Read the latest news and comprehensive guides about Final Fantasy XIV at MMOAuctions FFXIV Blog! Learn all about this epic high fantasy MMORPG. Join us in a magical realm of Eorzea and explore this part of Hydaelyn - the world that's a part of one of the most beloved RPG franchises. The continent is divided between four powerful regions. Gridania and its lush forests, Ul'dah with the vast deserts surrounding it, the port region with Limsa Lominsa as it's main city and the zealous cold city of Ishgard surrounded by mountains.


Players, while traveling through the immense realm of Eorzea, will have the possiblity to help the four political powers face the imposing threat of militaristic Garlean Empire and interact with a lot of memorable NPCs, such as Beast Tribes. Final Fantasy XIV is available on Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4

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FFXIV Shadowbringers is live! The third major expansion to Suare Enix hit MMORPG is already available and players can enjoy a captivating new story as well as multiple added features! Check out new races, jobs and mechanical changes!
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Culinarian is one of the eight classes in the complex crafting system of Final Fantasy XIV. They specialize in creating consumable meals and drinks that can have various temporary effects on their users. Learn all about this class and its leveling process in our FFXIV Culinarian Guide!
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Carpenter is one of the FFXIV crafting classes. This Disciple of Hand works with all kinds of timber to create various wooden items and components. They can craft bows, staves, polearms, wooden shields, furniture objects, crafting tools for other classes, fishing poles, materials and more. Learn all the basics of this class in our FFXIV Carpenter Guide!  
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Desynthesis in Final Fantasy XIV is a crucial part of many crafting professions. It allows you to break down items and get its components – the crafting materials, instead. This is a very useful and profitable in-game mechanic, but to fully take advantage of it, you’re going to need some initial knowledge. That’s why you should read this FFXIV Desynthesis guide.
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Fishing is one of the 3 gathering classes in Final Fantasy XIV and it differs a lot from the other two. It’s much more of a minigame than mining and botany. At the same time it's more reliant on patience and sheer luck than the remaining two. Read this guide to learn all about the class quest and best fishing spots!
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Blacksmithing is one of Disciples of Hand, which is the name for crafting classes in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s especially useful if you’re often playing as a Disciple of War because blacksmithing will help you craft numerous handy weapons. Learn more about creating weapons and tools in this FFXIV Blackmisth guide!
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Astrologian has been introduced to FFXIV in the Heavensward expansion. Check out this guide if you want to learn about all the skills and the best cards in the unique and powerful divining deck mechanic!
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Warrior is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In the standard RPG terms, you can call it an off-tank, since warrior brings to the team a lot of tankiness as well as some significant damage output. Check out this guide to learn about Warrior's playstyle, leveling, combos and more!
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Gathering in Final Fantasy XIV is a term that includes three character classes: botany, fishing and mining. In this guide we will talk about the similarities and differences between them, as well as which one of the gathering classes to choose and how to level it up efficiently. Let's dive into all the intricacies of Disciples of Land!
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Mining is one of the Disciples of Land classes in Final Fantasy XIV. Miners can unearth minerals such as gemstones and ores from deposists in the ground. Check out this guide to learn about the possibilties of this class and the best ways of leveling a miner!
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