OSRS Ironman Money Making - Get rich from the scratch!

OSRS Ironman Money Making
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Old School RuneScape ironman money making

Welcome to MMOAuctions guide to Old School RuneScape money making for ironman players. Below you will find most notable farms used by adventurers who want to gain money without involvement of other players. If you want to know more about this topic hop on to the guide below.


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What's the Ironman?

Ironman mode is the account type released in 2014 by Jagex to support players that choose Ironman style of playing. This basically means that those players want to be 100% self sufficient - creating their own items, gathering gold coins by themselves and not using any external sources like Grand Exchange or trades with other players. On top of that, in 2016 Jagex also released Hardcore Ironman mode (HCIM) which includes permanent deaths as an ultimate penalty for a failure. To become either a regular Ironman or Hardcore Ironman, players need to speak with Adam or with Paul NPC. They both reside on tutorial island and can be easily accessed by progressing through it.

Starting off

Just as with normal OSRS account, the most efficient way to begin is through questing. Completing missions can get you from low levels to decent ones in a matter of minutes. On top of great experience, quests offer items and sometimes even gold. It will save you a lot of time and trouble since leveling can be difficult early on. The combat during early game is quite frustrating as you will more often miss than hit your target.

Below we will be talking about the best money making methods for the Ironman players. In order to be efficient with every step of gold making, you will have to prepare your account. Of course, gold making is a process that can be done even by the fresh RuneScape players but if you want to maximize your profit you will have to remember few facts. First off, your Agility level will be the most important skill that you can improve early in the game. Higher Agility level means more energy to run and better recovery of this resource. Since as Ironmen you won't have access to all of the teleports - running will often be your best option.

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Another skill requiring your attention early on is the Magic. You can obviously train it as your main combat style which will help you take down better enemies and earn higher rewards, but you will train Magic for other reasons. High Alchemy spell you unlock at level 55 is the bread and butter of every Ironman. Without it you will have to sell everything to the general stores which will significantly decrease all of the profits that you make. In general you just want to get to 55 Magic as soon as possible to not waste any possible income.

Questing will be another thing on your checklist. You want to complete as many missions as possible - especially those that can give you travelling items like Ectophial or Camulet. As mentioned before, you will have to be self dependent when it comes to travelling so every source of teleport that can get you closer to your destination is a blessing. Many missions have high requirements and are not possible to be completed right away but keep in mind that those that you can do should be finished right away. You will get from them not only rewards in the form of items but also a much needed experience.

Money making methods

Stronghold of Security (Little bit Risky)

  • Requirements: None

It is one of the most iconic ways to make some easy gold early in the game. All that you have to do is to get to the reward room on the third floor of the Stronghold of Security. To do so head over to the Barbarian Village and jump down the hole in the center. All that you have to do is to pass through doors, answer some simple security questions which will get you closer to the prize. You can look on the minimap to determine which route to take in order to not get lost in the maze. There will be four floors with various rewards but gold is only on third floor. If you haven't come here for fancy new boots you can skip the last level. During your journey you will come across many monsters with quite high level so make sure to bring some food - just to be safe. It is a very simple activity that will help you at the beginning of your adventure but since it can be done only once it is not a real money-making method.

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Looting Steel Platelegs in the Wilderness (Risky)

  • Requirements: None

If your account is new and you want to make some additional gold your best bet will be to loot items in the Wilderness. It comes with a danger of being killed by other players since items that you want to collect are located in Open PvP zone but it is quite unlikely that someone will attack you if you are on a low level. Make sure to leave all your gear in the bank to not lose anything precious and head over to the Ruins at level 24 od Wildy. You can find Steel Platelegs there. Hop on to another world to respawn them and fill your inventory by doing so. After you are done with that, all that you have to do is to sell everything and store your gold back to the bank.


  • Requirements: Large amounts of Silver or Gold ore

If you are making your gold for membership or in general you are free-to-play your best bet will be to make some items through the Crafting skill. At the store related to this ability in Al-Kharid you can buy Tiara Mould and Holy Mould. Get both of them. You want to use all your ores to make bars which are used to fill the moulds that you have bought. Make as many unstrung holy symbols as you can but do not sell them to the general store. Bank all of them instead and head over to Edgeville. You will start your selling journey there. You will have to go to the Bandit Store in the Wilderness as those thugs will buy each of your new-made goods for 120 gold.

