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Fortnite advanced guide
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Every piece of advice that can get you an advantage in a fight and bring you closer to Victory Royale is invaluable. In our article - we will try our best to finally grant you some sweet chicken dinners in your bright Fortnite career.


Table of Contents:

General Advice

Ways of improving


Editing Structures



Fortnite Tips & Tricks



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Fortnite season 9 updates

At the beginning of season 9 Epic Games provided us with some interesting map changes. On May 4th, 2019 during the Unvaulting event some big things were introduced. We had a chance to smash a giant crystal containing a Drum Gun. Then players would fly to the sky to see Tilted Towers and Polar Peak, share the faith of Retail Row, and getting completely destroyed. Volcano area was replaced by Pressure Plant - a government base kinda similar to the one from 2011 MCU Thor. Tilted Towers have been rebuilt into Neo Tilted, which remains the point of the strongest interest.

General advice

Korean players practice for about twelve hours each day. They do not simply play, they aren’t having fun, it’s more like a regular job to them. They play until enemy Nexus is down until the last opponent falls until there is no one left to defeat. It’s a matter of mentality. Persistence will slowly but surely get you to great heights.


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If you think that one hour of gaming per day will bring you any closer to Victory Royale, you’re mistaken. You need to play more. A lot. A wise man once said: ‘Practice makes perfect’.



Ways of improving

In 2019, two years after launching Fortnite Battle Royale, it is not just about building and casual shooting anymore. Best players have turned this game into a war of some sort, something of arts and maestry. Tactics, shooting, and reflexes may give you an upper hand over some newbies, but to be the best you need to beat the best. And how will you do it?

By applying the tips that you find in this guide to your gameplay! 





  • Eye-hand coordination. It is a crucial factor in every agility-based game. The speed and accuracy in which you’re able to shoot someone’s head off are key, as it can get you closer to winning. Eye-hand coordination needs lots of training and it will take some time to develop that skill, but it’s definitely worth it. Remember that eye-hand coordination doesn’t apply only to Fortnite. It will become pretty handy in other FPS (or TPS) games.


  • Peripheral vision. This basically means that you will be able to see more. It will allow you to see everything on the screen from a wider perspective. There are many exercises to improve that skill that you can find all over the internet, so give up a few minutes of your playing time and improve in that regard. A tunnel vision in a shooter game is a no-no. Develop your vision skill, and instead of only noticing things that are directly in front of you - you will be able to notice even the slightest movements happening at the side of your screen. 


  • Reflex. This is something we’re born with, but it can also be enhanced with proper training. Your reaction time can often save your life, and I’m not talking computer games only.


In fact, just playing a lot will naturally improve your shooting mechanics, but it’s not as effective as combining it with things listed above.


You should expect that your enemies are going to jump around. A lot. Jumping will put your enemy in a predefined motion, as possibilities of redirecting your jump mid-air are limited. Generally, you should be pretty much able to estimate where they are going to land. It’s much easier than trying to follow their chaotic movements. Also, when they jump into a wall, it’s obviously going to stop them in their tracks. Aim next to the wall for somewhat of a guaranteed hit. We all want to get those sweet headshots, but a guaranteed shot to the body is truly invaluable. Sometimes - patience is the key. Don’t be reckless, don’t aim for headshots only. Learn to cherry-pick to get the most out of a favorable situation.


Always practice -  try to aim at moving opponents while you’re in the lobby. Go to the next level - find a point of reference and try jumping around it while keeping your crosshair as close to that point as possible during your chaotic movements. It will boost your aim and confidence - both invaluable in any duel or clutch moment.

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Movement and Positioning

If you’ve ever watched a Fortnite pro player in a duel scenario - you know how hard it is to really see what is going on on the screen due to the rapid movements of each player. It’s a great tactic that will boost your defenses, but it’s a double-edged sword. Rapid movements will make your own shots more difficult to hit. 


It is highly recommended to crouch when shooting at medium and long-distance. It depends on a weapon as well. With Drum Gun moving around will not really affect your aim since the gun itself has already high spread and is used mostly in close combat. On the other hand, jumping around with a sniper rifles will make you look like a fool.


Another very important aspect - bloom management - the width of your crosshair depends on your actions. Jumping and running will cause it to expand, thus making it harder to hit your opponents. Shoot in controlled bursts to keep your crosshair as narrow as possible, rather than spraying your bullets like a madman.


Position yourself in places that will make you harder to actually hit. Use your surroundings to stay out of sight. Unless you really need to, try not to cross an open space, as it will leave you exposed. Entering dangerous areas can get you into trouble.



Weapon choice 

A variety of weapons available in Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t large, but there is still plenty to choose from.

