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BDO Warrior Guide
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bdo warrior guide

Warrior is a highly defensive class early on, bearing a Longsword in one hand, and a shield in the other. Very boring at first, many skills literally make you animation-locked. This class lacks mobility, for the cost of amazing defensive capabilities. After getting through the boring part, and reaching Awakening, you will get a Greatsword. We believe that after reading this BDO Warrior Guide you will be able to play more effectively.

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Greatsword changes a very defensive warrior into a force to be reckoned with. This class has a high skill ceiling, meaning that it’s very hard to master, but after you get to know the class, and learn all the tricks you will be able to surprise everyone with your sudden and unexpected mobility, self-perseverance abilities and enormous burst. A good Warrior will be able to carry fights, and a lot of Warriors lately are at the top of the list when it comes to kills during Wars and Sieges at the top level. Warrior is the class you will be always able to depend on.


Have in mind that Warrior is heavily reliant on animation cancellation, which means that you won’t be effective enough on a higher level if you have trouble with fps or latency. Warrior combos are one of the hardest and most complicated combos to carry out in the entire game, and they are heavily dependant on proper timing.

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Warrior used to be in a “god-tier”, in both Small Scale and Large Scale PvP scenarios, even in duels he could’ve been unstoppable. Unfortunately, after crowd-control changes from the first half of 2018, the warrior became a bit unprotected and now it’s harder to pull off certain combinations properly. Now he doesn’t stand a chance on frontlines against other classes as well as he did before and has to really work to earn his little victories. He lacks the mobility and defense but still can wreak havoc on the battlefield in other ways. The warrior still manages to dish out a large portion of damage, but is less protected during his attacks, and therefore has to be used with caution.


This is why he will do a little bit better as a flanking class, that goes in hard behind enemy lines. He is not the best at it but is still quite good. It is a jack-of-all-trades class, but still - not the best jack-of-all-trades in the game. There are way better options when it comes to classes for Large Scale PvP, but one good Warrior can still make a huge difference on the battlefield if he knows what he’s doing. After all, the strongest Warriors are often still at the top of k/d scale after Node Wars and Sieges.

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Warrior Pre-Awakening Skill Guide

Heavy Strike

Status: Locked


Attacks your enemies with a horizontal strike. Long wind-up, locks you in an animation, deals some damage that is not worth it in the end. Has a laughable passive addon at the end of its tree, that heals you for 0,1% hp for each enemy hit. Bonus 5/10/15 Bleeding Damage every 3 seconds for 18 seconds, which is basically worthless. This skill should be locked and never used. It’s not worth it



Status: Locked


This one allows you to consume your HP, to recover WP. The recovery is bad, the rate is even worse in my opinion. It’s definitely not worth it to use this skill. Who would want to ditch extra HP points, to WP that can be easily regained without locking yourself in Meditation animation? Lock it away and forget about it. Let it rot.



Status: Locked


Just a normal kick. Some damage, air smash, down smash. Lock it away as it can get in your way when you want to use the next skill that is…


Chopping Kick

Status: Use for Cancels


This one is important if you want to learn combos. It’s a cancel move that should be used between other more important moves. Also, Bounds anyone that has no Super Armor Status when it’s used Off Cooldown. Don’t use it for anything else, just for animation cancel.



Status: Locked


This one is used only during PvE, as it’s an iFrame move that will work only when fighting mobs on grinding areas. Using this during a PvP fight is a suicide, so you should have it locked most of the time. You can use it before your World PvP is activated when you are fighting stronger mobs, but otherwise - don’t use it.


Soul of Warrior

Status: Passive


10% free attack speed increase obtained upon reaching level 20. Get this. Attack Speed is sweet.


Piercing Spear

Status: High Priority


Piercing Spear is the only long-range skill in the Warrior’s arsenal. It has a good range, applies Stiffness debuff on the enemy, and it does so in a large radius. High priority, as it lets you get closer to the enemy, thanks to a slow. Also, if the enemy has Enemy Effects turned on in his graphics options, the dust created in a place where Piercing Spear lands may obscure vision for a short duration.


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Shield Strike

Status: Locked


High cast time, no debuffs, animation lock, you have a Longsword in your other hand, so why are you using a shield that has no spikes on it? Lock it and forget about shield-play.


Charged Shield Strike

Status: Just don’t


There’s no reason to use this skill. It provides a stun but your enemy will run away before you are able to fully charge it. Useless.


Frenzied Dash

Status: No


Looks great, doesn’t work. No damage. No Super Armor. Not even Frontal Guard. Nothing. If you are using this - stop. Please.


