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The newest Clash of Clans update is coming soon. What should we expect? How will it be? What nuances will the Town Hall 13 bring? Join us in guessing and speculating, share your predictions, and maybe some knowledge, sneek peaks, or leaks.
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Do you want to know what "Clan War" is? How to prepare for it? How to attack and defend in CW? Or maybe you don't want to fight at all? We will tell you everything you need to know about Clan Wars.
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Do you want to know everything about the Clas of Clans Heroes? What is the Queen Walk? How tanky is the Barbarian King? How does the Eternal Tome work, when the Grand Warden pops it? You can read it now in our CoC Heroes guide!
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Troops are a fundamental element of Clash of Clans battles. Knowing all their ins and outs is crucial to have a successful run. We break them down in our CoC troops guide.
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In SuperCell's Clash of Clans, the way your buildings stand is vital if you want to think about success. We will show you what the buildings are in Clash of Clans, how do they work, how to use them, and how to counter them.
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Do you want to try Builder Base in Clash of Clans? We present you a brand new guide! Check it out for buildings and troops descriptions, upgrade priority, and attack strategy. Become the mighties Clasher!
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Are you looking for a guide, that will lead you through the first stages of Clash of Clans? Have you just started your Clasher adventure? Waste no more time, read this guide and reach Diamond League!
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Become better Clash of Clans player with this guide! Tips and tricks on attacking, defending, farming and fighting in Clan Wars, all in one place. Check it out and clash your enemies!
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Farming target selection, best compositions, tips and tricks straight from Clash of Clans pro players. Get your upgrades sooner than your enemies!