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Released by Finnish studio SuperCell in 2012, Clash of Clans became a worldwide sensation with millions of downloads and billions of income. We are safe to say that Clash of Clans is a mobile title that cuts the shaming of mobile gaming conducted by PC and console users. There are huge tournaments with impressive prize pools, considerable content creators like Galadon, and loads of cash. The main advantage that games like Clash of Clans have over conventional platforms is mobility. You won't take your PC to work, and your PS4 or Xbox are tied to the screen. 

However, the bane of online gaming strikes here as well. Your account can be stolen. Someone would say: "Meh, how big of a deal is a mobile trash game account?" Well, the one to say that would have to eat his words, as the maxed-out account in Clash of Clans can reach a value of no less than $1000. A well-developed account with a high enough trophy count is valuable, especially for someone who aspires to be at the top. And, of course, the time. It takes several years to max the CoC account

What to do when your account gets hijacked? How to not let that happen? We're going straight into the topic.

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Table of contents:

Clash of Clans account precautions

Multiple Clash of Clans accounts

How to recover the Clash of Clans account?

Connected to SuperCell ID

Connected to Google+ (Android)

Connected to iOS Game Center (iPhone)

Other issues

Buying Clash of Clans account



Clash of Clans account precautions

We all know the drill. You go in, download the game, select a name, tie it up to the Google Play account, and you're done. Probably we are repeating all of the anti-cybercrime forces warnings, but do not use a simple password. It applies not only to a silly mobile game account but mostly to your email address. Whoever has access to your main private mailbox, can retrieve very vulnerable information, let alone reset the game's password. Next time your browser will ask you for setting up a two-factor authentication method, double-check the privacy, click the captcha, move your lazy butt, and do it. 

We live in stupid times, where people go to jail for stealing $1 worth of chocolate bar. Newspapers, TV news, online information sites are full of warnings telling you exactly what you shouldn't do. Always verify, do not sign any documents or agreements that you didn't order, double-check every payment notice, don't give your money to a stranger. And yet people still fall prey to various frauds. In our business, the most common thing is the account theft. The riskiest activity is power-leveling, which includes credentials sharing. Remember, if you have a high-level, valuable account - do not share the password with anybody! We know of cases where close friends "borrowed" an account and tried to sell it immediately. That's how much "friends" are worth nowadays.

Besides being safe, your account also has to be powerful! Some powerful Clash of Clans Items can make sure of that!

However, there is a silver lining for you. It's similar to your Clash of Clans layout. If the potential hacker sees that your password is hard, he will most likely skip it, and go look for something easier to snatch. You may have seen a sophisticated, advanced hacking techniques in movies like "Mission Impossible," "Fast and Furious," and so on, but these are 90% BS. The actual hacking looks completely different, and frequently relies on players clicking a fishy link. Clicking such a link is like an invitation: "Please, come, my CoC account is for you to steal, Mr. Thief."

Multiple Clash of Clans accounts

Undoubtedly, there are some advantages coming from having multiple accounts in many games. There is a saying: "If you want to do something right, do it yourself." We've seen whole 15 or 20 villages clans being owned by one person, even going to war! If you have control over everything, you will not suffer the insubordination. Whatever you embark on, it'll be done. No one will ever question your orders, etc. However, there is a downside to this.

You need time.

Aside from it, there is also a risk that your account goes missing. What can you do in such a case? It depends on the device operating system, and whether the Village was connected to SuperCell ID, Google+/Game Center, or not. Keep in mind that the retrieving method is not 100% guaranteed success. There is a SuperCell's official disclaimer, advising that you don't go higher than TH4 for the safety and recovery purposes, but hey, isn't maxing the account our goal? 

Generally, for the sake of comfort and smoothness in switching between accounts, it's better to tie them to the SuperCell ID. Neglecting it may result in an account loss.

How to recover the Clash of Clans account?

There are a couple of scenarios that your Village can be lost in. Depending on the scenario and the device operating system, the procedure will look different. 

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Connected to SuperCell ID

Possibly the best option to use in terms of playing Clash of Clans. Your account gets attached to an e-mail address and also to a dedicated in-game service, created for the sole purpose of protecting all the Clashers in the world. Recovering an account that was connected to the SuperCell ID will probably be the easiest one.

If you are not sure about the email address that you connected to Supercell ID, search your mailbox. It's crucial, because otherwise any activities or support contact might be problematic, and it's not hard to lose an account entirely. 

Once you determine with which email you signed up, go to the Settings menu icon, click the "Disconnected" button, and log in.

If you lost access to the email address connected to Supercell ID, it's where things get a little bit tricky. The recovery is not impossible, but it will be far harder. 