To optimize your farming make sure to mine rocks at the Varrock as it is the closest mine to the bank. Your Smelting can be done at Edgeville and Crafting at Al-Kharid. For Ultimate Ironman, risk will not be worth the reward so sell everything to the general store instead . Tiaras can also be made for a little bit of profit, but in general they are better for experience than for coins. If you are on high enough Mining skill level, you can push this method to the maximum profit by mining gold ore and making Gold Necklaces as well as Gold Amulets. Those will lend you the best profit but with lower experience per hour.

Staves of Earth and Steel Platebodies in Lava Maze (Risky)

  • Requirements: Weapon (bronze sword is enough) and some food

You can start off by going to the Lava Maze located north-west deep inside the Wilderness. This method involves picking up Staff of Earth and Steel Platebodies from the ground and switching worlds to spawn them again. If you are above 55 Magic you can also bring some Fire runes and Nature runes. It will allow you to use High Alchemy spell on staves and armor which is used to decompose items into the gold. With that you won't have to run to the store to sell your items after your inventory is full. Keep in mind that this method involves running to wildy and since it is a pvp zone you might get caught by other players - bring only necessary items.


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Agility Pyramid (Risky)

  • Requirements: Over 30 Agility (51+ would be optimal), a weapon, waterskins and maybe food on low Agility level.

Although we marked this method as a risky one, you can't get killed by other players doing this task. The thing which can kill you here is the desert heat combined with obstacles that can damage you. It is a special agility course but as with every other agility course that has obstacles - failing might cost you some hitpoints. Because of that, your health might get low and you actually can die from desert heat if you forget to use it in time. It is also what you need a weapon for. By cutting cactus that is growing near pyramid you can get water to fill your empty waterskins. With this setup the only danger to your characters life is your memory.

Before you start this method, make sure to equip every piece of weight reducing gear that you have (like the Graceful Outfit) - you will need to be as light as possible (less than 10kg on your equipment should be enough). Now that you are properly geared, head over to Pollnivneach by taking a Magic Carpet in Shantay Pass. After your arrival in the village, start running south to the Agility Pyramid. There you will find NPC Simon Templeton. Talk to him about the Pyramid Top and after the conversation go to the Pyramid Course. If your Agility is over 51 you should not have too many problems with obstacles. If you have managed to reach the top of the Pyramid take the item lying there and head back to the NPC that you have previously talked to. Now he will pay you 10k gold for every Pyramid Top that you bring him. Repeat this process for as long as you want.


Twisted Banshee (Safe)

  • Requirements: 15 Slayer, 20 Ranged, Earmuffs or Slayer Helm, Equipment to find monsters

To start off you need to get into the Great Kourend which can be accessed via boat in Port Sarim. When you get to the port, speak to Veos who is standing south of the inn. Ask him if he can take you to the Port Piscarilius. From there you should travel west until you find Kourend Castle. In front of the castle gates there is a big obelisk. Inspect it to get into the cave. After that you want to run south until you see a crack in the wall - squeeze through it. Now go west and you can fight Twisted Banshees there. There is a safe spot from where you can shoot Banshees which is located in the very south of this area.

Although you won't make as much money here as with other methods, it allows you to also train while making some extra gold. On top of that, make sure to bring some High Alchemy runes if you can cast that spell since they drop items like Battlestaves and Adamantite Shields.


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Stealing keys from the H.A.M. (Safe)

  • Requirements: Death to the Dorgeshuun, 20 Thieving

You can begin by going to the trapdoor located north west of Lumbridge Castle. When you are inside cultist cave, go behind the man which talks to cultists and there - just below the wall - you will find a hidden trapdoor. If you don't see it then you have probably not completed the Death of the Dorgeshuun quest. Inside you will find H.A.M. guards and these are your targets. Just as with previous method, it is best to bring some High Alchemy runes to maximize profits. It saves you a lot of time and adds a small gold profit to your loot pool. When you finally fill your inventory with keys, you can start collecting rewards. Head over to each of the rooms nearby and start opening chests. If you run out of space just simply High Alch your loot and continue with stealing - jewelry can be sold in Port Sarim. If you don't have High Alchemy your best bet would be going to Draynor Village bank.


Mining gem rocks (Safe)

  • Requirements: Shilo Village quest, 40 Mining, 43 Crafting to cut gems, Chisel, Pickaxe

One of the most famous methods to make gold as an Ironman in OSRS involves two skills - Mining and Crafting. In order to begin you will have to complete Shilo Village quest which will allow you to enter the village. There you can find gem rocks which will be your source of income. Nothing special here about this method - all you need to do is to mine gems from rocks in the village until your inventory is full. Then you can cut them with chisel for some crafting experience and either sell in Port Sarim jewelry store or bank them for later crafting.


