else would you expect from a Mage archetype class?

Witch PvP Guide (basics)


Witch is a typical caster like in any other MMORPG. She will cast powerful Area of Effect skills that will either Control the Crowd with powerful CC, or decimate them with pure devastating damage. Black Desert Online has no classic support classes, and both Witch and Wizard are there purely for damage and utility in a form of debuffs and Crowd Control, but that doesn’t mean that Witch can’t provide utility for their teammates in the form of buffs. Witch has abilities to buff her teammates with an enormous DP buff, Speed buff, or Health Recovery abilities like Lighthouse. 


With that being said - Witch is a very important asset to every Large Scale PvP scenario. Her Meteor Shower and Blizzard abilities are great for poking, dishing out damage for large groups of enemies and controlling the enemy movement, especially useful before engaging to wear off the enemy. Combined with Sage’s Memory - it can be used in skirmishes as well, but there are better skills to use during skirmishes that will provide great damage and utility that will be useful to every party or guild member of yours. 


Because of your lack of protected mobility, outside of Teleport skill, the most important thing for you will be positioning and skill management, when it comes to either Crowd Control or Super Armor + Forward Guard combos. In Large Scale PvP scenarios, a skilled Witch player will move outside the main fight, casting abilities from the sidelines, while cycling through her Super Armor skills when someone heads over to her. Almost every roaming and flanking Musa, Ninja, Kunoichi, Striker or Valkyrie will focus on finding the most dangerous target to remove it from the fight, so every Witch will want to watch her surroundings at all times, keeping in mind that she is the main target almost in every scenario. The witch has a huge range advantage - slowly learn to abuse that through experience, through a series of failures.


It is important to learn proper combos that will let you cycle through your Super Armor and Forward Guard statuses hidden in your abilities. You will want to rotate 8 skills in a row, Voltaic, Thunderstorm, Swift Earthquake, Earthquake, Frigid Fog, Pet Summon, Yoke of Ordeal, Equilibrium Break and so on. However, keep in mind that while Super Armor greatly reduces damage taken - standing in one place, taking damage in Super Armor can still kill you, so you should find a way to disengage with Crowd Control (Frigid Fog for example) and Ultimate: Teleport to swiftly back away to change locations.


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Witch 1v1 PvP Guide


Here are some rules, and they won’t make your life easier...lack of a Grab in Witch’s kit forces her to be reactive. While this class is easy to play it’s very hard to master, maybe even harder than any other class in the game. The main reason for this is that Witch and Wizards are pretty straightforward. Classes like Lahn, Warrior, Striker have tools for different approaches that they can use in different scenarios. Witch is basic, abuse range, poke with hard-hitting spells and try to Crowd Control your enemy before he can do it to you. Lack of protected mobility other than Invincible Teleport doesn’t make it easier. You will depend on your resistance most of the time, so sometimes all about random numbers as you have just started to realize.


Witch will react to enemy movements and actions. Knowledge about your class and skills will not be enough. Some classes can focus entirely on their kit and do what they want through Super Armor dashes and gap-closers to catch the enemy off-guard. Knowledge is power for a Witch main. You will have to study each matchup and scenario in which you might end up. You will have to know what to do when Striker decides to engage you with Nimbus Strike. It’s all about the knowledge of Super Armor skills, engages, and movements so you can read your opponent like a book. There’s literally no point to list every possible scenario against every possible class, as it would take hundreds of hours of research, also keep in mind that new techniques and playstyles are still being developed and put out there.


 You can learn the classes and it will come with experience. You will have to spend hours upon hours on the arena to practice against every class to truly learn how to react. It’s a series of fails and harsh lessons that will truly make you understand how to play Witch in 1v1 PvP. Put yourself in harsh situations to learn how to adapt and use your skills on the go. Hop on the arena with one of your guild members, do a long PvP session, see what skills work in a certain situation, get to know the enemy class, why your Crowd Control didn’t work, why you got grabbed, and how the enemy closed the gap between you so fast, leading to a devastating combo that managed to one-shot you? Put yourself out there and learn, for no guide will be as effective as pure experience and lots of failures.


PvP in Black Desert Online, especially on top-level where you can’t afford to make any mistakes, as those will lead you to combos that one-shot you - is all about predicting skills, and reacting to them accordingly. It’s like a classic Fighting Game, think of Tekken or Mortal Kombat series. If two players are equally skilled, and they know in-and-outs of both characters clashing against each other - it will all come down to baiting out or waiting for mistakes and punishing them. It’s all up to you to recognize the situation and punish the mistake accordingly. 

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General rule of thumb - against classes with grab you will want to kite, punish mistakes, poke, and fish for Long Range Crowd Control. With a limited movement that Witch class it will be near impossible to kite the most mobile classes in the game like Musa and Maehwa, but knowledge and experience will help multiple times in that regard. Almost every situation has a way out, you just have to recognize it, and adapt. If you are a turret-caster you will get your ass kicked really fast, movement is important against every class. You will want to drag out the fight as long as you can to measure your enemy, learn their favourite engages, how they react when you get full on close, how they react when you disengage.


Muscle memory is everything sometimes, in a stressful situation - a player will use his favourite easy and reliable combo. Find it, and learn to punish it. You should easily find the opening if you study the gameplay. Learn your skill tree and what it can do, learn your enemy, put yourself in hard situations and learn how to make them work in your favor.

This is the end of the Black Desert Online Witch Guide 2019. I hope that it was a good read, and through this guide - you will motivate yourself to study not only this class alone, but all classes in the entire game, to learn how to play against them. If you want to gain more knowledge this way - check out our Black Desert Online Class Guide on our site. We have general notes about every class available in the game, and specific guides like this one, about each class, are in the making. Stay with us and prepare to walk the road of greatness. 


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Take your time to write a short review for all Witches to display and join the discussion. Maybe you have some bonus note due to the updated game after the latest patch? Maybe to our bad luck - Kakao Games changed the content of this class? Maybe it’s not worth it to play Witch like that? Maybe they play her differently on the Korean server. Who knows? Now go, fill your character slot with a nice-looking Witch and leave your mark on the history of this wonderful title. Find some AP accessories on the marketplace, strong weapons and armor, and wreak havoc on your enemies.


See you on the Red Battlefield Traveler!


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I like play as witch, there is about they skills
4 years ago
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