Read the latest news and comprehensive guides about Final Fantasy XIV at MMOAuctions FFXIV Blog! Learn all about this epic high fantasy MMORPG. Join us in a magical realm of Eorzea and explore this part of Hydaelyn - the world that's a part of one of the most beloved RPG franchises. The continent is divided between four powerful regions. Gridania and its lush forests, Ul'dah with the vast deserts surrounding it, the port region with Limsa Lominsa as it's main city and the zealous cold city of Ishgard surrounded by mountains. Players, while traveling through the immense realm of Eorzea, will have the possiblity to help the four political powers face the imposing threat of militaristic Garlean Empire and interact with a lot of memorable NPCs, such as Beast Tribes. Final Fantasy XIV is available on Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
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Alchemist is one of the eight Disciples of Hand classes in Final Fantasy XIV. The rest of them are: armorer, blacksmith, carpenter, culinarian, goldsmith, leatherworker and weaver. Read this guide to learn about leveling alchemist, crafting potions, magical wands and much more!