Fortnite Editing Guide - Know your Walls before you crash into one

Fortnite Editing Guide
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Fortnite Editing Guide

Welcome to our Fortnite Editing Guide, stranger! This article will teach you of all the edits that you will need to know to master your combat capabilities. Edits are very important when it comes to PvP. It doesn't matter which mode is your forte, 1v1, solo, duo, squads, or solo squads - you will need Building Editing in this battle royale.

It's a vital part of building structures that will allow you to do a multitude of new things in Fortnite. Move more easily between your structures. Create windows of opportunity to take some chip shots on your opponent. Create pathways that will lead you to a more favorable position. Trap enemies inside your buildings and edit in a peek window to get free shots. Construct more tricky and twisted buildings to confuse your opponent, setting them up for a lost fight. 

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Why Learn Editing?

Editing is the most critical part of building that you will need to master after learning the fundamentals. This way, after learning the essential structures, techniques, strategies, after pairing it up with good edits, you will be able to slowly but surely build up your speed. And it applies both to building and editing. Everything for outplaying players that you see you can duel against by using smart structures that you have created.

You should learn to edit, so you will be able to not only get the most out of every situation but to be able to build structures outside the box. This way, you will be able to outplay your opponents with more options that can be called unique. Your opponent might not expect some plays that you might use to gain a massive advantage by building. And this goes for both fighting for the high ground, but also for trapping your enemy inside.

Editing will allow you to do things that you wouldn't be able to do with the simple building. What would be the point of fighting with your enemy to get them in a box under your Roof + Floor, if you didn't know how to properly edit that to gain a huge advantage in a firefight, where you are the hunter, and your opponent is your prey? 

You will also use that to get out of a sticky situation. Imagine being locked in a box, under a roof. Sure, you can grab your tool ASAP, to break through the structure in a few hits, but enemy edits will always be faster and more reliable. 

If you want to bring yourself up to the highest level, you should know about all edits, so you know what to expect. You should also learn how the edits that you won't use work. Just in case, so nothing surprises you in the game. Then you master the most crucial, reliable, and useful edits, and you are ready to go as long as you know how to build, which you can learn in *OUR GUIDE*. Keep in mind that this is a guide for Fortnite PC. Controls on PS4 will be much different, and it will be harder to do some things. Let's learn how to edit structures!

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Fortnite Wall Edits

Walls will be generally used to create pathways and holes, which you will be able to observe or shoot through. It's imperative to know how to do quick edits on this structure, as it will be used when your enemy is at your ground level. You want to do everything to expose your enemy to your gunfire and also using for your protection. There are many ways to edit your structure with your editing menu.

Door & Window Edits

  • Simple Door

Leave out three squares at the top and remove two boxes vertically at the bottom. This way, you can place doors on the left, right, or middle. You will rarely use doors, as these are purely aesthetical. You won't use them that much in a real fight unless you've made a considerable mistake, and you missed one or two squares. Some doors can be useful if you want to have an easy way out. But if you want to kill your enemy, you will edit your walls a little bit differently. 

  • Door in a Half-Wall

You will build this pathway in a similar manner to the previous Simple Door. However, this time, you will remove the top squares as well. Keep in mind that this technique will only allow you to place the door either on the right side or the left side. You won't be able to place it in the middle.

  • Door & Window

The "Front of the house" structure. The truth is, if you've used that edit, you either miss clicked, you are BMing, or you are a hard memester. Full wall, a door on the right, one window on the left in the middle of the column with three vertical squares right between them, and you have a lovely door + window combo. Perfect structure for designing your own house.

  • Single Window

Single and simple, remove one square on the middle left, middle right, or directly in the middle. It will create a small window that can be used for peeking and taking shots. 

  • Two windows

One small window on the left, one small window on the right, with a small wall in the middle to protect you from shots. While it provides two windows that you can shoot from, since you can't switch the side of your shots, the left window will expose you hard before you can shoot. Thus, you should stick to the window in the middle, or on your right. 

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Wall Wedge Edits

Wall wedges will be used during building, to quickly open up your wall, creating a quick and reliable pathway.

You can place them on either side, left or right, so you can use it when you build to create exits and additional pathways. The truth is, it is one of the most critical edits that you should know about, as you will use it virtually all the time. 

Wall Arch Edits

Arches will be used to create pathways for your team. You will use them mainly when your team somehow won't fit through a Wall Wedge. And let us break it up to you, it won't happen often. 

  • Upper Arch

Just a simple arch that will be built above you. To edit it in, remove a reverse T block at the bottom of your wall. 

  • Side Arch

It is the arch that leaves one side completely open, similar to a Wedge, but fancier, and takes one additional tile to be removed. Don't waste time. Build a wedge instead, unless you miss clicked.

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Wall Part Edits

These edits will change the size of your walls, making them smaller and more narrow, depending on your preferences and on the situation that you're in. They are used mostly when your enemy is trapped on the same level as you, and you want to shoot out of your building and peek on your enemies.

