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The best controls for PUBG

Adjusting controls in PUBG is always a user preference. Many people play on standard control settings that are unchanged since the first time that they have entered the game. Some players believe that you can make your life easier by replacing standard hotkeys for new ones to gain an advantage on the battlefield. In this guide, we will be taking a look at controls in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds to find optimal settings that will allow you to gain as many frags as possible. Here is our article about controls in PUBG.

Best PUBG controls for PC

  • #1 Healing items

Healing items like Med Kit, First Aid Kit, Bandage, and other stuff are bound by default to keys that are naturally far away from your left hand when you play the game. Because of that, you want to focus on rebinding them to a location that could be more natural for you to press. Moreover, go to the UI settings and find there Healing Items option. Rebind the default key that you can find there to the "V" button, which isn't responsible for anything but lies just below your thumb when you play. Now during the gameplay, you will be able to access all of the medical items by the special menu only by clicking the "V" key.

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  • #2 Throwable items

Just like with the healing items, you can rebind your throwables to locations that are easier to access. It will allow you to leave smoke and vanish in the heat of the moment or dunk your enemy with the nade in a split second. Much like the healing items, throwables also have a special menu that you can bind to any key you want. To find that, go to the UI section of control, and right there just under healing items, you will be able to find throwables. You can bind it to any key you want, and we advise the "G" key, which is also very close to the thumb.

  • #3 Swap Toggle Fire Mode and Unarm hotkeys

The default hotkey for "Unarm" mode is X, and the hotkey that stands for "Toggle Fire Mode" is B. It is very counterintuitive because in quick fights, you want immediate access to toggle your Fire Mode and you will rarely use "Unarm" key. To fix that, swap these two shortcuts and make your "Toggle Fire Mode" X key.

  • #4 Change your aiming feature

By default, when you click the right mouse button, your scope pops-up, and you can see further distances. By pressing right-click one more time, your character will stop scoping. Itis also quite counterintuitive as you have to click twice to the scope and no scope. Instead, you can set your right-click from Aim/ADS to just ADS. After that, head over to gameplay settings and switch ADS from toggle to hold. This way, your right-click crosshair will popup whenever you press right-click and hide whenever you don't. Of course, some players don't mind clicking to scope. 

  • #5 Change the default map key

Many new and inexperienced players have trouble navigating to certain locations. PUBG has a complicated map, and you will often use your in-game map to find various places. While the default key for that is set to be an "M," we advise you to change it to F1 or any other key that's closer to your hand. While using the default map key, you will have to lift one of your hands and lose control over your character, which might result in a quick disaster. Remap this key to avoid such a situation.

Best PUBG controls for console (controller users)

  • Pre-set of Control Button – Type B.

  • Invert Axis – Depends on your controller and your preference.

  • Stick Dead Zones – Up to your preference since it highly depends on your controller.

  • Forward Running – 10 should feel natural; however, you can raise it a notch.

  • The Sensitivity of Movement – 100. You want a quick Movement Sensitivity so you will be able to respond in time.

  • Vertical Sensitivity multiplier – 75.

  • General Sensitivity – Somewhere around 14 should be fine.

  • Aim Acceleration – Turn it off - you don't want anything to mess with your aim.

  • ADS Sensitivity – Low ADS sensitivities can give you better control over your aim when you scope. Consider lowering your ADS Sensitivity to a lesser value than a general mouse sensitivity.

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Best PUBG controls for mobile

  • #1 Adjust your controls to your personal preference

To do that go into Settings (gear icon) > Control > Customize. It will allow you to move around all of the buttons and icons so you have easier access to them and so your screen will be less cluttered. Since it's up to your personal preference, you want to have your buttons organized by yourself.

  • #2 Peeking

There are two options that you can look into. The first one is under Settings>Basic>Enable Peek&Fire. By turning on this option, your character will automatically peek near windows and obstacle edges. This way, your enemy will only see your head and a small portion of the body instead of a full silhouette. The second option is under Settings>Basic>Enable Peek&Open Scope. It will allow you not only to open the scope right away. Using one of those is a must if you want to get better in PUBG Mobile.

  • #3 Automatically Pick-Up loot

In Settings > Pick Up, you can enable automatic loot Pick-Up option. Make sure that you turn it on since looting is quite troublesome on mobile, and it will save you a little bit of effort. You can also set the amount of ammunition that you want to pick up to avoid cluttering your inventory.

  • #4 Increase FOV

Adjust your field of view so you will be able to see more than the default 90 degrees.

  • #5 Add more messages to your Quick Chat

Most likely, you won't type on your mobile, so make your life easier by adding more messages to a Quick Chat.


We hope that with our guide to controls in PUBG, you will be able to improve your gameplay and get better ranks for your survivor. If you are looking for additional PUBG help and PUBG mobile tips, you can check out our blog page where we wrote multiple guides to this game and other popular MMO's. If you lean towards getting better in the game by reading guides you may choose to follow MMOAuctions site for easy access to free daily guide release. 

In PUBG controls are crucial. Whether you are setting your attachments, changing firing mode, choosing primary grenade, or just using the mouse wheel to scroll through weapons you want to do this as quickly as possible. Your keyboard and mouse share the key to victory in the game. If you are going to get good in the game you need to control your character like a pro. Adjust every possible option that you can: weapon keys, camera style, vehicle options, voice chat, jumping, and every other part of your ctrl. Gaming is all about the right settings and a skill that allows you to use them to the maximum. If you want to have an advantage during combat your primary weapon for that is the better controls. Boost your gameplay by relocating the most commonly used keys like jump, reload, sprint, and others. Every key like space or tab or even key combination like ctrl+u matters. It's on your side to find the best keybinds that will allow you to hit better than everyone else.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I set controls in PUBG?

You can change controls during the game and on the menu via options.

How do I improve my PUBG skills?

Read guides, watch tutorials, and play patiently.

Can you play PUBG mobile with a controller?

There is no official support for controllers in PUBG Mobile.

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