Scars of Dusk

Status: Before Awakening


This is the best skill for PvE before you reach the awakening. The damage is not that great for its cast time, but it gets you a +10 DP buff that lingers for 15 seconds, so it’s useful. After the awakening, it’s not worth it to use it. Also, this skill is an absolute beast in the Shadow Arena.


Forward Slash

Status: Must Have


Great movement tool for immobile Warrior. The damage is not important. It’s a pure movement skill that can be used as a Cancel, as it cancels out other skills. Use in combos, use for some mobility. Must have.


Sideways Cut

Status: Optional for Movement


Just as the status says, the damage is not important, use it only for movement. Leaves you unguarded so it’s not really worth it in the long run.


Counter + Force Slash

Status: Optional


Upward swing with a short delay that provides you Frontal Guard before you attack, and floats enemies Off Cooldown. Mainly used for movement purposes. This attack is quite surprising and can catch enemies off-guard. Optional, you can use it, you don’t have to.


Spinning Slash

Status: Optional


Both with Scars of Dusk it’s one of the key abilities during the pre-awakening form of Warrior. Useful in PvE for some DPS. Has a high cost if you want to max it out. It can be done, but it’s not your priority.


Whirlwind Slash

Status: Important


Very important skill during your combos for movement, and it can be used after you swap between main and awakening weapon


Take Down + Apprehend + Instant Grapple

Status: Top Priority


Grab ability. Probably one of the most if not the most important thing in every character’s kit. Especially when it comes to Warrior. Taking your enemy down basically enables you to deal the most amount of damage afterward, and if you know your combos and you have high AP count, you will be able to one-shot almost anybody. Also, when you take someone down, enemies close to your target will get a bound status.



Status: Very Important


Blocking is one of the most important things for Warrior. It provides you with a short DP buff, and blocks damage. You can move back and forward when you are guarding, and the movement speed during that depends on the rank of the skill. Get this if you want to bill just a little bit more mobile when you are blocking in your pre-awakened form.


Hilt Smash + Shield Counter + Furious Blow

Status: Please don’t


After the block, you are able to stun somebody. Sounds great but doesn’t work. There are many other options you can do instead that are way more profitable. This one can actually get you killed, as your cc might not work, or not even hit at all due to its short range. The rest of this tree is not good either, even though it can apply a Stiff. Shield Counter is optional, but I don’t recommend it really.


Shield Charge

Status: Very Important


A very important skill for various reasons. Frontal Guard lingers through the entire animation and leaves you in guarding stance after the skill has been cast. Stiffens your enemies on good hits. It is great for movement and you are able to cancel out of other skills when you use that. Important AF.

Shield Push

Status: Do not use


I forbid you. Not worth it. Useless.


Charging Slash

Status: Can be Locked


In my whole Warrior career, I haven’t found any use for this skill. No additional CC, buffs, or debuffs. Doesn’t cancel into anything, can’t be really used in a combo. Damage is still lackluster, even in Absolute. You shouldn’t find time to use this skill. I haven’t and locked it.


Deep Thrust

Status: Important


Get this one and its Ultimate form. It’s very useful due to several things. It has a knockback that can be a very strong form of cc, It’s an air smash, and it can cancel the animation during your combos. Anything that is a Cancel is important.


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Jump Thrust + Double Jump Thrust + Exploding Jump Thrust

Status: Important for Movement


Very useful with quite high priority. Used mainly for mobility, and can be used to maneuver when you are faced with descending from certain heights, as this skill lets you skip the fall animation, which otherwise could have killed you. Just for that reason, this series of skills has a high priority.


Charging Thrust + Double Dash

Status: Run For Your Life


This is your free ticket out of the combat. When shit hits the fan, you turn around and run. This skill lets you cover huge ground in a short time, as long as you don’t hit anything on your way to safety. It has a frontal guard status so in some instances you will be able to run through the pack of enemies unscratched. Also, avoid running into people, it forces you into an animation that will lock you in a place, but you should be good if you use any of the Cancels.


War Cry

Status: Kind of Useless


Small DP debuff, that works as a taunt on PvE mobs, can be used but doesn’t really stack with anything. Used mostly for BMing.



Status: Important


Small DP debuff but actually useful. It has a large radius which means that it can be used to gather PvE enemies around you, and you can get lots of value if you use it on a large pack of Players. If you hit 10 players with it you get 100 DP value for 10 seconds. Which is nice.


