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Learn the latest news and tips related to Fortnite (2017), an action game with a third-person view (TPP) based on a multiplayer mode. The action takes place in a world haunted by zombie-like demons. The plot in Fortnite plays an important role despite the cooperative, multiplayer aspect of the game. The in-game world is haunted by zombie-like demons, which come to Earth through the portals in storm clouds that are visible over the horizon. As a player you must guard the gates so that no evil can break through.

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Eventually, you will also have to try to close this mystic passage by using a device called Atlas. The campaign can last for a decent amount of hours, where after each completed mission you get a choice on which next gate you wish to take care of. Right at the start of a game and when three other players join the mission, you will have a decent amount of time to properly prepare for action.


You will need to explore often quite extensive areas and set up fortifications that will hold the line against the monster hordes. In that, there are three main types of material to choose from - wood, stone and metal. So look for resources, as well as new plans to construct more advanced equipment and weapons, because everything can come in handy when fighting the odds. Regardless of what you do, the game will offer you a complete freedom in designing your fortifications and traps. On top of that, the cooperation between players will also be a key aspect to success.

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