Read the latest OSRS news, tips, and other content. A Mobile version of the classic MMORPG, where as a player you will have the opportunity to experience this title in a wholly refreshed form. Old School RuneScape is a mobile, three-dimensional MMORPG that mimics the classic RuneScape MMO released in 2001 on PCs. Old School is a classic representative of the MMORPG genre and a retro game version as it offers a title in a form in which it was once available. In this game, you can create your hero to explore the three-dimensional environment, perform tasks, kill monsters, gain experience and equipment, as well as compete with other players for various influences and opportunities. Completing epic, lore-heavy, engaging quests like the Fremennik Exiles is unforgettable.

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You will find here several dozen different skills related not only to fighting but also chopping trees, fishing, baking, or lighting fires. There is also the possibility to create your equipment. At Old School RuneScape, you can only play with other players as part of a multiplayer network. As befits a retro-style production, OSRS has a reasonably simple, three-dimensional graphic design. It differentiates itself from the modern standards and does not provide the best view, but at the same time, may appeal to fans of the classical productions. The game also offers some PvP options.


The title has support for the cross-platform play function, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to play with a community of players playing on a PC or mobile devices, as well as continue the game with the character that you could potentially create when playing on PC.

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