Ground Smash

Status: Important


A very good skill to use. It can be used in a combo if you reach Ground Smash IV, which you should. It Bounds enemies, It can be used as a Down Smash, and has a very nice Movement Speed debuff of -40% for 10 seconds. Also, please don’t use the ultimate form, the damage is not worth it for a longer animation lock that can get you killed.


Ground Slash

Status: Locked


It’s basically useless in a fight. It becomes useful only in Shadow Arena for some DPS.


Fitness Training

Status: Must Have


Free stats. Max HP +200, Melee DP +6, Magic DP + 7, Ranged DP + 7. Always max this out. Always.


Infinite Mastery

Status: Must Have


Free HP and Accuracy. No reason not to take it.


Skilled Hunter

Status: Important


It helps in grind but really not that much. If you have some spare points you can get it. Max level increases AP against Monsters +15.


You can leave the important passives, like maximum HP ones that are at the bottom of the main skill tree. Pick maybe 2-3 mobility skills like Forward Slash, Deep Thrust or Shield Charge, take your big-ass sword and grind.


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Warrior Awakening Guide

Awakening: Goyen’s Great Sword

Status: Swap and Cancel


This basically enables you to switch between your Main and Awakening Weapons by pressing the “C” key. It has some hidden mechanics to it. When you hold “C+Q” you will be able to swap your weapons while maintaining your blocking position. Not only that, but it can be used as a cancel. For example in this short-chain “Reckless Blow > Swap > Gravedigging”.

Great Sword Defense

Status: Very Important


Remember how I said previously that Warrior is a highly defensive class? Warrior lacks the mobility of other classes, so not only you have to keep positioning in mind, but movement, and possible attacks of your enemies too. When you are not attacking or moving you should be blocking. It keeps you safe, increases all of your resistances (except Grapple Resistance), has a forward guard, and also provides you with a good amount of stats for the next 10 seconds. You will be using this skill at least once each 10 seconds that pass during your grinding. 10 seconds of basically DP +20, and AP+26 for standing still, guarding yourself with your sword should boost your damage for the next 3-4 groups if you are fast enough.

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Burning Moxie

Status: Buff and WP Recovery


Recovers your WP +200, and all DP +20 for 10 seconds. This ability has a 10-second cooldown, so it’s the same case as Great Sword Defense. Not only you can have this up 24/7, but when you know you will need that extra DP in a fight - you can get it just like that. Use it before every engage that can get messy. And if you somehow run out of WP, then you can use that too. Quick cast, free stats every 10 seconds what more should I say? Ah yes, it works as an animation cancel in some instances.


Status: Super Armored Buff


A buff that almost every class has (E buff). It has a long cooldown (3 minutes) and lasts for 30 seconds. When you are using this skill you get Super Armor status, it greatly reduces the damage you take and makes you immune to cc. After the usage you will get Attack Speed +30%, Movement Speed +40%, All Resistance +40%. Basically lets you do everything faster, avoid damage in certain situations, and makes you a bit safer when you are going in hard and want to avoid getting CC’d. Attack Speed and Movement Speed increase really make a huge difference in movement, increasing dash speed, and additional attack speed will make your combos much faster.

Solar Flare

Status: Initiator


Solar Flare is Warrior’s main opening ability that should be used at the beginning of a combo, ideally after the grab. There are a few reasons why you should initiate with this skill when you begin your attack. This attack has an attack speed addon that will help you dish out the damage faster when you are using the next attacks in your combo. Has +100% Critical Hit Rate so it can hit like a truck. Stiffens your enemies on good hits. And it applies 2 separate Damage Over Time debuffs on your enemy - Bleeding Damage, and Burn Damage. Setting this up before your combo will greatly enhance the damage dealt during the whole duration of your fight, and it’s ideal to keep the enemy’s hp slightly dropping every three seconds.


Head Chase

Status: Movement


Your main movement tool and the only warrior’s “true” dashy-dash. While Warrior has other movement skills and some truly ridiculous combos that make you dash unnaturally, this is your only true dash. You can dash forward, backward, and to the sides. Your forward dash can be blocked by collision with enemies, while the other ways make you impervious. Each rank increases the travel distance. Head Chase can be used all the time despite its 2-second cooldown, but when you use it Off Cooldown you will be invincible during the dash animation. No damage, no CC. Unless there’s some input bug, what happens sometimes.



Status: Main Damage


Deals a lot of damage, and applies cc with each on its 2 hits on good hits. The first hit is an Upward Slash that will apply Float to the enemy, and second Downward Strike will Bound on a good hit. Has 100% Crit Rate and boosts your DP +20 for 10 seconds when you use the skill.

