Clash of Clans TH7-TH12 guide - one guide for all basic CoC TH levels

clash of clans th7 th12 guide
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Clash of Clans TH7-TH12 guide

If you didn’t notice yet, we have a series of Clash of Clans guides leading you from Town Hall 7 up to Town Hall 12, with Town Hall 13 coming as soon as we learn its ins and outs. Town Hall 7 is where the game starts to be serious, with some Clan Wars, CWLs, and heavy farming, getting more serious each time you upgrade your main building. 

Table of contents:

Town Hall 7 guide

Town Hall 8 guide

Town Hall 9 guide

Town Hall 10 guide

Town Hall 11 guide

Town Hall 12 guide



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Town Hall 7 guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 guide >>>


TH7 is where all the Clash of Clans guides go from “beginners’” to “real guides”. And so we did here. We thought, that Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 is the massive breaking point in the game, where you actually need to put in some thinking into both - attacking and defending the base. It is also the moment, where serious farming comes online, as you will have a demand for all three resources. Upgrading to Town Hall 7 gives you access to your first hero - the Barbarian King. He’s the biggest and the strongest of Barbarians, leading them fearlessly into the fray. 

Attacking and defending at TH7 is quite straightforward like a penalty shootout in hockey or soccer. People are attacking with Dragons and defending against them. Whoever messes up, loses. You will not have much use for strong trophy pushing strategies, because up until the very end of the Clash of Clans game, you will want to farm for upgrades, researches, and buildings. The farming grind ends when there is nothing left to build. 

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However, you can have some fun with wars. At TH7 you are not that strong overall, but you may not be a war liability for your clan. If you have TH9s and TH10s all over the place, adding you to the Clan War can lower your clan’s war weight by a huge margin. What’s left for you is to make a good attack. You may be asked to do some scout attacks since most of the time you will end up at the very bottom. Worry not - attack well, win your battle, earn stars, and war loot is yours. 

Upgrade order

1. Spell Factory

2. Army Camps

3. Barracks

4. Mines

5. Barbarian King

6. Dark Barracks

7. Clan Castle

8. New defenses

9. Existing defenses

10. Traps.

Attack strategies

Farming is pretty straightforward here. You should go with a standard GiBArch or GiWiz, or even BArch if you want to have the best time/cost/profit efficiency. The premise of farming remains the same. You search for bases with full Collectors and Mines outside of the walls. Then you spam drop the units and take it.

However, if you are lazy, and you don’t want to drop too many trophies, you can go for the Mass Dragon strategy. There is really low likelihood that any TH7 (and some TH8) base will stand tall against such an attack.


Any organizes, the well-thought layout will do fine at this point in the game. At Town Hall 7 many players still don’t consider base designing important. They tend to place the buildings in random spots, wherever they find a free space. Hereby we present you with three layouts - farming one, trophy one, and war base. Each one will suit different purposes, and you should use them accordingly.

Farming Layout

coc th7 farming base

CoC TH7 farming base download >>>

Trophy Layout

Coc th7 trophy base

CoC TH7 trophy base download >>>

War Base 

CoC TH7 war base

CoC TH7 war base download >>>

Town Hall 8 guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 guide >>>


Town Hall level 8 may seem boring and meaningless, but it is a very important part of the game, as it determines your transition to the Town Hall 9. It’s like going to college before looking for the job. 

Town Hall 8 is the first serious attacking test for you. Braindead Dragons spamming will not do anymore. People have two Sweepers here, stronger anti-air defenses, and ground-to-air traps. Dropping four Army Camps of Dragons will most likely turn them into the lizard steak tartare, instead of bringing you an easy triple. It is also the place where strong Dark Elixir troops and strategies come online, namely Golems + Hogs with the addition of core-destroying DPS (P.E.K.K.A., Valkyrie, etc.). 

As we said already, you need to prepare for the TH9. You will find there a massive grind since your heroes will have to go up a combined 50 levels (20 for Barbarian King and 30 for the Archer Queen), which requires a ton of Dark Elixir. Outside of that, there is a Laboratory at TH9 waiting for you to research DE spells, Golems, Valkyries, and Lava Hounds. Town Hall 9 will be the first level, where you realize that farming Elixir and Gold is easy. Here comes the impact of a well-prepared transition. If you finish the critical upgrades at TH8, you will have some free time and space for TH9 upgrades. It will take you less time to farm the resources needed. 

