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Even though OSRS is already considered an MMORPG classic, every patch and a slight game change shakes up the landscape of the world. That’s why new forms of grinding, making large amounts of money, or crafting appear regularly. We have created this guide exactly for this reason. Let’s fill your pockets with gold you’ll need to perform all these new tasks. 

OSRS money-making is rather straightforward when you are high level and have high stats. But for the newbies or returning players, it can be a bit intimidating. Will it be easy? Well, that depends on your level, your combat stats, your crafting stats, and mostly, if you are a P2P or F2P gamer. 

Jagex and Runescape do favor Pay to Play (P2P). Thus, being Free to Play (F2P) with lower levels cap will be a hindrance in the long run. Be it as it may, we will go over the best money making methods to gain gold mainly for P2P players. However, F2P players will find effective profit methods for themselves, too. 

So guys, sit back, and let’s take a look at the many ways to fill your pockets with digital gold with this OSRS money-making guide.

Table of contents:

OSRS Combat - Fighting for Gold

Skills - Anyone Can Make Money!

Processing - Turn Your Time into Gold

Were Those All the Old School Runescape Money Making Methods?

Closing Words on Making Money In OSRS

OSRS Combat - Fighting for Gold

OSRS MoneyThe classic adventurer path for any money-making gamer that just doesn’t want to AFK farm for hours and hours. One of the strongest points of this method is that it requires some sort of social interaction. Of course, you might also want to have a couple of friends helping you with these methods. 

What’s the catch? Well, you’ll need to have a high combat level for it to make a profit. The funny thing is, you can level up those stats while farming for gold. 

So prepare your best keyboard shortcuts. Here are the best ways to make gold using your combat skills in Old School Runescape. 

Theatre of Blood Runs 

Average gold per hour: 5-6 million gp. 

This morbid dungeon hidden beneath the castle of Ver Sinhaza covers horrible abominations and creatures… But, if you have over level 90 melee combat or any other fighting stat, your character becomes a money maker at this place. Having arrived there, you can grind both gold and experience. We still recommend you do it with your party because you never know. Dying is a hindrance, and it will greatly reduce your income per run.

Completion is hard, but not impossible if you know what you are doing. Each run will make farming this dungeon easier. By far, this is the most profitable money-making method out there. 

Stronghold of Security 

OSRS Stronghold of Security

Average gold per hour: 1 million gp. 

This dungeon located in Barbarian Village includes four different levels full of angry monsters from level 5 to 159. Killing the highest level monster will help you enhance your stats and get some unique items, which you can sell for silver and gold. Just be careful with powerful monsters, or you are going to come back to Lumbridge Castle, the first area of the game. 

Killing the Nightmare 

Average gold per hour: 5-6 million gp. 

Easily accessible once you can go to Morytania, under the Sisterhood Sanctuary in the town of Slepe. You’ll need a party of 5 to reliably kill the Nightmare enough times in less than an hour to properly farm it. You can get more or less depending on your effectiveness in combat. The more you play it, the easier it’ll get. A great creature to party kill for gold.

Killing Vorkath 

Average gold per hour: 3 million gp. 

After you get access to the quest “Dragon Slayer 2,” you’ll be able to fight Vorkath time and time again. This is assuming you can kill it 30 times per hour (but more kills are possible). This one is only for high-level characters. You’ll find a lot of dragonhide or dragon bones to sell. Either way, collect as many as possible until your inventory is full. 

Killing Chaos Druids 

Average gold per hour: 156k gp. 

With just 40 melee, you’ll be able to wipe the floor with these chaos Druids. It’s a solid way to gain profits while leveling each skill. Be careful, as if unprepared, they might KO you a few times, but we highly doubt it. Again, this is one of the options only for premium members. 

Killing Ogress Shamans 

Average gold per hour: 126k gp. 

For non - P2P players, this might be your best bet. With the lack of good skill caps and inaccessible areas for non-members, Ogress Shamans are bang for your time. You’ll still need a high level of combat to properly fight them. The recommended level is still 80 melee and defense at least. 

Early Game Money-Making Methods 

Now, if you are just starting, here are some tips to help you get on the right track. Heads up, this is mostly for F2P players, but P2P players can also profit from these

methods. You may start killing cows and tanning cowhide. To make it truly profitable, you need at least 20 combat. You’ll gain around 47k gold per hour. After you get better at combat (30), go for Hill Giants or Imps, as they’ll both give you 53k gold per hour. 