Balance Strike

Status: Movement


High-speed dash that can hit enemies for some damage and Stiffens on good hits. But you will be using this to approach enemies, completely ditching the damage and cc part. No one wants to stay close to a warrior, so you will have to work for that.


Grave digging

Status: Main Damage


Now, this is the “real shit”. This is your bread and butter Awakening Skill with amazing damage, stats, and debuffs. What should I start with? With the right addon, it will deal a huge Pain Damage Over Time every 3 seconds. It deals huge damage by itself. It has a 100% Critical Hit Rate. It’s a Super Armor move, so the damage you take will be reduced and you are immune to CC. It applies a huge debuff to the enemy stats. Movement Speed -30%, Attack Speed -30% and Casting Speed -30%, each for 10 seconds on good hits, and this skill has an 8-second cooldown. It’s also amazing in PvE, as it bounds on good Smash Attacks, deals huge damage, and with a proper PvE addon - it heals you with each hit.



Status: Heal and Frontal Guard


This is the main healing skill in your kit. It deals some damage and heals you for a good amount of hp. It becomes really powerful when it comes to healing after unlocking Flow Skill.


Reckless Blow

Status: Main Damage


I know I already said that Gravedigging is the bread and butter ability, but god this skill does have so much oomph in it. It’s a charged attack with huge damage with 100% Critical Hit Rate, It grants Super Armor status while charging, and it applies a Knockdown on good hits. This is the most intimidating skill when it comes to both visuals and animation. It looks amazing, and I picked Warrior solely for the looks of this attack. I’m serious. This shit can chop someone’s head off. At least it looks like it. There’s no dismemberment system in Black Desert Online. But if it was - this skill would definitely give the best effect.


Armor Break

Status: Early Debuff


Used as an early debuff in your combo. It doesn’t have good damage, but the Stiffness on good hits and All DP -30 for 10 seconds debuff for your enemy really makes a difference.

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Flow: Knee Kick

Status: Cancel


Used mainly for canceling skills during combos. Apples Stiffness on good hits and has a sweet Attack Speed -20%, and Casting Speed -20% debuffs for 10 seconds. And some decent damage too.


Flow: Hilt Strike

Status: Flow


It’s a basic flow for Balance Strike. It allows for a faster transition into other skills, as all flows.


Flow: Overwhelm

Status: Flow


A flow with a very nice +10% increase to Down Attack for 10 seconds. Technically useful, but used mainly as a tool, so your skills flow faster.


Flow: Pulverize

Status: Heal


Standard Pulverize already heals a bunch, but this one is a real kicker. It has a forward guard during the extension, for its whole duration. Deals damage equal to that of Pulverize x6. And the most important part of this flow - it can heal you 150 HP per every good hit. This means that every enemy hit with this skill will heal you for 150 HP that you get instantly.


Flow: Ankle Break

Status: CC


Weak damage but that’s not what makes this skill useful. It’s a combo extender that connects different attacks, it Bounds on good hits, it works as a Down Attack that can Down Smash enemies in PvP. Also - another one of Warrior’s Movement Speed debuffs at -30% for 10 seconds on good hits.


Slashing The Dead

Status: Finisher


This is your Finisher in PvP. During this attack, the damage from our bread-and-butter skill Gravedigging is increased 4 times, in both of its hit instances, for both spin and smash attack hit. It has 100% Critical Hit Rate, your character does not collide with any enemies literally spinning in the air right through them. Also, Warrior gains Super Armor status during the animation, which means that any damage taken during the skill usage will be reduced, and any CC applied to Warrior at that moment will be ignored.


Warrior Gear Guide

Gearing in Black Desert Online is very simple. You have Armor pieces and Accessories that fit every class, and 3 weapons, each different for each class (there are some exceptions). There are many choices when it comes to gearing before you get Best-in-Slot items but item build looks roughly the same on every class. Take a look at this small chart below to see how to progress efficiently:


1.Any Starting Weapons, Armor, and Accessories you can get

2.Main and Off-hand Weapons at least at PRI

3.Early Armor Set at PRI

4.Asula Accessories






10.Dim Tree Spirit




Keep in mind that some things can be switched, and you should slowly start switching Accessories around the time when you are finished with your 3 Boss Weapons, like switching from Asula set to Witch Earrings, Rings of Crescent Guardian/Red Coral Rings, Ogre Ring etc. Just don’t focus on enchanting them to TRI levels, cuz you can dump lots of silver to get nothing in the end.   


Main Weapon

There are a lot of choices available. But there are only a few weapon types that you should focus on. You should focus on getting a main-hand weapon that will grant you the most efficiency in grinding, as you don’t even want to try PvP without Best-in-Slot Boss weapon.