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Upgrade order

1. Laboratory.

2. Army Buildings - Barracks, Dark Barracks, Clan Castle, etc.

3. Barbarian King.

4. New defenses.

5. Existing defenses - splash damage over a single target, ground-and-air overground only and air only.

6. Walls and traps.

Attack strategies


coc th8 dragloon

The Dragon attack is still strong, but not nearly as braindead and forgiving like the TH7 one. You have to take Air Sweepers under consideration, as your point of approach has to be flawless. Adding some Balloons to the squad will not hurt anyone. At TH8 you can finally use the famous Zap-Quake at your will. Check out the Clash of Clans Spells guide, we’ve prepared for you for the exact spells combinations. Taking any Air Defenses for free is always nice.


coc th8 govaho

This one revolves around the insane tanking power coming from the Golems. As for most of the mass Hog Riders attacks, you have to gut the core of the base first, get rid of the enemy Heroes and CC troops, so that nothing bothers pig warriors on their way. 

Valkyries are amazing at clearing bases stacked close together. Under the Rage spell, they will tear it down in the blink of an eye. Once the core is destroyed, and Heroes and Clan Castle troops are down, you can pop Hog Riders. Usually, you shouldn’t spam them. Instead, deploy them in packs. The reason to do that is to avoid putting multiple Hog Riders onto the same traps. 

Put some cleanup troops behind the Hogs for an easy triple.


coc th8 gowipe

Another powerful ground attack. Since TH8 bases became slightly less susceptible to air attacks, ground strategies started to come online. Again, we’re using Golems as the meatshield, while we’re punching in with P.E.K.K.A.s and Wizards right behind them. Funneling is critical, as with bad funneling P.E.K.K.A.s will break out of the base to wage war against trash buildings. You absolutely can’t let that happen.  



coc th8 farming layout

CoC TH8 farming layout download >>>

Trophy pushing

coc th8 trophy base

CoC TH8 trophy base download >>>

War base

coc th8 war base

CoC TH8 war base download >>>

Town Hall 9 guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 guide >>>


A dark, gloomy, medieval castle, in theory, suits better some cruel dread lord, not the candy, cartoon, mobile app, but there it is. Town Hall 9 is a huge breaking point in the game with new, staple troops (Lava Hounds), defenses (X-Bows), 30 housing space in the Clan Castle, and most importantly the Archer Queen. The crossbow lady is the offensive powerhouse and a considerable defensive addition. 

Once your Heroes grind is done, 

TH 9 Upgrade order

1. Heroes
2. Laboratory
3. Army Buildings
4. Resource Buildings
5. New Defenses
6. Existing Defenses - air + ground before one type only, splash damage before single target damage.
7. Walls and Traps
8. Town Hall.

Attack strategies


coc th9 lavaloon

A staple TH9 attack, consisting of Balloons and their immense DPS, and Lava Hounds to tank for them. 

The major drawback of this attack is the troops’ focus - neither the Hounds nor the Balloons can retaliate when attacked. They only focus on defenses, so if there are some air Skeletons, Clan Castle troops, or an Archer Queen - they will go down. You don’t want to rely on Lava Pups or Balloons fall damage to take her out, so you need to deal with her and the CC first.

Balloon attack resembles the Hogs attack. You want to shape the base before deploying your main forces. The more narrow and straightforward it is, the better. Defense-focused troops’ pathway is easier to predict, and in some circumstances, you can even manipulate it on the fly. They’re extremely slow, so having a few Haste or Rage spells is imperative. 

Witch Slap

coc th9 witchslap

Witches are a kind of a troop, that becomes very strong from TH9 on. They are deceptively durable, and with good execution of this attack, they can end up the raid unharmed.

In this attack, you need Bowlers in the Clan Castle, so it’s heavy clan-reliant. If your clan doesn’t have high-level Bowlers, it may cause some problems, and you should reconsider your approach.

