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PUBG strategy
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Imagine you have to jump from a parachute into an island full of buildings, vehicles, and enemies that you'll have to face if you want to survive. This is pretty much the story of Playerunknown's battlegrounds, a highly addictive strategy, and shooting game.

Since this game has expanded from PC to Xbox One, Play Station 4, and mobile versions, it's logical that tons of players are joining the party every day, becoming a real challenge for new players to succeed, so if you need some PUBG help, just keep reading because we have the best tips and tricks to become a "winner, winner, chicken dinner".

Avoid confrontation, especially during the early game

If you think PUBG is all about killing you may not be right because survival is the most important part of your strategy and the whole point of the game. It doesn't matter if you eliminate 98 players if the last one shoots to kill you.

If you want to succeed don't get close to the big areas at the moment of the landing and run to the lonely places instead. The better-looted areas will also be the most risk, it may be a better option to play safe and locate the places -especially at the west of the map- where you can avoid fighting other players but where you will also find useful stuff like a first aid kit or some gear.

Make sure to choose the right fights, you don't want to get exposed unnecessarily, and if you're concerned about having the best loot, don't worry, I know especially at the late game it will be helpful, but you just need to have a calculated kill in order to get all the other player's stuff everybody desires that much.

Some of the best places to hide are hills, cliffs, and offshore boats, especially those because in a hurry you can use the vehicle to escape quickly without exposure on the road.

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And talking about your equipment...

It's important to get some stuff on your inventory at the early game that will make the difference at the PUBG battleground. A backpack, a bulletproof vest, assault rifles, medical stuff, and a helmet -especially this- are the key items you need to find.

Of course, the higher the level they are, the stronger they will make you, but you need to understand something: it's better to have a lower undamaged armor instead of a higher level one that has already been damaged, except helmets, always look for a level three because they're the only ones that will save your head if needed.

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The better weapon

PUBG has an extended variety of weapons at your disposal, giving you many options in order to eliminate other rivals.

Selecting the perfect choice is crucial and subjective since every player has various strategies. Even if you plan to lay low for the whole match, having a good gun will put you in an advantageous position, if you have the chance of getting it don't doubt it.

Weapons are divided into 9 categories: assault rifles, SMG, sniper rifles, DMR, shotguns, pistols, LMG, melee weapons and bows. It depends on your style, some of them can cause a lot of damage but take forever to reload, while others will consume a lot of ammo.

Probably the most useful weapons are the assault rifles because they cover all kinds of distance and inflict a considerable amount of damage, but it's up to you, if you want to hide and kill at distance then the sniper rifles are adequate, if you are kind of crazy and want to perform some Rambo videogame scene then shotguns are great, but you'll be closer to action. Use melee weapons and pistols if you don't have any other choice, they don't help so much.

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The blue circle

At first PUBG will not be that hard since you'll have plenty of space to play safe. It is at the late game when things can get difficult and also interesting.

If you check the map, you will find there is a red, white and a blue circle or zone. Staying outside the blue circle will have consequences because you'll get damaged. Even if at the early game this won't be critical, the blue zone will start to shrink as the playtime passes, leaving you no other option than finally facing the rest of your rivals on the Players Unknown Battleground, if you want to reduce risks at the minimum, you can sacrifice a little health at the beginning, and when things start getting serious, try to stay at the very edge of the area.

When the circles are on their smaller size, you have two main strategies: if you can get there first then run and do it, that way you'll have the chance to settle on the best spot and have better visibility of the field. If you can't, then the best you can do is to stay on the edge while everybody is killing at the center of the map. The same logic applies if you are playing on your team or on a solo mode, if you are the last one left or a lonely gamer without any backups, try to avoid the crossfire.

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Zeroing in PUBG

Zeroing is one of the most interesting things you are going to do in PUBG, and you have to learn it because it will help you avoid a lot of stress through that moments when holding your breath is almost inevitable, especially through the final lapses of the match.