Green Grade Weapons (early):

Yuria Longsword - Yuria weapons were meta for a huge amount of time. And I’m not exactly sure why. It shined in places where you would fight Humanoid mobs. It can be used but is outclassed by every other Main weapon listed below. If you want to go for something quite decent for early pre-awakening levels, then this should be your choice. But it has only one crystal slot so you get fewer possibilities.


Rosar Longsword - This one is the meta pick for most players. And for a good reason. The most AP from those standard Green Grade weapons. Due to its stats, it can be used for PvP, but as I mentioned before, it’s not worth it to join PvP without boss items.


Bares Longsword - My favorite Green Grade weapon for any class. It’s the main grinding weapon. Even though it has lower AP than Rosar, its grinding bonuses. As I don’t recommend joining the PvP scene, this is, in my opinion, the best weapon for anyone looking for faster progress. Grinding = progress in Black Desert Online. You want to get to level 56 ASAP, and you can get some good amount of silver by grinding, even in low-level areas. This weapon is just the best for the job in the beginning


Blue Grade Weapons (can be omitted):

Liverto Longsword - This is a controversial choice. People’s opinions on this weapon are mixed. If you have resources in a form of silver you can get this weapon to get a nice damage boost, as it has the same AP count as BiS weapon. In my opinion, it’s really not worth it, since to actually level this up by yourself and regain max durability if you fail can be quite costly. For the price of getting this weapon to TRI, you can just get your own Boss Weapon.


Gold Grade Weapons (must have):

Kzarka Longsword - this is the best weapon type you can get currently in the game. It drops from a World Boss -Kzarka in a handy chest that will spawn this weapon in your inventory. The type of the weapon depends on the class that you open your Kzarka Chest with. It has the most AP count, and the bonuses you get from this weapon are the best in the business. Attack Speed and Casting Speed are increased by 3, with extra 10 damage for all species, and every enchantment will increase its AP, Accuracy, damage to species and extra AP against monsters for any level above PRI. This is the most important Boss item, and you should focus on getting this one first.


Off-hand Weapon

Green Grade Weapons

Axion Shield - This is a pure AP offhand for a Warrior. As I focused mainly on level growth, therefore grinding speed and efficiency I went with this one. This is not the best early shield in the game but it suited my situation. If you have some good DP count, lots of silver in the storage to upgrade your offhand to a boss weapon, lack of best early shield won’t hurt as much. I just like to focus on AP early, that’s my playstyle and it may not work for you.


Vangertz Shield - This is the best early offhand that I mentioned above. Vital shield for early PvP if you want to do it so bad. Actually, it’s so good that you can use it in the endgame if you are not able to get Boss Offhand somehow. Good stats, lots of accuracy, lower AP than Axion, but more value cuz of overall stats added by the item.


Gold Grade Weapons

Offhand Weapons don’t have one single best item, as there are two. One is suited for PvE, the other one is suited for PvP (at high AP count PvP suited one becomes better in PvE than the PvE centered one).


Kutum Shield - This should be your first Off-Hand Boss Weapon after you decide to switch from Vangertz or Axion Shield. The main reason why you are getting this first is that it has an enormous bonus to damage dealt with mobs. It grants both AP and DP. It’s not for PvP, but since you need lots of AP/DP to be competitive in PvP this will give you the best progress towards building your resources to get everything you need.


Nouver Shield - This is your PvP shield. Grants only AP, ignoring DP stat. At high AP counts, somewhere near the Softcap, it can outscale Kutum Shield easily. It’s not as important to have early, but you will need it at some point. You will need both shields to stay effective during the mid-end game.


Awakening Weapon

After reaching level 56 and finishing Awakening quest every player is granted a new skill set, new item slot is unlocked, and now the Awakening form can be used. For Warrior - it’s a Greatsword.


After the Awakening quest character gets two Awakening weapons to choose from. Green and Blue. Green Grade is worthless and it can be used, but the most optimal way would be to reach at least DUO with Blue Grade weapon. Later it can be sold for some money. You will stick with it for some time until you are ready to get the Boss Awakening Weapon


Dandelion Greatsword


Kzarka might be the most important Boss Item that should be prioritized, but Dandelion is the most important Item to enchant as high as possible. Have in mind that having a Kzarka at +0 would be worthless, and each Boss Item should be exchanged after reaching at least the same enchantment level from the previous weapon. Kzarka will be your first Boss Item that should reach TRI, but when all parts of your Boss Equipment reach TRI (weapons and armor), getting your Dandelion to TET will be the top priority.