First of all, you should select your personal favorite. Are you Chris Kyle type of guy? Pick Sniper Rifle. Are you an aggressive madlad longing for direct contact? You’ll end up choosing a combat shotgun or an SMG. Wishing for a little bit of both? Then Assault Rifle is your way to go. Are you an incarnation of Dirty Harry or Billy the Kid? Go ahead, become a pistol god. Just don’t try to be good at everything. A jack of all trades is a master of none.


If you wanna climb higher and improve your skill up to a professional level, there are some things that you cannot skate around. Proficiency in one type of weapon is surely an advantage, but versatility is another kettle of fish. Be prepared to fight in close quarters as well as on long distances, and neither scenario will ever surprise you.



If you want to be a god-tier sniper, you'll need to learn how to properly compensate for the distance and movements of your target, as enemies will rarely stand in place, unless they are lining up their shots as well. The behavior of your enemy will change depending on a multitude of factors. They will move in a different manner when they are sure they are safe when they are fighting someone, when they get spotted or tagged, or when they see you. Learn to recognize these states and adapt to them in the heat of the moment.


Unaware opponents are easier to predict. Also, you will have to calculate how long it takes them for the bullet to travel, as rounds do not hit instantly. 50 yards distance usually means some delay, and over 100 yards - it’s a guaranteed bullet drop.


Often it is not worth it to shoot at someone that is flying around as it's a tough shot to make. It’s not really rewarding either, as snipers are the loudest kind of weapons in the game. You can’t afford to have your position compromised by the enemy.




It’s a technique of quick movements in-and-out of a corner, shooting and hiding back. Over and over again. Every good player knows how to peek effectively.

The important thing to know is that your character can only hold weapons in the right hand. It’s not possible to switch to the left hand, which causes peeking on the left side to expose your whole body. Keep that in mind when dueling. 



High Ground

A bread and butter strategy for duels in Fortnite. High ground is essentially placing yourself higher than your opponent, so you can shoot down at them. Take a look at the list of High Ground benefits:


- you’re much harder to reach with sight and bullets. Ground-level players will shoot above your head, or their shots will go at your cover, while you aim at their head and chest level. You have a higher chance to land a headshot, they have a higher chance to tickle the air around you.


- you control the 'jump-peek-shoot' timing. It's much quicker than them peeking left and right


- you remain in control over the vertical movement (they can't fly up to you, while you can either descend upon them or jump-peek). In other words - you are free to fight on your terms, they are not.


- you maintain the view of where your enemy is moving, while they can't do the same. Also, you can see where you're going, and they need to switch between looking up and down


- being higher allows you to spot any other enemies more effectively. That’s a handy vantage point.


Fighting for high ground can be tricky, so you might want to learn the Scissor Jump. You can conduct it when you’re on the stairs underneath your enemy, you can jump sideways and fast build a floor under your feet. This way you have a chance of retaking the High Ground.

Best players, however, do know how to counter the Scissor Jump. They will simply put floors above you from each side, denying that move completely.


Arguably the most important part of Fortnite. Using Fortnite Creative will give you a simple tool for quick building lessons.

Knowing the ins-and-outs of the building will also let you counter enemy structures and easily knock them down. 



Protect yourself with walls

Building in Fortnite Battle Royale provides cover, as walls act just like shields.

Always build when you hear gunshots around you unless you’re really sure you’re not in danger (building reveals your location). Walls will block some of the shots and prevent you from taking damage. After establishing a safe position, you are free to fire the shots of your own.

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Build as you fall

This special technique is extremely dangerous but rewarding. It can give you a giant advantage, but one mistake may cost you your life. Keep that in mind and practice a lot in Fortnite Creative Mode.

As you know, falling from more than three floors deals with fall damage. When you’re forced onto the edge and you fall by accident, you can try to save yourself by building a platform beneath your feet. Also, if you want to descend onto the enemy from high ground, you can use this technique as well.

And the most advanced method of avoiding fall damage is throwing an impulse grenade underneath you. The force-push of the grenade will reset your falling status. It takes a lot of practice, but it can save your life.



Build to obtain High Ground

You will not always have the possibility to take higher ground just by using terrain or already existing buildings. No matter what brought you to the ground level, you can climb up almost instantly! 

There are two types of useful building techniques:

  • the corner method - you build two L-shape walls and add stairs in between them. Jump up and add another set of stairs and so on. 
  • the R method - you build a wall and stairs on top of it. Jump up, add another ramp and stairs. Repeat until you’re satisfied.