Catching Eclectic Imps (Safe)

  • Requirements: 50 Hunter, Lost City quest (for Zanaris bank access and easy teleport to Puro Puro), impling jars.

Implings can be caught in Puro Puro realm which is a homeland to Imp-like creatures. To get there players can find teleporting circles made by Imps in wheat fields around Gielinor. Another way of accessing this realm involves teleportation through a Fairy Ring to Zanaris where you can find a permanent wheat field teleport. To do this players need to complete two parts of Fairy Tale quest which grants access to Fairy Ring teleportation network and therefore to Zanaris teleport. After you arrive in Puro Puro head over to the south where Eclectic Implings tend to spawn and start catching.

Although 50 Hunter is the requirement necessary to start off, we recommend reaching to 58 which unlocks Nature Implings. You can trade those for Jar Generator at Elnock's Exchange. This one might be necessary, since jars do break quite often and without Jar Generator it can be annoying to farm there. So while farming, make sure to take one Nature Impling, two Eclectic ones and three Essence Implings and exchange those for Jar Generator. Another item which you aim to get is a Magical Net that increases the chance of you catching the Impling. For this one, you need one Essence Impling, two Earth Implings and three Gourmet Implings.


Fletching Bows (Safe)

  • Requirements: 10 Crafting, 35 Fletching, 30 Woodcutting

Both Fletching and Woodcutting skills will be important for your Ironman account but you also can benefit from them as a gold makers. All you have to do is to fletch best bows that you can make. You also want to finish them, so make sure to attach strings. If you have High Alchemy, you should get better profit but if you don't, your best call will be to sell everything you make to the general store. Before starting this method make sure to get over 30 Woodcutting, over 35 Fletching and at least 10 levels in Crafting skill.


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Stealing from Silk Stalls (Safe)

  • Requirements: 20 Thieving

Ardougne Market is a special place. There you can find various stalls with different items including Silk Stalls that we are interested in. But what really makes it extraordinary? From level 20 of Thieving you will be able to rob an NPC from Silk that lies on his stall and sell him his own goods afterwards. All that you have to do is to fill your inventory with the material and go to the bank to store it. NPC will refuse to trade with you for 20 minutes but after that time you will be able to get 60gp for every piece of Silk that you have previously stolen.


Slayer (Safe/Risky)

  • Requirements: Regular combat equipment

A bread and butter of every RuneScape player with active membership. Slayer gives you access to the monsters that normally you couldn't kill. Their drop tables are known as much better than those of regular enemies. This creates an opportunity to make some gold and get better equipment for your Ironman character. 

Although you can make some gp through Slayer even very early on, you might need to get to at least 80 Combat and 50 Attack for this method to become really profitable. Higher level monsters land better overall profit and since we came here mainly for gold you want to be at the highest combat that you can get. For Ironman, Slayer is a real gamble as some of the monsters drop a lot of gold while others give barely anything. You cannot decide on which task you are sent so your best bet will be to ban the least profitable ones. Read more about that in our Slayer guide.


Alching Ecumenical Keys (Risky)

  • Requirements: 60 Agility, 60 Strength, 55 Magic

To start alching Ecumenical Keys you will need to gather them from God Wars Dungeon first. Since it is not a safe zone to be in you will need to be careful not to die there. To get to this place, head north from the Bandit Camp. After arriving at the dungeon make your way to the south. This will get you straight into the main room. From there you want to walk towards north and reach Zamorak safe spot. With Mage or Ranged combat you will be able to take Imps that reside in this location. They have Ecumenical Keys in their drop table which you will be trying to farm.

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Since everything takes place in the Wilderness, there is a decent chance that you will become a target of players killing. Make sure not to alch the keys that you have found the right away. Instead get two or three and go to the bank to monetize your loot. Alching on wilderness would result in turning them into gold which is lost upon death while unalched ones might be kept as safe from death penalty. A maximum of three keys can be held at a time and even more if you have completed some of the Wilderness Diary but in general farming two before banking is the safest option.


Blackjacking (Safe)

  • Requirements: At least 65 in Thieving skill (although over 80 is highly recommended), Rogue Trader minigame, Rogue Equipment and The Feud quest.