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Complete Armor Sets


There are 2 viable mixes of armor for the early game. I won’t describe each piece of armor by itself but I will try to explain why I make these choices. Armor sets have special bonuses, depending on how many pieces of the set you have on you. And these can be mixed. Have in mind that I won’t advise you on getting a quest armor that you get as you follow the main questline, as there are lots of ways to make silver nowadays, even in the early game, and you should be more than able to get these parts mentioned below:


Full Grunil armor set

Four parts of Grunil set will grant you a good amount of DP, but the most important part is the bonus of 7 AP and 150 HP. And to achieve maximum bonus stats you have to wear a full set of Grunil. It has been almost every player’s main choice, but there’s one different mix that has less AP, but brings more value.


2 Strength Armor of Heve + 2 Grunil

2 pieces of Heve and 2 Pieces of Grunil give a nice boost to bonus stats outside of AP/DP. You see, two pieces of Heve grant +250 HP, and 2 pieces of Grunil grant +5 AP. In comparison to previously mentioned Full Grunil piece, it’s a 2 AP for 100 HP tradeoff. I love stacking AP early on and you should too, but if you feel like you are going to need that 100 HP, and 2 AP seems like a fair price, you can use that set mix.



There’s only one true choice for a Warrior, despite there being 2 items for helmet, chest piece and boots slot.


Full Boss Armor


You should get these after you fill every Weapon Slot (there are 3) with Boss items. Boss items grant a lot of bonus stats when you have a full 4-item boss set, and that’s what we’re aiming at. Each piece of armor has its own stats and you should get items in a specific order to add the best bonuses as soon as it is possible. Therefore you should get:


Bheg’s Gloves > Urugon’s Shoes > Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor > Griffon Helmet


This is the one true choice for a Warrior. Kind of. The helmet can be switched to your liking for Giath’s Helmet, but I said that this choice is true and you have to trust me on this one. After completing your entire armor set you will get these bonuses:


Max HP +400

Max MP + 100

All Damage Reduction Up

Movement Speed +1

All Accuracy Up

All Resistance +5%

Attack Speed +1

Casting Speed + 1


With your 3 Boss Weapons and 4 Boss Armor pieces, your job is to get them to TRI as soon as possible (With Dandelion Weapon enchanted to TET), starting from Weapons. After that, you can get serious with Accessories.



Accessories are not really that important early on (I mean before level 50 let’s say). You can get some things from quests, some things from event boxes, maybe you will even drop something nice, but for the early-mid game, you will focus on getting the Asula Set.


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Asula Set


Asula set is the most efficient way of getting your AP high enough to grind at good spots after level 56. Without Asula you will be trash, as you shouldn’t even have high-end accessories on you (and if you have, equipping them below PRI will be worthless in comparison to the Asula set).


You will have to get 6 pieces total, each kind can be obtained from different spots that you should be able to grind at around level 50-56. We won’t cover this in our guide, as BDO is equipped with a handy tool that shows what items drop in which locations.


Mid Game Set


After getting your first 3-5 Boss Items you should think about slowly replacing your Asula Accessory Set with something better. Getting slowly to higher AP/DP counts is really important, and better accessories will help you with that.



You should head for at least DUO: Witch Earrings. Nowadays you can get a Witch earring at PRI for 24 Mil, and Enchanting it to DUO is not hard at all. Get 2 of these for a sweet AP increase



You have 2 choices here, but since I am an AP junkie, and you should be too, the only right mid-game choice is Mark of Shadow. Again, get them both at DUO, enchant everything yourself or buy a DUO.



2 choices. If you are on a budget you will get Belt of Shultz the Gladiator, and if you have some hidden storage of silver, you will get Tree Spirit Belt. Again, at least DUO



Now it depends highly on your RNG with boxes. You see, nowadays there are lots of possibilities of getting boxes with valuable items in it.


If you are unlucky you will either stay with Asula Necklace or upgrade it do DUO: Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator or DUO: Serap’s Necklace.


And if you are lucky with boxes and/or bosses, or maybe you have some Silver to spare, you should risk getting an Ogre Ring to PRI. Two Ogre Rings will cost around 130 Mil, and getting one to PRI will net you 15 AP just like that. With proper fail stacks enchantment, the chance will reach around 70%, and you will depend on RNG here too, but this has a high chance of enchanting, and it will greatly boost your AP count. Is it worth it? Answer yourself after successful, or failed enchanting session.