After level 40 melee combat, most big enemies will net P2P players more gold than the Ogres Shamans. 

Enter the Duel Arena 

In the north-east of Al Kharid, there lies a place where players find glory! Or some fight their doom. You won’t “die” if you lose, but you might find yourself losing way more than you expected. What’s the deal with it? You can bet tons of gold to win tons of gold, easy as that. Many Streamers have gone silent after losing their subscribers’ gold, while others have amassed debts as big as 200k USD dollars

Should you stay out of the arena? 

No, it is still fun, just be careful when approaching it. 

It is possible to farm gold and save tons of time in the Arena. Thus, some people duel in the arena for living. Even though it’s considered the riskiest money-making method in OSRS.

Skills - Anyone Can Make Money! 

OSRS SkillsHow could any money-making guide for OSRS be complete without going over skilling money-making methods? In short, the best non-combat, non-NPC reliant skills for money-making are crafting, runesmithing, and hunting. But, there is a couple of more cheeky skilling money-making methods in OSRS. Let’s take a look at them! 

Venture into Hallowed Sepulchre 

Average gold per hour: 3.3 million gp. 

The quest requirement for this method is kind of hard. “Sins of the father” is a fun and challenging quest… the first time you get access to it. After a few more tries and extra levels, it gets trivial. To get the max value of the quest, you’ll need 92 Agility, 66 Thieving, 54 prayer, 56 construction, and 62 ranged. 

You’ll also need the level 3 Enchant, mahogany planks, hallowed hammer, hallowed focus, and a hallowed symbol. This activity is highly luck-dependent, but on average, you will gain those 3 million gold and probably more on a good day. 

Pickpocketing Vyres or Elves 

Average gold per hour: around 1 or around 2 million gp. 

Video games are the only place where thievery is ok. That being said, your goal is to get 99 thievery and the full gear. Otherwise, you won’t get anything crazy. You’ll be stealing with a 60% success rate for vyres and 47% for elves. These are great success margins for thieving. Both these NPCs have crazy rare drops that can be sold for good money. So, even knowing that you won't succeed every time, it is still a lot of gold per hour.

Additionally, you could also go to Pickpocket Master Farmers, stealing snapdragon seeds, ranarr seeds, and snape grass seeds in Draynor Village. You may expect an hourly pure profit of 786k, according to the wiki. 

Crafting Wrath Runes 

Average gold per hour: 1.4 million gp. 

Runecrafting is essential to any OSRS gamer. Once you max it out, you can get a decent profit from this skill. First, you’ll need to finish the “Dragon Slayer 2” as far as quest requirements go, to gain access to the Wrath Altar. 

Pro tip for the quest: equip the anti dragon shield. With your Wrath Tiara equipped at Runecraft 95, be prepared to do around 78 trips per hour to profit for over a million gold. 

OSRS Law Runes

Unlike law runes, wrath runes sell for more in Runescape. 

Casting Tan Leather 

Average gold per hour: 576k gold gp. 

If you have a high Magic level (at least 75) and need money and extra magic exp training, try Tan Leather. This Lunar spell will turn a Green Dragonhide, Blue, Red, and Black into Dragon Leather of said color. 

Hunting Black Chinchompas 

Average gold per hour: 1.125 million gp.

The skill requirements are kind of easy, you need just 80 hunting. Most will get there somewhat naturally. Set your box traps accordingly, take some tanking gear, and make sure your supplies include some prayer potions just in case you find a player killer. There won’t be bots most of the time, since it's quite dependent on your inputs. At 480 Chinchompas per hour, you’ll max out your profit. 

Smelting Runite Bars at Blast Furnace 

Average gold per hour: 595k gp. 

With 85 Smithing, you may farm in the Blast Furnace. You can create Runite Bars, and you do over 2000 per hour! But for it to pay off, you'll need to invest in a stamina potion, reunite ore, and some coal. You’ll gain an extra 107,500 Smithing experience per trip. Don’t forget to always take your Ice Gloves to the Blast Furnace to save time. It will also help with your smithing training. 

Mining Runite Ore (F2P) 

Average gold per hour: 595k gp. 