A very simple yet efficient method of making money while also training Thieving skill comes with blackjacking Menaphite Thugs. By knocking out these NPCs you will be able to pickpocket them multiple times before they regain consciousness. It is a great opportunity to make gold while you do other things like watching TV or playing on your phone since it requires very little attention from the user. If you want to learn more about this money making method head over to our Blackjacking Guide.


Pickpocketing at Ardougne (Safe)

  • Requirements: at least 55 in Thieving skill but with 95+ you will be most efficient, medium Ardougne diary completed, Rogue Equipment

Another easy way to obtain currency comes from pickpocketing. In general, most people use that ability on Ardougne Knights since they can be lured to a safe location but you can also pickpocket different NPCs like Master Farmer (for higher levels) and Men around Lumbride (for lower levels). To start off, go to the Ardougne Market Square and try to lure one of the knights to the north-eastern building. If you have met the requirements stated above you should be able to succeed at stealing from Ardougne Knights at every attempt.


Dragon Slayer II (Safe)

  • Requirements: High Combat stats (at least 80s), finished Dragon Slayer II Quest

In general, this method will be a combat related farming. You will have to complete Dragon Slayer II as it unlocks two creatures worth killing. First one is the main antagonist of the quest - Vorgath. Even though he doesn't leave valuable items on drop during the mission, you can come to his cave again after quest is completed to fight for rewards. Keep in mind that the version of Vorgath that you will meet after the quest is completed will be significantly stronger than the one you have previously challenged. As for the drops you can expect to get some Rune items and bars as well as valuable dragonhide.

If you are not into bossing, you might also fight Rune Dragons which are also very lucrative. They require much less attention, effort and preparation while leaving similar items to those that come from the boss. This can also be done on the lower level if you can manage to get Dragon Slayer II completed.


Charging Fire Orbs (Safe)

  • Requirements: 70+ Agility, 62 Crafting, 63 Magic, 43 Prayer, 59 Runecrafting, Graceful Outfit, Completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest, Castle Wars Balloon, access to higher amount of battlestaves supply through completion of Varrock Diaries or through 66 Magic.

Creating Battlestaves is a well-known method to make some gold. On top of profit you will also receive experience in two skills - Crafting and Magic. This way of gold making requires a lot of preparation but in the end it is much more worth it than crafting regular Air Staves. To begin you want to take some of the most important items into your inventory - Graceful Outfit, Fire Staff, Ring of Duelling and the Anti-Dragon Shield. As it was not enough you will also have to take cosmic runes, logs, and best possible antidote that you can afford. Rest of the inventory should be filled with unpowered orbs. With less than 70 Agility you won't be able to use the shortcut, so make sure to take with you a Dust Key.

Start at the Castle Wars and take the balloon to Taverley. After you arrive on the spot move towards the Fire Obelisk. It will require over 70 Agility (80+ advised). Charge all of the orbs that you have brought and teleport back to the Castle Wars to repeat the process. After you are done with charging, you can make Battlestaves out of the orbs and use High Alchemy to turn them into gold. Since below 70 Agility this process is extremely run intensive you can find yourself additional work like fletching or alching. This can be done in the spare time between runs when you are waiting to regenerate your stamina.

Crafting Blood Runes

  • Requirements: 77 Runecrafting, At least 75 Agility

By using Pickaxe you can mine dense essence and with chisel you will be able to venerate them. With prepared stones you can run to the Blood Altar to charge Runes. If you can meet the requirements and optimize your runs you should make 212 Blood Runes on one visit at the altar. Each of them can be later sold to Ali Morrisane for 200gp. This means that in theory you should be able to make over 300k gold every hour while also getting around 40k experience.

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This is the end of our Old School RuneScape Ironman Money Making guide. If you are interested in the topic of 2007Scape make sure to checkout our other guides. You can read about other subjects like Ironmen skill leveling, Iron ore gathering, and mining in general. Our community provides the best possible content so check out blog page for more information. On our forums you can also find user made videos which you can view for additional tips and tricks. If you are running into any trouble make sure to contact us on Discord or Live chat. We are online for almost 24 hours every day so you can always expect quick and simple solutions to your questions right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you make an OSRS Ironman?

On Tutorial Island you have to speak with NPC Adam, Juan or Paul. Keep in mind that after leaving this place, you won't be able to become an Ironman.

Can Ironmen use other people's houses?

They can't use furniture that wasn't created by them.

Can Ironmen boss with non Ironmen?

Yes they can.

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