Endgame Set

These accessories are expensive and hard to enchant. What you want to focus on is to get Every piece of Boss Armor and Weapons to TRI (with Dandelion Awakening Weapon at TET). The reason why you are getting these so late, is that accessories break when the enchantment fails. It’s a money dump early on, and you want to be able to get these high Silver numbers up, and good basic gear will allow you to grind high numbers of Silver on high-level grind spots


Your job is to get...


2x Ring of the Crescent Guardian

2x Tungrad Earrings

1x Ogre Ring

1x Basilisk’s Belt


...and get them all to TRI. Enchant one at a time, don’t do a roulette as it can really hurt you, and in the end, you will quit the game with the “toxic” enchanting being the main reason. Upgrade items one at a time, focus on anything that is the most accessible to you. Currently, thw Rings of the Crescent Guardian are really cheap, as they dropped from 50 mil to 22 mil after some events and Shadow Arena addition, so getting them to TRI is really cost-efficient now.


Of course, this is a build for an AP junkie Warrior, as Warrior needs high AP to be as effective as he was a year ago in 2018. There are other ways of building a Warrior, to make yourself more sturdy and tanky, but the truth is - in Black Desert Online players with the highest amounts of AP one-shot each other no matter the DP they have, so if a player is skilled enough, he can be a gamechanger in every aspect of PvP. I like AP build, you don’t have to.


Current Best Crystal Setup

For the Early Game, you should focus on getting standard crystals that give you Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and some AP. They are cheap, effective, and when you don’t have Kzarka yet you will need all the Attack Speed from crystals to reach Attack Speed level 5.


For Mid and Endgame, you should have: 2x Jin Viper in Gloves, 4x Han Hooms in Helm and Chest or Boots, Crit or Back Attack on Kutum, Valtara on Nouver, 2x Black Magic crystal Precision on maihand, Jin Cobelinus in Chest, and RBF Adamantite on boots (unless the slots are taken by 2 Hooms, and your chest has none).

Warrior 1v1 and Small Scale

The warrior can be a very strong 1v1 and Small Scale class and it all boils down to knowledge. To be effective you will not only have to know your class but to know all the other sixteen classes in the entire game. You have to know the strong sides and weak sides of every class, their engages, situations in which they use their skills, so you know how to react and what to expect when you see certain movements.

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I fight a lot against my guild members, and we have a variety of classes. Constant PvP sessions on the battle arena really taught us how to fight, what works and what doesn’t against other classes. I could’ve given you all the combos, specific chains, details on every skill but nothing will work if you don’t know how to approach a class that can easily counter your actions if they know what they are dealing with.


Put yourself into situations where you are forced to deal with an unknown class to learn how to fight it.


COMBOS - BDO Warrior Discord


This might be the most interesting subject for you, and there are a lot of ways to connect your attacks. I won’t list specific combos in here as there’s a better source of consistent information on Official BDO Warrior Discord. You are free to join it, join the discussion, read some guys and ask Warrior players that are more than willing to teach you on how to become a good Warrior


Join a BDO Warrior Discord and ask everything that you need. Listing them here is pointless.


Warrior’s role in Group PvP

After nerfs to Lingering Super Armor, there was a huge outrage within warrior mains ranks. And for a good reason. Lingering Super Armor kept Warriors a bit safer during engages, made their Large Scale Battles a bit fairer, and their kit was less clunky.


Nowadays Warriors have to act as Jack-of-all-trades. They can no longer stand on frontlines all the time and go in as soon as their Cooldowns are down, since they will get CCd and killed almost instantly. Your grapple and main engage abilities don’t have SA on them, and if you are not decisive enough you will fail 90% of the time. You will have to adapt to the situation you are in if you want to be a successful Warrior in 2019.


You will do absolutely everything, you will have to be tricky, constantly switching between playstyles. You will stand on the frontlines for a while, measuring with your enemies, to then fall back to backlines to counter flankers and aid your Wizards and Witches, and then you will try to flank the enemies yourself as you can still dish out lots of AoE damage, and if you are unseen you should be able to finish your group combo.


You will have to really work hard on your decision-making, and this will come with experience that you won’t get by simply reading a guide on the internet. You will have to fail, and Warriors will fail a lot, and that’s how you will learn what you should and what you shouldn’t do. And with so many tasks and those little things you have to have in mind while playing in a Large Scale PvP Battle, there will be lots of opportunities to fail and learn from your mistakes. Reach AP/DP that will let you compete in low-tier Node Wars and practice. While this might not help in top-tier PvP against guilds with high Gear Score requirements, it will surely help you adapt more quickly.