These methods are effective and relatively simple. Their cost is not that high and you’ll learn quickly how to use them. Also, you can add more walls around you for better protection. You don’t want them third parties to score a cheeky backstab kill on you.

Don’t go too far with adding platforms! Remember - safe height to fall from is the third floor. If you fall from a higher point, you’ll lose health immediately, as fall dmg will ignore your shield.


Choose materials wisely. Stone and metal allow you to raise stronger structures, but wood is cheaper and easier to gather. Also, wooden walls are faster to build than brick or metal ones, though they are not as strong.



Move and build during downtime

How many times have you died due to standing in one place? You should never waste your time doing nothing. Take care of your construction site.  The bigger, complex base is your domain, allowing you to edit everything from top to bottom. Your enemies can only attempt to destroy your Fort Knox. And good luck with that!


But beware - building a structure will mark your current location, as it can create noise and player-created forts stand out.

Never stop, do something at all times, run in circles, jump around, observe your surroundings, anything. You move - you survive. That’s the way.



Turtling and its Counters

Turtling is one of the most annoying things to deal with Fortnite. It means a player boxing himself in a 1v1. If they are smart and good with blueprints, taking them down might be a hell of a challenge.


Here’s a list of techniques to counter turtling:

  • place a cone on the enemy’s floor and edit the structure to surprise your opponent

  • box out, edit a right-side door. If you position yourself in the center of a wall you can replace enemy cone with one of your own

  • make your opponent think, that you're trying to turbo build a wall. You should turbo build a ramp instead, edit it and use the advantage

  • learn to edit a 'dorito' (diagonal wall). Then jump right and get the angle. The advantage of this technique is that you have right-hand peek leaving your opponent with much less room to answer with fire.

  • if you've already replaced an opponent's wall, try to bait them by using meds. As soon as they use meds/switch to the pickaxe, quickly edit and shoot them. Care - be quick. Too slow and you'll be left with your pants down

  • build a cone connected to one corner of turtling enemy’s roof. Climb on top of it and you'll be able to push four pieces at once. It's extremely hard to turtle four elements at the same time

  • use rocket launcher as a bait. If your enemy assumes you’re gonna use it, they will edit his wall and try to you down. In that case, you can replace their wall, edit it and surprise them.


Editing buildings is without a doubt very important for effective gameplay. Remember that you can only edit your own structures. This is why building in downtime is so crucial. Being in your own base gives you the home-court advantage. To use this technique in the enemy base, you’d need to replace one of its elements. Editing advantage can be huge as it’s decisive.

Beware on how your opponent edits his base. He may try to surprise you and suddenly edit a window, doors or ‘dorito’ to shoot you down.



Reverse edit

Most players tend to bind reset edit key to mouse scroll down, as it’s faster and more comfortable. Mastering this technique will often leave your opponent wondering what’s going on.



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Victory Royale means outlasting 99 enemies. Of course, hunting them down and killing help, but as much as it is about efficient elimination, it’s also about survival. Being smart about your moves, decisions, and planning is as important as decent aim.

Surely camping will not make you many friends but will give you many XP points and Battle Stars instead. Who needs friends when you can have Battle Stars? 


Same as when it comes to shooting with which you need to find a balance between movement and accuracy, here you need to find a balance between passive and aggressive playstyle.  Quoting Thanos: “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be”.

Recently Ninja was criticized for switching from his aggressive playstyle to passive and well-planned engagements. He was notorious for aggression and offense, now he started to hide more, edit windows into the walls, peeking on enemies and so on. He stated, that he wishes old, head first offense meta to come back, as it was more fun and entertaining. However, in this meta - staying competitive means more measurement and less recklessness.




You should rarely improvise in online video games. Plan your next steps to use your time wisely and do not waste any second. The worst thing you can do is wandering around thinking: ‘Hmm, what do I do now?’. I’ll tell you - you’re dead. Or if you’re lucky enough - you’re NOT YET dead.

The planning starts on the bus already. Where I’m gonna land? Where will I go? Will I go into the middle of a fight, hopefully, win and get rewards, or will I wait for my enemies to kill each other? Early stages of the game are crucial if you want to even think about Victory Royale. It takes a good early-stage to become powerful in the endgame.


Keep making plans. Having plans will rarely leave you unprepared for certain scenarios. For example - you’ve spotted your enemy in a building.

  • if he comes out peeking from the left, I will go and hide behind the trees
  • if he comes out from the right, I will try to enter the building and get High Ground 
  • if he decides to stay inside and shoot from the window, I will walk around the building and lead him to believe, that I’m entering from the other side; I will plant some traps and throw some grenades in
  • if he goes to the roof, I will build a base and try to shoot him down,
  • if a third party appears, I will deal with him first, and then return to the building guy.