You can include a couple of modifications here, according to your preferences. You are free to take the Quad-quake into the fray instead of Jump Spells. It’ll give you much easier access to the core, granted that the target’s Walls allow doing so. Also, Walls once broken, will not rise up, and the Jump will disappear after a while. If you are confident, you may use Wall Breakers as well. If you manage to punch in with the Bowlers, you’ll see the enemy base crumble. 

Also, you can replace Golems with Healers, if the enemy base’s Air Defenses placement opens up a safe path for them.


coc th9 gohobo

It’s similar to the GoVaHo attack, you already know from TH8. It is why it was so important not to go lazy on it. Now, with a few adjustments, you have a powerful ground strategy at your disposal.

The major change is the addition of Bowlers. In this setup, it’s the Bowlers that are responsible for gutting the core and shaping the base for Hogs. The advantage of Bowlers, that they have over Valkyries, is range. They can ignore one more Walls layer due to their boulder throwing and bounce. Under a Rage spell, they will wipe the core in a matter of seconds. However, keep in mind, that like Valkyries, they are not able to attack air troops. If there’s a Lava Hound or much popular E-Drag in the CC, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.



CoC th9 farming layout

CoC TH9 farming layout download >>>

DE farming

coc th9 de farming layout

CoC TH9 DE farming layout download >>>

Trophy pushing

CoC th9 trophy layout

CoC TH9 trophy layout download >>>

War base

coc th9 war base

CoC TH9 war base download >>>

Town Hall 10 guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 guide >>>

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Here is where things become even more serious than at Town Hall 9. You have a new defensive building - the fearsome Inferno Tower. In single-target mode, there is no unit that could withstand its beam. In multi-target mode, it deals with swarms of troops effortlessly. 

After upgrading the Clan Castle, you earn a possibility to request a Siege Machine from your clanmates, which is incredibly impactful. It doesn’t matter which Siege Machine you’d like to add to your army - you can take everything from Wall Wrecker to Siege Barracks. 

With two new troops - Miners and Bowlers - the meta shifts a little bit. Bowlers are a very effective type of fast-clearing, core-gutting unit, used even at the highest level of play. Miners are a little bit harder to manipulate and funnel, and they require a particular type of base, but once you master their ins and outs, they’re unstoppable.

Last but not least, we have a brand new Bat Spell here. Combined with Witches, it can rip through any base, receiving tons of credit even at TH12 and higher. Bats are effective and deadly, but very fragile. It means that you don’t want to push them into Wizard Towers and multi-target Infernos, or they will fall quickly. 

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Upgrade order

1. Heroes.
2. Laboratory.
3. Army Buildings.
4. Resource Buildings.
5. New defenses.
6. Existing defenses:

- Infernos,

- Wizard Towers,

- X-Bows,

- Archer Towers and Teslas,

- Air Defenses,

- Air Sweepers,

- Bomb Towers, Cannons, Mortars.

7. Walls and Traps.

In the Lab during the Heroes grind you want to focus the Elixir upgrades first. Unless you are able to farm considerable amounts of the Dark Elixir to fuel the Heroes upgrades AND the Lab researches, of course. During upgrading the Elixir buildings, you want to funnel the Gold into the Walls. Once the Elixir stage is over, you switch it.

Attack strategies


coc th10 bowitch

As we said earlier, at TH10 you have one of the most useful units unlocked and fully at your disposal - Bowlers. Their cleaning power combined with swarmness of Skeletons does insanely well against single-mode Inferno Towers. You only have to be mindful of splash defenses - Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers will wipe out the Skellies in one shot. Request the Wall Wrecker in CC to let your troops into the base, put Bowlers into it, give them Rage and Heal, and GG.

P.E.K.K.A. BoBat

Coc th10 pekka bobat

Bowlers are ground units. P.E.K.K.A.s are also ground units with a billion of HP and tons of damage. You add Healers to it, which gives a powerful combination, that should enter the base and rip the core apart. Once all splash defenses are down or busy shooting at P.E.K.K.A.s, you drop the Bats. 