A slightly AFK method of farming gold. Is it good? Not quite as profitable as other methods, but it's really low effort. Go to a mine on the map with runite, get your best mining level gear once you have 85+ mining, and start hitting those ore rocks. 

Smithing Rune Items (F2P) 

Average gold per hour: 499k gp. 

Another free-to-play easy method to do… unless you have the required 99 smithing to do it. Either way, once you get there, it's consistent enough. Your optimal location? Varrock West Bank. 

Collecting Nature Runes (F2P) 

Average gold per hour: 288k gp.

Few Skill Requirements for a quarter-million bucks? Yes, please! Get your Protection Prayers ready and go for it. But here’s the catch: collecting Nature’s Runes will put you in the wilderness, meaning your low-level character will be food for those pesky killers running wild in the area. Still, be careful, and you can make a buck working it out. One alternative is to buy runes to the Mage of Zamorak, which is located in the mining site at the Altar of Zamorak in Varrock. 

Early to Mid Game Money Making Methods 

If you are under-leveled, try the Nature Runes. If not, skip this one. We highly encourage combat for early game methods. Skills, in general, take a bit more time and focus to develop. Other than that, you might try smelting Iron Bars at Blast Furnace for 209k, or cleaning Grimy Harralande for 195k. Both require 15 Smithing and 20 Herblore respectively. 

Now, let’s give some money-making advice for free to play. You can also collect Cosmic Runes for 189k gold. However, this method requires moderate combat skills, since you’ll find ice giants and/or ice warriors. 

Processing - Turn Your Time into Gold 

Processing refers to the process of turning one thing into another, either by completing mini-quests, opening them, casting spells, using items, or all of the above activities. Some processing methods are luck-dependent. Others, however, are quite click-heavy processes. Are they bad? No by a long mile. Out of all the methods in this OSRS money-making guide, this one might be the most infuriating. But in general, you’ll still get good results. The trick? Be patient, consistent, and don’t stop trying. 

Opening Electric Impling Jars 

Average gold per hour: 2.7 million gp. 

You’ll get Electric Impling Jars by completing the Impetuous Impulses minigame in Puro-Puro. You’ll require the hunter skill for the minigame. Now, for the money-making part, each time you open a Jar, you have a small chance to find a medium Clue Scroll. In order to complete each clue scroll, you'll need a variety of skills.

If you manage to complete 20 per hour, you’ll get up to 2.7 million. That is if you manage to pull the ranger Boots from their drops. While the results may vary, it is still a non-combat option to make tons of gold while maybe getting one or two extra items. 

Pay attention, as this is one of the top processing money-making methods. 

Opening Crystal Chests 

Average gold per hour: 1,245,000 million gp. 

To open the Crystal chest in Traverley, you’ll need a crystal key. When the chest is opened, it always rewards you with an uncut dragonstone and a variety of items. Depending on the loot, buying a Crystal Key and opening the chest over and over again can net you a ton of gold. Easy to do, with a low-effort investment method. 

Exchanging Mole Parts 

Average gold per hour: 1 million gp. 

In Falador Park, Wyson the gardener will ask you for mole skins and mole claws in exchange for bird nests. By emptying the nests, you’ll get seeds and jewelry. Selling all these items might make you rich in no time. However, you’ll need to go through clicking 6000 nests an hour. Yeah, it is a pain in the neck, but most players might be able to do it even at low levels.

Charging Air Orbs 

Average gold per hour: 241k gp. 

The Air Obelisk is located in the wilderness near the Edgeville Dungeon. Cast Charge Air Orb to get an Air Orb costs 993 coins. You might use the Amulet of Glory that teleports back to the Edgeville Bank. According to guides, this is a great way of training for the Magic experience. 

Casting Bones to Bananas 

Average gold each hour: 129k gp. 

Casting Bones to Bananas turns the bones on your inventory into bananas. F2P players who can cast 26 per hour will net some gold with much effort. Note that there are way more profitable methods, but this one is the best for non-members. 

Were Those All the Old School Runescape Money Making Methods? 

Not at all, these are just the most effective or accessible for some players. There is also, of course, the Grand Exchange (GE). It is a player market used to trade and sell goods in OSRS. Members get 8 slots to sell items and F2P players get 3. The Grand Exchange is quite straightforward. Put something in, sell it for a price and get pure profit. However, you’ll be competing against various other users.