This is just a simple example of rapid planning. In-game scenarios can be different and change within seconds. You’ll need to adjust and play accordingly.




This is very much related to planning. Making correct decisions is a big part of reaching Victory Royale. Best players are where they are because of the correct decisions they make.


You should constantly be asking yourself basic questions and advance accordingly. Am I going for Supply Drops? Am I safe here? Is someone waiting for me? Maybe I should wait for the enemies and set a trap? I see the door open. Is someone still in there? Is he fully aware of my presence? Or is it just bait? Should I enter or go around? Do I have a weapon suitable for close combat encounters? What’s going to be my next move? What is the risk and what is the reward? Is it worth it?

A good memory helps when it comes to making a decision. For example, when you see that supply crates are dropped in a certain location, but you need to deal with an enemy first, you’ll have to remember the location of drops.



Best landing locations

My friend always picked the hardest game modes. His reasoning was: 'I know I'm gonna get a serious whopping. But eventually, I will make it'. According to this, you should try to land in Neo Tilted. This is by far the most popular location on the map, as it's a great source of material, chests, weapons and most of all - experience. Such an abundant place is tempting, so it is not a secret, that everybody wants to head over there. Huge crowd means that it will be much harder for you to survive, but eventually - just like my friend did - you'll start to make it out alive. Fortnite best players often say: ‘Wanna learn how to play? Land in Neo Tilted If you survive - you’re ready’.


You have some influence on where you want to deploy yourself by steering your glider. Pick your place carefully and watch out for controls - sometimes one single muscle cramp, one premature button release can be a cause of your death. To get away from The Bus, spam the deploy glider button and you will be able to go further.

Moving around the map

Besides the safe zone shrinking, which will per se force players to move, there are some key factors that will affect the pathing. After you land, you need to decide - whether you harvest safely on the spot or search for something else? The first option is fairly easy as long as you’re sure nobody’s around. The second option can be as rewarding as it can be punishing. Either you find a treasure, or you’ll be forced into fighting with a better-equipped opponent.


When you hear the sounds of a big battle, you have three options:

  • go in and hope to score some kills, but risk your life,
  • wait for your enemies to kill each other and engage as a third party to clear the battlefield, kill whoever is left 
  • turn around and run for your life like a coward and hope, that the rest of the players will die by themselves.

It’s not easy to travel around the island on foot. Slip Streams can be helpful in that regard.




Low-level players shouldn’t worry about psychology, but there are so many random factors that play into attitude and performance.

The tilted player is a bad player. Tilt leads into tunnel vision, which basically means you are not able to use all of your intellectual resources, thus it’s compounding your performance. You desire your vengeance so bad, that you no longer care about tactics, correct building, editing and other vital parts of the game. You’re unable to outsmart your opponent because temporarily you self-disabled your own wits.


Also, anger will lower your coordination. You’ll miss more shots, click wrong buttons or miscalculate building which is a better scenario - would allow you to avoid fall damage for example. You’ll find yourself in situations normally you wouldn’t have. This will make you lose. And losing will make you tilt even more. 

Remember - patience is the key sometimes. If you make your opponent impatient, he’s more likely to make mistakes.


What’s the recipe until yourself? Simple as that - take a break. I swear your PC, PS4 or Xbox will not run away if you take a walk for fifteen minutes. And it will 100% help. Trust me. Even Stephen King, the all-time great writer tends to walk in search for inspiration. During one of these walks, he had been hit by a truck, which he said later was also inspiring. Although this might be not the best advertisement for walking…

Anyways, remember - after all it’s just the game. The sooner you’ll realize this, the healthier you (and your gaming gear) will be. 

Other Fortnite tips


Watching pro players and esports 

Ten-minute video of Tfue, Ninja or Reverse2k playing Fortnite can teach you a lot. Streamers tend to talk while in-game, often giving you some helpful hints on editing, strategy or setting up traps. You can see them building bases, breaking into enemy forts or avoiding danger. They also have YouTube channels, where they post videos with tips, tricks, and highlights. If you want to be a match for them one day, you need to get to know them.



Never play with cold hands

Even the best strategies will not matter if you don’t have the ability to click the mouse or controls. Simple as that.

Inventory management


You cannot be the best player in the world if you’re constantly thinking about which button you should press to use certain items. You should use your item settings in a way that suits you and just stick to it. It will allow you to use your stuff almost automatically, without a thought.

The best setup is to have 3 guns and 2 consumables.

You can also share resources with teammates if you’re in a team mode. When dropping, select the amount you want to be taken away. It will be automatically split in half.