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Connected to Google+ (Android)

As an Android user, you are most likely already connected to the Google+ account. Google+ is a great modern tool of having everything connected and in one place - email, credit card, passwords, and so on. It's convenient and probably time-saving. However, what most people tend to neglect it's also dangerous. Imagine that someone steals your email. What next? How many critical data is he going to obtain?

It is why you need to pay close attention, double-check everything, take precautions, protect yourself by any means at all times. In case of password reset, Gmail will require you to set up a Two Factor Authentication with QR or phone number. Also, it will ask you for a backup mail and backup mail.

If you lost your old Clash of Clans account, and it was connected to the Google+ account, the procedure is as follows:

1. Run the Clash of Clans app

2. Go to Settings.

3. Make sure that you are connected to the Google+ account, so your Village will get linked to it.

4. Click Help and Support, and proceed to press Report an Issue.

5. Choose "Other Problem."

If you can't get to the game, please send an email to the support at, and support will help you as soon as possible.

The support will need the following data:

- Name of the old Village

- Name of the clan your lost Village is part of

- Town Hall level

- Date and time of your last playing session on the lost Village.

The more details you remember, the more likely you are to get your Village back.

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Connected to iOS Game Center (iPhone)

Apple is a company that wants its customers to pay extra for the brand. It is why they need to have their own counterpart in everything. Let's call it "iEverything" tentatively. And so when Google has its Google+ used for mobile games, Apple has Game Center. There have been issues with Game Center on iPhone X, that are yet to be cleared, but other Apple ID features are perfectly fine. 

The iEverything has the same problem as Google+. When you get a breach, everything is exposed. Remember the huge nudes leak scandal from 2014? We're not saying that your compromising photos will go public, but they can. It doesn't matter what type of device or operating system do you have - safety first.

In case you've lost your account, follow these steps:

1. Run the Clash of Clans application.

2. Go to the Game Settings section.

3. Select Help And Support and report any problems.

4. Choose "Other Problem."

There is an email address for you to send a direct message in the scenario that you are not able to access the game on your phone. The address is The support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Just like in the case of Android, you have to provide the support staff with all the required details, which will make the recovery process easier. Still, the whole thing may take from two to four weeks, so be patient.

Other issues

We can't think right now of an issue not involving any of the above scenarios, and it is the hardest situation of all. The recovery procedure of your account will be extremely tough, 

Using the Village available on your device, answer "NO" to "Was this helpful?" (it's at the bottom of this FAQ). Then, contact us with the following details:

The following information is essential:

1. The exact username, clan name of your lost Village (or player tag)

2. The exact Town Hall level

3. The exact XP level

4. Explain how you lost the Village.

Remember - the explanation of sort: "I sold my account, and I want it back" will not do. Trading the account is strictly prohibited, and we are certain that you won't be granted your Village back. You can't eat a cookie and have a cookie. 

clash of clans marketplace

Buying Clash of Clans account

There is this thing about buying the CoC account that is connected to either of the aforementioned services, that the seller can try to recover the account that he sold. We are dead serious about it - trading Clash of Clans accounts is strictly prohibited by SuperCell, and doing it recklessly can get you banned. You shouldn't do it, but if you still decide to do so, be careful.

Here at MMOAuctions, we have dedicated safety measures to ensure you're not getting scammed. If someone scammed the other person in the past or tried it, his data - nickname, email, Skype ID - are listed in our ScamKiller. Check your trader first, if he doesn't have any scammy past, and then you are free to sell or buy the account. 


If you made it this far, and you read at least half of the article, we are sure that your account will be safe. Quite frankly, this is the primary purpose of this guide. We don't want you to lose your account in the first place.

The precaution tips included in this article are viable for every Internet and real-life, activity; not only Clash of Clans. Stick to them, be careful, protect your vulnerable data, 

If you have any questions about this page, you need advice, answers, instructions, please, go to our Live Chat support, and they will find a way to help you. Alternatively, all members can leave a message down below, and we will reply. Check for any updates.


How do I get my old CoC account back on iOS?

If you had a SuperCell ID, type it in, and that's it. If not, you should connect to your Apple ID Game Center and try this way. If this doesn't help, you can send a support ticket via the app or directly to their mail.

How can I recover my Clash of Clans account without SuperCell ID?

It depends on whether you connected the account to Google+ or Apple ID, or not. If you did, you should try it. If not, the procedure is hard.

How can I retrieve my Clash of Clans account using Facebook?

You can't. The Facebook connection gives nothing. Only SuperCell ID, Google+, or Apple Game Center means something. If you didn't have either, the procedure is as in the "Other Issues" paragraph.

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