Now, I said before that Warrior still absolutely rock at the top-tier PvP, during sieges and Node Wars. And it’s true. Their ult (Solar Flare) is pretty much instant, and it packs a huge burst of damage, the only requirement for that to actually work and let you continue your onslaught - you have to remain somewhat undetected. This means that flanking is Warrior’s best friend most of the time.


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Node War - How to Succeed as Warrior

Reading this guide will help you understand what should you focus on if you want to improve your Warrior game during Large Scale fights. We have valuable intel, but you are the one who will put all the work into actual training.



Buffs are a huge part of every major fight as they are basically increasing your stats and battle prowess beyond the possible stats that wearable items provide. Buffs can be the difference between life and death, won or lost fight etc. To learn what buffs, elixirs, and foods you should use before and during the fight check the Whole Food guide, that has every detail on what buffs should you use as a Warrior to become effective.


2.Awareness and Positioning

Knowing your position, positions of your team and your enemies, as well as the certain pathways where you can get in-and-out is really important. You should be aware of everything, as every piece of intel will twist your playstyle, and if you expect the unexpected, then you hold the absolute power. Look at enemies, look at how they move, look at the map to see an opening. As a Warrior that has to switch between positions, you should focus on literally everything that is going on. You will be looking for an engaging opportunity, and through looking at the map you should be able to position yourself according to the situation that you are in.


You also have to be aware of yourself. Look at your health bar, look if all buffs are in check at all times, watch your cooldowns, look where you are standing, and react accordingly. Try to be useful while staying alive, so you can get the attention of enemies. Your presence on the battlefield might cause fear if you constantly manage to do some harm while staying alive all the time. And it creates a name for you, which is huge sometimes. For example - if I’ve ever heard that Top Warrior Main like McHands will stand against me in a NodeWar, I would most likely be both excited and stressed, which would impact my gameplay heavily.


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3. Measuring

First fights that happen between two sides will decide on how everyone will move. You will measure your enemies, and the outcome will dictate the mindset and actions of every aware player on the battlefield.


How to measure? Look at enemies and their movement, do they back off, are they panicking, which classes are standing on the front, which are hiding in the back and how they move in accordance to their frontline? It’s psychological warfare, Measuring is a tool to see which side is more prone to complete dominance. A panicking player has either lots of weight on his shoulder or he’s too weak to do the best job during the fight. A good backline player, let’s say, a Wizard, that doesn’t move back when his frontline moves back don’t know what he’s doing either. See how enemies interact with each other when your team is doing certain moves.


Go in, do some mess, see how enemies react and reposition. Intel about the enemy guild’s behavior is a huge part if two sides have similar power-level.


4. Take the most out of your situation

Sometimes plays go badly, and those in command make a mistake. It happens. It’s your job to make the most out of your situation. Kills are not everything. If you are attacking the enemy base during a Node War and your team loses an attack force, do everything to make sure that nothing goes to waste. Survival is important but when there’s no way out of the situation, head for enemy structures, or at least bring one or two attackers with you if you are going down.


5. Use your Ult Ability Smart

Warrior has two amazing ultimate abilities both in Pre-Awakened and Awakened form and you should focus on not wasting them. Have it prepared and go for a flank. you always want to use your Ultimate 100% Ability from either side or the back, during your flank. Seeing that kill feed after you manage to do a beastly Ultimate play is a great feeling. But winning a Node War is even better. Don’t go for risky plays if you don’t have to do it to win. Play around your team, get rid of the backline, basically do your job and everything else will be fine.


6.Safe Combos

You should learn specific combos that can be used in Large Scale PvP that will somewhat protect you during the whole duration of your combo. Some combos are safe, some are safe only during specific parts. and some combos are there just to deal the most amount of damage in a short burst that leaves you completely open to damage and cc. I will make a small exception to the rules of this guide and list ONE example combo, just because it specifically fits the Node War subject.


Example Safe-ish Combo


W+ Shift > W + LMB > Space > LMB + RMB > C (cancel) > Shift + LMB > Ground Smash (Shift + F) > Seismic Strike


This is the end of my Warrior guide and I hope it was helpful. I will do everything to keep this guide updated if Kakao surprises us - Warrior mains with anything. Please leave a comment and send it to your fellow Warriors and if you like this type of comprehensive guides, head to our Black Desert Online Classes Guide 2019, where you will find links to all classes available in the game, that we will add in the future. If you are looking for a new class, with a brief explanation of their playstyle and specific guide to it, you should absolutely check it out! More guides are on the way so stay tuned and Keep on Slaying!

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