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Clash of Clans Emulator
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How to emulate Clash of clans on pc

Most of the people, who have loved Clash of Clans on mobile devices, have already thought that it would be great to get a PC version of the game. Sadly, Supercell hasn't yet released or planned to create a stand-alone version of the game that could work on stationary systems. So what players could do to have a good time with their favorite title on other devices than mobiles? We will be answering this question in the text below.

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 How to play Clash of Clans on PC?

You can fight in Clash of Clans on pc using an installed emulator. As Wikipedia says - an Emulator is a software or hardware that gives computer properties of another device. It changes how it behaves and how it is recognized. So, in short - with the emulator, you will be able to turn your PC to be recognized as a mobile device. Of course, you won't lose the functions that you already have. With how complicated computers are, you will be able to open a program that will behave like your phone and install on it your favorite game. For the rest of the process, you will have to download Clash of Clans from the Google Play Android apps store or Apple App Store on the emulator - which does require log in to Google account and install Clash of Clans game through the programs. After that, you can click the icon to start the game and enjoy all of its features just as if you were playing on Android or iOS, including Clan Wars.

Which emulator is the best

You can read our opinion about some of the best emulators below that could let you play Clash of Clans on PC.

Bluestacks - Probably the most famous tool to emulate Android games on the PC. This program is designed especially for gaming and therefore lets you control them even easier than you would on the phone. The biggest issue comes with resource consumption. To run it smoothly and play the game as it is on the phone, you will have to try it on a very good machine.

Leapdroid - With an easy to use interface comes the next Android Emulator created for playing Clash of Clans and other games on PC. In this case, you also get similar advantages and functions; however, there are also downsides. This program hasn't been too reliable when it comes to stability. People have been telling us that crashes are quite frequent with this one, and that has been the biggest problem of this software. You will also be required to have a decent specification on your PC as this program quite resources hungry. On the other hand, animations on Leapdroid are much smoother than with competitors, so decide if it works for you by testing it out.

LDPLayer - Another option on the list is a much less popular Android system emulator for PC hardware. With LDPlayer, you will be able to avoid lags and stutters that usually are a part of the CoC emulation process. It is a less fancy brother of other programs that let you emulate this game; however, it works more smoothly than other ones.

Other options - There are also multiple other programs that you can use like Andy Emulator, Genymotion, and MEmu, so if you are running into trouble making one of the above work, you might as well try those. However, the three mentioned were the most popular ones and the most used ones, not without reason.

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Advantages of using an emulator

Emulators give their users some additional benefits. The most important one is the advantage of better controls. Playing on mobile devices is not as precise and as easy as playing on the PC. If you are against another player who is playing on his phone, you will be given a considerable advantage over him of having better control over your units. 

It also brings us to another advantage for the emulator users. Big screens give them a better chance at noticing units, buildings, and important events that take place during Clash of Clans gameplay. By controlling the battles on the monitor, you will have a clear view advantage over mobile users that might tip the scales of victory over to your side. How many times have you failed the raid, cause you misplaced the spell, unit drop, or you didn't see the CC troops coming out? It will not happen on the PC. Not only does it give you a bigger view, but also it does not force you to move fingers over it, obscuring the view. 

In general, if you are playing casually, mobile devices should be enough. However, if you are thinking about Clash of Clans more seriously and you want to push yourself into the pro scene or a higher ranking, then emulators might be your best choice.

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Lastly, no calls will bother you when you're trying your hardest to score that much-needed six-pack in the ongoing war. As you're playing on the phone, sometimes you can experience a call incoming, and your raid goes down the drain. You're not able to decline the call fast enough for the game to recover in time to finish the attack. It's nothing during casual farming, but at the highest level of play, where the CWL win is at stake, well, it may hurt.

The biggest downside of playing Clash of Clans on PC is the inability to do the multi-finger battle drop. If your powerful raid strategy on Clan War Leagues or a regular Clan War requires you to deploy units in two or more places at the same time, or spam them as fast as possible, then you might want to jump onto the mobile. Your mouse with a one-spot click will not do.

The solution that tries to fit in between would be the PC with a touchpad screen. It offers a bigger view with the ability to do the multi-finger drop. However, these are rather expensive, and you shouldn't invest in such just to play Clash of Clans on it.

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Is it possible to play Clash of Clans on desktop PC?

It surely is the moment you download the right Android or iOS emulator. Then just download Clash of Clans on PC.

How can I play Clash of Clans on my PC without Andy and BlueStacks?

Download and install any phone emulator on the PC.

How can I play Clash of Clans on PC Mac IOS?

There are emulators of IOS for the PC as well, so you can use those.

How can I play Clash of Clans in BlueStacks on Windows PC?

Download BlueStacks, install it, install Clash of Clans on it and sign in to the game. The PC Clash of Clans installation doesn't differ much from the one on Android or iOS, no tutorial needed.

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