Don’t go for this strategy, if funneling is not your strong side. P.E.K.K.A.s are known for breaking out of the base and walking in the way that you don’t want them to walk. It’s critical to force them to punch in.


coc th10 dragbat

A strategy that rose to popularity due to LavaLoon strength. People started to focus their war villages on countering the air only attacks. It is why the DragBat is so effective versus lopsided bases, where splash damage is on one side, and single target damage is on the other. You use Dragons to take the splash defenses (they should tickle at most), to finish off the base with Bats. The attack is air-only so feel free to suicide the heroes, preferably use them for funneling as Dragons tend to spread out and miss the core.

Frozen Dragon

coc th10 frozen dragon

It’s similar to its predecessor, but the main difference is that we swap Bat Spells for Freeze. This strategy should do fine against most bases, as it doesn’t rely on taking down any type of defenses beforehand. If you can, request the Stone Slammer. Use heroes for funneling. Send in some Coco Loons, follow up with Dragons. Rage over the CC troops or Archer Queen (preferably both) and Freeze whatever defense is focusing the Dragons. 



coc th10 farming layout

CoC TH10 farming layout download >>>


Coc th10 trophy layout

CoC TH10 trophy layout download >>>

War Base

coc th10 war base

CoC TH10 war base download >>>

Town Hall 11 guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 guide >>>


A massive power spike in Clash of Clans. Some say that it’s even bigger than going TH12, as you receive new troops here, Eagle Artillery, and most importantly the Grand Warden. Having Electro Dragons and Ice Golems opens up a lot of new possibilities. The only thing you truly lack is the Workshop so that you could be self-sufficient in the Siege Machines department. 

Upgrade order

1. Heroes.
2. Laboratory.
3. Army Buildings.
4. Resources Buildings. 
5. New buildings.
6. Existing defenses.
7. Walls and Traps.

Attack strategies


coc th11 dragbat

This strategy is a response to much popular lately anti-LavaLoon bases, where Air Defenses and Archer Towers are concentrated on one side of the base, and Inferno Towers with Wizard Towers are on the other side. Lopsided the single-target and splash damage defenses make it nearly impossible for a LavaLoon attack to score a three-star win. And makes a perfect target for the DragBat.

The whole premise of this strategy is to make the base narrow for Dragons not to spread out, and take down the splash defenses. Then, as Wizard Towers are down or tanked, you go in with Bats. A large swarm of these quick, lethal creatures can deal with the single-target defensive structures effortlessly. On your way, you should look for an opportunity to Queen Walk the enemy Queen, CC, and Eagle Artillery, or at least some of these.

P.E.K.K.A. BoBat

coc th11 pekka bobat

It is an awesome setup against villages with multiple splash damage defenses, as these usually suffer against high HP units, which P.E.K.K.A.s obviously are. The plan here is to put the P.E.K.K.A. in front of the Wall Wrecker with Healers right behind it. This way the frontline will tank for ages, allowing Wall Wrecker to dig deep into the base. You should drop Bowlers in the end to provide the much-needed range, multi-target damage.

Make sure to create a funnel beforehand. If you don’t, P.E.K.K.A.s will gladly take a walk around the base, bravely fighting the trash buildings. 

P.E.K.K.A.s and Bowlers along should take care of the core. Then you follow “the Bats rule” - when remaining splash defenses are down or tanked, pop them.

P.E.K.K.A. Smash

coc th11 pekka smash

Begin with the Queen Charge. The way you force her into the village is up to you, and slightly up to the situation. Again, make sure to funnel her correctly, or she may ruin the whole raid. You don’t have a Wall Wrecker here, so the Archer Queen will not have a bus to the core. You need to use Jump, Quad-quake, or Wall Breakers.

Once she’s inside taking down the CC and enemy Queen, you can go all-in. Hopefully, the Archer Queen will give you a lot of value, and Healers will swap onto the P.E.K.K.A.s later on.

Electrone LaLoon

coc th11 electrone laloon

You should consider this one if you see the CC close to the Archer Queen with a safe path for the Battle Blimp. By the term “safe path” we mean the way, where you can fly into the base without being pushed away by the Air Sweeper. Against bases that have Air Sweepers pointing in different directions, where you can’t fly in with the Blimp, go for something else.