You’re allowed to harvest certain materials up to an amount of 999 and carrying it will not affect your movement, so go ahead and smash a tree on your way to Victory Royale.



Managing your potions may be one of the reasons you lived and escaped death in Fortnite, many times. There are three main types of consumables in Fortnite:

  • healing items - bandages (common, heal for 15 HP, capped at 75) and Medkits (uncommon, heal for 100 HP) 
  • shield potions - small shield potion (uncommon, gives +25 shield capped at 50) and shield potion (rare, gives +50 shield)
  • mixed - Slurp Juice (rare, health and shield +75) and Chug Jug (legendary, health and shield +200!).

You can stack up to 3 Medkits and up to 15 bandages. Simple math shows you that the first option is in theory 300 HP, whereas the latter is just 225 HP. Also, Medkits restore full HP, with bandages capping at 75.


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The trickiest part of using headphones is that they can give you the true sound of your surroundings. If someone shoots on your left, you’ll hear shots the exact direction. Best players are able to immediately aim in that direction and score a kill! The same thing with crouch walking and running. Crouch walk is less noisy.

Better hearing will also help you in finding chests, as it’s making sounds when you’re nearby. Good audio will let you more or less estimate the exact location and also will protect you from incoming danger.

Supply drops

After the third map shrink (and during each subsequent Storm Eye shrinking) there are supply crates deployed from up above. They’re descending is rather slow, but you can shoot them in order to speed up their fall and then track them. A blue flare is a sign of the position where it is going to drop. They contain a Legendary weapon, ammo for the weapon, 30 of random material, a random Trap, and a Consumable.

Remember - they are being seen from far away. Most likely you’re not the one to be there. Now you need to decide, whether you go straight for them or camp and wait for enemies to show up.




Pickaxe has to become your friend, as it will allow you to harvest fast and effectively. When needed it can also make a handy weapon, as it deals 20 damage with each hit.

Efficient looting will provide you with materials - much needed for building. Always check for chests inside the buildings. This is where most weapons are hidden.


Sometimes you may run into Loot Llama (who doesn’t have a Llama in the living room?). There are three of them hidden somewhere around the island and they contain consumables, 200 of each material and ammunition. Instead of searching, go ahead and smash everything into pieces with your pickaxe, as it’s much faster.



Leveling faster

Buy Battle Pass and start collecting Battle Stars! For 950V-Bucks you’ll get access to rewards worth much more, than a pinch of in-game money. Nowadays nobody uses default pickaxe or parachute, with so many cool skins available.


You can level up by gathering XP. Don’t forget to complete daily and weekly challenges (like famous week 4 challenges including dance on Giant Dumpling Head or Holographic Tomato Head). Also if you bump into the Fortnite Fortbyte, one of 100 chips scattered throughout the island, grab it to get dope rewards.

Leveling up is the only way to unlock awesome content, aside from paying.

For a better view on this topic, check out our >>>Fortnite leveling guide<<<



Learn from your mistakes

Only a true fool assumes that he knows everything. An only smart man will give others their due. Each failure is a basis of success.


Did you get baited? Analyze it. How did that happen? What can I do not to get deceived like that again? Your general outcome is:

  • you’ve lost one game
  • you can avoid the same situation in the future
  • you can use this as bait for your enemies.


Better opponents are an almost indefinite source of cheap, constantly improving the database. Why not make an advantage out of it?

What’s more, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is the best way to learn your limits and expand them. Treat mistakes more in the category of experience, a lesson for example. How many shots to the body can I take? How far down can I fall? What will happen if I edit the floor underneath myself 100 feet above the ground?

There are lots of variables, and if you know how they work - you will surely heighten your skill-cap. 


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Read these tips and tricks, apply them to your game and most of all - practice a lot. Then you’ll watch your skill, as it rapidly ramps up.


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How do you get good at Fortnite in Battle Royale?

Fortnite is a mechanical demanding game, so you will not go anywhere without playing a lot, and clicking well. The more you play, the more experience and outplay potential you gain. Tactics and mechanics - these are the foundations of a good Fortnite player.

How do I become a better Fortnite player?

There are three key aspects, two of which can be improved - shooting, building, and raw talent. You can work on improvement in the two formers, but talent is something we are born with.

What is the fastest way to edit in Fortnite?

The crucial thing about editing is to have one editing command bound to one key. Then you need to put some practice into it to gain the muscle memory, where you can edit quickly without the need to look at the keyboard.

How do you dominate in Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is not a straightforward shooter, where you only need to click better than others to win. It takes a lot of thinking, planning, and mind games to outwit your opponents. Once you have it all, you will be unmatched (outside of scenarios where RNG gets the best of you).

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