  • Mid wall

Remove the upper tiles of your wall, and you will be left with a half-wall. Or the mid wall. Use it to take peek shots on the enemy who's below you. You will also use it when you trap your enemy in a box so that you can take some easy shots with your Tac.

  • Low Wall

Remove tiles, leaving out the bottom tiles intact. You will get a small fence that you will have to jump through to get to the other side. 

  • Quarter Wall

Very Small, rarely used because of the number of tiles that you have to remove. It just takes too much time, and it's not worth it to bother yourself with this quarter of a wall.

  • Pillar

Remove six tiles, leaving out three vertical squares, and you've got yourself a pillar. Creating a window is a far better idea, but placing a pillar is a possibility, as well.

  • Half Quarter

Imagine a quarter wall, like in point 3, but like half of it. Congratulations. You've got yourself a Half Quarter Wall. The smallest wall you can make, there's no point in using it.

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Fortnite Floor Edits

Something that you will step on when you already have the high ground, and something that will be above your head. Learn those edits to the max. Even the diagonal ones. Even though I don't really know what that means. Just kidding. Let's just press on.

  • Hole in The Floor

One tile out, and you are left with a floor that has a hole in one of the corners. Very commonly used when you want to escape or shoot an enemy through the gap when they are below you. You can throw some explosives there, and quickly build it up, leaving your enemy trapped in a room with a bomb. 

  • Half a Floor

Remove two tiles side-to-side, and you will have half of the floor. It is used very commonly as well, again - mainly when shooting down on your enemy who is trapped beneath your edited floor.

  • Single Tile

Remove three tiles off the floor, and you'll end up with a single small tile that you can stand on to shoot down on your opponents. 

Fortnite Roof Edits

Roofs are used to block the ramping of your enemy, to combine them with floors to win the fights of edits, 

  • Tall Triangle

Removing a single tile from the roof will turn it into a high angled triangle. You can use it to look over high walls and get some shots in. And of course, you will be able to exit through the hole in this type of roof. 

  • Roof-Ramp

That's right. If you put your ramp anywhere, you can turn it into a ramp. Remove two tiles, side to side. You can direct it in whichever way you want, as long as you can remove correct tiles. It's a great way of creating a backward ramp when you are ramping, so you can either go for a fast 180 or block your enemy with a Roof Wrap-Around technique (that you can read about in the Fortnite Building Guide).

  • Tent

Remove all tiles, but one and you will get yourself a tent-looking structure. It's not useful in regular play, it has close to none utility, and will be used mainly for pure aesthetics in playground mode.

Fortnite Ramp Edits

  • Half ramp

Most commonly used as it's the most useful. Use it when you are in a sticky situation under your ramp, so you can quickly get out of the corner. It's the slowest ramp edit to make in theory, but with enough practice, you will be able to edit it in no time when needed.

  • U-Shape Stairs

It's the quickest to make but somewhat useless. A simple set of stairs that goes around the middle and redirects you with a long 180. It's not a good idea to use it, as you can do a reverse ramp, or a series of quick 90s, to turn around while still fighting for the high ground. 

  • L-Shape Stair

These are stairs that you can use to get to the left or the right side while going up. It's much slower than a quick 90, so you should not use it unless you want to go for the aesthetics in playground mode.  


That is all when it comes to editing in Fortnite. Tips and tricks and whatnot for building battle are not necessary at this point, as you will find them in our another Fortnite Advanced Tips guide that you should consider to view that we will keep updated with new materials, should they come. There's an entire section in which we cover build battle and Fortnite building. To sum everything up, you should focus on improving the quickness of editing a Wall Wedge, Roof > Ramp, Hole in the Floor, Single Window, Midwall, and Halframp. The rest is somewhat optional. They won't be used in a real fight, as they are not efficient enough. Continue improving through different and more advanced guides, so maybe one day - we may clash in an epic battle. Check out other best guides, and report back as soon as you notice your first improvements, so you can tell us what you've learned. And trust us, the list of your improvements will be very long if you give yourself some time for practicing. Work on your speed, learn which opening should you go for, select your approach, protect your own site, know when to reset, provide some thrills for your enemies with your skill and maybe someday you will be able to call yourself a pro.

You should read more articles about this issue, as you will find a lot of useful stuff on our website. As for a video about editing, there's one direction - youtube. Simple as that. All edits are featured in our guide, but you might want to see them before you use them, so you are sure that you are doing the right thing. Try it out, and then get them to standard play. Start out slow, learn the button layout and settings, know when to make a window in the middle, when to leave some peek holes, and when to hold yourself in one place, waiting for the right moment to edit. Each situation has a bad option, and you shouldn't need an example to find which one is it. When in doubt - fire away. And if you go down for some reason, drag your enemies with you. Enter the game right now. Now put that knowledge to work!

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