For those who are not familiarized with the lingo, zeroing is basically when you shoot on a slight upward angle, making the bullets travel in an arc, this way you can get more distance cover to your shot and increase your chances of killing the opponent and catching him by surprise.

In order to increase the distance of your shot, what you need to do is hit page up, that way you'll increase 100 meters of distance. It's important to consider the fact that not all scopes can do this job, so if you want to try I'll recommend the VSS, the 8x or the 15 x scoop.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that even if you aim perfectly sometimes your enemy will move and the bullet's speed will change depending on your weapon -obviously the sniper is faster than a regular gun-, so if you want to increase your chances a good option is to calculate the shot just a little bit on the front of the target.

If you have already tried zeroing and had a bad time it's comprehensible, try to locate your enemy and once you have him perfectly watched, search for a building, house or something really close to him, then open the map and count how many squares there are between you and him, each square represents one hundred meters, and there you go, feel free to try, later in time, you'll measure almost automatically the distance.

Facing the gunfight

Inevitably you will have to shoot on Playerunknown's battlegrounds, and It's fine because confrontation is one of the funniest parts of any game, so don't get scared, there are some points that can help you survive through this and improve your chances of winning.

First of all: don't use grass as a coverage, it may seem like a great idea, but it's not and snipers will easily detect you, try instead with bushes to stay unseen.

How you prepare for the late game will make the difference. Reserve some energy drinks, painkillers, bents and medical stuff for the very ending in order to boost your health and reduce the damage, you won't lose precious seconds on healing and you will be on a better chance to kill your enemy during the weapon combat.

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You can't survive without having a complete information of the map. This is part of the most important tactics every player needs to know and a basic thing you have to learn in most of the games. Avoid using obvious transited roads and shortcuts like bridges because many times you will find a squad just waiting on those spots to kill you.

There are various ways of aiming, practice them all because they'll be useful depending on the fight and weapon.

The way you move is really important, jumping when you shoot increases your chances of doing a headshot and moving just a little bit on a zig-zag mode, even when you think no one's around, can stop you from receiving one.

You can use greed to your benefit, leave some loot strategically so your enemy feels tempted to pick it and then shoot to death.

Keep an eye on your surroundings. Pay attention to doors and how they open in order to stand at a side and eliminate anybody trying to enter. Keep in mind all doors are closed at the early game, this means if you find something open, someone has already been there and might still be around. Don't make the same mistake, close the door to increase your chances of surprising those reckless souls.

At last, if you were only three survivors including yourself don't rush into the fight, take good cover and wait for the right moment to appear, in some cases, you can even win without exposure.

PUBG mobile tips

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has expanded not only on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation but to mobile devices as well. You'll just need to download it, adjust the settings and start playing.

The funny thing here is that the mobile version is kind of different, so thinking PUBG mobile is an extension of the other version is totally wrong.

The truth is that the mobile version is way bigger on its content, especially cosmetics. Another difference is that eaning gets harder and you'll have to practice it if you don't want to become an easy target but on the other hand, recoiling the guns is harder on the PC version.

Of course, graphics are different and that can have a direct impact. We have already said that hiding on the grass was not the greatest of ideas... well, on the mobile version it's even worse, don't do it. Rooms and some specific places also look quite different.

Another thing is that you'll find the map can tell you about the gunshots that are happening nearby you, or even watch the footprints, bullet signs and enemies approaching on a vehicle.

The wisest advice is this: don't discard any of the PUBG versions because both are great.


These were some of the best PUBG tips, tricks and hacks. Shared knowledge is rights reserved free, so use this guide wisely and I guarantee you that from the moment you jump from the plane till the time you get away from the island everything will be fine. Don't forget to check our other tips and tricks on different games. Just be careful because this is highly addictive, I spent all the month of July playing it and probably august will be the same.



You can play the Playerunknown's battlegrounds mobile version for free, and there's also a PC Lite version for downloading, but the graphics may not be that great in comparison with the paid game.


You can find a total of four maps which are: Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi.


Erangel is the most famous, and if you love headshot action then Miramar.

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