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PUBG Cheats

Hacks and bots will significantly improve your results, although not necessarily your skills and abilities as a player. In most cases, these hacks and bots are used to make the game more fun and to have a pleasant time with friends or acquaintances. Something very similar happens in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. 

This game guarantees you hours and hours of fun and recreation. In addition, if you add a cheat or naughty component, you will have even more fun and leisure. For these purposes, in MMOAuctions, we have added a section of cheats, where anyone looking for hacks and bots for their game, or want to offer them, can do it completely free. 

What kind of cheat can I find in MMOAuctions?

Many of the hacks that are commonly used in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have to do with speed hacks and aims hacks. We have to say that these cheats are used from the early days of the game, and they have brought some serious problems to the programmers, who try to create a fair game with equal possibilities for everyone. 

What cheats do you need?

Speed hacks are the most harmless of all hacks in this game. These increase the speed of the characters allowing them to move around the map at an unusual velocity. It dramatically improves the chances of survival amid the bullet shower. Besides, it allows you to eliminate many enemies in the shortest possible time, achieving better rewards.  

Speed hacks are short-lived as the programmers soon ban them. What is the reason? Well, they are very notorious. If you saw a player moving at lightning speed, what would you think?

Aims hacks, on the other hand, are the most annoying in the game. These hacks take control of your aim and automatically direct it towards the contenders who are close to you. It is an advantage wherever you look at it. Although we have to say that many players abuse this hacks. Their abilities become superhuman, and the shots almost always hit targets. 

Other hacks, of the same nature, allow automatic firing when an enemy is discovered and in the line of fire. This hack, by discard, means that you have almost assured victory. We know it is a little unfair to win this way, so we advise you to use these hacks only to get all the BP you need to exchange them for the items you like. 

Last but not least, other hacks control the recoil that the weapon produces. It means that you only have to worry about pressing the fire button without measuring the consequences of them, such as the deviation of the sight.  

The important thing is to say that in MMOAuctions, you will find all these hacks and more, all the codes and items that can make your gaming experience full of vitality.