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Read the latest news and comprehensive guides about Final Fantasy XIV posted online at our FFXIV Blog! Learn all about this epic high fantasy Square Enix's MMORPG and its updates. The main storyline keeps getting better with every event, as crazier concepts are getting announced and implemented month after month. The same goes for the design of new locations - the addition of Nier-themed raid - YoRHA: Dark Apocalypse serving as a prime example.

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Besides the main scenario, there are a lot of side quests waiting to be completed. Doing this will allow you to get to know the world and its inhabitants even better! It provides multiple hours of great gameplay! Furthermore, besides the typical endgame MMO activities like raids or dungeons, FFXIV also emphasizes aspects like character's appearance, housing, and special collectible cosmetics.

Join the wonderful, friendly community of FFXIV fans and players, team up, form a Grand Company, defeat the dark forces that threaten the world, and play to finally become one of the greatest heroes that Eorzea has seen! It's a great day for starting to get into FFXIV. There's always another update coming into the game, with the most current one being the launch of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers (the earlier released expansions were Heavensward and Stormblood). They change the character balance and introduce new jobs and items. Every big patch release also adds new content and develops the story a bit further. Final Fantasy XIV is available on Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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Gunbreaker is a new tank job that has been introduced in Shadowbringers. Learn all about its skills and rotations in our guide!
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The advanced combat professions in Final Fantasy XIV are called jobs. Check out this guide to learn about all the unique characters and playstyles that you can choose in FFXIV!
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Armorer can craft armors and shields used by all the tank jobs. Read more about this Disciple of Hand from this guide!
16.12.2019 0
Leatherworker is the Disciple of Hand that's responsible for crafting armors for almost all the physical DPS jobs. Learn more from our guide!
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FFXIV Goldsmith can create equipment for all of the jobs and classes. Learn more about this helpful Disciple of Hand!
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Weaver is the Disciple of Hand that's capable of creating cloth armors. Learn all about crafting the best gear for your casters from our guide!
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Ninja is a complex melee job that can greatly empower their allies. Read this guide to learn all about this advanced skill set and all its possibilities!
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Scholar is a healer that mainly focuses on preventing the damage with powerful shields and barriers. Read this guide to learn more about this job's versatile skill set.
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White Mage is the most traditional healer in FFXIV. Read this guide to learn how to use holy powers to keep your party alive and smite your foes!
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Red Mage combines powerful ranged spells with melee combos executed with a rapier. It's an interesting and useful job that's also quite easy to learn!