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The unknown battlegrounds are never a good place to improvise. It is safe to safe that PUBG pretty much gave the battle royale mode the popularity that these days has. Battle royale is more than just going around shooting every that moves, you need to have a tactic and work as a team if you genuinely want to be the winner of the match.

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Maybe you like playing as a lone wolf and your goal is to be the last man standing. Either way, MMOAuctions is here to provide you with PUBG guides to show you better ways to enhance your game experience in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 

Over the years, PUBG has become a very competitive and hardcore game, so it's not productive to play it just for the sake of completing a match. This is not your ordinary shoot and kill game, this is a next step in the shooting genre that's heavily focused on specific methods you achieve victory.

Although the PUBG formula might seem simple, just land, loot and survive, it's really much more than that. When the circle is closing up, you need to rush to the center of it before being left behind in the fight, but at this moment you should already be prepared for a more tremendous battle when there are only 15 or 20 players remaining.

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PUBG is not an easy game to master, we know it. This is why MMOAuctions is going to show you the best strategies so you can succeed in this game!
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There are plenty of amazing weapons in PUBG. Take a look at the stats and damage charts to determine which one really is the best!
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Learn what you have to change in your Playerunkonwn's Battleground settings and keybinds to step up your game and gain an advantage on the battlefield
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PUBG is a game that started as a mod of another title. Because of that, a lot of players expected a strong modding support. Is that actually the case? Read this article and find out!
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Read about the ranking system in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and see what you have to do to advance to higher tiers of competitive play.