The strategy is all about the Battle Blimp. You have an Electro Dragon and a Balloon inside of it. Once the Blimp is straight over the Archer Queen and the CC, you pop it, drop Rage, and the enemy troops should get one-shot. Once these two factors are out of the equation, you proceed with the LaLoon. 


coc th11 batslap

It resembles the P.E.K.K.A. BoBat, but the key element here is Witches. These can be surprisingly durable with a few Healers on them. The change and the purpose of it is the swap from high HP, tanky units, to the swarm troops, and the reason is pretty apparent - the Single Infernos. 

The goal of the initial punch is to eliminate splash defenses, and fish fort the Air Bombs, to clear the way for the Bats. Patience is the key. Once there are few hundreds of spawns and Bats around the base, single Infernos do not pose much threat. 



coc th11 farming base

CoC TH11 farming base download >>>

Trophy pushing

coc th11 trophy base

CoC TH11 trophy layout download >>>

War base

coc th11 war base

CoC TH11 war base download >>>

Town Hall 12 guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 guide >>>


As you reach TH12, two things will change. First, your Town Hall will become a defensive building. Second, you will finally have your own Workshop. These two things along with a couple of fresh researches in the Lab and some more housing space in the Army Camps is what changes the meta the most. 

There are no new troops at TH12, so the attack strategies remain basically the same as at the TH11. 

The final important matter is that after reaching the TH12, you may be strong enough to enter the Legend League. It is a whole nother level, thus we’ve prepared totally separate Legend League guide for it.

Upgrade order

    1. Laboratory
    2. Storages
    3. Heroes
    4. Clan Castle
    5. Workshop
    6. Army Camps
    7. New defenses
    8. Existing Defenses:

    - Giga Tesla,

    - Eagle Artillery,

    - Inferno Towers,

    - Wizard Towers,

    - X-Bows,

    - Air Defenses,

    - Archer Towers/Hidden Teslas,

    - Air Sweepers/Connons/Bomb Towers,

    - Mortars.

    9. Walls and Traps.

    Attack strategies

    We leave this paragraph empty since there aren’t many new game-breaking strategies at TH12. There are only enhanced versions of these developed at TH11 and earlier, and we’d like you to go back a little bit and check them out. The most popular ones are mass Hogs, LavaLoon, Mass E-Drags, and mass Miners to some extent.



    coc th12 farming layout

    CoC TH12 farming layout download >>>


    CoC th12 trophy base

    CoC TH12 trophy base download >>>

    War base

    coc th12 war base

    CoC TH12 war base download >>>

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    There you go. A complete, thorough guide to help you on your way from TH7 all the way to the Legend League. If you ever have a doubt about what to do, which strategy you should use, which building upgrade next, what troops are the best - have a quick glance, and you’re good to go. In the in-depth guides, we have prepared a lot of useful information, like Zap-quake calculator, matchmaking rules, war weight cheat-sheet, troops tactics cheat-sheet, etc. Once you read it all, no clan will ever kick you for mistakes. We are teaching about base design errors and attacking step by step. This guide is just comprehension of other guides, a brief look at what we have been working on over a couple of last weeks. 

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    How many Town Hall levels are in Clash of Clans?

    Currently, there are 13 with more to come.

    How long does it take to get good in Clash of Clans?

    We’d say it’s not the time, that makes you good, but your effort. If you’re willing to learn and adapt, it’ll be a cakewalk. If you are stubborn or ignorant, you’ll never be good.

    How long does it take to max CoC?

    It takes 977 builder days, and 1462 Lab days to max out the base. What is Builder Day and Lab Day? It is a 24h period where the Builder or the Lab is busy. Taking into consideration, that you have only one Lab, it’ll be four years for you to go from TH1 to TH13.

    Is Clash of Clans and Clash Royale the same?

    Nope, these are two different games.

    What is Builder Base in CoC?

    Builder Base is an additional village working differently than the home village, but still giving plenty of fun overall.

    What are Clan Games in Clash of Clans?

    Clan Games are a sort of event, where players are given several challenges to do, and for completing them they receive points. They have an individual limit of 4,000 points, as well as 50,000 total points for the whole clan. Reaching these limits gives some nice rewards, so the team effort is welcome here.

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