OSRS The Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange. 

Here comes the forever Paradox, if I really want money, should I sell low or high? If you sell low, you’ll lose some money. But if you sell high, maybe no one will buy it. 

Even though there’s an average selling price for every single OSRS item out there, rates do vary though. The thing is, you should try to sell at the average price, never sell low unless in a hurry. The rarer your item is, the more you can go above the average. You could make around millions in profit. 

Look around to see offers on items on the Grand Exchange, and do your research on the most popular ones as well. There is no money-making guide regarding the Grand Exchange other than buy low and sell high. The most common strategy is to buy popular items for cheap and resell them for high prices. If you want to be a moneymaker on the Grand Exchange, you’ll need to abuse item prices. Just be sure to remember the buy limits. It’s all supply and demand.

OSRS Most Expensive Items

Most expensive items. There’s a golden opportunity here. 

There are other money methods that the guys usually use with GE. They buy items for cheap, process them, and then sell the result away. Such as Stringing magic longbows, buying bowstrings from the GE is easier; skilling these bows requires high fletching, and fletching is not a priority skill. 

Thanks to it, you can expect to make around 200k in your account for each hour of work after the completion of 2400 bows. You could also make/sell some bolts (for example diamond bolts). Another processing method using the GE is enchanting Sapphire Rings, but due to the volatility of jewelry in the GE, it is not always recommended. 

Making money in OSRS will become a routine to you since every activity, skilling, runecrafting, or processing will give you money. The thing that really matters for money-making guides is the profit for each hour of work invested. There’s tons of data and information about making money, including the most unpopular and profitable methods. Besides basics such as ability requirements, some of them mention many methods not endorsed by Jagex, such as trading between multiple accounts.

Jagex Headquarters

Jagex headquarters are located in the United Kingdom. 

Of course, these are not all the methods. Each person has their favorite ones, and it all greatly varies from the way you are playing the game. Ironman accounts won’t be able to do half of (or most of) this without taking heavy precautions and studying the data. Still, even then it’ll take them a long time to get there. 

Closing Words on Making Money In OSRS

OSRS BattleThis was our OSRS money-making guide with a list of the top profitable ways for you and your friends to become money makers. Again, these are the most straightforward tasks. Of course, there are others, for example, selling:

  • astral runes obtained through Lunar Diplomacy, 
  • fire runes, 
  • volcanic ash, 
  • bow strings you made with Spinning Wheel, 
  • working with Ellis tanning leather and other crafting materials, 
  • using High Alchemy, 
  • doing any raid or killing some beasts, such as Zulrah, 
  • completing quests, such as The Giant Dwarf. 

If you have one that you love and it’s not on the list, leave it in the section with comments on this thread! 

Taking into account that the OSRS community is ever-growing, money-making methods and guides are always popping up. You can find more information on SM posts, watching streams on twitch tv, following YT videos, and talking to other users. 

On the other hand, if you would like to see more guides with different contents, categories, or more Old School Runescape posts in general, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to create other in-depth guides regarding OSRS. Also, if you need any help, feel free to contact us. Our 

web page is open to all devices and comments. Finally, our website is optimized by cookies, so accept them to enjoy a better service. 

That’s it, guys! We’ll be thankful if you link the guide to your friends that are interested in the OSRS Content. See you around! 


What is the fastest way to make money in RuneScape? 

The top way is The Battle Arena. The reason behind that is that you can either become crazy rich or crazy poor in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t get more high risk high reward than this money-making method. You could also buy gold from different websites. And while this is not encouraged by Jagex, it’ll make your life easier.

What skill is most profitable in OSRS? 

Honestly, combat. Set up your keyboard shortcuts, and stick to this money-making method. If you have a low level of combat, you can try these other profitable skills. You might try crafting, gathering, agility, runecraft, and thieving. 

Can you make money cooking OSRS? 

Yeah, you can. If you cook Karambwans, users claim you can get over 750k per hour. For this, you need a high crafting level. This is an okay money-making method with a good margin. 

What can I kill to make money OSRS? 

Try killing the Nightmare if you have a full party. It depends on your level, but assuming you have maxed out at least one combat stat and both HP and Defense, go for the Nightmare. It’s a great and exploitable money-making method in OSRS. 

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