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Monk is a great melee DPS job that has to move around the battlefield and flank it's enemies to unlock the full potential. Read this guide to learn about the complex kit of FFXIV Monk!
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If you like quick combos and dynamic playstyle, Machinist can be the perfect FFXIV job for you! Check out our guide to learn about this great ranged DPS character!
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Bard is a FFXIV Marksman who can empower their allies with inspiring songs. Read our guide to learn more about this unique job.
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Check out this guide if you want to learn to play an acrobatic dragon slayer that happens to be one of the strongest melee DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV!
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Summoner is a very complex caster job. Read this guide to learn all about the main pet class in Final Fantasy XIV!
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Black Mage has the highest damage potential out of all casters. Read this guide to learn all about this powerful job!
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Dark Knight is one of the tank jobs in FFXIV. They use greatswords to slash through their enemies. Dark Knights also have access to black magic that they can use both defensively and to damn their foes!
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Paladin is probably the most conventional job in Final Fantasy XIV. These holy knights can protect their allies from evil and offer a lot of utility what makes them great in group content!
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FFXIV Shadowbringers is live! The third major expansion to Suare Enix hit MMORPG is already available and players can enjoy a captivating new story as well as multiple added features! Check out new races, jobs and mechanical changes!
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Culinarian is one of the eight classes in the complex crafting system of Final Fantasy XIV. They specialize in creating consumable meals and drinks that can have various temporary effects on their users. Learn all about this class and its leveling process in our FFXIV Culinarian Guide!